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Fitness, Health, Dating, Sex, Life, and General Badassery.We are all humans. We all fuck up and we're all just trying to figure it out, ya know? I volunteered as tribute to be the universe's guinea pig. I'm airing out my dirty laundry (it's real sweaty) and giving you allll the juicy deets when it comes to life, fitness, love, learning, growth, and becoming the best versions of ourselves. I'm not afraid to give you the good, the bad, or the ugly. We're truth tellers, ladies n gents. Buckle up, get your sweat rags and water ready, because this is...

Part Two: One Flag, Two Flag, Red Flag, Blue Flag & All The Other Reasons I Walked Away
Yesterday at 12:00 AM

Here you go, folks.
The sequel to the Red Flag chronicles

The second and more recent update to the soap opera that is the situation with Mr. Red Flag and 383270395 more reasons that I don't want anything to do with his toxic ass. 
I'm interested to see what our future looks like in terms of running into each other everywhere/ now having a million mutual friends/ me now being friends with his...
We'll see.
 I know he won't do shit 

But at the end...

He's Cancelled.
Last Saturday at 3:00 AM

Remember that time I told you guys I liked someone?? 
No you don't. 

You guys... no. Just no. 
What even was this entire last month of my life??? 
I'm just gonna scratch March and April is already GREAT, ok???

But in all seriousness, whew. What a whirlwind of month. More than half of it is a blur. I had to go through my pictures in my phone to make sure I even had the right order of events, here.
This is Part 1 to a 2 part epis...

"No Question About It, I'm Ready To Get Hurt Again" -Michael Scott

Alexa, play "Crush" by Mandy Moore...

Brb Getting Dogged Down

17-I'm fine. It's Fine. Everything is Fine.

My world's have collided. I am unwell. I am *stressing* 
I KNEW when I started this that eventually, sharing my personal and dating life was going to catch up to me and bite me in the ass, but I didn't expect it to catch up to me *this* fast. 
The universe woke up yesterday and chose CHAOS for me. 
Love this. Love this journey for me. 
Ugh. Well, here's my tea. It's not like, piping hot, but its definitely *spicy*. Like, a dirty chai with almond milk. Hot, not...

16- Toxic QWEENS - Taking Control of Your Situationships

Okay ladies and gents here it is
I KNOW someone is going to come for me for this one but you KNOW I'm right

This is for the garbage ones. This is for the ones that deserve the treatment. 
For my ladies who are in "situationships" and don't know what to do with that fuck boy of yours, for my ladies who just need to get your *petty* out of your system- here. we. go. 

I KNOW I'm toxic. 
I KNOW I am promoting toxic behavior -but we only...

15-Boyfriend Auditions & My Roster

Get in, losers. We're going to build-a-man workshop
In this episode, we get to down to the deets on everything I want in a man (I am fully aware that this fantasy man doesn't exit- but a girl can dream, right??) from the superficial f*ck buddy requirements,  all the way down to the *actual* requirements for a relationship ( i literally just gagged when i typed that word) 

We'll break it all down, talk girth and length, height and weight, humor and love language. 
I also took this as an opportunity to...

14- Motivation is Bullshit

I've saisd it before and i'll say it again- motivation is bullshit. 
You want something in life? Get after it. No matter how out of reach it may seem. no matter how un-motivated you may feel, no matter what it takes, fucking work.

A shorter episode for a lil' pep talk.
We all need it sometimes. 
Let's get un-stuck and start working our asses off.

love you xoxo 
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13-IDK WTF I want...

None of us know what tf we want, honestly
This episode is actually hilarious because from the beginning to the end of the episode, you can hear me make realizations in real time and understand *even more so* that I have no idea what the hell i'm doing or how to deal with this. 
BUT this bad boy has some insight into my current dating life, some cringe moments, some real talk when it comes to what we all want and how to get it, and at the *very* end, some HOT TEA.


12- Fucking Ask For It

You want your man to do something?
Tell him.
It's time to own who the fuck you are, its time to own what it is you need and what you want, and it's time to ask for it. 
Stop waiting around waiting for people to act a certain way and getting disappointed when they don't, when you haven't expressed that idea or concept. You know what that makes you? Kind of an asshole. 
Don't be an asshole. 

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11-My Divorce Story.

