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Junaid Malik talks 'Pyar Tenu Karan' & more
Today at 1:43 PM

GVRNZ & Simran catch up on the latest in their personal lives and pop culture, including the birth of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's baby, the Wagatha Christie trial and Amber Heard v Johnny Depp. They then delve into two racially motived attacks which occurred within the past week; the Buffalo supermarket shooting in America and the recent beating of an 11 year old school boy in Wales that resulted in him having to have his finger amputated.

GVRNZ then chats to Southall's Junaid Malik about his new single 'Pyar Tenu Karan', his musical journey so far and what...

Mental Health Awareness Month w/ DJ Bhavin

In honour of mental health awareness week month, GVRNZ is joined by Wolverhampton's DJ Bhavin to discuss the importance of being open and honest with one another about mental health, especially within the South Asian community.

US Supreme Court plans to overturn Roe v Wade

GVRNZ, Halima and Simran discuss Eid al-Fitr, cancel culture, and the recent leaked documents which suggest the US Supreme Court will overturn Roe v Wade, potentially banning abortions in up to 22 states. GVRNZ also chats to writer/photographer Martyn Ewoma in more detail about the ramifications of Elon Musk's desire to bring back "free speech" on Twitter.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

GVRNZ and Halima delve into the news of the past week, including:

Elon Musk buying Twitter in the name of "free speech"

DJ Tim Westwood facing allegations of sexual harassment

MP Neil Parish being suspended from the Conservative Party for watching pornography in the House of Commons

St. George's Day

GVRNZ, Halima and Simran get patriotic as they commemorate St. George's Day with discussions surrounding national pride, the nationality and borders bill and citizenship. They also delve into the murder of Stephen Lawrence, and its continued significance 29 years on.

Prisha Bathia on Vatika UK's #BeVisible campaign / 20 years of Bend It Like Beckham

GVRNZ chats to activist/advocate and strategist Prisha Bathia about her recent work with Vatika UK as part of their #BeVisible campaign.

He's then joined by Halima and Simran as they delve into recent news topics, including Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor's wedding, the recent exclusion of trans people from a UK LGBTQ+ conversion therapy ban, Priti Patel facilitating the deportion of UK asylum seekers to Rwanda, the attempted deportation of a Black British 17 year old, and Israeli forces attacking Al-Aqsa mosque during Ramadan (again).

They finish off the episode by commemorating 20 years of the...

Keir Starmer's latest comments on Israel / Awards Season

GVRNZ, Halima and Simran discuss a range of topics, including:

Unwarranted advances on social media

Keir Starmer's recent declaration that he believes Israel is not an apartheid state, contrary to Amnesty International's recent report

The aftermath of the Oscars and the GRAMMYs

Praveen Gunendrean on 'Arivu' / Jay Mitra on Punk & Poetry

GVRNZ chats to Tamil-American artist Praveen Gunendran about his first major project 'Arivu', featuring the likes of S.A.M, Pritt and Vinnin.

GVRNZ and Halima then discuss the latest news, including the outcome of the partygate fines, and recent research which has shown a link between genetic pre-deposition in South Asians to put on weight and their ancestors suffering famine at the hands of colonialism.

They're then joined by Punk-Poet Jay Mitra who discusses their craft, teaching, accessibility and more....

Royals' PR disaster on Jamaica trip / Kami Kane on new Mother's Day collaboration with Luqy

GVRNZ chats to writer and photographer Martyn about the Royal Family's recent visit to Jamaica during their Caribbean tour which didn't go entirely to plan...

Later he's joined by Kami Kane to discuss his latest single with Luqy, 'Maa Tere Jeya (Live Version)', released in honour of Mother's Day.

Child Q case comes to light / Zainab Imran on poetry & identity

GVRNZ and Simran start off the episode by celebrating the good weather and summer approaching after what's felt like the longest winter. They also delve into examples of things that shouldn't work together, but miraculously do...

They then discuss the horrific case of Child Q that's come to light recently, in which a 15 year old girl was strip searched at school by Metropolitan Police after they incorrectly suspected her of being in possession of cannabis. As part of this discussion we cover the common adultification of black girls, by which they are often wrongly seen as being...

Priya Ragu & RVHEEM / Doors vs Wheels

GVRNZ chats with Ms damnshestamil herself, Priya Ragu, about her latest single 'Illuminous' and musical journey so far.

Halima & Simran then join him to engage in a debate that's been doing the rounds on social media recently - are there more doors or wheels in the world? On a more serious note, the trio then discuss International Women's Day and the importance of intersectional feminism.

