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By: Tany McLeod

Welcome to the balanced FLUX Podcast, where your journey towards self-discovery, growth, and achieving a harmonious balance in life begins. I am Tany McLeod, the founder, producer, and host of this podcast, and I invite you to join me every Sunday at 1 pm UTC for an enlightening experience that aims to guide you through the complexities of mental health and personal productivity, paving the way for a balanced life. What You Will Discover: • Mental Health Insights: Understand the intricacies of the human mind, focusing on stress management, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. Learn how to cultivate a healthy mindset for enhanced ps...


The Key to Growth or the Chains That Hold You Back?

Commitments: Are they your superpower or your kryptonite? If you're ready to level up your life, it's time to get real about how you handle the things you say "yes" to. In this episode of balanced FLUX, we're breaking down the different types of commitments—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and giving you the tools to make them work for you instead of against you.

Think of it like this: commitments are your roadmap to progress. But if that roadmap is a tang...


From Longing to Action: Make Your Aspirations a Reality!

Our busy lives can leave us feeling disconnected from our deepest desires. Aspirations, those inner longings, guide us towards growth, purpose, and a sense of fulfillment that goals alone can't provide. This episode explores the different types of aspirations: intrinsic, extrinsic, and transcendent, helping you identify what ignites your passion.

We'll unpack the incredible benefits of pursuing your aspirations, from enhanced self-understanding to a confidence boost and increased adaptability. We won't shy away from the challenges, either. This episode provides tools to navigate setbacks, stay motivated...


Not Just for January Blues (Anymore)

In this episode, we explore the essence of resolutions, going beyond the classic "New Year's resolution" trope. You'll learn what resolutions really are, their different flavours, and the profound significance they can hold for mental health and personal balance. We'll delve into the challenges associated with resolutions, such as guilt, frustration, and setbacks, offering guidance on overcoming these obstacles.

We'll uncover why the benefits of making those promises to yourself far outweigh the potential downsides. I'll guide you through a set of powerful techniques and strategies for setting goals...

Learned Optimism

Pessimist or Problem-Solver? Rewiring Your Brain for Hope.

Have you ever found yourself spiralling down that rabbit hole of negativity? One bad thing happens, and suddenly, your whole world feels like it's crumbling. But what if there was a way to break that cycle? What if you could train your brain to see challenges as opportunities, not catastrophes?

This is where the concept of learned optimism comes in. It's not about slapping on a fake smile or ignoring your problems. True optimism is about resilience, about believing in your ability to bounce back and find...

Learned Helplessness

Breaking Free from the "Why Bother?" Trap

Hey there! Are you feeling a bit stuck lately? Like every effort you make is a drop in the ocean, and nothing seems to create the impact you want? It's a frustrating feeling, but there's a name for it—learned helplessness. It's when life's disappointments make you believe your actions don't matter. But here's the thing: You're not powerless!

On this episode of "balanced FLUX", I'm helping you break free from learned helplessness. We'll uncover how it sneaks into your mind, the sneaky ways it impacts your life, an...

Comfort Zones

Is "Good Enough" Really Good Enough?

Have you found yourself coasting through life? Maybe things are fine, or even comfortable. But deep down, you know there's a nagging voice inside telling you there's more you could be doing... more you could be. If this hits home, it might be time to have a heart-to-heart with your comfort zone. Yes, it's warm and familiar in there, but comfort zones have a sneaky way of turning into prisons that keep us from living a truly full life.

Imagine the skills you'd develop, the adventures you'd experience, and...

New Beginnings

Why Change is Good, Even When It's Scary.

Feeling stuck in a rut? Is the fire of your passions flickering low? This episode of balanced FLUX dives deep into the transformative power of new beginnings. I'll explore what it means to hit the reset button and how to embrace change with open arms and a sprinkle of courage.

Join me as I unpack the practical steps to jumpstart your own new beginning, from identifying your "why" to celebrating those small, but significant, first steps. Remember, you are the author of your story, and it's never...

The Key

Unlocking doors with balanced FLUX

Have you ever found yourself facing a seemingly endless hallway, filled with doors you're unsure how to open? That's life, full of possibilities and challenges alike. But what if there was a set of keys, a philosophy designed to help you unlock those doors and step into a more balanced and fulfilling life?

Welcome to an exploration of balanced FLUX, a way of living focused on mental health, productivity, and overall balance. It's about self-awareness, learning from experiences, and cultivating the resilience to overcome obstacles. The balanced FLUX offers tools...

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