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By: Jake Jorgovan, David Ledgerwood

A weekly show where we bring you interviews and in the weeds expertise from today’s B2B experts and thought leaders. You can see more about today’s episode and guest by visiting our website at LeadersOfB2B.com Topics for the show include: B2B Tech, B2B SaaS, B2B CEO's, Venture-Backed Startups, B2B Growth, Analytics, Demand Generation, B2B Marketing, and more.

Innovating the Medium of Reading Through Your People with Poet De’Medici of Tomestic
Yesterday at 12:00 AM

Today’s podcast features an insightful and meditative discussion with Poet De’Medici, CEO of Tomestic. De’Medici envisions a revolution in learning and knowledge absorption. He aims to do this by enhancing the current medium with augmented reality. 

De’Medici is a voracious learner who has learned music, writing, architecture, and business. He drew inspiration for his startup when he was about to publish his book Above You, A Black Sun.

He talks about how our system of learning needs an upgrade by, for example, adding augmented reality to older media like books. He also spar...

Developing a Product for the Life Science Niche Market with Dave Gulezian of Alucio
Last Thursday at 12:00 AM

Dave Gulezian, Co-Founder and CEO of Alucio, joins today’s podcast to talk about creating a tech platform for a niche industry. His platform, Alucio, brings a multitude of features to life science firms, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device firms, among others.

The life science industry, while categorized as niche, carries a large amount of revenue. It also covers a huge amount of market presence. 

Gulezian talks about how he started up Alucio with its core product, Beacon. He walks us through how he aims to help Medical Science Liaisons become trusted advisors to the...

Leveraging the Right Market Strategy to Your Advantage with Sean Leonard of JumpDEMAND
Last Wednesday at 12:00 AM

Sean Leonard, CEO and Co-Founder of JumpDEMAND, joins us on today’s show. He shares his ideas and insights on working smarter in sales and marketing. His company provides technological tools to help automate these processes, resulting in more efficient use of resources— particularly your employees’ time.

Leonard has built his platform around a strategy of integration. By playing well with CRMs, he has expanded his customer base. This helped open up the door for a second product, which became another company.

Leonard talks about growing his customer base through integrating and working with other compan...

Marketing Across Various Audiences with Tiffaney Fox Quintana of Stampli

Tiffaney Fox Quintana, Vice President of Marketing at Stampli, joins us on our podcast to talk about her extensive experience and expertise in marketing. 

Quintana discusses how her academic background in psychology has helped her career. She has enhanced it further by learning business through experience and research to transform her into a super marketer.

Quintana shares some great tips and nuggets that can improve your marketing strategy—this 40-minute session is like a Masters in Marketing crash course. It is filed with great perspectives, insights, and hacks for today’s marketer.

Experience is th...

Strengthening the Sales Process with Podcasts with Jake Jorgovan of Content Allies and Ledge Ledgewood of Add1Zero

In this episode, they talk about how you can use a podcast to drive revenue for your business, and how you can turn podcast interviews into revenue-relationships. 

Ledge and Jake discuss multiple approaches and how they each approach podcast interviews. 

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Customer Experience as a Differentiator in the Digital Era with Asbed Kassis of Alena Solutions

The discussion digs deeper from Kassis’ startup journey to his core beliefs practiced in his company.

Kassis believes in the value of being a partner with his company’s customers, and the user experience is central to his development principle. This emanates from the initial user, his direct client, all the way to the client’s end-user.

Kassis shares his product development approach down to what he envisions as the future of digital in a post-pandemic world. 

Gain a thorough understanding of the digital transformation the world is currently experiencing. Also, learn how to make...

Creating Accurate Forecasts Through Input-Based Data with Greg Silverman of Concentric Inc.

Silverman’s algorithm draws a simulation based on inputs rather than overall historical data. The platform draws accurate forecasts by analyzing how customers think. This provides a forecast on the inputs instead of the whole picture, resulting in a more accurate forecast protected from exogenous shocks.

Today’s podcast talks about the importance of data in making decisions. It also provides a behind-the-scenes overview of Silverman’s startup journey. 

Draw inspiration and insight from Concentric’s success story. Leaders and technophiles who love artificial intelligence and data will benefit from the discussion in today’s podcast.

Supercharging Your Sales Strategy with Channels, with Cory Snyder of Maropost

His role oversees channels and partnerships at Maropost, and he says utilizing channels can increase your presence and expand your sales team in a short amount of time with minimal investment. 