**first and foremost: i want to correct myself!! i mention "my mom cheated on my dad"...No! My dad cheated on my mom. It is VERY important to me that I correct that before you even listen to this episode. whew. sorry mom. 

woof this one is heavy.
Never in a million years did I think I would cry on a public platform, especially when talking about my POS ex, but the reality is: it's really sad. 
(I also did NOT expect to get emotional, it just kinda came out) 

10-The Bachelor, Dating Apps, & Balancing Multiple Men

Ever wondered how I balance multiple men?
No? ok.
(I know you have) 
In this episode, I teach you all how to filter through dating apps and how to choose who you match with, how to balance more than one man at a time, and how to handle them. 
We hold the power, ladies. We know it, they know it, everyone knows it. 
Until someone steps tf up and makes an honest woman out of me, i'm going to keep practicing these tactics and living my best life. 


9-MLMs, Network Marketing, & Why I Became "That Girl"

Hey hun! 
I am absolutely LOVING being a bOsS bAbE and I would love to give you your own business like me!! 

we've all gotten one of those, right? Right. 
Some people really ruin it for the rest of us, but there's wrong ways and right ways to run your business. If you're asking me, that is. 
I was an MLM hater. BIG TIME. Like, I talked mad shit. But here I am living my best life and being obsessed with what I do. In this episode, we discuss what...

Covid-19 Update and Giving Them The Power

7-Mid-Week Pep Talk

Sweeties, babies, girly pops, boo things, honey buns... we all need to hear this harsh truth sometimes. Myself included. 
I am all about some confidence and demanding 10/10 behavior, but we can't demand that if we aren't performing accordingly ourselves.
This episode is meant to be a lil friendly reminder when we need it the most. This episode was made to be sent to your girlfriends who need to hear it. 
Send this to the one who needs it. Listen to it weekly to remember and hold yourself accountable. If you haven't already, listen to...

6-Setting Healthy Boundaries & the Reality of Dating as a Self-Aware Millennial

Hey Sweat Nation! Ive been MIA for about a week bein a hustlin' ass bitch, but we back! In this episode, we dive into the oddities of dating as a 26 year old divorcee in the middle of a pandemic, how to set emotional boundaries for yourself and your relationship, and *shocker*, some harsh realities and truths that auntie Lilz is here to serve ya. We can't demand what we cant give in return, we can't expect perfection when we're a work in progress, and we can't expect your dream man to be the next dude you match with on...

5-The V Chronicles pt.2

The highly anticipated sequel to the V story. 
It's as wild as you can imagine....and I need your help! 

4-"Healthy Living" and Diet Culture

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Sweat Nation, I've been there. Ive done it all. From the extreme dieting to the disordered bingeing... my ups and downs haven't been pretty. Just like anything else though, I learned from it and i'm here to share all of the ins and outs to help us find what "healthy" is and how to get there without being miserable. Maybe we address some stigmas and social media trends that are horrid, while we're at it. See ya in there xoxo 

4-"Healthy Living" and Diet Culture

Sweat Nation, I've been there. Ive done it all. From the extreme dieting to the disordered bingeing... my ups and downs haven't been pretty. Just like anything else though, I learned from it and i'm here to share all of the ins and outs to help us find what "healthy" is and how to get there without being miserable. Maybe we address some stigmas and social media trends that are horrid, while we're at it. See ya in there xoxo 

3- The V Chronicles

Strap. Up, bitches. This is it. It's the one. Part 1 of the juicest story you have ever heard in your entire life. I don't know if soap opera writers could come up with this shit. I can not wait to let you all in to this one. This will be numerous episodes and this is all the forecasting you need. Character line up, backstory, and details. Oof this is gonna be good. Can't wait to hear your guesses! xoxo 

2- Story #1 of dating in 2020- the *audacity*

Here. We. Go, Sweat Nation. The content you've been waiting for. I am fully aware that many of you are here solely to hear the juicy deets of my love life (or lack thereof), and I aim to please. 
Story #1 of the Lily's dating chronicles...buckle up, bitches. You are in for a train wreck. 
We're going to go through some questionable hinge prompts, tragic details of a failed romance, and the *drama* that is my dating life. This is only one story of many and they get worse- trust me. Grab your coffee, your...

1- Welcome, Hello, Hi, and Let's Set Some Goals for 2021

Welcome, Sweat Nation! I am so stoked to have you here in our new little love bubble! ( I almost called it a sweat bubble but that made me gag). Cheers to new beginnings and becoming the best humans that we can be! Buckle up, enjoy the ride, and let's see what 2021 has to offer us. 

It's me, ya girl.

Welcome, ya sweaty bitches! I am SO excited to be starting this journey with you all and i can't wait to dive in! Subscribe, share, and tag! xoxo