Get Your G.O.A.T.

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By: Get Your G.O.A.T.

This is my show and takes on sports 99% of the time. This podcast will consist of NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and collegiate sports. The other 1%? It could be news, movies, tv, or literature. Most likely it would be movies and TV.

Classic MNF
Last Wednesday at 7:01 PM

Will we see a better MNF game than we did this past week? Who are my top 5 teams in the MLB right now? I preview the Giants vs. Washington TNF game tomorrow and much more right now!

Week 1 Overreactions
Last Monday at 5:47 PM

Who has the advantage in tonight’s Monday Night football game? I react to what I have seen so far in Week 1 of the NFL! I also discuss upsets that happened in the college football world and much more going on right now!

NFL Is Back!

What did I learn from the Cowboys vs. Bucs? What am I looking forward to seeing in the first NFL weekend? I make my picks for key college football games this weekend and finish with MLB! This is what you need to hear!

New NFL Season

I give you a recap of the college football action! Then, I go over all things NFL – division winners, Super Bowl pick, MVP, and more! Who are my top 5 teams in MLB right now? Listen to find out!

College Gameday Special

I make all sorts of picks and predictions in this College Gameday Special Edition of Get Your G.O.A.T. Will Mac Jones starting make the Patriots a better team? Who are my top 5 teams in the MLB? All that right now!

Who makes these lists?

I react to the last week of preseason action and who should win starting jobs in the NFL! Then, I disagree on where Tom Brady is ranked in both the NFL Top 100 list and the ESPN Top 100 list! All that and more right now!

Fantasy Football

Who would I pick #1 in fantasy football? It is the last week of NFL Preseason and the first week of NCAA Football! Who are my top 5 teams in the MLB? All that and more is discussed this Friday!

Quarterback Skills

Will the Los Angeles Rams trade for Sony Michel alter the NFC hierarchy? Do I agree with the NFL list of quarterbacks skills? I discuss it right now if I agree and more!

NFL's Top Players List

I talk about preseason football and more from the NFL’s Top 100 list! Who would be in my top 10 of the remaining players? Who are my top 5 NBA teams? All that and more I discuss right now!

Surprise, Surprise!

There were some cuts that surprised some in the NFL! There were 2k ratings and surveys that surprised some in the NBA! Who are my top 5 teams in the MLB? All that much more right now!