Bred To Build - Construction Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Brek Goin & Keith Callaway Jr.

Tune in for the best of the best construction insights, stories, and tips for growth-minded professionals & contractors looking to level up. Our podcast is dedicated to sharing the stories & lessons from people who get sh*t done. Plus a few jokes here and there. Podcast Powered by Hammr - Construction Payroll, HR, & Ops Software Built for Subs and Self-Performing Contractors.

Ep: 43 - One Project Changed It All w/ Victor Mezhvinsky from Forma Construction: Emigrant Roots to Luxury Builder
Last Tuesday at 9:30 PM

Have you ever felt like you had a "make you" or "break you" project?

We dive in with Victor Mezhvinsky, President and Founder of FORMA Construction, whose journey from emigrant roots to luxury builder is nothing short of inspiring -- Especially with one make or break project that defined his future.

Episode Summary: 

Family Journey and High ExpectationsThe Epiphany and Entrepreneurial DriveNavigating Challenges and Building SuccessThe Project That Defined His Future Craftsmanship and Company CultureInnovation and Growth Mindset

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Ep: 42 - Roof Slayer w/ Ryan Smith: Mastering the Art of Roof Cutting, Mentorship and the Impact of Social Media

On this episode we dive in with the legend, Ryan Smith (aka Roof Slayer), to discuss his journey of mastering framing and roof cutting, gaining knowledge, and embracing growth and mentorship.

Episode Summary: 

Ryan's Journey and ExpertiseThe Market for Hand-Cut RoofsPassing Down Knowledge and ChallengesEmbracing Education and Mentorship 

Ryan's Journey and Expertise:

Ryan shares his journey into the construction industry, starting at 18 years old with a passion for carpentry.He discusses his role as the sole roof cutter for a custom framing company in Buffalo, New York, emphasizing the meticulous process of le...

Ep: 41 - Building People w/ Herb Sargent: Employee Ownership, Development, and Long-Term Vision

On this episode we dive in with Herb Sargent, President and CEO of Sargent Corporation, known for their heavy civil construction work across seven states in the Northeast.

Episode Summary: 

Exploring Sargent CorporationTransition to Employee OwnershipInvesting in People and DevelopmentUtilizing Podcasting for Company GrowthFuture Outlook and Personal Reflections


Exploring Sargent Corporation:

Insights into Sargent Corporation's extensive operations and its evolution into a prominent player in heavy civil construction.Herb's brief college experience and the pivotal decision to return to the family business.

Transition to Employee Ownership:

The journey o...

Ep: 40 - From Kidney Beans to Shark Tanks w/ JMAX Plumbing aka Bearded Plumber (Justin Bowie)

College wasn't for Justin. His father was a builder and he found himself in Arizona building everything from kidney bean pools, shark tanks, and monster pools to keep the desert residents cool. 

On this episode we discuss more about: 

What motivated him to specialize in pools Lessons from another plumber in 2008 What qualities separate good builders from bad buildersHow to motivate your team and keep your team's morale highTraining and retraining your team

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Ep: 39 - 7 Ways to Sell On Value Over Price w/ TJ Snowdon (Owner of Snowdon Construction)

7 Ways Sell On Value Not Price. We break down 7 topics in the episode and how it's worked for TJ Snowdon in his business. 

Communicate well. Communicate often. Be responsive. Take initiative. Get organized. Build systems. Show up. Be confident in your work. But don't be cocky.Look the part. Be professional.Make sure you're qualifying your client. Not just them qualifying you. 

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Ep: 38 - Story Behind American Pavement & Raised On Blacktop w/ Matt Stanley

American Pavement started with humble beginnings. It is a family-run business that prides itself on hard work, branding, and elevating the paving industry. In this episode, we chat with Matt Stanley, one of the four sons, about the family's history and the vision behind starting and growing the well-respected movement, Raised On Blacktop.

In this episode we dig into: 

Story behind American PavementGrowing up in a construction family Family dynamics (roles & responsibilities)Founding story of Raised On BlacktopGrowing the paving community 

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Listener Testimonial - How our podcast has helped Lucas Comstock

We did something new. We brought on a listener to share how the podcast has positively impacted them. Here are some things Lucas said during this episode:

"Yes, recommend 10/10. Listen to the podcast. Take in as much content as you can. It has been phenomenal.""Taking those points from the podcast and like morphing it into... what can this do for me? And it's just been compounding.""They should listen to it because the content is there. Look beyond the conversation, and picture in your mind, like, how can I put that into play? And, what can I...

Ep: 36 - That Tile Chick - The Brand Story

Tune in to hear from Schannon Yodice & Chris Ortega on how they build the That Tile Chick brand. In this episode you'll hear: 

Changing careers Starting a new life and business in a brand new city Using social media to grow their tile installation business & That Tile ChickOvercoming the struggles of being a woman in a male-dominated industry And their aspirations on where they want to take their brand next 

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Ep: 35 - Rock Bottom to Business Ownership: A Transformative Journey w/ Keith Callaway Jr (K&L Industries)

In this episode, we dig into some powerful topics including: 

Recovery and becoming the best version of yourself (a true transformation story)The importance of second chances and being a second chance employerLeadership advice for building culture and empowering employeesAnd Keith's experience of completing a 100 mile ultra marathon

1) Keith shares his wild and inspiring story of recovery and turning his life around. He discussing his struggles with addiction and the process of rebuilding his life.

2) Keith digs deeper into the topic of second chances, sharing about his experience as a second chance employer and his o...

Ep: 34 - Solve Your People Problems w/ Eric Anderton (Construction Genius)

In construction, your people make or break you. This is a no-BS episode...

Tune in to learn more about how to:

Solve your people problemsGet the field and office/HR to work togetherStop losing money on jobsRun a kickass meeting

Eric Anderton (aka Construction Genius) joins us on the podcast. He's a trusted leadership advisor, executive mentor and expert meeting facilitator for construction companies that range in revenue from $10 million - $1 billion...he knows his stuff. 

If you enjoy this episode or learn something new, please drop us an awesome 5-star r...