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Do young earth creationist arguments hold up to scrutiny? Join me to examine their claims!

(Podcast) Alan Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself
Yesterday at 1:00 PM

Today, Allen Parr explains to my why I probably decided to abandon the Church. And that sentence was a masterwork of subtlety compared to Allen.

Play along with the Bingo game:

Why some Americans left religion behind:
The grooming of children for sexual abuse in religious settings: Unique characteristics and select case studies:
Evangelical Songwriter Says He's No Longer Christian In Emotional Instagram Post:

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God is Watching, So Act Like He Isn't!
Last Monday at 1:00 PM

Today, we learn how to stop watching porn from the sexiest apologist I have ever covered!

The adolescent brain: Beyond raging hormones:
A Brief History of Porn on the Internet:
The rather petite Internet of 1995:
Does Legalized Prostitution Increase Human Trafficking?:
Proven Men Purity Quiz:
Masturbation Side Effects and Benefits:

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How to...

If God Has Desires, He's Not Perfect
Last Friday at 1:00 PM

Today, we not only look at the problem of evil, but we also ask how it is even possible for god to have desires in the first place.

Darwin, C. R. 'Recollections of the development of my mind & character':
Animals plan ahead:
Can Animals Plan Ahead? Some Evidence Says Yes:

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Jesus Proves God Because Jesus!

Today, we listen to Impact Video Ministries make not just an argument for god, but an argument specifically for the Christian god. Well, they try to at least...

Prayer and healing: A medical and scientific perspective on randomized controlled trials:
The “Strange” Ending of the Gospel of Mark and Why It Makes All the Difference:
Tomb of Jesus:
Alexander's Self-Deification:
James M Tour Group » Evolution/Creation:

Original Video: https://bit.l...

Jesus Couldn't Have Controlled his Birth, Therefore he is God!

Today, we listen to Kyle Butt explain some of the prophecies about Jesus.

A brief history of belief in the Devil (950 BCE - 70 CE):
How the Serpent Became Satan:
Does the Hebrew Word Alma Really Mean "Virgin"?:
They have pierced my hands and my feet:
The history and pathology of crucifixion:

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The Christmas Story, According to the...

If I Ignore All The Religions, Mine is Right! Also, Mine is Wrong!

Today, Calvin from AiG Canada explains to us how we know Christianity is right, out of the thousands of religions. Spoiler: The answer is to mostly ignore the other religions, and only have an oversimplified understanding of what's left.

Meet Pando, one of the oldest organisms on Earth:
Dissociable neural systems for unconditioned acute and sustained fear:
Scary Movies: Can They Actually Be Good for Anxiety?:
Pandemic practice: Horror fans and morbidly curious individuals are more psychologically resilient during the...

Whose Lies are More Dangerous, Evolution or Creation?

Today, we expose the dangerous lies of evolution. But in doing so, we find that the creationist lies are much more insidious.

What is Evolutionary Creation?:
Religion among Scientists in International Context: A New Study of Scientists in Eight Regions (PDF):
Animal - Definition and Examples:
Newton’s Methodology and Mercury’s Perihelion Before and After Einstein:
Science and Common Sense:
Confessions of a Former PETA Member:

What do they teach in schools these days?

Today, we go on a rant about the separation of church and state.

Morality from God...Because Reasons

Today, we learn about the ultimate source of morality.
Just kidding, we put up with baseless assertions about the ultimate source of morality.

Atheists Now Make Up 0.1% of the Federal Prison Population:
Mother Teresa's Sad, Disturbing Legacy Isn't What You Think It Is:
Scientists create the loudest possible sound:

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Teach Ignorance in Schools!

Today, Grady McMurtry explains to us the three options that he sees for how to teach about biology.

Nothing in Biology Makes Sense except in the Light of Evolution (PDF):
Analysis of competing hypotheses:
Why are we not evaluating multiple competing hypotheses in ecology and evolution?:
Darwinian natural selection: its enduring explanatory power:
Indoor Church Services Are COVID-19 Hot Spots:
COVID Outbreak at N.C. Church Linked...

The "Tail" That Hangs Like a Tree!

