Unarmored Talk

10 Episodes

By: Mario P. Fields - Sergeant Major (Ret.)

Welcome to the Unarmored Talk Podcast with Sergeant Major (Ret.) Mario P. Fields! Join the host and guests for candid conversations where emotional barriers are left at the door. In this unfiltered and intimate setting, guests and viewers alike engage in open dialogue, sharing personal stories, thoughts, and feelings without reservation. From touching personal stories to profound introspection, each episode promises genuine connection and authentic exchange. Tune in as we explore the raw and real, forging bonds through vulnerability. It's time to strip away the armor and embrace the power of honest conversations where authenticity reigns supreme.

I Met My Boss to Resign and the Unthinkable Occurred!

When integrity collides with professional expectations, the fallout can be a true test of character. 

Pastor Willie Collins, Chief Petty Officer (retired) United States Navy, a man whose life has been defined by service to his country and his faith, walks us through the respectful and principled steps he took to exit gracefully, only to be met with an employer's scrutiny that put his religious integrity under the microscope. 

His story is not merely about the act of leaving, but the journey through a tumultuous sea of questioning—one that challenges the very essence of his...

Struggling with an Addiction? This Marine's Story of Triumph may HELP!

Larry Hamilton, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran turned philanthropist and aspiring medical researcher provides an insider's perspective on why programs like Alcoholics Anonymous may miss the mark for some, and how a multifaceted approach to recovery is often the key to real progress. 

When Larry Hamilton speaks, you can almost hear the echoes of a past life in the military, mingled with the wisdom of someone who's been through the crucible of addiction and emerged with a hope to heal others. 

Through his generosity with Still Serving, Inc. and his bold steps toward a ca...

Embracing Narrative Control, Resilience, and Forgiveness with King JaQuel Martin

When King JaQuel Martin stepped into our studio, he brought with him an aura of resilience that could only be forged in the fires of profound adversity. Today, we unfurl the tapestry of his life, marked by an encounter with police brutality that would pivot him onto a path of introspection, activism, and healing. Through the wisdom of his multifaceted roles as a director, actor, author, and motivational speaker, King JaQuel embarks on a candid discussion about the importance of taking the reins of your own narrative, paying homage to those who have suffered similar fates, and the transformative...

Embracing Courage: First Sergeant Beth Abbott's Journey

The courage to face one's truth can be a harrowing journey, especially within the rigid confines of tradition and expectation. Today, we are humbled to share the raw, unfiltered story of First Sergeant Beth Abbott of the United States Marine Corps, who bravely navigated the waters of coming out as gay to her parents at 28.

Her tale isn't just about the struggle for acceptance; it's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, underscored by her gripping experiences in the military, including surviving IED blasts, subsequent battles with survivor's guilt, and being charged with a DUI...

Everyday Realities of Teaching High School Students: Daniel Flint

This unarmored discussion is with Daniel Tobias Flint, originally from Chatham, New York and now teaching in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida. The 2022 Gilder Lehrman U.S. History Teacher of the Year for the State of Florida, takes us on a journey into the everyday realities of impactful teaching.

We navigate through diverse school settings, discussing the challenges of building connections in an environment where violence and loss are sometimes as common as textbooks and chalkboards.

Daniel shares his insights on the importance of parental involvement, the art of teaching the child before you, and...

From the U.S. Army to Entrepreneurship: The Journey of Nike Roach

Embark on an inspiring odyssey with the extraordinary Author, Veteran, and Entrepreneur Nike Roach, as he unveils the rich tapestry of his life, from his African village origins in South Carolina to the disciplined ranks of the U.S. Army, and beyond into the entrepreneurial arena. 

Nike's narrative, peppered with humor and wisdom, serves as an audacious guide through the labyrinth of business ownership and the entrepreneurial mindset. He shares insights on the vital role of mentorship for those embarking on a business voyage, and how facing adversity can temper the spirit of a true entrepreneur. 

A Sergeant Major Unveils His Jaw-Dropping Life's Journey

Join us for an inspiring episode of the Unarmored Talk Podcast featuring Sergeant Major (Ret.) Timothy 'T.O.' Clay. Hear about his jaw-dropping and inspirational journey chronicled in his book, 'From Here to There: The Prodigal and Back.'

Through Timothy's heartfelt reflections, we explore the invaluable lessons learned from every experience and the transformative power of helping others. Discover how shared human connections have shaped Timothy's path and contributed to his recent sold-out event. This event serves as a testament to the collective growth found in our connections.

Don't miss this opportunity to be...

Whoa! Rejected From the U.S. Navy: What's Next?

Christine Mantyla, Paralegal, Realtor, and Co-founder of a Veterans' Series Virtual Forum, never donned a naval uniform. Yet, her passion resonates with the same devotion as those who have served. 

We delve into the crucible of authenticity, confront addiction, and grapple with inherited trauma, all the while recognizing the silent battles against invisible illnesses like Fibromyalgia. 

By sharing these vulnerabilities, Christine and I aim to light a beacon for those navigating tumultuous life challenges, affirming the transformative power of service and the strength we gain when we work together.

Guest Links:

Connect: ht...

Moving Forward after Hitting...Rock Bottom

Have you ever witnessed the rise, fall, and rebirth of a titan? Join us as we delve into the extraordinary life of Dave Des Rochers, a former NFL offensive lineman turned entrepreneur, as he recounts a life teeming with victories and defeats, both on the gridiron and beyond.

Dave's career saga is nothing less than a rollercoaster, encompassing the thrill of professional football, a foray into acting, and the tumult of financial upheaval. However, his remarkable recovery—rooted in faith and a profound sense of purpose—will capture your heart and soul.

Our conversation unwraps Dave...

We Heard of Stress but Peri-menopause?

Stress isn't merely a term we throw around; it's a daily adversary many of us grapple with. And for women, there's an additional challenge: peri-menopause. Yes, peri-menopause! And it can begin in some women in their 30s.

In this episode, we delve into how peri-menopause, often shrouded in secrecy, affected our guest, Amita Sharma, Co-founder of NourishDoc , leaving her bewildered and fearful.

We aim to contribute to breaking the silence surrounding women's health issues like peri-menopause, particularly for those juggling the triple demands of career, family, and personal well-being.

Watch: https://y...