And Now For Something Completely Machinima

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By: Ricky Grove, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine, and Phil Rice

Machinima, real-time filmmaking, virtual production and VR. Four veteran machinimators share news, new films & filmmakers, and discuss the past, present and future of machinima.

S4 E137 Machinima News Omnibus (July 2024)
Last Thursday at 7:01 AM

This month's news omnibus covers our usual breadth of topics - from Reallusion's Character Creator contest; to a 'how to create in SL', available only in SL; to Project Odyssey's contest for genAIers; to the winners of the second AIFF; to some fabulous projects such as  @EpicSpaceman latest film, an Elden Ring band, Jennifer McKnew's Sydney and Socket project, and one dedicated to sharing with us the 'speed of animals'; to the fallout from the Prince Charles Cinema debate about showcasing an genAI film; launch of the Starfield Creation Kit; Homefield 3; and a must have tool for creating great q...

S4 E136 GTA5: Los Santos police throw themselves into offering box (July 2024)

This week's film review is of [GTA5] 賽銭箱に身を投げる ロスサントス市警察, made by  @mzanku - its absurdist humor but also deeply disturbing, which hits us all in different ways around half way through watching the film. Following our discussions, we conclude the creator probably didn't intend for the work to be culturally appropriated as an interpretation of US police brutality, but that interpretation was nonetheless possible. In closing out the ep, Ricky discusses the new DLC for Elden Ring and the role cheese plays in enjoying it.

Credits - 
Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine 
Producer: Ricky Grove 
Editor: Phil Rice 

S4 E135 Destruction & Hope: Day of Darkness II | The Wanderer (June 2024)

In this episode, we analyse our picks' cinematics, beginning with 'Day of Darkness' made in Eve Online by Dire Lauthris and completing with 'The Wanderer' made in the Source engine by Dominzki. We discuss the use of ambiguity, character development, and narrative qualities, as well as the advancement of video game cinematics and in-engine techniques. We also examine how the horror of war has been conveyed through the unique visuals and sound effects in both these films.

Credits -
Speakers: Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Featuring: Ricky AI aka RickyAI aka Skibidi Rick

S4 E134 iClone: Lonely Episode 2: The Package Thief (June 2024)

This week, we discuss the art of machinima filmmaking, emphasizing the importance of craftsmanship, freshness, and humor in exceptional storytelling, as evidenced in 'Lonely Episode Two: The Package Thief' by TheBizTheBiz. We analyze the efficiency and density used in delivering witty lines and twists in what is essentially a modern retelling of the Lone Ranger, using mariachi music, masks, and character development, clever use of language and a well-executed comedic setup.

Credits -
Speakers: Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Featuring: RickAI aka AI Ricky, or Skibidi Rick
Producer/Editor: Phil Rice

Completely Machinima Interview: Phil Rice, funny man (June 2024)

Welcome to our latest bonus episode.  We had the pleasure of catching up with Phil Rice aka zsOverman to talk exclusively about his latest machinima, called Being Moses.  If there's such as thing as a parody of a Let's Play, this film is it!   Check out Phil's comments and watch the film - links on our show notes web post.

Credits -
Speakers: Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Producer: Tracy Harwood
Editor: Phil Rice
Music: Animo Domini Beats

S4 E133 Machinima News Omnibus (Jun 2024)

This week we celebrate Nvidia's investment in machinima, discuss latest AIs and give you the heads up on some great projects we want to highlight - there are just too many for us to fully review everything we're seeing that we want to share with you these days! Do check them out, we'd love to hear your thoughts too - links and notes on our website. 

2:47 Thank you Nvidia 
7:48 Fab projects 
15:39 Latest AI genies to get your teeth into
20:28 Movie-making games
44:43 A final comment from RickyAI: If there's a man in the house, you...

S4 E132 Star Citizen: 60 Seconds of Horror (Jun 2024)

A compelling and powerful story of one man's quest to remain sane on an isolated planet. This is a very effective story by Lens Nation, given its only 60 seconds long - its probably not just this one creator's worst nightmare in a game, but several of us. Check out our review and don't forget to give us some feedback on your thoughts too. 

1:01 Ricky introduces the film and his critique of it, suggesing Lovecraftian tones to the story 
6:17 Tracy comments on the sound design and why the lack of sound works so well 
14:14 Phil feels the...

S4 E131 Forlorn (May 2024)

This week, we review a pretender for a new Disney show called Forlorn, by @projectforlorn (aka Alex St Pierre). Well, it may well be at some point in the near future! Starting life as a tech demo, this short has an interesting back story and has evolved into something even more interesting. Check out our review and add your own thoughts!

Credits -
Speakers: Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Editor/Producer: Phil Rice
Music: Animo Domini Beats

S4 E130 Music Maestro Please! (May 2024)

This week, we discuss two stunning music videos: Children of Pain by  @VincereSylph with video created by  @TomJantol and  @tanyasubaBg ; and Firefly by  @TheEsotericaChannel in Unreal Engine. Children of Pain is a perfect example of Tom's 'anymation' approach whilst Firefly demonstrates just how far Unreal Engine has come as a creative toolset in one year alone!

Credits -
Speakers: Phil Rice, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine
Editor/Producer: Phil Rice
Music: Animo Domini Beats

S4 E129 Cinematics: GTA5 (May 2024)

Not for the first time do we discuss the gorgeous cinematic qualities of GTA5, and this week we share a beaut by @Salva.Padilla. This one has a distinct vibe to it, but it is its general ambiguity that we especially love about the machinima. We each see something a little different in it! What do you see in it?

Credits - 
Speakers: Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, Damien Valentine, Tracy Harwood
Producer: Damien Valentine
Editor: Phil Rice
Music: Animo Domini Beats