Today, we learn about dinosaurs...and their "tails."

New theory behind Chicxulub impactor that killed the dinosaurs:
Dinosaur Coprolites and the Early Evolution of Grasses and Grazers:
The willow genome and divergent evolution from poplar after the common genome duplication:
Snake to Monster: Conrad Gessner's Schlangenbuch and the Evolution of the Dragon in the Literature of Natural History:
Dragons: A Brief History of the Mythical, Fire-Breathing Beasts:<...

AiG Doesn't Like Trans Rights, Venus, or Neanderthals!

Today, we listen to the Answers News crew pontificate on trans rights, the correct way to do science, and why Neanderthals are just humans.

Between the (Gender) Lines: the Science of Transgender Identity:
Rachel Levine:
Focus on the Family's 'Daily Citizen' Still Banned by Twitter, Accused of 'Hateful Conduct':
Purported phosphine on Venus more likely to be ordinary sulfur dioxide:
Phosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus:

What if Other Galaxies had Different Laws of Physics?

Today, we learn about the faith that scientists must have in unfounded assertions. Just kidding, we don't actually learn anything.

Universal laws:
What the Science of Morality Doesn’t Say About Morality:
25,000 New Testament Manuscripts? Big Deal:
Structural color of Morpho butterflies:

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Worst Understanding of Biology I Have Ever Heard

Today, Eric Hovind's guest Jay Seegert explains some biology to us...and he does such a bad job that he found my breaking point.

In U.S., Belief in Creationist View of Humans at New Low:
Darwin's finches:
Evolution at different scales: micro to macro:
rs28931573 RefSNP Report (ApoA1-Milano info):
Amphibian - Evolution and classification:
Evolution of Air Breathing: Oxygen Homeostasis and the Transitions from Water to Land and Sky...

If a judge can't be a brick, do architects even command soldiers?

Today, we are presented with three questions that atheists can't answer. And I've got to hand it to him - I legitimately can't answer the questions he presented. But as it turns out, posing incoherent questions doesn't demonstrate god.

World's first spherical artificial eye has 3D retina:
How the Eyes Work:
Launch of Declaration Against Arbitrary Detention in State-to-State Relations:
Inside the fight to bring 'the two Michaels' home from China:
How Do...

Significantly Less than 100 Arguments for God

Today, we go through some of the arguments for god that Cameron Bertuzzi and Dr. Chad McIntosh streamed the other day.

Fireball FAQs - American Meteor Society:
Meteor Activity Outlook for February 13-19, 2021:
Thomas Aquinas and the Five Ways:
Cosmological Argument (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy):
Miller-Urey Revisited:
The Miller Volcanic Spark Discharge Experiment:
Formation of nucleobases in a Miller–Urey reducing atmosphere: https://bi...

The Truth™ About The Truth™ About Creationists!

Today, we see what CMI has been up to lately, and check out their video on The Truth™ about creationists!

Scientists and Belief:
Philosophy of science:
"Historical science" vs. "experimental science":
Archaeologists discover where Titus breached Jerusalem walls:
Miracle of the Sun:
Our Perceptions Are Flawed, Says UCLA Study:
McKinsey, C. Dennis - Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy (1995), pp 29
Physicists find evidence of...

Prince Charming Defends the Bible!

Today, Jimmy Wallace tries to defend the idea that not only are the gospels are not contradictory, but also that they are eyewitness accounts.

Gospel According to Mark | Description, Authorship, & Facts:
Jesus And The Hidden Contradictions Of The Gospels:
Synoptic Problem:
Jesus Many Faces - Arrest And Execution:
Why the Gospels are Myth - Richard Carrier:
For Whom Was the Gospel According to Mark Written?:

The Bible Agrees: The Bible is Inaccurate.

Today, we listen to Kyle Butt explain why he thinks the Bible is of supernatural, superhuman origin, despite no bible ever originating from anything other than a human being.

What is the smallest seed in the world?:
Dating the Bible:
Science in Vedas:
The Beliefs, Myths, and Reality Surrounding the Word Hema (Blood) from Homer to the Present:
The history of bloodletting:
Bloodletting - Jewish Virtual Library:

Is God Right to Torture Babies?

