Dads Take Flight

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By: Your Hosts: J Boog and Vinnie Mac

Two Dads get loud over a flight of beer. Relatable complaints and underrated advice with Co-hosts J Boog and Vinnie Mac.

Another Brewery Tale
Last Saturday at 1:00 PM

We revisit our local brewery trip over the holiday break and the trouble that ensued. Washing Machine is leaking, let's call a guy, and some nerding out on Boba Fett. Thanks for listening!

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What Day Is It?

Since we are currently holiday buzzing it only makes sense that we discuss it, along with the differences in buzzes. Vinnie Mac's take on Marvel and the Garbage pick-up folks, and J Boog's visit to the Apple Store. It's the Holiday break. Really, what day is it? Thanks for listening.

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The Fake Jason Bourne

We dive into action heros, today versus then. Is Hermey a real dentist, did he go through the candy cane forest? This and more, live on a Friday over a great flight of beer. 

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Get My Cheetah Shirt

Get my cheetah shirt, send me the link, and naughty knickers... and more stories from the basement couch! We're trying out some remote recording, so Vinnie definitely sounds like he phoned in from a prison phone. More to follow this season, and thanks for listening!

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Britney Spears, Fans and Breweries

In this episode, we dive into what constitutes as loyal fandom, the Britney documentary from a "dad's" point of view, what blue chip stock will fall in this century, tap rooms and what these dads be streaming lately. Thanks for listening!

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The Vacation Episode

On this episode we discuss our dream vacation, Disney advice, Boog breaks down some more financial news tips and Vinnie Mac shares his Credit Card reward secrets. Thanks for listening.

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Slangin' Bitcoin on the Streets

We're back with an all new Season and we get right into it: WTF with GameStop this week? Boog breaks down the latest market madness for the average joe, and even pitch's Vinnie Mac on buying crypto currency - will it be the new gold standard? Frank on the Corner with his Bitcoin thinks so. Thanks for listening.

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The Post Apocalyptic Holiday

Happy New Year and thanks for listening to Dads Take Flight! We dive into car buying, Vinnie Mac loses a tooth, Boog's Pep Talk on Bitcoin and investing tips for the new year. Flights of fireball and what day is it again? The post apocalyptic holiday takes no prisoners.

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The Christmas Episode

We're doing flights of beer on cookie day with the wives, the 12 Dads of Christmas, that first big snow storm, shopping for the wives and of course.. the big Mando Season Finale (spoiler alert). Thanks for Listening!

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Moonshine The Night Before Thanksgiving

We take flight over moonshine, Thanksgiving foods rated,  Slap the bag, J Boog gets a covid test (quite the experience), and the new Black Friday. Mando vs Queens Gambit too! Thanks for Listening!

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Crazy Covid Stories & Nip or Treating

We dive into some of our craziest covid stories, Boog makes a mask out of a vacuum, underrated/overrated candy, Nip or Treating through the hood, and the Mad Mac Thanksgiving preview,  oh... and of course we talk some Mando. Thanks for Listening.

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Friday Night Football & Car Seats

Car seats and but sweat, underrated advice for new Dads, the toy hoarding dilemma and its progression, a Florida mom/bikini model fights off home intruders (WTF?), Friday Night Football, baby kitten beer, and some shit we wrote down.

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Pumpkin Spice, Nintendo and WFH

The wives and pumpkin spice, working at home vs the office, favorite things to do with the kids, old school video games, and a prime rib recipe. Oh, and we on Twitter now @DadsTakeFlight so go follow us!

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Liquor Flights and Missing Dance Class

Mixing it up with some liquor in this delightful episode, dance class, we try to play with editing and more.

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The Inaugural Episode: Labor Day, the start of the Holidays

We're back at it - a re-launch. Check it out the latest episode from labor Day weekend, talking holidays like Christmas in July, more beer of course, J Boog's investing tips, the sunday scaries and Covid fatigue. Thanks for listening!

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