GVRNZ rounds off the episode with a chat with Liverpool's RVHEEM, who's back with a brand new single 'For You'.

Russia advances on Ukraine / AminaB & K2 Cruddy

GVRNZ and Halima break down the latest on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, including the racist treatment of non-white refugees. They're later joined by AminaB a spoken-word artist based in Manchester, and local up-and-coming rapper K2 Cruddy.

S.A.M on 'Cha Cha' and his new sound / Growth in relationships

GVRNZ catches with Rayners Lane's own S.A.M on his latest single 'Cha Cha' and how he's found his true sound going into the rest of 2022.

Halima and Simran then join the chat, firstly covering one of the many reasons why (in our opinion) living in the North > the South. Today's topic; house prices.

Finally, the group delve into the topic of growth in regards to both romantic and platonic relationships.

Super Bowl, Prince Andrew & Storm Eunice

GVRNZ and Simran delve into all the latest news from the past week, including the Super Bowl, Prince Andrew paying off Virginia Giuffre (via the Queen), Angela Rayner's "shoot first, ask questions later" policy on terrorism, and Sha'Carri Richardson's allegations of double standards after Kamila Valieva was allowed to compete in the Winter Olympics, despite failing her doping test.

inFuze speak on 'Kadhal Kandraavi' and the Canadian Tamil scene

GVRNZ, Halima and Simran discuss recent news highlights, including Kurt Zouma's animal abuse and Met Commissioner Cressida Dick's resignation. GVRNZ then catches up with Toronto's inFuze to chat about their latest single 'Kadhal Kandraavi'.

Namxn breaks down 'Flight No. 6' / Fed Up Of This Island Called The UK AGAIN

GVRNZ and Halima delve into the recent announcement that the cap for electricity prices is set to rise by 54% in a few months time. In light of this, they then discuss their hypothetical plans for how they plan to leave the UK... Later on in the episode, GVRNZ catches up with Mango Masala's 'One To Watch In 2022', Namxn, to break down his debut EP 'Flight No. 6'.

Emfour x Kenno / Is Travel All That?

Simran interviews local duo Emfour x Kenno, talking about their most recent release 'SVR' and what they have planned for 2022. GVRNZ and Halima then join to discuss all things travel, and the recent announcement that all COVID restrictions are set to be dropped on March 24th 2022.

Supriya talks 'No Lie' / Christian Wakeford ditches Boris

London's Supriya joins GVRNZ to chat about her latest single 'No Lie', as well as how she's been killing it in the industry from such a young age. As COVID restrictions are set to ease, Halima then joins GVRNZ to discuss the impact of lockdown on Muslims, with particular consideration of the Muslim Census' report from last year. The two then cover Bury South MP Christian Wakeford's defection from Tory to Labour earlier in the week, and consider whether one can truly shift their political compass so drastically. We round off the episode with a discussion about pets and...

Kamiikaze on 'Mutiyar' / The 'partygate' plot thickens

Kamiikaze chats to GVRNZ about working with Azra Jehan on his latest single 'Mutiyar'. Halima and Simran later join him to discuss the latest developments in regards to 'partygate' and Boris Johnson's potential resignation. The three round off the episode with their recommendations on how to stay positive this Blue Monday.

New Year's Resolutions, Molly-Mae & Dawn FM

In our first episode of 2022, GVRNZ, Halima and Simran discuss their resolutions for the new year, as well as what plans and aspirations they have for the show. They also delve into Molly-Mae's recent viral comments on Steve Bartlett's 'The Diary of a CEO' podcast, as well as The Weeknd's new album, 'Dawn FM'.

Joash breaks down his debut EP 'Summer's Over'

In our final episode of 2021/the first season, Manchester's Joash joins GVRNZ to break down his debut EP 'Summer's Over'.

0161: Metz N Trix / Sam Malik / Medley

In a very 0161-centric episode, we're joined by three sets of Manchester creatives to discuss their craft. First up, Halima catches up with legends Metz N Trix to discuss their latest single 'Shaadi Kar' and their recent feature in Ministry of Sound's 'The Birth of Punjabi Garage'. GVRNZ then chats to Sam Malik about his work with young Manchester creatives and the inevitable impending rise of the Manchester British-Asian scene. Finally, Medley joins GVRNZ in the studio to chat about his journey as an independent artist so far, and what it's like navigating the music and acting industries as...

mango masala turns one!

GVRNZ, Halima and Simran are all back live in the studio to celebrate one year of mango masala! They reflect on their favourite moments of the past year, and test each other with their own 'how well do you know me' quizzes.

