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Meet the humans designing the future. Go behind the scenes to meet the people designing what's next in the world of products, services and experiences. Brought to you by frog, a global design and strategy consultancy. frog is part of Capgemini Invent.

Live from London: Cannes Unwrapped
Last Thursday at 6:22 AM

What does it take to make your mark at the Cannes Lions festival? We asked our experts who attended the 2024 Cannes Lions to share trends and observations from their experience on the ground along the famed croisette. Live from an event in frog's London studio, we get a glimpse at the brands, campaigns and activations that made the biggest splash at 2024's premier global festival for creativity. Our guests: Kate Dale, Director of Marketing, Sport England; Bhavesh Unadkat, VP of Brand, Content and Marketing at frog UK; Sharon Jiggins, Managing Director, 23red; Tristan Cavanagh, Creative Director, 23red


Studio Sessions: Your Consumer Responsibility

Today on our show, we’re diving deeper into last episode’s conversation on consumer responsibility. You’ll soon be listening in on a chat recorded live in London between Bhavesh Unadkat, Vice President of Brand and Marketing UK, frog; Sharon Jiggins, Managing Director, 23red, also part of Capgemini Invent; and Matt Gratze, Former Director of Digital at Signet Jewelers. Our experts share their perspectives on some of the key ways that brands can show up and take a renewed ownership of their impact. Learn how leading with responsibility can lead to fresh forms of creativity and open up new av...

Serving the Consumer Unconditionally

Most brands will tell you they put the customer first. But how far are they really willing to go? For instance, how many companies make consumer needs priority over the fiscal bottom line? How many brands would be willing to recommend a competitor's product if it served their customer's needs better? Probably not a lot. In our newest frog report, 'The New Terms of Engagement' we explore these tensions with our guests and report authors Bhavesh Unadkat, Vice President of Brand, Marketing and Content Services UK, frog, Kerry Lee, Director of Commerce and Customer Transformation UK, frog and Christopher...

Futurescape: Trajectories for Tomorrow

The Futurescape: a place where reality is challenged everyday by the evolution of AI, where the devices we use to measure our sense of wellness might negatively affect our health if we don't unplug every once in a while, and where our relationship with the very notion of change is constantly changing. Of course, it’s also the subject of frog’s latest report 'Futurescape: Trajectories for Tomorrow.' To dive in deeper to the report, we're joined by Gagandeep Gadri, Managing Director, frog, Part of Capgemini Invent.

Brought to you by frog, a global creative consultancy. frog...

Powering Beauty Tech: L'Oréal's Transformation

How has world-class beauty brand L'Oréal, with 115 years of experience selling products on a global scale, transformed itself into a tech powerhouse standing beside tech giants like LG and Samsung? By ushering in the future of Beauty Tech. On this episode, we're joined by leaders from L'Oréal Groupe to talk orienting around customer needs, as well as using emerging technology like GenAI and augmented reality to power new services—all while pioneering at the crossroads of innovation and sustainability.

Our Guests: Béatrice Dautzenberg, Global Director of Beauty Tech Services, L'Oréal; Stéphane Lannuzel, Beauty...

When Creativity Becomes Method Acting

Today on our show, we’re talking about the creative process as a fusion of art, logic and performance. To do this, we’re joined by François Nguyen, Executive Design Director in frog New York. François is a long-time frog and a very accomplished industrial designer with an extensive history in his field, working on everything from medical products to next-generation hardware across industries and even designing the iconic Beats by Dre headphones. 

Brought to you by frog, a global creative consultancy. frog is part of Capgemini Invent. ( 

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Shifting from Performance to Outcomes

Today on our show, we’re talking about future-proofing products and services to connect the dots between creating experiences people love and contributing toward a more regenerative future for people and planet. Today’s guests, Chiara Diana, Chief Design Officer at frog and Ruth Thomson, Senior Vice President at Cambridge Consultants, will be taking us through five key challenges they’ve identified businesses face when creating transformation in a more Connected World.

Brought to you by frog, a global creative consultancy. frog is part of Capgemini Invent. (

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5 Foundations of Planet-Centric Innovation

What if 'future' was a verb? Could that inform our approach to building a society with lasting value for people and planet? Historically, the world of innovation has emphasized the human experience, which, in most contexts, translates into being zeroed in on the needs of the end user of a product or the customer of an organization. Of course, this remains mission-critical to making things people love. But today, creating with intention requires a much broader remit. It requires expanding to include decision-making that considers societal and environmental factors. To discuss how to shift toward a more “planet-centric mindset,” we’r...

Making Connectivity Matter

Today on our show, we’re talking about what we here at frog call the ‘Connected World.’ Connecting hardware to the internet is not exactly new at this point. But what is new is the reach our connected devices can have, the services and applications they enable, the technology behind them and the positive outcomes they can have on people and planet. To talk about the potential applications of connectivity, four strategies for success and the pitfalls to avoid, we're joined by five experts from across frog and Capgemini Invent. 

Our Guests: 

Jeff Hebert, Global Head of Intel...

Forget the Social Algorithm

Today on our show, we’re jumping into the constantly shifting, sometimes chaotic world of social media. For those developing social media strategy for brands, these are places to tell stories, curate content, sell products and measure engagement. To talk about how to capture attention amidst all the noise while also managing to somehow be authentic on these platforms, we’re joined by two voices deeply enmeshed in this space: Laura Davies, a Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Deliveroo and Isabelle Cavanagh, Marketing Consultant here at frog.

Brought to you by frog, a global creative consultancy. frog is p...