Snyder talks about the importance of thinking through a channel strategy thoroughly. Key elements such as identifying the right customer profile, onboarding your partners, and making it worthwhile for them are essential to success. 

Expand your revenue more quickly with a well-thought out channel strategy. Today’s episode provides some key learning points to get this done. 

cory@maropost.comLinekdin - https://www.linke...

Bringing the Future Closer through AI and Quantum, with Greg McGregor of BrightApps LLC

BrightApps works with both private companies and the US military. Threats to the nation now also come from cyberspace, so BrightApps is determined to thwart hackers and cyber-attacks. They do this through cutting-edge artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

McGregor is a brilliant mind who began his consulting career at age 12. Since then, he’s learned to balance his duties as CEO with his natural calling to oversee the technology. Being an engineer, he has always been more comfortable in that space.

Managing and growing an innovative company is no easy feat. Despite this, McGregor still ha...

Building and Selling an Enterprise-Level Product with Adi Ekshtain of Amaryllis

Ekshtain is one of the pioneers of FinTech, beginning his career in electronic payments back in 1999, a full ten years before the iPhone was rolled out. He has worked in the payment industry and knows every nook and cranny that makes it tick, every cog and gear that makes it turn. With this information, he created a solution. Now, enterprise-level companies can become payment facilitators, allowing savings on development time and transforming it into a revenue-generating platform for them. 

This podcast explores Ekshtain’s journey and thought process, how he interacts with enterprise-level customers, and how he tak...

Solution Selling in Software is About Knowing Your Customer's Problems, with Chris Vandersluis of HMS Software

Vandersluis runs a company that builds and customizes timesheet software. Businesses that look at maximizing efficiency and project management are their major customers, and include mostly enterprise-level corporations that have a lot of employees and projects.

Vandersluis discusses his approach to solution selling. His emphasis lies in understanding the customers’ problems first before pitching his solution. This approach has made Vandersluis a bulwark in the software solution selling industry.

Learn from Chris Vandersluis’ experience and expertise in B2B sales by listening in to the podcast. Business leaders looking to enhance their solution-selling capabilities will grea...

Building an Innovative Product Idea Into a Company Without Fundraising, with Sundeep Patel of iorad.

Patel spent many years working on the product during his stint consulting with big pharmaceutical companies. He talks about how a great product idea can sell itself, even if you hate sales, and how that product approach evolves into empowering people and relationships as you scale your startup.

Startup founders who have brilliant ideas but don’t want to take the fundraising route can draw inspiration from the bootstrapping approach Patel took for iorad. 


Listen in to this podcast to deepen your insight on startups and business. Check out our other gre...

Building a Highly Engaged Community through Email Newsletters with Chris Sopher of Letterhead

Sopher adopts the successful strategy of traditional newsletters of yore, when they were distributed to deeply passionate members of a particular community that they were relevant to. Bringing value by informing the concerned community members was pivotal in making sure the newsletters were not only read but had people looking forward to them. 

This strategy is what he views as the key for companies to get more effective penetration in their email marketing campaigns. People are always looking for value and are also looking for a deeper sense of community. An evolution that translates into loyal customers a...

Stopping Gun Violence Through AI and Military-Grade Work Habits with Mike Lahiff of ZeroEyes

His company uses existing security camera infrastructure coupled with AI to flag potential shooters and the weapons they are carrying. This smart solution can dispatch emergency services and the police, providing them with vital information that literally saves lives.

This key step in using AI and data points is an example that modern technology is there to make lives better—and even save them. The journey to building a final product, though, was not an easy one. In fact, Lahiff admits that getting the startup and product up and running was even harder than being in combat.


Doing Digital Transformation the Right Way Without a CIO with David Jitendranath of Modestack

David J passionately educates us on how cloud software technology has enabled small-to-medium sized businesses to take advantage of digital transformation once reserved for the Fortune 100.  In great detail, he explains how important a digital roadmap needs to be planned and laid out so businesses can get the most of their tech spending.

David J has uses these business problems as an opportunity to present valid solutions. His company, Modestack, delivers answers for the everyday business person who’s not too familiar with technology, and those who can’t afford to get a CIO, yet still need to ta...

