The Deke Snipe Celly Podcast

16 Episodes

By: Ryan Gates

Hosted by Kylie Murrin, Chad Newman & Ryan Gates. The DSC Podcast discusses the Toronto Maple Leafs and minor league affiliates as well as the NHL in general.

The DSC Podcast EP. #15 - "Well, That Sucked - Post Game - Leafs vs Canadians May 3, 2021"
Last Tuesday at 4:45 AM

In this Episode, PHG offers us a big discount on a piece of Leafs Memorabilia. Kylie is Visiting her mom and dad, Chad is not drinking townie beer and the Leafs Lost to the Habs 3-2 in OT on May 3rd 2021. Our Trio chat about Sandin and Brooks coming on strong, What happens when Hyman comes back, Chad introduces a new Segment called “ Must Read, Must See “, Liljgren Expectations, Homer broadcasters, Missed calls and dives! Oh and Kylie claims to be good at Math (#challangeaccepted)

The DSC Podcast EP. #14 - "Growing Up Cherry: The Tim Cherry Episode"

Want the story behind the firing of Don Cherry. We got that for you! Remember 30 years of Rock Em’ Sock Em’? Tim was the man behind the content. How about “Keep Your Head Up Kid – The Don Cherry Story”? Yup, Tim wrote and produced the full mini-series. With over 16 years of OHL scouting under his belt, we also get to discuss the players who impressed and players who surprised. This episode is full of stories about Don and what it takes to be a pro on the ice and off. Welcome to The DSC Podcast Episode #14 “Growing Up Cherry – The Tim Cherry

The DSC Podcast EP. #13 - The Allan Bester Episode

A Childhood Hero to our 3 Hosts, The DSC crew is Jacked to bring you an Episode for the Hardcore, Die-Hard, 80's Fan Boys! Our team discuss, The Art of the Glove Save, Mike Ilitch, Facing 40 shots per night, Harold Ballard, The Super Series, 80's Contracts, Wendel Clark, Memorabilia, Steve Yzerman, Hockey Card Signings, The Wild Antics John Brophy and much more. Our Guest is also Unapologetic when called out by the Newfie trio. Sit Back, Relax, Have A Laugh & Enjoy, The Allan Bester Episode.

The DSC Podcast EP. #12 - "A Deadline To Remember - Post Game - Leafs vs Canadians April 12, 2021"

Our trio discuss the Leafs 4 - 2 Loss to the Montreal Canadians on April 12, 2021. Whats next for Galchenyuk. Putting the Record Stress Behind us. A huge Deadline for the Leafs as they gear up for a Stanley Cub Run. Yes B'y, No B'y is loaded with the tough questions. Kylie adjusts her eye make up (hehehe) and much More in "A Deadline to Remember"

The DSC Podcast EP. #11 - "Jacked" For Records - Post Game - Leafs vs Canadians April 7, 2021

What a night!! Chad was unavailable for this one, so we thought it was a great time to roll out our "Average Joe's" Series of episodes, where we are joined by die hard fans, just like us! This week we are pleased to welcome Leafs die hard, Paddy Phillips. Paddy's been bleeding the Blue and White as long as anyone and is an intelligent and knowledgeable guy to boot. Our crew tonight discuss the 3-2 Maple Leafs win over the Montreal Canadians, post game on April 7th 2021. Lots of love for Campbell obviously, much talk over what could be...

The DSC Podcast EP. #10 - The Dr. Charles Tator Episode

What do you know about concussions? If you are like the us, probably not that much. The DSC Podcast is thrilled to be joined by one of the pioneers in concussion research and greatest Canadian physicians of all time, Dr. Charles Tator. His awards and accomplishments aside, Dr. Tator's love for the game is what truly shines through.

The DSC Podcast EP. #9 - Totally Jacked

After Jack Campbells 2nd consecutive shutout, the DSC team dive more into the portrayed goalie controversy, In “Off Topic With Kylie Murrin”, Kylie brings up to shade getting thrown at the Leafs by Oilers fans. There is lots of love for Spezza and Hyman in this episode as well as early reviews on the Play of newcomer Alex Galchenyuk. Finally, the trio introduce a new segment “Yes B’y, No B’y” which is a bit of fun.

