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Taking you on a trip down memory lane. Discussing all things funny, serious, and everything inbetween. Listen and laugh as we walk you through our crazy life experiences and how they have shaped who we are today. Instagram: @dtmmpod @afuntybaby @maryblac_ & @jayexplores_x

What I Asked For vs What I Got
Last Tuesday at 4:00 PM

In this episode we revisit some hair traumas, discuss our thoughts on wigs for men, and at the end we play a little game of 'Who's the Smartest DTMM Member'.

Landlords from Hell

In this episode we reminisce on uni life and discuss some hard truths about substance abuse.

Fake Profiles & Habbo Hotel Boyfriends

In this episode we reflect on how social media has changed over the years, and discuss the dark sides of the internet.


In this episode we discuss the costs of leaving London, getting out of the sunken place, and how class impacts our experiences.

I Robbed the Wrong Person

In this episode we dicuss consumerism, trends, and the consequences of stealing.

I Wasn't Allowed to Eat Chicken Chips on the Road

In this episode we discuss the impacts of growing up with strict vs lenient parents, and laugh about some of the ridiculous lies we told.