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Join me Live for real and authentic conversations in the world of Society and Culture, Entertainment and Comedy along with everything in between. I use my retired police and army experiences to give you Real-Talk with no filters. A show for the people driven by the people!!! No Subject is Out of Bounds!!!

Real-Time With Prince Blue Drunk On Broad Street Episode
Last Friday at 8:54 PM

#RealTime With Prince Blue is about to get Drunk tonight. TONIGHT @ 8pm LIVE Special Guest


We gonna talk shit. Philly Sports. And what Voltron and our Podcast have in common 

Real-Time With Prince Blue Behind The Badge With Blue and Steppe
Last Thursday at 1:55 AM

RealTime With Prince Blue

When: Wednesday 4/14/21 LIVE @ 8pm

Beyond The Badge With Blue and Steppe


-#DaunteWright Shooting

- Improper Police Training

- More Psych Evaluations for Police

-No more Community Credit With Police


Real-Time With Prince Blue Autism Heroes Episode

Special #AutismHeroes Episode

Guest: @echoboysmom82 AKA Chante Douglas

Bio: Autism Mom/Advocate. Children’s Book Author..Air Force Vet.

When: Sunday 4/11/21

Giveaway Free Copy of the New EchoBoyABC Book to one of the kids who watches the live stream!!

#AutismAcceptanceMonth #AutismAcceptance #PrincetonChronicles

Real-Time With Prince Blue Behind The Badge Episode


-Citizens Review Board Wants Subpoena Power Charlotte FOP Lodge 9 Objects

-Police Chiefs Meeting to Discuss Racial Divide

-Community Leaders Are Stepping up to Make Change

-Online Predators and Protecting Your Children

Real AND Raw talk to start real and raw change in our communities!!!

Real-Time With Prince Blue Ace Ventura Episode

Special Guest: Doctor Sheila Madrak


Bio: Professor, Ecologist, Philly Sports Enthusiast. San Diego Resident 

We talk about Philly Sports/Binge Watching Shoes/Turtles and most importantly adoptions and educational reform...much more. Enjoy


#RealTime continues to bring a variety of guest and influencers throughout the community.


Real-Time With Prince Blue

Special Guest:


Fan of all things Sports. Pop Culture and Music.

Fandom: Knicks/Caps/Orioles/Hoyas

So Fire. Boondocks used her likeness for an entire episode

Real-Time With Prince Blue Behind The Badge Episode

Behind The Badge

With Retired Officer Prince Blue and SGT Jonathan Steppe

Join two retired CMPD officers as we take you behind the badge and discuss current .

Social Media and The Police

Fun Stories from our careers

Real-Time With Prince Blue Behind The Badge Episode

Next Real-Time With Prince Blue Episode

Wednesday 3/24/21 @ 8pm Live FB/YouTube/Twitter

10-18 Show With Retired Officer Prince Blue and SGT Jonathan Steppe

Join two retired CMPD officers as we take you behind the badge and discuss current Police and Community Topics.


-CMPD Admin Constant assault on Officers Morale when it comes to Uniforms and Respect

-Shootings at Northlake Mall

-Mass Murder Atlanta Shootings

-Criminal Arrested with Real Weapons painted as Nerf Guns

-Police Arrest vs Sentencing


Real-Time With Prince Blue Say It With Your Chest Episode


 With Prince Blue 


3/18 Thursday @ 8pm Live FB/Twitter/YouTube

 -Cyber Bullying -Victim or Bully? 

-Is Sympathy a Drug? 

-Selective Cancel Culture

 -New Blacks 

-E.B.B.Y.(Everybody Business But Your Own) 


Real-Time With Prince Blue Social Media Parole Episode

Next Episode Of #RealTime With Prince Blue

Tuesday 3/9

-NBA All-Star Game

-Coming 2 America Review and other Movie Sequels that have/have not lived up to expectations

-Encounters with Chet at the Dentist

-Special Announcement! STAY TILL THE END!!!

Real-Time With Prince Blue Behind The Badge Episode 2.0 Q&A

Behind The Badge Episode 2.0 Q&A

Special Guest:

Retired CMPD SGT Jonathan Steppe and Retired CMPD Officer Legend John Collins

Join Three retired CMPD officers as we take you behind the badge.

We love to thank you all for overwhelming and much appreciated response. After the episode ended John and I noticed a lot of questions went unanswered during the show. So we like to open the show back up to the viewers and get those questions answered.

Real-Time With Prince Blue Behind The Badge Episode

Behind The Badge Episode

Special Guest:

Retired CMPD SGT Jonathan Steppe

Join two retired CMPD officers as we take you behind the badge. Police Stories. Myths and Truths. Answer your questions and talk about life going forward and much more!!!

See You Inside

Real-Time With Prince Blue Emergency Podcast Carson Wentz Traded To The Colts

Carson Wentz Traded to The Colts


The Eagles botched this from start to finish


Real-Time With Prince Blue 2/18 Jock and Jill Episode

Special Guest



Sales And Marketing 

Ninja Assassin 


Philly Sports Fan 

A few of these are true.

Real-Time With Prince Blue 2/3/21 0 Fucks Given Episode

0 Fucks Given Episode


Stealing from Me


is a Clown






#Eagles Fatigue

Real-Time With Prince Blue Savage Mode Episode

Savage Mode

Do you wanna be Bossie Bad Azz or Pappa Russ on Social Media?

On this episode I decide who I want to be taking #RealTime With Prince Blue Forward. I want to examine some of the internal struggles I face and why those battles are hard to balance the entertainer vs staying genuine and real to myself and my audience.

Also I will call out the hypocrisy in entertainment. Other content creators and how backstabbing and phony other black content creators are against their own.

Oh yea. I’m go...

Real-Time With Prince Blue 1/31 You Don't No-Mi Episode

On the #RealTime With Prince Blue 1/31 Episode.

Special Guest:

Nomi BurtonFormer Television Personality for Charlotte WCCB and other CW Network programming. Now Full Time mother and Now Marketing Business Owner.

Bio: Born and raised in Chicago, but has lived in four states. Nomi has been in the media industry for over a decade hosting radio shows and events, with appearances on local tv stations... She decide to venture off to share her talents on her own.

Currently, she helps local businesses with their marketing and social media platforms. But she also...

Real-Time With Prince Blue Philly Fanatic Episode

Philly Fanatic Episode


Gonna continue to highlight Philly Fanatics.


One of my favorite callers



We gonna talk Sports. Radio.ETC Mike don’t give a fuck. You know I don’t .

So anything is gonna be said tonight. See You Inside!!

Real-Time With Prince Blue Jocks and Jill Episode

Jock and Jill Episode


Special Guest: Philly’s Own


We gonna talk Sports.

Pop Culture.

Philly Sports Media

Women and Minority Bias In Sports Media

Shit gonna get #Real #0FucksMedia

Real-Time With Prince Blue Special Autism Awareness Episode

Special #RealTime With Prince Blue #AutismAwareness Episode 1/17

Me and my Wife will discuss #PrincetonChronicles and our journey as parents of a child with super powers.

Warning signs. Initial diagnosis. Insurance. Stigmas of Autism in the black community. Services and implementation.


Real-Time With Prince Blue Simps and Barbells Episode

Simps and Barbells Episode

Special Guest the beautiful and strong @iamjessallen and @britttlifts AKA Barbell Barbies




DM Task Force


Real-Time With Prince Blue Emergency Doug Pederson Fired Episode

Emergency Eagles Podcast

Philadelphia Eagles FIRE Doug Pederson

Teflon Howie Roseman remains?

The Eagles have a Jeff Lurie and Howie Roseman problem

My Reactions

Battle Of The Sexes Episode

Battle Of The Sexes Roundtable Episode

Special Guest:

Main Event

Chante Douglas

Liv The Great

Gonna discuss Topics for both men and women while also hitting some real time events!!!

Wrestling Episode with The Blue Meanie

Special Guest: Brian Heffron AKA The Blue Meanie Former WWE/ECW Superstar Now Host of The Very Popular Mind Of Meanie Podcast

Women Kicking Ass in Sports With Alex McIntyre

Welcome Back Special Guest Philly Sports Photographer and Philly Sports Fanatic Alex McIntyre We gonna talk sports. pop culture and Women in sports going forward

Fix The Philadelphia Eagles

Happy New Years Everybody The 1st Episode of #RealTime is a Special One Guest: Michael Kist @SBNation Executive Producer (Team Community Podcasts). NFL Analyst and Veteran of the NFL Draft Analysis Gonna ask him to Fix the Eagles and identify some areas that can be improved in the Draft

I See You Social Media

I see ya social media. I know you have questions. I will address everything tonight on #RealTime With Prince Blue. I’m gonna make sure there are no misconceptions who I am and what I want! Gonna reset the whole fucking industry @lastoutmedia you ready? PSA: If you support me or #RealTime with Prince Blue you will be blocked by certain media personalities in Philadelphia. For those who stay and support I appreciate you and I promise to make sure your continued support does not go unnoticed by giving you my best going forward.

Real Time With Prince Blue Powered By LastOut Media

We gonna talk Sixers and the Draft - Al Horford Trade to OKC for Danny Green - Ben Simmons Trade Rumors SPECIAL GUEST : Big Twill Creator and Host of the PhullCourt Press Podcast

Episode 18: Real-Time With Prince Blue powered By LastOut Media

Special Guest and Last Out Media Family member Liv The Great: Creator and Host of The Can iLive podcast. Liv uses her podcast to amplify voices and bring awareness to different social issues and promotes self growth!!!

Episode 16: WTF Wednesday

Bruce Arians Former Eagles players criticism of present players Do you want athletes or robots? Doug Pederson/Brett Favre John Candy or Chris Farley Booty or Breast Interracial Dating

Episode 15: Real-Time With Prince Blue Powered by Last Out Media

Family Relationships Light Skin People How close are we to happiness or failure? See you Inside!!!

Episode 14: State of Emergency Episode of #RealTime with Prince Blue powered by @LastOutMedia .

I will speak about Police Procedures and reactions to the recent Philly Police Shooting Special Guest is @RosaChanda A.S. In Elementary Education. Currently seeking B.A. in Psychology/CMA

Episode 13: Nothing is Out of Bounds

Eagles Social Media Personality Well Done Meat

Episode 12: Media Mayhem

Jamie Lynch and Pat Egan of the #1 Philly Sports Morning Show Farzetta in The Mornings Listen as we talk Eagles and Sixers along with Media Narratives and Much More Attachments area

Episode 11: Real Time with Prince Blue

Eagles vs Ravens Reactions Toxic Relationships

Episode 10: Time To Bitch and Complain

Customer Service Ashley Furniture and Ram sucks How much does Kindness and Respect cost?

Episode 9: #RealTime with Prince Blue powered by Last Out Media

My Eagles vs Steelers Reactions LeBron is Not the GOAT Mental Health and Coping Single or Married With LCSW and LCAS Tyeekia Blue of Essential Wellness Counseling PLLC.

Episode 8: RealTime with Prince Blue Emergency Broadcast

Eagles vs Steelers Live Reactions With SPECIAL GUEST The Zompster!!!

Episode 7: Media and Meatheads

#RealTime With Prince Blue powered by @LastOutMedia tonight 8-930pm Showing love for Influential Women in Media My special guest tonight is a CEO of Y2O Productions and Investigative Reporter @YolianYOrtiz Gonna have a very informative and fun show!!

Episode 6: Live Reactions to #PHIvsSF

#RealTime with Prince Blue powered by @LastOutMedia 10/4 -Live Reactions to #PHIvsSF -My OnlyFans Dilemma -#PodcastWars(Feeling Petty Tonight) - Doc Rivers Critics