Helping Startups Get Funded and Enriching the Community with Lloyed Lobo of Boast.ai and Tractionconf.io

His latest company Boast.ai focuses on both. It helps innovative companies maximize government funding options and grants by helping out with the red tape and audits, plus it fronts the cash on what would normally be a painstaking wait for these companies.

This great idea fosters innovation and develops the community to move forward with innovation, all with one less thing to worry about. 

Lobo sticks to his principles of relationship and community-building with this company, and has worked constantly to grow it with a recent round of fundraising. He throws caution to the w...

Learning About Startups from a Startup About Learning with Robert Feeney, Co-Founder of Knowledge As A Service

His company, KAAS, helps organizations and companies make their learning delivery effective, efficient, and sustainable. In today’s world with a lot of competing attention spans and a multitude of emerging and upgrading skills, it is essential to keep your human capital in tip-top shape.

Feeney also talks about his journey in a startup that focused on pursuing every opportunity but instead moved to streamline their product offerings into something more digestible and attainable for them. This iterative approach brings inspiration to any startup founder or entrepreneur seeking to grow their unicorn.

Listeners will gain a...

Using Influencers to Grow Your Business with Tree McGlown of Sideqik

His company Sideqik aims to enhance a company’s marketing and brand presence by leveraging influencers and content creators and integrating them into the brand strategy. This business need is necessitated by the sub-30-year-old demographic dubbed as the Gen Z and Millennials. These younger groups are more likely to lean on highly-engaged content versus traditional broadcast media.

Tree shares some key insight on how they grew their platform, how they developed a culture of performance and perfection without resorting to toxicity, and how they arrived at their SaaS platform as it evolved throughout the years.


Artificial Intelligence Helps Make Data Science More Accurate with David Wolfe of Inguo.io

David talks about how he started on his startup journey coming from a completely unrelated field in foreign policy to IT consulting – and then to startup founder.

David talks about how major decisions and outcomes can be anticipated by way of data analysis of causal discovery by looking at massive amounts of variables.

He touches on a topic that has been feared since the start of the Industrial Revolution, with machines taking a more active role in improving society. His approach is optimistic and he believes that having AI in the world improves our lot in...

Using AI to Streamline Your Software Ecosystem and Save Dollars with James Layfield of Clearfind

Layfield has uncovered a huge opportunity that many businesses may not yet be aware of, particularly with software as a service, which has become part of almost every company’s operations. His AI combs through the data to tell you if you have multiple software overlapping, and which one best benefits your business.

In this episode, take a look into Layfield’s brilliant thinking and learn some insightful lessons from his startup journey.

Business leaders who rely heavily on software as a service will certainly relate to the discussion here. You’ll also learn a great...

Blocking Bad Ads with Matt Gillis of clean.io

Most online advertisements are considered good or acceptable. They're permitted to be there, and that website is making revenue off the ad space. Clean.io works to protect against malicious advertising, aka malvertising.

Almost anyone can buy ads on websites. It’s the small percentage of malvertising that can ruin a website’s user experience. Matt talks about what the culprits behind the malvertising seek to gain.

It has become an evolving cat and mouse game - bad ads and protecting against the bad ads. Both sides are seeking more sophisticated and strategic means to thei...

Future of Sales Development with David Dulany of Tenbound

David shares how Tenbound came to be, seizing the insatiable demand for sales development. David transitioned from a 20-year corporate background and now talks about his lessons learned while venturing into entrepreneurship. 

Are outbound sales for every business? When is it best to outsource sales? What considerations should be factored into this decision? David is an expert in the field and gives essential insights on the matter. 

Where do you see AI and machine-based applications taking the sales space? David hypothesizes advancements in tech, what to keep an eye out for, and its usage in sa...

Scaling With the Right People with Vivek Kartha of WorkSpace

Kartha talks about how he laid out the groundwork for scaling through transparency and culture-setting from the get-go. He also shares how a great product with customized features needs to transform into a more scalable product to make a deeper impact on the market and reach more customers. 

Kartha’s approach from due diligence in finding the right investors and partners, down to setting expectations with his employees, and even to his own self-realization of mistakes and course correction, all boils down to honesty and transparency. His success is highly attributed to this tenet and he has sca...

Process and Vision in Startup Growth feat. Vincent Serpico, Founders Workshop

In this episode, Vincent explains how his company has been able to achieve success among a very niche group of prospects and clients. Rather than funding or resources, Founders Workshop clients all share a specific mindset. They are eager to take a process-oriented approach to app development.

