Torch Bearers

15 Episodes

By: Larry Cole

Torch Bearers helps prepare Christians for walking in greater heights of leadership as individuals, Husbands and Wives, Community, Church and Business Leaders.

Prophetic Word- Revelation of the Lamb
Last Sunday at 12:00 AM

After a month of focusing on the Presence of God the Holy Spirit revealed and spoke of a soon revelation in Heaven that will shake Heaven, the Heaven's and the earth. The end result will be the Lamb of God coming forward in a way He has never been seen, the Church birthing a move upon the earth and the greatest harvest of souls ever.

The spirit of Abomination

Just as the spirit of antichrist is already in the earth and preparing the way for THE AntiChrist so to is the spirit of Abomination working within the Church to set the stage for the Abomination of Desolation.
Is your congregation working with this spirit? Listen and see.

Torch Bearers- Power Births Authority

God loves to reveal Himself.
In those revelations of Himself come strategies for His Church to advance the Kingdom. Revelations set us free, move us forward and make us a little bit more like Him.


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The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer was a model given by Jesus to His Disciples to show them a pattern which results in the power the Disciples were seeing in Jesus' life. This wasn't a prayer as much as it was a declaration and declarations release the Word of God in the earth and changes things.

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A Bride Made Ready

Where the Presence of God is present in a Believers life, they have His authority.
Same goes for the Church as a whole.
Where His Presence is lacking the Believer and the Church are powerless to represent God and the gates of hell will prevail.

Gain authority in your soul by filling it with God's Presence.
Do the same in your home, marriage, family, congregation, community...etc.

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His Presence

Here's a 28 day challenge to experience the Presence of God.
His Presence is the promise He made when Jesus created the New Covenant for the Church...even today's Church.

Creating Atmospheres

The first attribute of God we see in scripture is Creator.
We are to have that same attribute. It's time to show the earth that Heaven exists.



Music by my fellow Brownsville Revival School of Ministry Alumni,
Eric Gilmour:

Coming Glory- John Kilpatrick

We are on the threshold of the greatest move of God the earth has ever seen.

The former and the latter rain will come together.

Prayers of Appalachia- John Kilpatrick

The Prayers of the former generation are joining with the Prayers of today.
God does NOTHING outside of Prayer~John Wesley

Increase the Anointing

Season 1 Episode 6
In this episode of Torch Bearers we discuss how to...
Increase the Anointing

Want to do the works that Jesus did?
We were Born Again by a revelation from the Holy Spirit of who Jesus is.
As a result we were anointed to fulfill our destiny.
As we receive more revelation the anointing increases and eventually results in God's Glory coming upon us.



Priests Prophets and Prayer Warriors

Prophetic Revelation

God is raising up Priests unto Himself, unknown Prophets to the nations and Prayer Warriors to work with the Holy Spirit to pull down strongholds.

Your Ministry

Torch Bearers helps every Believer walk in the pure ministry, bearing fruit and impacting the world around them.

It all starts with ministering unto the Lord.

Led By The Spirit

In this episode I discuss the most crucial action for the Church today...
Learning to Fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Creation is groaning while it awaits the revealing of the "Sons of God." Romans 8:19
Who Are They?
Those who are Led By The Spirit, these are the Sons of God. Romans 8:14

The Church has left its first Love...Jesus.
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus.

The Kingdom Within You

We talk about how to access the Kingdom of Heaven which strengthens the Kingdom of God within you so you have authority upon the earth.


Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision the people perish but, those who receive and protect revelation of God's Word are happy and blessed by God.

Vision is revelation of God's Word which can only come from the Holy Spirit.
Without true vision, God's people are ineffective to bear fruit and accomplish their individual purpose upon the earth.