Be The Right Club Today Podcast

14 Episodes

By: Hal Sutton Golf

PGA Tour Legend Hal Sutton and his Director of Instruction Chase Cooper, discuss the hottest topics in golf including the PGA Tour, modern instruction, elite amateur and junior golf, mental game, and so much more. It's the perfect marriage of old school art and new school tech. Be the Right Club Today!

Episode 14: Scott Fawcett
Last Thursday at 2:00 PM

In this episode, Hal and Chase are joined by Scott Fawcett, creator of the groundbreaking course management system, DECADE. Hal and Chase dive into the basics of DECADE, talk about Scott's success with Will Zalatoris, and discuss how DECADE can help improve your golf game and help you shoot lower scores through data.

Episode 13: Larry Mize

It's Master's Week, and Hal and Chase are joined by Larry Mize, a man whose chip in on #11 at Augusta to win the 1987 Masters Tournament in a playoff is easily one of the most iconic shots every hit at Augusta National Golf Club. Tune in as Larry, Hal, and Chase discuss everything Masters related!  

Episode 12: Swing Misconceptions

Swing myths, cliches, truisms, and falsehoods: we’ve all heard them. In this episode, Hal and Chase break down common misconceptions about the golf swing and shed light on what really occurs in a good golf swing. Tune in to dispel these fallacies once and for all!

Episode 11: EJ Pfister

In this episode, Hal and Chase interview Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America, PGA Tour coach, NCAA 1988 Individual Champion for Oklahoma State University, Director of Instruction at Oak Tree National, and Barbecue Master, EJ Pfister. 

Episode 10: Brad Faxon

This week, Hal and Chase interview 8-time PGA Tour Winner, 2-time Ryder Cup Team USA Member, Host of Just The Fax on SiriusXM Radio, Tour teacher, and putting legend Brad Faxon as they discuss becoming a good putter, the yips, teaching and mentoring PGA Tour players, and much more!

Episode 9: Peter Jacobsen and The Players

In this week’s episode, Hal and Chase discuss the “5th major” of the PGA Tour, The Players Championship, and are joined by golf analyst, 7-time PGA Tour Winner, and 2x Champions Tour winner Peter Jacobsen as they discuss a host of topics from Bryson’s win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, to golf social media, to the changes in the game of golf and much more!

Episode 8: Q&A

You have questions? We have answers. 

In this episode, Hal and Chase answer audience submissions from Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. 

Episode 7: Practicing Effectively

What does it mean to practice effectively? How can you get the most out of a limited practice session or make lasting changes to your swing? 

In this episode, Hal and Chase discuss these topics including block versus randomized practice, practicing shotmaking on the course, bringing swing changes from the range to the course, and much more!

Episode 6: The Parent/Child Relationship

What is the role of a parent in a child's golf development? How do you ensure that you're helping your child achieve their full potential? 

In this episode, Hal and Chase discuss parenting junior golfers and how to have a healthy parent/child relationship in the game of golf.

Episode 5: The Ryder Cup

The USA vs Europe: the rivalry, the pride, the traditions, the drama

In this episode, Hal and Chase dive into the Ryder Cup and discuss Hal's experiences in the Ryder Cup as both a player (1985, 1987, 1999, 2002) and as a captain (2004). 

What's it like teeing it up on one of the world's biggest stages? What went into Hal's Tiger/Mickelson strategy in 2004? What really happened at Oakland Hills Country Club? Tune in to find out!

Episode 4: Does the PGA Tour Have a Distance Problem?

Does the PGA Tour have a distance problem? 

In this episode, Hal and Chase discuss the evolution of distance in professional golf, how distance has changed iconic golf courses across the world, and some potential solutions to address the growing driving distance seen on tour each year. 

Episode 3: Teaching with Technology, Art vs Science

Teaching with Technology: Is it Art or Science?  

 In this episode, Hal and Chase explore the emergence of technology in teaching and how it affects how we learn the game of golf. 

Were the greats of the game wrong in how they approached the swing? Do advancements in tech mean the death of artistry in golf? How can we harness tech to make learning golf easier? 

Episode 2: The 2000 Players Championship

The infamous duel at the 2000 Players Championship saw Hal Sutton facing down the seemingly unstoppable Tiger Woods. But Hal's triumph that day was set into motion well before that Monday afternoon finish at TPC Sawgrass. 

In this episode, Hal and Chase discuss the planning that went into defeating Tiger, the will that it took to overcome doubts from the press and the golf world, and what spurred the notorious phrase and namesake of this podcast, "Be the Right Club Today!"

Episode 1: An Introduction

An introduction to our teaching styles, our views on the game, and what we have planned for this new podcast! 

Be the right club today!