Illatek & Sann Rao / Chloe Bodur / Tank / Joash, Kami Kane & DadaFlow

In our most jam-packed episode yet, we talk to:

Illatek & Sann Rao on their new single 'Yesterday'

Chloe Bodur on her second EP 'MAVI'

Tank on his new track 'LG Da Round' featuring Amar Arshi and Ishmeet Narula

Manchester's Kami Kane, Joash and DadaFlow on their new collaboration 'Munde Lit' also featuring Luqy and Freezy

Movember feat. Taraki / Mo Khan on his debut single 'Body'

GVRNZ, Halima & Simran delve into the topic of mental health in light of Movember, focusing particularly on that of men. Simran chats to Shuranjeet from Taraki, an organisation that works with Punjabi communities to reshape approaches to mental health. GVRNZ catches up with Mo Khan, to chat about his debut single 'Body' featuring Bilal Shahid & Shaker the Baker. The group rejoin at the end of the episode to talk about the recent tragedy at Astroworld Festival.

Talking intersectionality with Fam Islam of Odbhut Queer Bangla

GVRNZ, Halima & Simran are joined by Fam Islam of Odbhut Queer Bangla to talk about the importance of intersectional spaces.

Spiking, Insulate Britain & Halloween

GVRNZ and Simran discuss the latest news, including the rise in spiking in club settings, Insulate Britain protests, and Halloween 2021...

GVRNZ is engaged???!

GVRNZ and Halima are joined by Mayanka (AKA Mrs GVRNZ) in light of their recent engagement. Also featuring Silverfinger Singh and Tasia Sky talking on their new single, 'Touch The Sky'.

Squid Game, Jesy Nelson and Matt Hancock

GVRNZ, Halima & Simran discuss the latest news and entertainment, including South Korean series 'Squid Game', Jesy Nelson's launching of her solo career, and Matt Hancock's new job...

Met Police issue questionable advice in light of Sarah Everard case

GVRNZ, Halima and Simran discuss the Met Police's recent advice for the public if they don't trust a police officer placing them under arrest, which includes running away or flagging down a bus. This advice follows recent developments in the case of the murder of Sarah Everard, which was committed by serving police officer Wayne Couzens, after arresting Everard under the false pretence of breaking COVID restrictions.

Shaz talks new single 'Out Of Your Mind' and upcoming debut EP

GVRNZ, Halima and Simran are joined by Shaz, whose debut EP 'The Car Ride Home' is due soon...

Pelumi Fatayo of Creation Foundation speaks on making socially conscious content

GVRNZ, Halima & Simran are joined by Pelumi Fatayo of Creation Foundation, who discusses why they feel it's so important to create socially conscious content...

KARISHMUA on make up, influencer culture and more...

GVRNZ and Simran highlight the two decade anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and discuss the tragedy's aftermath and subsequent rise in hate crime.

KARISHMUA then talks to Simran about make up, influencing and being a small business owner. She also reveals exactly what happened in her recent exchange with Love Island's Priya Gopaldas, whereby she declined hiring Karishma to do her make-up after expecting that she'd do it for free...

HB celebrates the completion of his Black Sun EP

GVRNZ, Halima & Simran are joined by hip-hop artist HB, who delves into his new Black Sun EP, why he loves creating music, and what he has planned for the future...

The return of Asian weddings post-lockdown...

GVRNZ and Simran discuss the latter's recent attendance of weddings for the first time since pre-COVID. They also break down the Love Island final, and discuss in more depth what life post-lockdown will look like...

Afghanistan: How did we get here?

In light of the Taliban's recent take over, GVRNZ and Halima delve into the history of Afghanistan, focusing particularly on the region's relationship with the West during the "war on terror" following 9/11.

The Partition of India: 74 years on...

GVRNZ and Halima delve into the history surrounding the Partition of India, 74 years on...

Amar Doctor: Increasing health awareness amongst Bangladeshi women

GVRNZ, Halima and Simran are joined by Dr Rafia Miah of Amar Doctor, an initiative that seeks to raise health awareness amongst Bangladeshi women.

DaBaby's homophobia, bashing billionaires and institutional racism within GMP

GVRNZ and Halima discuss whether they'd rather live in UAE or the UK, DaBaby's recent homophobic remarks, why billionaires don't donate enough money, and recent stats from Greater Manchester police that suggest institutional racism.

Should COVID vaccine passports be a thing?

GVRNZ, Halima and Simran are reunited as they discuss whether COVID vaccine passports should be a thing, Dawn Butler's recent removal from Commons, pressure to get married and more...