Scale Her Up

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By: Brenda Hector

Hosted by Dr Brenda Hector MBA, this podcast provides relatable and accessible advice and inspiration from successful business women who have been there and done it before you. This podcast is where you can • hear their stories • share their successes • learn their challenges and how they overcame them • receive the advice they have for businesswomen aspiring to success • find out what they think needs to change • discover how we can bring about that business revolution Only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs are female. UK men are 5 times more likely than women to build a business of over £1million turnover If UK women matched UK me...

Make Your Customers Your Biggest Supporters with Catherine Shearer

If you love cycling or mountain biking in some of the most remote and untouched wildernesses on the planet but, you're in need of an experienced guide, then Catherine Shearer, CEO at H+I Adventures can help you top that adventure!

Now "15 years deep" into a prosperous business, she and her husband continue to craft life-affirming MTB and E-MTB adventures all around the world.

If you're an entrepreneur looking for adventure this podcast episode is one you should not miss!

Live For Today Plan For Tomorrow With Dineo Ledwaba-Chapman

Join me as I sit down with Dineo Ledwaba-Chapman. She is an advocate for women’s wealth and financial well-being. As a specialist financial planner, she helps professional and entrepreneurial women Live For Today and Plan For Tomorrow.

Your business will only grow if you do with Gillian Fowler of Usana Mindset

Transformational life coach Gillian Fowler shares her inspiring story of overcoming serious injury and becoming a business owner.

Find out about the collaboration between Gillian and Brenda, and join the 6-week Programme: HERE

Discrimination in the workplace with Danae Shell

Today we have Danae Shell the Co-founder and CEO of Valla with us on Scale Her Up. Danae shares her business story and we talk about getting investors or grants for your business. She will also talk about discrimination in the workplace and what you should be doing as an employer, as well as what to do when looking for new people to join your business.


Helping your business with Maggie Gorman

This week I have Maggie Gorman the Business Support and Development Director at Ceteris (Scotland) Ltd with me on Scale Her Up. Maggie has an abundant history in business and is here to share her story. She shares some advice for starting and growing your business, tips to deal with a fluctuating economy and what you might do when selling your business.

Supporting women in business with Andrew Wright

This week on Scale Her Up I have Andrew Wright, The CEO and co-founder of SmartPA. He talks about his story and Empowering women. In its time, SmartPA has provided free training to over 30,000 women that didn't have access to any. So come join us and see what you can do to help build up the numbers of women in business.

Equality in the Workplace with Jago Brown

This week on Scale Her Up I have Jago Brown from Lead5050 and Equality Starts at Home with me on the podcast. Jago talks about his personal life, and what we can do to help bring about equality in the workplace. We will also talk about flexible working and how you can manage a busy schedule with your home life.

Jago's links:

Work Life Balance in your business with Catherine, Laura and Catherine

This week on Scale Her Up we have 3 guests. Catherine McManus, Catherine Livingstone and Laura Smith from Wylie & Bisset LLP are with me to talk about their experiences as women in the workplace. As well as this we will also discuss work-life balance in your business, motherhood while working, and communicating with clients.

Empowering women with Brad Walsh

This Week is a First for the Scale Her Up Podcast, we have a male guest! Brad Walsh Is the creator and host of the Empowerography Podcast. Empowerography is a platform that enables women to share their stories and successes with the world. So, this week Brad talks about his journey, his platform, and we discuss what we can all do to help women in and out of the business world.

Brad's Podcast:

Marketing yourself through videos with Diana Muzzall

This week I have Diana Muzzall from Jotolio Photography and Video Marketing Confidence. She talks about her experience of running her business for 22 years and what she has learnt along the way. She also shares some tips of what you can do to help you with making and marketing your videos, as well as some of the things you can expect to see when starting.

Video Marketing Confidence:

Bridging the enterprise gap with Gillian Martin

This week I have Gillian Martin, an MSP for Aberdeenshire East in the SNP. She is the founder of the Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire branches of Women for Independence and is on the podcast today to talk about the enterprise gap in Scotland and the UK, her experience in running a business and what we can do to help bring change to the current gender gap in self-owned businesses.

Crafting Culture for your business with Nicola Davidson

This week on the Scale Her Up podcast I have Nicola Davidson from Optimul and The Success Formula Academy. We talk about Creating a good work culture for your business and employees, dealing with burnout and about her newly launching Business The Success Formula Academy.

Tackling Business as a team with Laura Friedl-Hirst

This week on Scale Her Up I have Laura Friedl-Hirst, Managing Director and Principal Consultant at LFH Regulatory Limited. We talk about her journey as a business-woman, the importance of her team to her business and some tips for people looking to start and grow their businesses.

Building towards an independent business with Claire Middlebrook

This week on Scale Her Up I have Claire Middlebrook of Middlebrooks Business Recovery & Advice. We chat about managing a team, the flexibility of working on your own business and selling businesses.

Confidence Talking to Customers with Wendy Harris

Wendy Harris from Making Conversations Count LTD is with me this week on the podcast. We talk about conversing with customers, and telemarketing, as well as her story of becoming an entrepreneur, and how she balances running her business and living her life.

Making Conversations Count:

Publishing your business with Adriana Alvarez

This week Adriana Alvarez joins me on the podcast. Adriana is the CEO and Founder of AMA Publishing where she teaches women how to start highly profitable publishing companies. Her goal is to create 10,000 female owned publishing companies by 2027. She talks about how she got round to stating her business, personal challenges she dealt with and how she overcame them, and how to incorporate your business online(and if you need too!).

