Heroic Dungeons (and Dragons!)

35 Episodes

By: Casey Firth

Join Summer (@Summer_Sal), Amanda (@Turarts) and Erika (@WorgenBMHunter) as they explore Azeroth in a D&D 5E adventure set on Azeroth, hosted by DM Casey (@ABonusLevel)

34. Buggin Out
Yesterday at 6:00 AM

Faulkis shoots his shot. Aree does a pacifist run. Butch chats with a cow.

33. I Just Wanna See Faulkis 'Tarzan' It

Aree eggs on Faulkis. Butch talks to another lizard.

32. Found Money

The party gambles with their gold, then with their time, then again with their gold.

31. Sixty Six point Six Six, Repeating (Of Course)

An afternoon in Booty Bay, where rewards are had. Also, Butch buys all the alcohol in the bar.

30. They Didn't Teach This Stuff In Worgen School

Faulkis and Aree make explosives. Butch saves Billy money on ammunition.

29. Yer A Pirate, Billy!

Pirate Axe Fight. Aree rolls a persuasion check. Faulkis gets double loot.

28. Butch: The Most Beloved?

Aree is persuasive. Faulkis hides a letter just a little too well. Butch cooks some steaks.

27. Whoa Ho, Two By Two

Faulkis forges a letter. Aree sings a song. Butch picks his toes.

26. I'm Not Throwing Away My Shot!

Aree squelches a campfire. Faulkis claims the bed. Butch doesn't throw away his shot.

25. Aree Go Brrr

Faulkis dangles from a rope. Butch tiptoes across a bridge. Aree blows the conch.

24. Faulkis: The Mama

Butch gets a second hat. Faulkis breaks a statue. Aree wants a cool seashell. 

23. I Would Want To Get Out Of The Poo...

Faulkis makes sure the party doesn't get crushed to death. Butch and Aree stand in the poo.


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22. Mermaid Lady! Will You Talk To Us?

The party puzzles over a trapped hallway. Butch talks to a statue.

21. That Book Ain't Nice

Faulkis takes some good natured ribbing, but doesn't get burned alive. That counts for something, right?

20.5. Intermission

No gameplay this week, but Casey shares his favorite resources for rules, game planning, and inspiration.


D&D 5E Basic Rules (Wizards of the Coast): https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/basicrules

D&D 5E Basic Rules (DNDBeyond): https://www.dndbeyond.com/sources/basic-rules

Handbooker Helper: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1tiwbzkOjQyr6-gqJ8r29j_rJkR49uDN

Dungeon Dudes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQDKouT6G_6P1eBIfkTkC-w

Web DM: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7XFmdssWgaPzGyGbKk8GaQ

DM Gives Inspiration: https://kylefergusson.c...

20. Episode Natural Twenty!

Epic Panda vs Treasure Chest combat. Lots of crits. Thematically appropriate episode title.

19. I Don't Even Know How I'd Attack A Box!

The party explores Plunder Isle, and everything goes well. Aree gets a crown. Faulkis opens a treasure chest.

18.I Will Roll Perception And See If I Find Someone's Underwear!

The party explores Plunder Isle. Butch lifts a door, Aree checks out a hot tub, and Faulkis enjoys a painting.

17. Operation: Pooh Bear

Mgrrrl mllgggrrr, mmmm mmmml mmmrrglllm nk mllggggrrr RRRgrrr skr.

16. Yee Haw, Me Hearties!

Butch, Aree, and Faulkis find out more about their new crewmates. Billy makes a mean lunch.

15. Straight to Seducin'

Aree and Faulkis plan for their next adventure. Butch doesn't want to pick up more side-quests.

14. Quest Incomplete!

Aree and Faulkis track down the rude man. Butch runs into an old friend.

13. He Called Me Ugly!

Aree protects poor, innocent goblins. Faulkis and Butch go for a swim.

12. Definitely A Booty Trap!

The party heads to Booty Bay, and Butch isn't having it. Faulkis wants a new bow. Aree wants to be a pirate.

11. He's Fresh Off The Island!

The party recuperates from fighting furbolgs and banshees. Butch is a New York tourist. Faulkis doesn't buy poisons.

10. Goin' Down to Booty!

The party is ready to sell their stolen loot and leave Azshara. Also, the whole sky is exploded?

9. Hypothesizing The Existence Of Chocolate Bears?

Our heroes find the goblins' stolen treasure. Do they take it for themselves or complete their quest?

8. Terry Crews' Chest Is My Butt!

The party invades the Blackmaw Furbolg cave in search of stolen treasure to steal!

7. I Think These Are Noobs! Lok'Tar Ogre?

The party is in trouble! They tried (and failed) to escape the Pleasure Palace when they found out how much their stay would cost, and now has a decision to make.

6. Aree This Is All Your Fault!

The party does its best Captain America: The Winter Soldier impression.

5. Am I Deceiving Having To Poo?

Faulkis earns a new nickname. Aree demands to speak to the manager. Butch needs to poo.

4. Failure To Explode!

Butch, Faulkis, and Aree show their gaming prowess at the Pleasure Palace's poker table, then hit the golf course. Vacation mode is in full effect this week!

3. I'm Soakin' It Up With My Butt!

Butch, Aree, and Faulkis arrive in the zone of Azshara - but why would they come here of all places?

2. Cleave This Noodle In Twain!

The adventurers are under attack from pirates! Will they survive to tell the tale? Will they reach their destination before their ship sinks? Will we learn their names, at least??

1. I Don't Want To Get My Hands Dirty!

Azshara and N'Zoth are defeated. Saurfang has been laid to rest. Three adventurers leave Kul'Tiras by ship hoping to have a relaxing, post-war vacation, but trouble is brewing in the World of Warcraft.