The Lost Podcast

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By: The Lost Podcast

6 Young English lads discussing various Music based topics. How could you go wrong?

The Lost Podcast #1 - 'Battle Of The Genres'
Last Thursday at 6:38 PM

In this podcast the boys finally conclude the ever-long debate - 'What is the greatest Genre ever??'

#4 - 'Are Music Videos Dead?'

In this episode, the boys discuss whether the changing scene has made music videos redundant.

#3 - Have Artists changed the way they make music due to Streaming Services?

In this episode, the fellas discuss whether or not artists' approach to making and producing music has changed since the introduction of streaming services

The Lost Podcast #2 - 'Should You Separate The Art From The Artist?'

In This podcast, the boys discuss whether or not audiences should be more magnanimous to 'controversial' artists

The Lost Podcast #1 - Double albums, Based or Cringe?

In this Podcast, Jamie, Jesse, George, Hemmy, Tim and Tom dissect the age old question - 'are double albums cringe?'