Beyond The Ballpark

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By: Patrick Moran, Brendan Cunningham

This is Beyond The Ballpark! This podcast is all about baseball. It gives you exclusive access to all of MLB Baseball team's whereabouts. Not only does it give great info, you don't have to be a baseball fan to listen! Just tune in if you need a pick me up in your week! New episodes every weekend.

Reacting To Lindy’s Top 50 MLB Players
Last Monday at 12:00 AM

Patrick did a solo episode as he looked at sports magazine Lindy’s  top 50 from the 2021 preseason.  Not a great top 50 but still very fun react to. Terribly sorry Brendan wasn’t on the pod, but we will get out the part 2 for the rookies next week. Hope you enjoy this episode while you wait, and we will se you next week!

MLB Best Rookie From Each Team (AL Part 1)

Over the Labor Day Weekend, Patrick and Brendan gave some love to rookies and future stars of the game in this episode. The duo went over each team’ s best performing rookies in the 2021 season. Rookies and prospects help the team grow and help the game grow. They are the stars of tomorrow. This also took a very long time to make so we would appreciate some love one this episode just like the mock draft one. Share this podcast with a friend and we ill see you next time!

The GOAT For Each Team (NL Part 2)

Patrick and Brendan followed up the last episode and completed the GOATS for each team segment on the pod. They also brought Patrick’s dad on to have some advice at the ready while making this list. Once again huge shoutout to our guest and we hope you enjoyed the episode! See you next week!

The GOAT For Each Team (AL Part 1)

For all the fans that listened when we started, Patrick and Brendan did something very reminiscent to the Retro episodes; they did each teams best player of all time, which includes 20th century. They brought in some help to get them through the episode as well; Brendan’s dad and Patrick’s Uncle Mike came on for a second time in our podcast history. Mike navigated the host and co host with his knowledge of the game from when he was a kid. Huge shout out to him and we will see you in the next episode!

The Best MLB Players In The ABCs

Today, Patrick and Brendan made the abcs but with the best players at each letter. However, Patrick did the episode by himself as Brendan went to see the Red Sox play. We went with a new style for this episode and tried to change it up. Hope you enjoyed the episode and we will see you next time!

MLB Trade Deadline

Patrick and Brendan discussed the frenzy known as the MLB Trade Deadline by going over all the major trades that went down before July 31, 2021. Very short episode but a lot was discussed. Also this was the first ever in person episode so this will go down in the books for Beyond The Ballpark! We will see you in the next episode.

Team USA and Baseball in the 2021 Olympics

With Brendan on a well earned vacation, Patrick discussed the olympics and how baseball is a sport in it and he went over the roster for the team along with it. Not only that, Patrick briefly talked about the trade deadline and the trades that have happened so far. Little slow with no co host, but still an enjoyable one to make! Thanks for listening and we will see you next week!

MLB All Star Break Recap, Standings Based on Rule 5 Mock Draft

First episode in the second half of the MLB season, Patrick and Brendan discussed the 2021 All Star Game, as well as the T-Mobile Home Run Derby. They also made the standings based on the mock drafts made the previous week. We had fun and can’t wait for the second half of the MLB season to start truly kicking in. Enjoy the baseball!

MLB Mock Draft

In this episode, Patrick and Brendan held a mock Rule 5 Draft (explained in the episode) except with MLB players! From picks 1-29 in one round only (excluding the Astros since they are serving punishment), the host and co host shifted a lot of star players from different teams! This one took forever to make, so hopefully this gets a lot of traction. Thanks for listening and we will see you next week!



All Star Game, City Connect Jerseys

Patrick is back from vacation, and he and Brendan discussed the All Star Game and The New Nike City Connect Jerseys. A long one today, but still fun! Hope you enjoyed the episode! 

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All Star Ballot Winners, Standings Recap

Brendan went solo again in this episode as Patrick went on vacation. He went over the all star ballot winners and did a standings recap. A pretty low key episode as there is electric stuff to come with the all star game approaching in Colorado. Also, sorry this is coming out on Sunday, a day late! We got busy and had a bit of miscommunication, so sorry for the delay, but at least the episode is here! Thanks for listening no we will see you next time! 

MLB All Star Ballot 2021

In the first episode with updated artwork, Brendan was feeling better, and he and host Patrick submitted their picks to send to Colorado for the All Star Game. No joint decisions, so they both had their own opinions. We had a lot of fun picking our favorites for the All Star Game! Thanks for listening and we will see you next week!

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MLB Third Base Ranking

In this episode, Patrick flew solo as Brendan called in sick. (The exact opposite of the last time this happened!) But Patrick came out with a banger. He ranked all the starting third basemen from each team in 2021. Didn’t let the fans down while making a callback to the very first episodes of this podcast, for all you OG fans😉. Had a great time today and have a great weekend!

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Ranking MLB Mascots (NL Part 2)

In this episode, Patrick came back for being sick last week and wrapped up the mascot segment with Brendan. We overall agreed and had little trouble completing this list! Here is the big thing; we had disagreements backstage about The San Diego Chicken, Wally the Green Monster, and The Bird, So we are leaving it up to the Fans! Brendan thought the San Diego Chicken was incredible, while Patrick disagreed completely. Then When we did the AL, Patrick thought The Oriole Bird was the best mascot while Brendan defended Wally. We couldn’t settle both disputes, so here is a...

