Scale Her Up

10 Episodes

By: Brenda Hector

Hosted by Dr Brenda Hector MBA, this podcast provides relatable and accessible advice and inspiration from successful business women who have been there and done it before you. This podcast is where you can • hear their stories • share their successes • learn their challenges and how they overcame them • receive the advice they have for businesswomen aspiring to success • find out what they think needs to change • discover how we can bring about that business revolution Only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs are female. UK men are 5 times more likely than women to build a business of over £1million turnover If UK women matched UK me...

Worry less and trust yourself, everything will work out with Maya Vertigans
Last Friday at 3:19 PM

"If this won't matter in 5 years, don't spend long on it now" great advice from the founder of Planner Bee VA Services 

Maya Vertigans always knew that her fate was to be a business owner so she started straight out of university. In this episode, she talks to Brenda Hector of ActionCOACH about her journey and shares the message she would give to her 18-year-old self "Worry less and trust yourself, everything will work out" 

Keeping it in the family with The Property Girls
Last Friday at 3:11 PM

Caitlin Mackenzie and Jenny Soutar are serial entrepreneurs, sisters-in-law and 'The Property Girls'. Jenny describes herself as accidentally a business owner but as they tell their story it's clear that she has found her purpose. 

The Property Girls provide a comprehensive holiday let management service within 25 minutes of travel from Blairgowrie, the tourist heart of Perthshire

In this interview with Brenda Hector of ActionCOACH the girls share their philosophy for business and the advantages of partnering with a complementary personality style. 

Using the soft approach to improve hard environments with Karin Ovari

Karin Ovari of Safety Collaborations explains how culture, communication and leadership can save money and lives in dangerous environments.

There are only so many hours in a week. Scaling up with Ronnie Krupa

Ronnie Krupa is a tutor supporting pupils and students in various subjects through school, college and university. Realising that her time is finite, she has launched Walron Ltd, a tutoring agency to scale the service. Ronnie shares her learnings, challenges and goals for the future with Brenda Hector. 

How to grow a tight-knit, high-performing team with Laura Mearns

Laura Mearns of Northwood North East chats with Brenda Hector about her journey as a business owner, growing her tight-knit high-performing team and the juggle of business and personal life. Her biggest tip for making it and recuperate when you need to. 

How to balance self-employment and family life with Rachel Fyfe of Tartan Competitions

Rachel Fyfe of Tartan Competitions shares her entrepreneurship journey with Brenda Hector. Being self-employed has enabled Rachel and her husband to achieve a work-family-life balance.  

Go be amazing you talented human! with Lorraine Malcolm of House of Hair Aberdeen

"Go be amazing you talented human!" is the mantra for success and personal growth at House of Hair in Aberdeen. Founder and Creative Director Lorraine Malcolm shares her story, her passion for making her customers feel good and her team feel empowered comes across loud and clear in this interview with Brenda Hector of ActionCOACH. Its not been a smooth journey but with the support of her network and loyal customers, some of whom have been with her for 20 years, and a lot of grit and determination has built a successful and award-winning salon. 

The importance of supportive womens networks with Karen Smith of BWC Aberdeen

Karen Smith of BWC Aberdeen is in the spotlight with Brenda Hector. 

Karen shares her career journey from unqualified office junior to senior executive, director and shareholder, and solopreneur.  

A skilled communicator, salesperson and coach, Karen shares her advice for creating a high-performing sales team. 'People buy from people' and the best salespeople are warm, honest, friendly and open.  

Karen has recently launched the Aberdeen BWC (Business Women Connect) franchise and the response has been unprecedented demonstrating how important supportive networking groups like this are to the market 

Make Your Customers Your Biggest Supporters with Catherine Shearer

If you love cycling or mountain biking in some of the most remote and untouched wildernesses on the planet but, you're in need of an experienced guide, then Catherine Shearer, CEO at H+I Adventures can help you top that adventure!

Now "15 years deep" into a prosperous business, she and her husband continue to craft life-affirming MTB and E-MTB adventures all around the world.

If you're an entrepreneur looking for adventure this podcast episode is one you should not miss!

Live For Today Plan For Tomorrow With Dineo Ledwaba-Chapman

Join me as I sit down with Dineo Ledwaba-Chapman. She is an advocate for women’s wealth and financial well-being. As a specialist financial planner, she helps professional and entrepreneurial women Live For Today and Plan For Tomorrow.