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S1_E17: The Minnesota Misanthrope A Tribute

In this episode of Ear Seduction we pay tribute to my co host and friend The Midwest Misanthrope AKA The Minnesota Misanthrope AKA M. What I’m sure many of you don’t know is that M, while being my zany co host, is also a musician. Over the years he’s produced a few albums, some serious … Continue reading S1_E17: The Minnesota Misanthrope A Tribute →

S1_E16: The Dostalization of Reality

In this episode of Ear Seduction we take you further down the rabbit hole and discuss how one of our friends lost his mind to the QAnon cult, lizard people, 911 truth and the like. We express some of our frustrations in dealing with this friend and how challenging it can be to maintain friendships … Continue reading S1_E16: The Dostalization of Reality →

S1_E15: Bible Review

In this episode of Ear Seduction I bring on an extra special guest; my mother. We discuss the first 5 books of the Hebrew bible. Our conversation covers my indoctrination as a child, our interpretation of the first five books, some commentary on my mother’s deconversion and more. By the end of the episode perhaps … Continue reading S1_E15: Bible Review →

S1_E14: Right to Life Revisited

In this episode of Ear Seduction I interview the Midwest Misanthrope to further flush out his views on humanities Right to Life. This time around I don’t challenge his view as much as I ask thoughtful questions and listen. His answers may shock you. Enjoy!

S1_13: Grand Tetons Trip

In this episode of Ear Seduction I recount my trip to view the solar eclipse at Grand Tetons Wyoming. The story tells like one long joke and hopefully you find yourself laughing uncontrollably. As a writer and a media producer one of my goals is to write and produce material that will make you laugh. … Continue reading S1_13: Grand Tetons Trip →

S1_E12: Free Will Part 2

In this episode of Ear Seduction we wrap up our conversation regarding Free Will and look forward to the future of the show. Please listen in to the nail biting conclusion.

S1_E11: Free Will Part 1

In this episode of Ear Seduction the Midwest Misanthrope and I attempt to navigate the dark waters of Free Will and Determinism. This is a topic I’ve researched extensively and have a lot of interest in discussing. This is a topic that M could care less about. It’s a good thing we are such good … Continue reading S1_E11: Free Will Part 1 →

S1_E10: Losing a Friend

In this episode of Ear Seduction I talk with the Midwest Misanthrope about a mutual friend of ours. Specifically how this friend completely lost his mind as he was self indoctrinated into the QAnon cult. He accomplished this in a very convoluted way over the course of 6 years. He has literally believed in every … Continue reading S1_E10: Losing a Friend →

S1_E9: Very Ape

In this episode of Ear Seduction I try an new format for the show. This episode was my first attempt at a project that I’m calling Very Ape. Very Ape will be a series of episodes that will debut in season three of Ear Seduction and will focus on expressing my emotions without worrying about … Continue reading S1_E9: Very Ape →

S1_E8: Indoctrination

In this episode of Ear Seduction we discuss the unfortunate reality of indoctrination. During the conversation we discuss religion, human rights, the first amendment and other related topics. Can anything be done to stop people from indoctrinating their children to believe such falsehoods as: flat earth, Christianity in all of its forms, young earth, creationism, … Continue reading S1_E8: Indoctrination →

S1_E7: Ted Debiassi

In this episode of Ear Seduction we discuss more wrestlers from the 80’s. This time its the Million Dollar Man Ted Debiassi. As a kid he was one of my least favorite wrestlers but as an adult I’ve grown to appreciate his style a bit more. Especially how easy it was for him to play … Continue reading S1_E7: Ted Debiassi →

Big John Studd: A Tribute

In this episode of Ear Seduction we take a walk down memory lane to remember one of our favorite TV personalities from the 80’s Big John Studd. Both M, AKA the Midwest Misanthrope AKA Minnesota Misanthrope, loved wrestling growing up and both of us have fun talking about one of our favorite personalities in the … Continue reading S1_E6: Big John Studd: A Tribute →

Science March

In this episode of Ear Seduction I try my hand at journalism; the first of many attempts. I walk with other scientifically minded people to Denver’s capital. While I’m there I talk with folks and take notes of what I hear and see. I report my findings to the Midwest Misanthrope and we discuss the … Continue reading S1_E5: Scientists March on the Capital! →

Arm Chair Capitalists

In this episode to Ear Seduction we discuss capitalism in all of its glory. I make a point to differentiate myself from ‘arm chair capitalists’ meaning those that would like to espouse the benefits of free markets and privatization and the ‘invisible hand’ as Adam Smith postulated without educating themselves on any of the information … Continue reading S1_E4: Arm Chair Capitalists →

Gay Rights

In the episode I engage in a long form discussion with a right ‘wing nut.’ Steeped in Ayn Randian ethics, the illusion of free will and free market delirium my guest crashes and burns in his attempt to make sense of a Oregonian bakers choice to discriminate against a gay couple. His conclusions are truly … Continue reading S1_E3: Gay Rights →

We Are Legion

In this episode the Minnesota Misanthrope reviews the book series We Are Legion We Are Bob written by Dennis E. Taylor. Well he sort of reviews it. We start off discussing free will which doesn’t get very deep due to the fact that this is M’s episode and I wanted him to get to his … Continue reading S1_E2: We Are Legion →

Right To Life

Welcome to the first season of Ear Seduction. In this episode we will be discussing whether or not humans have a right to life. My cohost the Minnesota Misanthrope has a very unique take on this subject and we butt heads a bit working out the details.