The DSC Podcast EP. #8 - May All Your Stretches Be Slumpless

In EP.#8 our crew discuss the rect skid for the Leafs with particular attention paid to the fans view of the Leafs goaltending situation. It's an exciting time of year, which leads our trio into trade rumours, speculation and organizational needs. Hot Takes & Fast Breaks is a little contentious while Off Topic With Kylie Murrin remains somewhat on topic. Finally the DSC Podcast announces a major Guest in the very near future.

The DSC Podcast EP. #7 - The Theo Fleury Episode

In this episode our trio is joined by the one and only, Theo Fleury. First off, in this episode, Theo BREAKS NEWS of an upcoming Hollywood movie! As if that wasn’t enough, the foursome discuss What it takes to win, '89 cup team, Advice he gave Matthew Tkachuk, What takes to be a great player, Playing with fire, Sexual abuse, Opioids, Suicide, Mental health, Trauma, Where his career would have gone without the abuse and addiction, The NHL today vs the NHL in the 90’s, Advice to young players, World Junior Gold, Gretzky Stories, The Fly Line, Song writ...

The DSC Podcast EP. #6 - McWho? Mc-K-Av, That's Who

The DSC crew has a BIG GUEST announcement during this episode. The trio also talks about the recent series sweep of the oilers with particular attention to some unlikely candidates. In this episode the podcasters roll out 2 new segments, "Off topic with Kylie Murrin" as well as "Hot Takes & Fast Breaks".

The DSC Podcast EP. #5 - Post Game Yarn, Leafs 'N' Has

Our trio stay up late to Discuss the good and bad after the Leafs 5 to 3 Win over the Habs of February 20th, 2021. They talk Goalies and GOALIE CONTROVERSY, an improved defensive core, A break down of the Forward lines, 34 and 16 earring their pay cheque, 2nd line struggles, an Iffy 3rd line, and 4th line options. They talk about the Galchenyuk trade and where he might land on the squad. Pay attention to so Leafs PTSD references throughout this one as these 3 fans have "seen some poo". Finally around the league, they discuss what a 2022 Team Canada Men's Olympic team...

The DSC Podcast EP. #4 - The Dean MacDonald Episode

In Episode 4 our trio is joined by Dean MacDonald, Owner of the ECHL Newfoundland Growlers. We learn about Dean’s background in business, his expertise in and connections around the sports and entertainment industry. Dean divulges his favorite player as a child and opens up about some of the past Growlers players who have had an impact on him. Dean's speaks on the teams relationship with the Toronto Maple Leafs, the amazing fairy tale inaugural season and Dean’s favourite memories of it. Finally, we dive into Dean’s proposal to buy Mile One Centre from the City of St. Jo...

The DSC Podcast EP. #3 - The Joe Bowen Episode

Our special guest enjoys taking the piss out of Ryan (#hostRAZZ) in episode #3. We all discuss Joe’s pick for most impressive Leaf this season, Auston Matthews 4 goal first game and what happened after, the real cause of the Leafs overtime loss in Game 7 to Boston, Wayne Gretzky’s advice to Joe for how to become a better hockey player, the time one of our DSC hosts got tossed out of a Leafs home game, COVID-19, Who’s Joe’s Hockey Hero?, Taverse’s “Dad Strength” and why he’s the Captain, Where the Leafs are at mentally, Joe’s time in Newfound...

The DSC Podcast EP. #2: Oct-OVER Baby!

Kylie, Chad & Ryan discuss the Jan 23rd 2021 Leafs vs Oilers game. They focus on the supporting cast for the leafs, A ready Freddy, and the new look 2nd line. Around the league the trio dives into the Caps and COVID, Pierre-Luc Dubois and the mess in Columbus and Laine Rumors, Mike Babcock, Big upsets on the out of town scoreboard and much more!

The DSC Podcast EP. #1: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Kylie, Chad & Ryan discuss games #2, 3 & 4 of the Leafs Season. What they have liked and what they would change. Injuries, Waivers, Goalies, Loving on Holl, #Hyman4LegendsRow​, The Captain & Much More. Around the League the trio discuss over and under performing teams, Jake Voracek vs. the media, Taylor Hall, & Cross Checking?

The DSC Podcast Pilot: It is What it is

This is the Pilot Episode of the Deke Snipe Celly Podcast, hosted by Kylie Murrin, Chad Newman & Ryan Gates. Discussing the Toronto Maples Leafs season opening win over the Montreal Canadians. A Juicy Rumor out of New Jersey involving Pierre-Luc Dubois. New additions to the Leafs. The Top and bottom teams in each division & our picks for the final 2 teams to play for Lord Stanley's Cup!