Vincent also shares the sales process Founders Workshop uses to help identify the right clients. He discusses the challenges of turning down clients that are a poor fit and how Founders Workshop is tweaking its marketing strategy to focus on relationships and referrals.

Founders and business leaders will...

The Reality of Impostor Syndrome and Overcoming It with Kris Kelso, Author

Kris Kelso, keynote speaker, executive coach, and author of the book “Overcoming the Impostor” talks about his inspirational journey that started off in the halls of the corporate world.

Seeking to make a difference after experiencing the difficulties of working with a dysfunctional organization, Kris sought to make a difference by moving up the corporate hierarchy so he could positively affect culture by influencing the top-level.

His success enabled him to pivot his career as an executive coach and establish his authority in his field by writing a book. 

He talks about Impostor Syndr...

A World Without Credit Scores with Shmulik Fishman of Argyle

Have you applied for a credit card, submitted a job application, rented an apartment, or tried to buy or rent a car? Yes? Then you’ve had a business that ran an evaluation on you. This evaluation is the gatekeeper to a yes or no, but how does it work?

In this new episode of Leaders of B2B, Jake Jorgovan interviews Shmulik Fishman, CEO and Founder of Argyle. Shmulik began Argyle from an idea he’d had while working at his previous company. He was sifting through thousands of job applications with high turnover. The cumbersome proc...

Business Continuity in an Ever-changing World with Frank Shultz of Infinite Blue

Frank Shultz, CEO and Founder of Infinite Blue, joins Ledge in this episode for a productive discussion on business continuity. 

“We think of it in terms of loss of staff, loss of facilities, loss of technology, loss of a critical third-party vendor.” 

Frank and his team plan for the maximum impact to best prepare and respond to disaster scenarios. He shares that the tenacity to be very fluid in responding has been instrumental in his company’s success.

On cyber defense, Frank outlines the challenge of adapting remote working. It’s thinking about casting a...

Using Artificial Intelligence to Increase Sales with Anne Cheng

The world as we know it is gearing up for more artificial intelligence offerings and automation. From customer experience interactions to order management, AI has already taken a foothold and newer trends are emerging with smarter features.

Anne Cheng, Founder of Supercharge Labs, is taking on the AI challenge head-on. She is building her tech company in the sales space, particularly in lead generation.

Many sales experts know that lead generation is vital to the lifeblood of any organization’s sales process. It is also the most labor intensive, taking up teams who spray and pr...

Processes & Project Management with Vinay Patankar of Process Street

This episode features the journey of a startup visionary and goes into the inner workings of a platform many startups and companies are familiar with.

Vinay Patankar, Co-founder and CEO of Process Street, a process and workflow SaaS platform that has grown and received generous funding to grow, guests in this podcast. Process Street has contributed to the transformation of the world’s working economy towards a remote model. 

Vinay talks about how his personality has taken him to many cities and many companies. He also elaborates how his nomadic lifestyle prompted the idea for Pro...

Helping Startups Through Community with Sunir Shah, CEO of AppBind

AppBind is a cloud-based billing system that allows agencies and customers to have a better, more trustworthy relationship by solving the issue of who pays for software subscriptions while the service is being developed. The solution is simple yet badly needed, as it solves problems of customer onboarding and who pays for what.

Sunir also goes on to talk about how his journey as an entrepreneur and startup guru has expanded beyond business and into the human realm. A firm believer in helping others and paying it forward, he has built a network of entrepreneurs in the...

Passing the Test of Time in Technology with Sherif Kozman of Extreme Solution

This episode goes down memory lane to the 90s, when IT was both exclusive and expensive, with data centers and colocation facilities. He talks about evolving technology then moves onto apps and cloud computing. Kozman’s formula to counter the ever-changing ebbs and flows: focus on the people you have rather than the technology.

This formula has worked. They have consistently grown and been successful for the last 20 years - and they’re still going strong. They continue to take the lead with their emphasis on Agile methodologies and a Lean approach to their IT-managed services.


Leadership and Decision Making Principles with John Milburn of Clear Skye Inc.

Twenty+ years of working with the leadership of large-scale enterprises carries benefits, yet the question still exists: What is the industry’s security space?

In this episode of Leaders of B2B, Ledge interviews the CEO of Clear Skye, John Milburn. Clear Skye is a software company that optimizes identity governance and administration.

