Scale Her Up

10 Episodes

By: Brenda Hector

Hosted by Dr Brenda Hector MBA, this podcast provides relatable and accessible advice and inspiration from successful business women who have been there and done it before you. This podcast is where you can • hear their stories • share their successes • learn their challenges and how they overcame them • receive the advice they have for businesswomen aspiring to success • find out what they think needs to change • discover how we can bring about that business revolution Only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs are female. UK men are 5 times more likely than women to build a business of over £1million turnover If UK women matched UK me...

Make Your Customers Your Biggest Supporters with Catherine Shearer

If you love cycling or mountain biking in some of the most remote and untouched wildernesses on the planet but, you're in need of an experienced guide, then Catherine Shearer, CEO at H+I Adventures can help you top that adventure!

Now "15 years deep" into a prosperous business, she and her husband continue to craft life-affirming MTB and E-MTB adventures all around the world.

If you're an entrepreneur looking for adventure this podcast episode is one you should not miss!

Live For Today Plan For Tomorrow With Dineo Ledwaba-Chapman

Join me as I sit down with Dineo Ledwaba-Chapman. She is an advocate for women’s wealth and financial well-being. As a specialist financial planner, she helps professional and entrepreneurial women Live For Today and Plan For Tomorrow.

Your business will only grow if you do with Gillian Fowler of Usana Mindset

Transformational life coach Gillian Fowler shares her inspiring story of overcoming serious injury and becoming a business owner.

Find out about the collaboration between Gillian and Brenda, and join the 6-week Programme: HERE

Discrimination in the workplace with Danae Shell

Today we have Danae Shell the Co-founder and CEO of Valla with us on Scale Her Up. Danae shares her business story and we talk about getting investors or grants for your business. She will also talk about discrimination in the workplace and what you should be doing as an employer, as well as what to do when looking for new people to join your business.


Helping your business with Maggie Gorman

This week I have Maggie Gorman the Business Support and Development Director at Ceteris (Scotland) Ltd with me on Scale Her Up. Maggie has an abundant history in business and is here to share her story. She shares some advice for starting and growing your business, tips to deal with a fluctuating economy and what you might do when selling your business.

Supporting women in business with Andrew Wright

This week on Scale Her Up I have Andrew Wright, The CEO and co-founder of SmartPA. He talks about his story and Empowering women. In its time, SmartPA has provided free training to over 30,000 women that didn't have access to any. So come join us and see what you can do to help build up the numbers of women in business.

Equality in the Workplace with Jago Brown

This week on Scale Her Up I have Jago Brown from Lead5050 and Equality Starts at Home with me on the podcast. Jago talks about his personal life, and what we can do to help bring about equality in the workplace. We will also talk about flexible working and how you can manage a busy schedule with your home life.

Jago's links:

Work Life Balance in your business with Catherine, Laura and Catherine

This week on Scale Her Up we have 3 guests. Catherine McManus, Catherine Livingstone and Laura Smith from Wylie & Bisset LLP are with me to talk about their experiences as women in the workplace. As well as this we will also discuss work-life balance in your business, motherhood while working, and communicating with clients.

Empowering women with Brad Walsh

This Week is a First for the Scale Her Up Podcast, we have a male guest! Brad Walsh Is the creator and host of the Empowerography Podcast. Empowerography is a platform that enables women to share their stories and successes with the world. So, this week Brad talks about his journey, his platform, and we discuss what we can all do to help women in and out of the business world.

Brad's Podcast:

Marketing yourself through videos with Diana Muzzall

This week I have Diana Muzzall from Jotolio Photography and Video Marketing Confidence. She talks about her experience of running her business for 22 years and what she has learnt along the way. She also shares some tips of what you can do to help you with making and marketing your videos, as well as some of the things you can expect to see when starting.

Video Marketing Confidence: