Heroes of Healthcare

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By: Ted Weyn

Heroes of Healthcare is a podcast dedicated to highlighting bold, selfless professionals in the healthcare industry who are focusing on transforming lives in their communities.  Topics include: patient care, quality care, quality service, quality providers, and more.

Evidence For Treating Illnesses with Holistic Healthcare

There is a longstanding cultural belief that all illnesses can be healed by a surgery or drug prescribed by a doctor. While advances in healthcare are saving lives, there are holistic healthcare practices backed by evidence that can be used to treat illnesses.

In today’s episode, Dr. Joanne Wu, Integrated Medicine and Holistic Rehabilitation Doctor and President of With Health, joins us to discuss what goes into funding research for medicine and why we need more clinical staff at the executive level of healthcare organizations.

Join us as we discuss:

The growing curiosity to...

When the Pharmacy Was Your Doctor

Making their own medications. Prescribing meds to customers right on the spot. Pharmacists were a different kind of healthcare hero back in the mid 20th century.

In this episode of Heroes of Healthcare, we're rebroadcasting a conversation between our host Ted Weyn Jr. and his father, Ted Weyn Sr., a 91-year-old retired pharmacist. The pair discusses…

The responsibilities of a pharmacist in the mid 20th century Why the drugstore was so integral to the community How pharmacies did more than just fill prescriptions 

Heroes of Healthcare is hosted by Ted Weyn.

To hear thi...

Microbiome Medicine: Why Bacteria Should Be Your Hero

Without bacteria, there would be no life on earth. Even as human beings, micro-bacterial cells outnumber the conglomerate of human cells 10 to 1, yet we haven’t scratched the surface of understanding the interactions between bacteria and human cells.

In today’s episode, Dr. Raphael Kellman, Internal Medicine Specialist/Integrative and Functional Medicine Leader at the Kellman Wellness Center, tells us how understanding bacteria can lead to better diagnosis for both our physical and mental well being.

Join us as we discuss:

Improving your microbiome Non-pharmaceutical treatments to depression Treating covid with stem cells and exos...

Creating Stronger Communities with Quality Health Services w/ Dr. Tollie Elliot Sr

Good health is becoming more complex in today’s world and patients are looking for doctors who can treat more than just the immediate ailments they’re experiencing.

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Dr. Tollie B. Elliott Sr., Chief Executive Officer of Mary’s Center, to discuss his pivot from school teacher to physician and the dynamics that come into play when delivering passionate care to marginalized communities. We discuss how to treat individual “participants” (as Mary’s Center refers to their patients) through whole-life health.

Join us as we discuss:

Pivoting into he...

Providing Affordable Care With Population Health Outreach

How do you provide healthcare to someone who can’t afford it, is unable to travel, or lacks any trust in health practitioners? From mental health to discrimination, COVID-19 exposed the flaws and disparities that exist in healthcare, leaving many to look for solutions to these problems.

In today’s episode, Dr. Alexander Salerno, Physician at Salerno Medical Associates LLP, gives a glimpse into his early career in medicine and the selfless ways he and his team are improving the health of urban communities through population health outreach programs and affordable healthcare.

Join us as we d...

Shift your Paradigm to achieve Physician Retention w/ Tammy Hager

Physician retention is quickly becoming the newest facet to join the crisis of healthcare in America.

From doctors choosing a career path at a young age only to find out it wasn’t the right path for them to physician burnout all across the nation in the aftermath of covid, turnover among physicians and medical staff is a growing problem.

Enter Tammy Hager, Executive Director of Physician Recruitment and Privileging at Surgical Affiliates Management Group, Inc., whose organization boasts a 96% retention rate - well above the national average. How do they do it? Is it in...

Journey in Courage: Dealing with Auto-Immune Disease w/ Jeremy Paredes

Right before the height of the pandemic, Jeremy Paredes’s eczema, an auto-immune disease, became so severe that he was rushed to the ER in Septic Shock. A chronic skin condition that Jeremy grew up with became so unbearable that he felt as though there was no hope for him to get better.

Although Jeremy’s journey with eczema still continues, he is able to manage it better thanks to the help of some Heroes of Healthcare who saved his life.

In today’s episode, we speak to Jeremy Paredes, Student at Georgia Tech and Filmma...

The Future of Healthcare Staffing & the Importance of Locum Tenens

You’ve probably been treated by a Locum Tenens physician and didn’t even realize it! Locum tenens is a Latin phrase that means temporarily taking the place of another. 

While labor shortages can happen throughout professions, this can be catastrophic within hospitals and clinics. This is where an organization like NALTO can step in and assist with staffing.  

Jarin Dana, CFO Fusion Healthcare Staffing and Matt Young, President of NALTO & COO of All Star Healthcare join us today to discuss Locum Tenens and the reality of labor shortages within the healthcare system. 

Other to...

Making a Broad Impact Through Population Health

To solve some of the thornier problems in healthcare—challenges like providing access, combating misinformation, and ensuring equitable outcomes—we need data.

That’s where population health comes into play. It’s a science that combines clinical care with data to improve the care of large swaths of people all at once.

Dr. Chirag Patel, Vice President Population Health at Centene, joins the show to explain the impact population health is having on a variety of areas. Plus, we chat about other hot topics in healthcare.

We discuss:

The practice and impact of popul...

I had to cure myself, A Story of Grit and Courage w/ Doug Lindsay

At 21, Doug Lindsay, Founder of The Lindsay Center, got sick.

He got so sick, in fact, that he remained bedbound and homebound for the next 11 years.

And seemingly no one in the medical community had answers for him.

So, he took matters into his own hands, and because of his unbelievable grit and determination, he diagnosed his own rare condition and came up with a cure.

In this episode, he shares his incredible, inspirational story.

We discuss:

The frustrations of having an undiagnosed rare disease How Doug uncovered...

Healthcare's biggest struggle: Clinician shortage and how to overcome w/ Christy Ricks

Staffing shortages are plaguing industries across the country—especially healthcare.

Rising rates of burnout and early retirements are only complicating the issue.

As Assistant Vice President of Provider Recruitment at LifePoint Health, Christy Bray Ricks confronts this challenge everyday. 

In this episode, she shares some strategies to combat it. Plus, we talk about the underlying causes of this problem and the systemic changes that need to happen to address it. 

We discuss:

The scope of provider recruitment Strategies to meet the growing demand for healthcare What needs to change to fix...

Healthcare's biggest struggle: Clinician shortage and how to overcome

Staffing shortages are plaguing industries across the country—especially healthcare.

Rising rates of burnout and early retirements are only complicating the issue.

As Assistant Vice President of Provider Recruitment at LifePoint Health, Christy Bray Ricks confronts this challenge everyday.

In this episode, she shares some strategies to combat it. Plus, we talk about the underlying causes of this problem and the systemic changes that need to happen to address it.

We discuss:

The scope of provider recruitment Strategies to meet the growing demand for healthcare What needs to change to fi...

How Medical Technology Is Augmenting Healthcare Decision Making

Humans are capable of incredible things—we’re smart, we’re adaptive, we’re resourceful—but one area where we are limited is our capacity to incorporate new information and modify a decision once one has already been made.

Dr. Matthew Cooper, Chief Medical Officer of the Medical Solutions Division & Director, Global Safety for the Health Care Business Group at 3M Health Care, believes that’s where medical technology can be most beneficial. In this episode, he shares a vision of a world where medical technology augments healthcare decision making.

We discuss:

The scope of the work...

Everyday Health: Inspiring & Empowering People to Live Their Healthiest Lives w/ Dr. Arefa Cassoobhoy

Websites like Everyday Health serve a valuable purpose: They empower patients with the information necessary to have richer and more efficient conversations with their doctors.

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Arefa Cassoobhoy, Chief Medical Editor and VP of Medical Affairs at Everyday Health, about the world of medical journalism—how topics are chosen, how content is vetted, and how to determine whether online content is trustworthy.

We discuss:

How the medical review process occurs on Everyday Health The seasonal topics that consumers want to learn about  What’s in store for Everyday Healt...

Takeaways from the Financial Turnaround of a Health System w/ Dr. Tony Reed

After a slew of break-even years, Temple University Health was in dire straits.

With no money to reinvest, the hospital’s age of infrastructure—which, for most hospitals, hovers around 8 to 9 years—was closing in on 15 to 18 years.

How did they right the ship?

Dr. Tony Reed, the EVP and CMO at Temple University Health, joins the show to share the story of their financial turnaround.

We discuss:

How Omicron is impacting the health system in Philadelphia The guidelines around COVID testing and quarantine periods The turnaround story of the Temple...

Public Health Initiatives from The White House w/ Dr. Sandra Ford

The big challenge in public health is finding a way to connect all the disparate services and resources scattered throughout the country to the people who need them most.

The best tool in that fight is data.

That’s why unifying data sources is the main focus of Dr. Sandra Ford, the Special Assistant to the President for Public Health and Science at The White House.

In this episode, she talks about the inherent challenges in public health and some of the strategies her team is using to tie everything together.


A Look Back at Heroes of Healthcare in 2021

It’s been an eventful year in healthcare and at the Heroes of Healthcare podcast.

In this episode, the hosts of the show, Ted Weyn, Executive Vice President of Systems Innovation, Marketing & Strategy, and Olivia D’Angelo , Division Vice President of Neurology, both with Jackson & Coker, take a look back at the year that was.

They discuss:

Their favorite episodes from 2021 The themes that continued to pop up throughout the year New episodes coming out next year

Mentioned during the podcast:

Check out all past episodes of Heroes of Healthcare 

The team...

Geriatrics: Enabling a More Age-Friendly Healthcare System

The number of older adults is expected to double over the next 30 years.

That’s why it’s critical that the healthcare system undertakes measures to ensure that care becomes more age-friendly.

In this episode, Dr. Ugochi Ohuabunwa, Professor of Medicine at Emory University, shares insights into how geriatric care works and how it continues to evolve as the elderly population grows. 

We discuss:

Why geriatrics is becoming increasingly important The overarching goal of geriatric care How geriatric care differs from primary care When it’s time to switch to geriatric care The 4 M...

An Open Empathetic Approach to Managing Mental Fatigue in Healthcare

Dr. Hany Y. Atallah, Chief Medical Officer at Jackson Memorial Hospital , never wanted to go into administration. The last thing he wanted to do was wear a suit every day.

But over time, he recognized the transformational power of being in a position to identify a problem and to bring together the people who can fix it.

In his administrative career, he has confronted many problems from massive water leaks inside Grady Hospital that shut down a third of inpatient beds to COVID and the mental fatigue that accompanied civil unrest.

Through it...

How ParentMD Makes It Easier for Parents to Find Healthcare Information

Parents have a lot on their plate when it comes to the health of their children.  

With misinformation at an all-time high, it’s left up to them to do the research and sort through all the information to find trusted resources and advice. It can be scary and oftentimes overwhelming. 

What if there was a better way? 

Dr. Josh Honaker, CEO & Founder of ParentMD and Honaker Health, sought to find it and through a partnership with parents and pediatricians, he created ParentMD. In this episode, he shares what the company is all about...

Embracing Authentic Healthcare Leadership

Being a leader in healthcare is not for the faint of heart. It requires grit and determination, and unlike many jobs, it doesn’t stop at 5 o’clock.

That’s why today’s guest, John Couris , President and CEO of Tampa General Hospital , believes that healthcare leadership is not just a job or a career—it’s a vocation.

In this episode, John talks about his journey in becoming a healthcare leader, and why the authentic leadership model is the most sustainable way to improve your organization.

We discuss:

The dedication it takes to be...

Mental Health in Healthcare: Burnout, Anxiety, Depression & Suicide

Because they are worried about the stigma associated with seeking help, health care professionals with mental health issues often refuse to seek treatment.

The concern isn’t without merit. Certain states have wording in their license applications that allow them to discriminate against individuals who access mental health resources.

Needless to say, leaving mental health issues untreated can be very dangerous, which is why there needs to be a cultural shift around how we view mental health in healthcare.

Our first returning guest, Dr. Kellie Stecher , OB/GYN and Chief Medical Officer at Li...

Connecting Healthcare Executives to Healthcare Solutions

One of the best ways for healthcare leaders to gain knowledge and learn best practices is through conversations with their peers. However, it’s often difficult to arrange these types of conversations.

Hays Waldrop , Founder and President of the Institute of Healthcare Executives and Suppliers , has made it his life’s mission to act as a facilitator for these conversations. 

His company connects healthcare executives to each other and to suppliers for an ongoing conversation around what’s happening in the industry and what solutions are available to push it forward.


Cycle of Patient Care During a COVID Surge (Part 2)

COVID causes tremendous downstream impact within a healthcare system. 

It means that healthcare professionals are working 24/7 to care for all the patients who come in. It means that treatment of other patients — for example, those who are chronically ill or who need to get a CT scan — gets pushed back so that COVID patients can be treated.

In short, the effects of the COVID pandemic go way beyond COVID-infected patients.

In part 2 of this 2-part series, we continue our panel discussion with six distinguished physicians from Memorial Healthcare System. 

Our panel includ...

Cycle of Patient Care During a COVID Surge (Part 1)

On an average day, there are usually 1,400 beds in operation across the Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, Florida. During the first wave of COVID last summer, the hospital exceeded that capacity with 1,600 patients.

Florida is now in the midst of another COVID wave. This time patients are younger, and they are almost entirely unvaccinated — and at the peak of the wave, there were 1,700 patients in the hospital system. 

In part 1 of this 2-part series, we’re joined by six distinguished physicians from Memorial Healthcare System to discuss what the treatment cycle of a COVID patient looks...

Focusing on Positivity & Optimism in Challenging Times

Medical staff have been put through the ringer over the last year. Hospital systems have experienced economic challenges, a reduction in workforce, and of course, the continuing challenges related to COVID.

With all that is going on, keeping morale high might seem like a gargantuan task.

In this episode, Jordan Voigt , President, Genesis Medical Center - Davenport, talks about how his team instituted an initiative around positivity and optimism, and how it resulted in improved levels of happiness, despite these challenging times.

We discuss:

Investing in the personal happiness of medical center...

Pharmacology, COVID & the Future of Medical Treatment

Medication regimens can at times be extremely complex and scary for patients. It can be helpful to have a guide — someone who can explain what they are taking, why they are taking it, and what side effects might occur. That’s where the pharmacologist comes in to save the day.

In this episode, Dr. Becky Bean, Senior Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer at Novant Health, explains the important role pharmacologists play in a patient’s treatment.

Topics covered:

The deeper dives of a doctorate pharmacology program The pharmacist’s role in COVID tr...

From COVID to Loa Loa: The Fight Against Infectious Diseases

Infectious disease is a broad category. There are a lot of tropical diseases out there, and any part of the body can become infected. But according to today’s healthcare hero, that’s also what makes it the most interesting field of medicine.

Guest host Olivia D’Angelo has a wide-ranging conversation with Dr. David Priest, SVP Safety, Quality, and Epidemiology at Novant Health, about the COVID pandemic and the world of infectious diseases.

They discuss:

Strategies to alleviate burnout The prevalence and treatment for different infectious diseases Bringing a personal touch to vac...

Introducing Our New Host: Olivia D’Angelo

In this special mini-sode, we introduce a new co-host into the mix — Olivia D’Angelo, Division Vice President, Neurology, at Jackson & Coker.

Olivia shares why she’s passionate about healthcare, why past episodes have resonated with her and what she will bring to the show.

Heroes of Healthcare is hosted by Ted Weyn.

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Servant Leadership: A System’s Approach to Crisis

Some of the most successful healthcare leaders embrace servant leadership. In a crisis, there’s no better approach for rallying your team behind a cause.

In today’s episode, Dr. Jeremy Blanchard, System Chief Medical Officer at North Mississippi Health Services, explains why vulnerability, humility, and a willingness to follow are vital to effective leadership.

Topics covered:

How hardships in childhood informed his leadership approach Using a personal vision statement as a career guide Bringing compassion and care to rural communities Leveraging data and modeling during the COVID-19 pandemic The vaccine push...

Ingenuity & Dedication During Challenging Times

Misinformation continues to crop up around the world regarding COVID-19.

To set the record straight, we talk with two heroic experts who have dedicated their lives to the study and treatment of infectious diseases: Dr. Supriya Mannepalli, Medical Director for Infectious Diseases, and Sandy Bozarth, MSN, RN, CIC, both with Northeast Georgia Health System.

Topics covered:

Proactive steps taken in the early days of the pandemic What makes COVID highly contagious The ingenuity involved in sourcing PPE COVID variants and the future of treatment Why the vaccine is a marvel of modern...

Mental Health: Caring for the Medical Community

Mental health issues — burnout, depression, anxiety, and suicide — are multiplying in the medical community. And the stresses of COVID have only exacerbated what was already a worrisome trend.