Adriana's Website:

Working a Non-Profit with Abi Clark

Abi Clark is here from MISS - Miscarriage Support to share her story of starting and running a non-profit organization. She talks about some of her struggles along the way, learning to delegate more in her team and plans for the future.

Abi's Social

MISS - Miscarriage Support

The microphones are turned, Wendy Harris interviews our host Brenda Hector

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of The Scale Her up Podcast, our host Brenda Hector has the microphones turned on her this week as Wendy Harris from ‘Making Conversations Count’ podcast asks her about the route to entrepreneurship and Business coaching. Brenda opens up about her biggest business challenge which is her personal battle through peri-menopause and how she has helped other entrepreneurs cope with menopause in business.

Scale Her Up:

Wendy's LinkedIn:

Wendy's Podcast:

Finding your voice in business with Anne-Lise Kadri

This week I am joined by Anne-Lise Kadri, a woman who switched her career to her hobby after working as a teacher for over 20 years. She Talks about how her experience as a teacher has helped her to coach other voice actors and use timetabling to manage her work week, as well as what you can do making the switch and how others could benefit .

Hypnotic Healing with Rebecca Wiener McGregor

This week I am joined by Rebecca Wiener McGregor, a consulting hypnotist certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. She talks about how practices such as meditation and mindfulness can free you from your woes in your entrepreneurial journey. Join me this episode for some inspirational and eye-opening tips and insights to help you on your journey.

The importance of personal finance in your business with Kaitlyn Carlson

Kaitlyn Carlson, the founder and CEO of Theory Planning Partners, is with Brenda this week to chat about her journey as a Financial Advisor and entrepreneur. She shares some tips for your running your business as well as the benefits of having a financial plan.

Why Personal Health is important for business success with Dr Monika Gostic

This week I have Monica Gostic, an award winning nutrition coach and scientist in to talk about how building your personal health can help with managing your business.

Links :

Building Businesses with Ciara Stockeland

Ciara Stockeland talks about how she has built businesses throughout her life and tips for what you can do when building your business to help you become a successful entrepreneur.





The importance of your Personal brand with Lisa Clunie

Lisa Clunie of Thrive Studios talks about her journey as a businesswoman and why your personal brand is important to your business.

Its a family affair with Sarah Harley of Margaret Duffus leasing

Sarah Harley discusses her journey as a businesswoman, taking over from her mother and working alongside her husband. As a lettings agent in Aberdeen, through global economic crises, oil price crashes and a pandemic, she certainly knows that "success through hard times is very satisfying"

Networking your way to becoming an award winning businesswoman with Hannah Lloyd

Hannah Lloyd shares her top tips to becoming the most connected person in the area, and being a finalist in the Association of Scottish Businesswomen Awards (Spoiler: she only went and won it!!)

Using the Law of Attraction to become Wildly Wealthy with Sandy Forster

Australian single Mum and entrepreneur Sandy Forster shares her journey to becoming wildly wealthy. You can connect with Sandy using her social media links below Facebook Page: Https:// Facebook Group: About Sandy: Website:

Using the Profit First system to grow your business with Susan Crichton

Susan Crichton from SJC+0 is an accountant with novel perspective. In this interview she shares her journey as a businesswoman as well as how the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and becoming a Profit First Practitioner has transformed her business and those of her clients.

Becoming a female tech founder and supporting other businesswomen with Kate Stott

Kate Stott of Beauty Booker, Female Tech Founder, Scottish Businesswoman of the Year 2019, Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. Founder of Most Innovative Hair & Beauty App -UK 2020 shares her experiences of building her tech business and supporting other business women in the beauty industry through challenging times

Winning business on LinkedIn with Stacy Edghill

Stacy Edghill of Hibiscus Media and Events shares her top tips for using LinkedIn in business. Stacy gives some of her best advice from the highly successful LinkedWin training courses

Decluttering your home and business with Rosie Barron The Tidy Coo

Rosie Barron is a professional organiser and declutterer who homeschools her 4 children, looks after her 8 horses and runs her own business. In this episode we discuss the challenges of women in business and the synergies and similarities between coaching and decluttering.

Decluttering and organising your business and your life with Rosie Baron The Tidy Coo

“I am not Organised because I have Time, I have Time because I am Organised.” Rosie Baron and I talk about how she manages to homeschool her 4 children, look after 8 horses, 5 dogs and numerous other animals whilst running her own business as a Professional De-clutterer and Organiser. And how business coaching is helping her to achieve even more.

The journey from Ladette to £Million plus business owner with Judith Thorpe of Thorpe Molloy McCulloch

Judith shares her journey from the heady days of girl power in the 90s to juggling motherhood and running her own £multi-million business

Make yourself a little bit famous with Penny Haslam

Former BBC TV Presenter Penny Haslam shares the business benefits of raising your profile and great tips on how to do it

Transitioning the family business with Claire Forbes of Response Consultants

Claire shares what it was like working with her father and how she took over the business reins

Business growth in Biotechnology with Dr Caroline Barelle of elasmogen

A fascinating insight into medical research business

How Nicki Young of Mummemojo helps mums and businesses to navigate maternity leave and returning to work

Nicki Young spotted an opportunity and built her business around it.

Building a multimillion pound tourism enterprise with Freda Newton of Jacobite Cruises

Freda Newton shares her challenges and successes in the Scottish tourism industry

Family Business Success with Hannah Powell

Hannah Powell of Perrywood Garden Centre and Nurseries Ltd shares her experience of owning and running a business with her parents and siblings.

Age is not a barrier to business with Rosee Elliott The Image Whisperer

Rosee Elliott The image Whisperer shares her journey to entrepreneurship and tips for for confidence and visibility in business