Real Christian Talk with Pastor Steve

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By: Stephen

In case you haven't noticed, it's not easy to follow Jesus Christ in 2021. The world around us is loud, scary, confusing, tempting and challenging. How can we stay grounded in our faith as we constantly deal with questions, struggles, and pressures every day? In 'Real Christian Talk', Pastor Steve directly deals with the real and relevant issues we face with Christ centered biblical truth and encouragement. Tune in every Wednesday to be encouraged, inspired, and convicted to live out your Christian faith daily

What's Your Life Prayer?
Last Wednesday at 5:00 AM

What should we aim for in life? As a Christian, what goals should I be striving towards in my Christian walk as I progress through the journey of life? In this week's episode, Pastor Steve breaks down the Apostle Paul's Prayer from Colossians chapter 1 and how it shows us God's heart for what our lives should be focused on as believers in Jesus, even in 2021. 

The Gospel and Race Part 2

Last week, we talked about how the Gospel is the ultimate answer for racism and racial tensions, yet race continues to be an issue that is difficult and complicated to address. In this episode, we follow that up with what we can learn from the parable of the Good Samaritan and how we can apply its shocking message in today's cultural climate. 

The Gospel and Race

Charlottesville.  Ahmaud Arbery. George Floyd.  As our society continues to wrestle with issues of race and racism, what should the response be of those of us who profess to follow Christ? What implications does the Gospel have for the racial tensions of our time and how we can we display the racial reconciliation and harmony that the Gospel has the power to bring between us? Find out in this week's episode of Real Christian Talk

Church is Essential

It's one thing for society to no longer regard the church as relevant or essential to civic life, but how important, relevant and essential is the role of the church for the average Christian? After a year of Covid-19, it's becoming clear that more and more  Christians have stepped back from seeing the church as a priority.   In this week's episode, Pastor Steve talks about why the church is as 'essential' as ever before for our spiritual growth and for the support we need to face the world of challenge that all...

Engaging With A Tuned Out Culture

Is America Post-Christian? What is clear from a recent Gallup Poll, is that for the first time in 80 years, fewer than half of Americans claim to be part of a congregation, and with each generation the number of Americans engaged with religion is declining dramatically.  What caused us to get to this point as a society? How can we as Christians engage  effectively with a culture that is increasingly tuning 'religion' out? Find out in this week's episode of Real Christian Talk with Pastor Steve

We Are The Messengers

Watch the news for five minutes, or read a blog or scroll your newsfeed on Facebook and it gets depressing pretty quickly. The world is a mess, and desperately needs some good news. We have it, and it's time for Christianity in America to be known once again not for another scandal or for politics but for the Gospel.  How can we represent Jesus and share His message in an effective way in 2021? Find out in this week's episode of 'Real Christian Talk'. 

Sin is In

You know it's 2021 when the most controversial thing you could do is affirm what the Bible teaches on tough topics like marriage and sexuality, at least that's what the Vatican found out last week. In this week's episode, Pastor Steve addresses how far our society has fallen, how desensitized the church has become to sin and how imperative it is that as God's people we are not conformed to the patterns of the world. 

God Already Knows

Life never quite plays out the way we imagine or expect, so how we can we face the unexpected unknown moments and events that tomorrow holds? In this week's episode, Pastor Steve reminds us about what God knows, and what can know when we do life with Jesus. It's not what you know, it's who you know and who you believe in. 


Are you building your faith's foundation on sand or solid rock? Find out why Pastor Steve believes the greatest crisis and challenge facing biblical Christianity is too many Christians having faulty spiritual foundations,  and how we can change that. 

A Storm Is Coming

Have you ever been caught in a storm that you didn't see coming? Well in this week's episode, we talk about a storm that is fast approaching Christians in America that we all should see coming.  As our culture in the name of tolerance becomes increasingly intolerant and hostile toward biblical Christianity, how should we respond as pressure and persecution increase in America? Find out by listening in to this week's episode of 'Real Christian Talk' with Pastor Steve. 

Hallowed Be His Name

We've been bombarded with a steady stream of high profile names in the Christian world who have now become synonymous with scandal, hypocrisy and failure tarnishing their legacies and doing damage to the name of Christ and the Christian faith. What responsibility do we have to use our lives not to make a name for ourselves, but rather to help bring glory and honor to the name above all names. Tune into this week's episode to find out!

The Lost Art of Discernment

Like Tom Cruise's character  in A Few Good Men,  as Christians we should want the truth and only the truth. As we live in a misinformation age unlike any in history, where we are constantly being presented with falsehoods,  inaccuracies and heretical teachings. Now, more than ever we must come back to the art and gift of discernment. Find out how in this week's episode of Real Christian Talk with Pastor Steve.