Today, Frank Turek takes us through the Euthyphro dilemma...and doesn't actually go anywhere meaningful with it.

Doctrine - Frequently Asked Questions:
A Righteous Lie?:

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The Bible Agrees: The Bible is Inaccurate.

Today, we listen to Kyle Butt explain why he thinks the Bible is of supernatural, superhuman origin, despite no bible ever originating from anything other than a human being.

What is the smallest seed in the world?:
Dating the Bible:
Science in Vedas:
The Beliefs, Myths, and Reality Surrounding the Word Hema (Blood) from Homer to the Present:
The history of bloodletting:
Bloodletting - Jewish Virtual Library:

AiG Admits their Scientific Illiteracy!

Today, we return to AiG Canada's series on Creation Basics to talk about how we know the earth is 4.5 billion years old...and AiG accidentally admits that they are a bunch of scientific illiterates.

Please note: I did make a horrible, horrible mistake in this episode...I rounded down instead of up. It didn't affect my final results, but if some of my verbal math seems wonky, that's why.

Fantasy genealogy:
How Science Figured Out the Age of Earth:
Evidence for Evolution...

Slavery was ok...if I edit the Bible to make it ok!

Today, Allen Parr edits the bible to make its version of slavery look less bad!
A special thank you to Ground News for supporting this show. Download the Ground News app for free ▶️ to join the fight against media bias and take control over your news!

Slave codes:
Southern Slavery and the Law, 1619-1860:

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If we ignore DNA, we only have one bone!

Today, discount Seth Andrews before he went Atheist teaches us that bones can't teach us anything.

Illustrating phylogenetic placement of fossils using RoguePlots:
No, the Moderna and Pfizer RNA vaccines for COVID-19 will not “permanently alter your DNA”:
Fossil Points to a Vanished Human Species in Himalayas:
Denisovan DNA in Late Pleistocene sediments from Baishiya Karst Cave on the Tibetan Plateau:
Mum’s a Neanderthal, Dad’s a Denisovan: First discovery of an ancient...

Surprising Science in the Bible

Today, a preacher takes us through some of the instances of scientific knowledge found in the bible.

Herbert Spencer:
Herbert Spencer (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy):
Enuma Elish:
The Origin of Life:
History of the Theories of Evaporation — A Chronological Sketch:
Which Is Greater, The Number Of Sand Grains On Earth Or Stars In The Sky?:
How Many People Have Ever Lived on Earth?: ht...

Evolutionary Progression is Probably Pretty Preposterous!

Today, we join Tomorrow's World for a video on why evolution is completely impossible!

Prospects for life on Venus fade — but aren’t dead yet:
Do Uranus’s Moons Have Subsurface Oceans?:
Organic Compounds in The Solar System:
Sperm Facts:
Martin Hanczyc: The line between life and not-life:
The Three Laws of Thermodynamics:
Glycolysis and Alcoholic Fermentation:

Problem of Evil: Mirror Mode

Today, we listen to a sermon about how the existence of evil actually disproves atheism!

Christianity and Capitalism: Does the Bible support self-interest?:
Should Christians Be Rich?:
God is dead. Long live morality:
Are Potatoes Poisonous?:

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Lack-Theists Don't Exist, Silly!

Today, AiG tells us why we define ourselves the wrong way.

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The Plan is to be Incoherent!

Today, Pastor Dickie begins to outline the Christian plan for salvation...and so far, it's an incoherent mess.

Rhinoceros | Origin and meaning of rhinoceros by Online Etymology Dictionary:
The Incommunicable Attributes of God:

Original Video: A DVD on my spindle

Actual Proof of God This Time, I Swear! (an attempt, at least)

Today, Allen from The Beat by Allen Parr will attempt to demonstrate god's existence to us. Will he succeed? You decide!

Woman's Desire for Man: Genesis 3:16 Reconsidered (PDF):
Timeline of the Big Bang - The Big Bang and the Big Crunch:
As many as six billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy, according to new estimates:
Astronomers were wrong about the number of galaxies in universe:
How many stars are there in the Universe...

