The Field Guide Podcast

4 Episodes

By: Michael Cruse and Nathan Drewitz

Hosted by Michael Cruse and Nathan Drewitz, The Field Guide is a series of conversations on the challenges currently facing local agricultural producers. Through discussions with local growers and industry professionals along with deep dives into the issues with specialists in Extension; let us serve as your source of information for solutions from those tackling today’s farming challenges.

Episode 4 - Conservation and tillage practices with UMN Extension Educator Jodi DeJong-Hughes - The Field Guide Podcast

Today we are joined by University of Minnesota Extension Educator Jodi DeJong Hughes for a follow-up conversation on conservation, tillage and soil health. We take a deeper dive into some of the concepts and ideas that were brought up in our previous conversation with Brad Cruse and Jodi gives us an education on tillage implements, soil science, and the benefits of cover crops.

Episode 3 - Conservation practices in agriculture with Brad Cruse - The Field Guide Podcast

We are again joined by retired producer Brad Cruse, this time focusing on his approach to conservation in his operation. We cover the reasons why he decided to initially implement conservation practices, which include both environmental and economical considerations. Using new practices in production agriculture, whether they are conservation focused or not, is always learning process and Brad speaks about this learning process and the time it took for him to get his systems to work well.

Episode 2 - Farm operation highlights with Brad Cruse - The Field Guide Podcast

In this episode we had the chance to talk with retired producer Brad Cruse. Brad is from Northeast Iowa and primarily grew corn and soybeans. Brad also happens to be the father of co-host Michael Cruse who got an education on how his dad got started farming, how his operation changed overtime, and some of the challenges he faced.

Episode 1 - Introductions, Hopes, and Goals - The Field Guide Podcast

A quick introduction to co-hosts Mike and Nathan. Be ready to learn about where we come from, our experiences before we started working for Extension, and our current positions with UMN Extension. We also talk about our hopes and goals for the Field Guide Podcast.