Paraphrasing John, the average enterprise has over 300 different applications, each with its own set of passwords, often differing by state or region. Then you multiply that by tens of thousands of employees. The picture becomes more evident of the need for this in...

On Being Customer-Centric and Workflow Focused with Derek Gerber of Explainify

Derek’s love for computers and software stuck with him. Naturally, he began working in sales, marketing, and accounting within the technology space.

Explainify is now able to produce videos in a few weeks that used to take nine months just five years ago.

“I’d say the true value in what we do is we build brand awareness and brand legitimacy, through high-quality videos that drive action.”

Derek shares fascinating insight into their customer-centric approach. He accredits this mentality to the success Explainify has seen through the pandemic.

Listen in now to h...

DNA Computing Capabilities with Dave Turek of CATALOG

“It’s about a million times more dense than conventional electronic media, in terms of storing data.” With tech, it’s always smaller, cheaper, better, faster. Exploring DNA storage could redefine how we think about storing data.

Dave dives deeper into DNA applications in the tech space. He posits discussions on AI, quantum computing, and more. Before closing, Dave invites others in related fields to reach out and discuss.

Want to gain fresh, innovative perspectives and insights from captains of the tech industry? Drop by and say hello at LeadersOfB2B.com.

Resiliency and Flexibility as a Marketer with Chantelle Marcelle

Her role at the company, which takes pride in being an expert at transforming organizational performance and teamwork through its platforms that maximize cognitive diversity, is directly linked to the Brand and Customer Acquisition aspect.

Her storied career and her capability to wear multiple hats across different industries and verticals have made her a well-rounded and diverse marketer herself. Marcelle discusses her journey to her current role in a deep manner for any aspiring marketers or even for any veteran in the industry for that matter.

For anyone looking to take a peek at the...

Founding on shared philosophies with Di Di Chan of FutureProof Retail

Multiple factors contribute to the success of a company. You need a revolutionary idea, the right team and available funds, but sometimes these aren’t enough.

The right go-to-market strategy is also required and for that, you need perfect timing to get out there.

In the case of Di Di Chan and FutureProof Retail, the first run of their innovative touch-free technology in brick and mortar retail stores was met by factors that cooled what could’ve been a red-hot launch.

When Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdowns hit, however, their product went from a co...

Marketing Measurement with Madan Bharadwaj of Measured

His company focuses on providing cost-effective ways for companies to compete in the market using essential data like buying trends and spending patterns by looking at the digital space. He then adds value to this through their managed services arm to empower businesses with limited exchequer to maximize their precious resources in making decisions.

Decisions like product direction, go-to market, marketing spend, and consumer targets are normally drawn from millions of dollars of marketing investment. Resources out of reach to the valuable direct to consumer business. But Measured makes these accessible through their technology and approach through...

Zero to 12 customers in year 1 with Nick Foy of Silverdale Tech

This transition from a side gig to a freelance-heavy company to a full company with a solid group of their own employees all in one year is a testament in commitment and going all-in to pursue your dream.

He also talks about how nurturing his employment relationships and transitioning the right way can lead to more fruitful returns. This comes as his first client was his former employer that allowed him the luxury of starting off with a customer to build a foundation on. 

Nick’s story is far from over even as his startup is...

Understanding cybersecurity with Justin Shelley of Master Computing

In this episode of Leaders of B2B, we chat with Justin Shelley of Master Computing. Justin is Lord Protector of the computer domains by virtue of delivering both preventive and reactive cybersecurity measures. Justin talks about his journey from salaried aviator to IT entrepreneur fueled by his desire to steer his own destiny the way he chooses. His step into entrepreneurship met initial success but as the IT started to crowd, he had to pivot and innovate towards preventing the threat of cybercrime. Cybercrime always seems like a crime that never happens to you until it does. Justin stresses...

On Using Wealth for Impact with Jim Coleman of xFusion

A career spanning from a sex crime against children detective, to investment fund advisor, to building his own SaaS company, Co-Founder of xFusion, Jim Coleman offers a diverse background in this enlightening episode of Leaders of B2B.

Jim shares how he and his team built training methods, vetting new personnel through layered teachings, and resulting in an output of employees upon which leadership bestows complete trust.  A reason Jeff accredits to the success of xFusion, and has led to providing a better customer experience allowing to charge higher rates for better quality service as well as t...