Red Sox Play 6 Innings, Orioles Prospect Tyler Nevin Called Up

In this episode, Brendan flew solo as host Patrick Moran called in sick. Brendan went over the Red Sox game, the Orioles being postponed, and other important events in the last 24 hrs. Brendan did a fantastic job, so give it up for the co-host for carrying out today’s episode.  Patrick expects to return next week to finish the mascots, be ready for it. Great job by Brendan and we will see you next week!

MLB Mascots Ranked (AL Part 1)

In the second to last episode of May, Patrick and Brendan did the highly anticipated mascot ranking. Well, part one at least. We pretty much agreed on everything so not to much to say. We did it, and we did it without much trouble. Hope you all enjoyed this episode and look out for the NL mascots coming next week! Have a great day!

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MLB Best Player From Each Team (NL Part 2)

Today, Patrick and Brendan completed the best player from each team and enjoyed doing so. Very similar to last week's episode so not too much to say. Just hope you all enjoyed and look out for the mascots coming soon! Have a great rest of you day and week!

MLB Best Player From Each Team (AL Part 1)

In today’s episode, Patrick and Brendan went through the best player from each American League team. Obviously this can vary, but overall the host and co host were on the same page. Hope you enjoyed this episode and the different style! 

Ranking The MLB Logos (NL Part 2)

Patrick and Brendan completed the MLB logos by ranking the logos on the NL side. This one was a lot more fruitful and exciting, since the NL has better logos than then AL. Pretty easy to do and we had fun doing it! We had a great time and we will see you next week!

Ranking The MLB Logos (AL Part 1)

In today’s episode, Patrick and Brendan ranked all the American League logos, 15 being the lowest and 1 being.... well.... #1. We had a lot of fun today and I hope you enjoy this week’s episode! We will be coming in hot with the branding of the teams, so follow us on your podcast platform so you don’t miss it, because you won’t want to! Enjoy and we will see you all next Saturday! Love you all!

Orioles Beat Rangers, Red Sox Postponed

In today’s episode, Patrick and Brendan recapped the Orioles win over the Rangers, the Red Sox getting snowed out ( yes you heard that correctly. SNOWED.OUT) on Friday, Carlos Rondón of the White Sox gets a no hitter, and Fernando Tatis Jr returned to the game with a homer. Not a tone to talk about, but we still had fun! Enjoy the episode and we will see you next week!

Washington Nations Baseball

In today’s episode, Patrick and Brendan invited Alex Guarini on to talk National’s baseball. They went over a projected lineup and just talked about Nationals fandom. Patrick and Brendan also talked about Orioles vs Red Sox Opening Day, Fernando Tatis’ injury, Cody Bellinger’s almost homer in Colorado, Miguel Cabrera’s slide into second after his homer, and Joe Musgrove tossing the first no hitter in Padres history.  We had a lot of fun today, and we thank our special guests coming on this weekend.

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Little Leauge Baseball

In today’s episode, Patrick gets back on the grind with a very special guest! Jack Landers hopped on and discussed his upcoming baseball season, and both Patrick and jack are teamates, so they discuss THEIR season coming up. We had a lot of fun today and we will see you tomorrow! And sorry about no episode last week. My spring break threw things off, especially since I was traveling. Love you all! Another guest tomorrow and newspaper coming tomorrow. 

MLB Opening Day Preview

In today’s episode, Patrick and Brendan shared their hopes for the Orioles and Red Sox going into 2021 respectively. The duo also did a breakdown of all the opening day matchups on April 1. We had a lot of fun today and can’t wait for the 2021 season to start. God luck to al teams this season! (Except the Yankees because no one likes them besides Yankee fans)



MLB preseason predictions

Beyond The Ballpark is BACK. And it is better than ever! After a 2 week stretch, Host Patrick Moran (sadly without co-host Brendan Cunningham) shares his postseason and award predictions before the season starts. There were some tough choices, and some no-brainers as well! I hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll see you next week! Terribly sorry about no episodes for 2 weeks. I was very busy. But I hope this makes up for it. Love you all and have a great week!

MLB Each Team’s Posteason Odds (NL)

Today, Patrick and Brendan went over the odds for each NL team, following up the AL yesterday. Not as much controversy, but still fun to go over! Keep on the lookout for more excitement, and bangers will be coming out when Opending Day comes. So keep listening! Thanks for listening and I'll see you all next Saturday! 

MLB Each Team's Postseason Odds (AL)

Today, co-host Brendan Cunningham came for his first public episode, and boy was it interesting! He and host Patrick Moran Looked at the postseason odds for each American League team presented by Fangraphs. There was a lot of controversy on the pod, but we had fun either way! Hope you all enjoyed and look out for the NL coming tomorrow! Love you guys! 

MLB Best Player From Each Team Going Into 2021

Today host Patrick Moran went over's Best Player From Each Team Going Into 2021. There were some interesting choices but overall it was accurate. Hope you all enjoy and have a great week coming up! Thanks for listening!

Here is the article if you would like to check it out yourself!