Rational Belief is Bad!

Today, we unfortunately don't get any evidence or arguments for god, instead we get a bunch of pontificating on how god belief should start out emotional, and then when you've come to believe for emotional reasons, that's when it's time to engage in post-hoc rationalization.


Rational, normative, descriptive, prescriptive, or choice behavior? The search for integrative metatheory of decision making:
Validity and Soundness:
Self esteem:

Original Video:

Informationally Uninformative Information!

Today, we look at a video that claims to debunk the idea that there is no evidence for god.

Steven Pinker - From Neurons to Consciousness:
Does Information Have Mass?:
Chemoaffinity In The Orderly Growth Of Nerve Fiber Patterns And Connections:
Laws of information systems:
How to quantify the information content represented by a set of words from a document:
Design and synthesis of a minimal bacterial genome...

If I Ignore How It Works, It Doesn't Work!

Today, we read a Mike Riddle chapter from AiG's Answers Book 1, all about carbon dating. And Mike basically ignores one of the most important aspects of carbon dating in order to make his point.

Evidence from detrital zircons for the existence of continental crust and oceans on the Earth 4.4 Gyr ago:
Radiocarbon in Dinosaur Fossils: Compatibility with an Age of Millions of Years:
Carbon dating, the archaeological workhorse, is getting a major reboot:
Assumptions of Radiometric Dating: https://bit...

The Holy Scat - The Religion of Not Religion (Part 8)

We're done! Party time! No more Powell after today! Also, something about Jesus poop.

Religious and Spiritual Factors in Depression: Review and Integration of the Research:
What causes depression?:
List of transitional fossils:
The Word ‘almah in Isaiah 7:14: A New Etymology:

Original Video:

Critical Thinking Check 7: Ignore Creationist Logical Fallacies

Today, we wrap up the critical thinking checks by learning to detect logical fallacies. As long as it's not a creationist perpetrating the fallacy.

The Human Brain in Numbers: A Linearly Scaled-up Primate Brain:
Evolutionary origin of insect wings from ancestral gills:
Dual evolutionary origin of insect wings supported by an investigation of the abdominal wing serial homologs in Tribolium:
A pessimistic estimate of the time required for an eye to evolve:
The "Birds...

Evolution Stole My Cookies.

Today, Eric Hovind takes a look at the question of whether or not creationism counts as science. And no creationist treatment of this question would be complete without them trying to poke holes in evolution instead of providing evidence for creation.

Evolution stole the cookies shirt:

List of Evolutionary Predictions:
The RNA World and the Origins of Life:
Abiotic synthesis of amino acids in the recesses of the oceanic lithosphere:

You Already Believe, So Let Me Convince You!

After establishing that everyone already believes in the Christian god in part 1, Pastor Dickie decides to explain to us why everyone *should* believe in the Christian god.

Puranic chronology:
The Book of Exodus: A Biography:
Exodus - Carol Meyers:

Original Video: A DVD on my spindle. Sorry.

U Mad Bro? - The Religion of Not Religion (Part 7)

This one's all over the place...we go from interplanetary dust and Saturn's rings to mountain whales to "Atheists are just angry at us" and more.

Dust in the Solar System:
Holy Prepuce:
Population bottleneck:
There was a decline of male diversity when humans took to agriculture:
Whale Fossils High In Andes Show How Mountains Rose From Sea:
A Well-Preserved Whale Fossil Has Been Discovered on a California Mountain...

Critical Thinking Check 6: Forget Checks 3-5

Today, AiG Canada explains how to forget their middle critical thinking checks in favour of the first one.

Long-Term Coffee Consumption Is Associated with Decreased Incidence of New-Onset Hypertension: A Dose–Response Meta-Analysis:
Evidence for Evolution - Dating Methods:
Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy:
Twenty-one Reasons Noah’s Worldwide Flood Never Happened (PDF):
"Historical science" vs. "experimental science":
Nomothetic and idiographic:
"Polystrate" Tree Foss...

Bubblegum Ice Cream is Morally Wrong!

Today, we take a look at Impact Video Ministries to see if they can harmonize the existence of evil and suffering with a loving god.

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