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Welcome to the Sigs Inside Podcast. We are just a group of friends that love talking about sports and decided to record ourselves. We'll be discussing everything regarding Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Weekly episodes

Episode #29: Controversy with a Side of Controversy

The boys discuss some of the controversy going around sports currently. Every sport is currently going on right now, so there is a lot to talk about! Follow us on Twitter @SigsInside to see our weekly picks!

Episode #28: Football Starting to Take Shape

The boys discuss the MLB Wild Card Games and discuss the current state of College Football and the NFL. Check out our Twitter page @SigsInside for our pick cards and other sports news.

Episode #27: NFL Week 4/CFB Week 5 Preview

Kiley, Schultz, and Haught discuss last week in Football and preview this weekend. Who are your favorite picks this weekend?

Episode #26: NFL Week 3/CFB Week 4 Preview

The boys discuss their reactions to last week's NFL and CFB games and preview this week's games. What are some of the games you all are looking forward to?

Episode #25: Baseball Coming Down To The Wire

The boys discuss how they think the MLB season will finish. There are some very tight wild card races, tune in to see who we think will make the playoffs.

Episode #24: F is for Football is Fun

Aidan, Kiley, Schultz, and Seattle break down the previous week of NFL and College Football. Some interesting takes regarding teams futures after the first few weeks of football being back. What do we think of your team?

Episode #23: NFL 2021 Season Preview

Kiley, Schultz, and Seattle discuss how they think the Divisions will shape up in the NFL this year. Some award predictions at the end of the episode as well. FOOTBALL IS BACK

Episode #22: The Hottest Topics In Sports

The boys discuss a wide variety of the current hot topics in sports. Soccer, Football, Basketball, all the above.


The boys discuss football being back. A quick breakdown of the CFB Top 25, biggest games we're looking forward to, and some NFL QB battles.

Episode #20: NBA-palooza

The boys discuss everything that has gone down in the NBA world. Are the Bulls back? Lots of big moves to breakdown, plus the NBA Draft results.

Episode #19: MLB Trade Deadline Reactions

Seattle joins the boys to discuss what went down with the MLB Trade Deadline. We discuss each of the big moves and our thoughts on them. Who were some of the winners and losers of the deadline?

Episode #18: MLB Trade Deadline

Who's gonna be buying/selling?

Which players might go where?

Who's available?

Episode #17: 2021 NBA Mock Draft

NBA Draft first round predictions

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #16 USA Basketball, ESPN, or Chicago Cubs the Biggest Mess?

Breaking News

Jack comes back

NBA Finals Breakdown

MLB All-Star Reactions

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #15 Make Baseball Fun Again

The Match

NBA Finals Predictions/Discussion

MLB Trade Deadline Buyers/Sellers

HR Derby Predictions

Sigs Inside Podcast Episode #14: It's Coming Home?

Breaking News

Haught Takes

NBA Playoffs/Lottery

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #13 Sticky Balls and Stars Fall

MLB foreign substance situation

Update on the MLB season

NBA Playoffs

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #12 Euros 2021 Predictions

1st and 2nd in each group

Golden Boot predictions

Player of the Tournament Predictions

Young Player of the Tournament Predictions

4 teams with a chance to win

Sigs Inside Podcast #11: Unpacking The Basketball World

Coach K Retires

Brad Stevens Promoted

NBA First Round

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #10 NBA Play-In Game Predictions

NBA Play-In Game Predictions

Are the Lakers back?

What will Steph do?

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #9 NBA Playoff Talk

What will the matchups end up being for the NBA Playoffs?

'Haught takes' returns

Play-in tournament discussion

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #8 NFL Draft Winners and Losers

NFL Draft winners and losers

NBA Coaching drama

Albert Pujols release

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #7 Kyle Pitts...That's the Pick

NFL Draft Discussion

Special Guest: Haught from 'Haught Takes'

Where will your favorite players go?

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #6 Augusta, Baylor, Castellanos

The return of 'Haught Takes'

Recapping the NCAA Tournament

Baseball preview

Masters Predictions

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #5 March, You're the Best

Coaching Changes

March Madness Recap

Final Four Predictions

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #4 MARCH (Free Agency) MADNESS

Weekly segment of 'Haught Takes'

Discuss the latest news in NFL Free Agency

March Madness First Round Predictions

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #3 March Madness Upset Predictions

Inaugural 'Haught Takes' Segment

March Madness Mid-Major Featured Teams

Conference Tournament Predictions

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #2 NCAAB March Madness Preview 3.5.21

Major conference outlooks

Contenders to win NCAA National Championship

Sleeper teams to pick in your brackets

Sigs Inside Podcast: Episode #1 NBA 2.17.21

Surprise starts to the season

NBA contenders in the Eastern and Western Conferences

NBA Award Races