Kirnos and Turcios Podcast

7 Episodes

By: Aaron Kirnos and Cristian Turcios

Welcome to the Kirnos and Turcios Podcast! This is a podcast where two ex-collegiate soccer players, who have an extreme passion for the beautiful game will dissect, analyze and judge the current state of the soccer. The content will be expansive covering the latest transfer rumor, managerial firing and signings, and analyzing the biggest games every week. We have a passion for this game that cannot be matched by any other, and we will give you the most honest and truthful analysis that you have never heard.

Games of the Week 7 - Champions League Part 2
Last Friday at 2:14 PM

In this episode, Cristian and Aaron discuss the Champions League games that occurred this week, with another special guest appearing in this episode! We give our young player of the week, and make predictions to some of the biggest games this season with some of the largest implications that can alter the way the biggest leagues will play out!

Games of the Week 6 - Derby Weekend
Last Tuesday at 6:33 PM

In this episode, Cristian and Aaron discuss about the games that occurred from February 19th to the 21st. We discuss and analyze all of the derbies that happened this weekend from the Premier League to the Serie A and the Bundesliga. We also make our predictions for the second batch of champions league games for this week, with some surprising and shocking predictions for each game!

Games of the Week 5 - Champions League Part 1

In this episode, Cristian and I discuss the Champions League games that occurred this week with one major Premier League game, with a special guest. We discuss and analyze every champions league game in-depth, and make our predictions for the two biggest derbies in Europe!

Games of the Week 4 - Dropping Points

For this episode, Cristian and I discuss about the games that occurred on February 13th and 14th. We discuss how Juventus, AC Milan, and Liverpool all dropped points this week and in impact it has on their current league status. We also give our young player to watch for, and give our champions league predictions for this week!

Games of the Week 3 - Domestic Cup Edition

In this episode, Cristian and Aaron discuss the games that happened during the week of February 8th. We discuss about the semifinal of the Coppa Italia and the Copa del Rey, along with the 5th round of the FA Cup. We also infer how PSG will continue to play without Neymar, with his hip injury and how it will impact their upcoming Champions League fixture with Barcelona. We also make predictions about the biggest games in the Premier League and Serie A, as well.

Games of the Week 2 -- Tap in's and Keeper Blunders

In this episode, we discuss the major games that occurred during the weekend of February 5th through the 7th. We discuss about all of the major teams in the Serie A, La Liga, and the Premier League. We discuss how Liverpool was demolished by Manchester City, how Real Madrid did not perform well against Huesca, and how Juventus was able to take care of business against Roma, and so much more!

Games of the Week - Introduction

In this episode, we discuss about all the major games that happened this week, from the major matches in the Premier League, the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia, and the Quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey. We give our insight, analyze, and state what happened in these games, and the impact it has on the season, as of now!