In this episode, Dr. Kellie Stecher, Co-Founder & President of Patient Care Heroes, shares what she has been doing to bring much-needed mental health resources and care to the heroes who care for us.

What we talked about:

The effects of the pandemic on her OB/GYN practice Supporting the mental health of the medical community Advocating for gender equity issues and a safe reporting stru...

Mental Health: Treating Trauma and PTSD in Veterans

Psychiatry is about as damning a pathology as you can imagine. You’re dealing with patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD brought on by unthinkable trauma.

But for Dr. Michael Massa, it’s a calling that brings immense fulfillment. Dr. Massa has treated veterans and the underserved around the world enabling them to live their lives to the fullest. In this episode, I talk with him about:

Finding fulfillment and purpose in medicine Getting knighted by the Vatican and working in a Catholic convent in Jordan Treating veterans with the Wounded Warrior Proj...

Tales of Telehealth: Remote Care for Women Around the World

Thanks to COVID, most people are familiar with telemedicine, but some healthcare heroes were using it to change lives long before the pandemic.

In this episode, two pioneers — Tanya Mack, President, and Dr. Anne Patterson, CEO, from Women's Telehealth — share their insights about the past, present, and future of telehealth.

We discuss:

How Women’s Telehealth started and provides care for high-risk patients in remote areas How COVID-19 changed telemedicine What telemedicine will look like after the pandemic is over The importance of vaccination for pregnant women

Heroes of Healthcare is hos...

COVID-19’s Impact on Under-Resourced Communities

Bridging healthcare gaps in underserved communities comes with unique challenges, including socio-economic misalignment. In today’s episode, Rashard Johnson, President at Advocate Aurora Health and I unpack what this means and how they are addressing on the southside of Chicago.

We discuss:

The impact of George Floyd’s death on healthcare teams Why underserved and black communities are at greater risk of succumbing to COVID-19 Pros and cons of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Heroes of Healthcare is hosted by Ted Weyn.

To hear this interview and more like it, subscribe to H...

Demystifying Healthcare Recruiting: Finding Heroes

Every new technology comes with the fear that it will make a job obsolete.

With healthcare recruiting, that fear was sparked by fax, email and internet job boards…

But the news of the recruiter’s demise has been greatly exaggerated.

One need only look to Paul Olzak, Medical Staff Development Officer at Lake Health, to know that this is true. He joins me in the latest Heroes of Healthcare to explain what being a healthcare recruiter means in the modern world.

We discuss:

How to attract the...

Bambū: Bringing Awareness through Medicine by Uniting

Last year, everyday healthcare heroes shipped off to the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Only, in this war, there were no banners, no flags — no symbols of unity.

For many fighting alone in a new, scary setting, that unity could have made a huge difference.

That’s why Christen Roberts, CRNA, Mrs. Georgia American and Founder of Bambū, made it her mission to provide such a symbol to the extraordinary healthcare workers risking their lives to fight for all of us.

In this episode, we discuss:

The origin of Ba...

Unsung Heroes: Coordinating Emergency Services in New York City

Last year, a makeshift field hospital was built in Central Park. Did you know the last time that happened was during The Civil War?

The pandemic has stretched the healthcare system to its limits, but at every turn, healthcare workers across the country have met the challenge with compassion and creativity.

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Brendan Carr, who is the Professor & System Chair of Emergency Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine in the Mount Sinai Health System, about the massive effort that went into fighting COVID in New York...

In a Pandemic, There Are No Small Players in Healthcare

It’s hard to overstate the magnitude of the current healthcare crisis. It’s even harder to overstate the role the many heroes of healthcare have played in rising to the moment.

But one thing’s for sure: In this pandemic, there are no small players.

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Cory Ferrier, Vice President at Adventist Health, where he — and many others like him — is proving that healthcare heroes can be found in every department in the industry.

What we talked about:

Why Cory left a fun basketba...

Battling Physician Burnout: The Role of a Chief Wellness Officer

We’re in the business of helping people with their health...

But it’s a job that can take a toll on our own wellbeing.

How do we ensure wellness in the people spending every day making others well?

I can think of no one better to ask than Dr. Jonathan Ripp, Chief Wellness Officer at The Mount Sinai Hospital, who joined me in the latest episode of Heroes of Healthcare.

What we talked about:

Tackling burnout in healthcare Taking a data-based approach to wellbeing The...