Self Control

40 Episodes

By: Patrick Strevens

The podcast that will inspire YOU to take control of your mind, and go forward, to build the life you want to live.

Use This ONE WORD and Simple 3-Step Writing Process to Overcome Your Low Self-Confidence
Last Sunday at 1:00 PM

Are you tired of holding back in life because of low self-confidence? Do you constantly feel inferior to your peers and loved ones, unable to take on new challenges or accept compliments without self-deprecating humor? Well, it's time to stop living this way and start taking ownership of your life.

In this episode, we'll guide you through practical steps to help you understand and overcome your low self-esteem. You'll learn how to stop being overly critical of yourself, recognize your self-worth, and start pursuing your dreams with confidence.

Imagine a world where you feel proud...

Use This Simple 3-Step Process Daily to Improve Focus & Decision-Making and Discover Your Values

Each of us has 70,000 thoughts per day!

How many of those thoughts are you aware of?

How many of those thoughts make you unhappy?

How many of those thoughts are guiding you toward a better life?

If you have difficulties staying on track, if you're still searching for your values, or if you know that stupid decision-making has led to problems in your personal life, you can probably blame your thoughts for that!

And then blame yourself for letting those thoughts run wild in your mind.


How To Begin Praying (Yes, Even As An Atheist) To Increase Positivity & Peace of Mind Today

The ability to live a better life exists inside you right now. You can begin immediately.

Whether you feel disconnected and lonely, or you feel that life is not going the way it should, the power to change exists within each and every one of us. Including you.

What if you could have a clearer picture of where you wanted to go, and who you wanted to be?

What if all your desires and thoughts could be fully heard?

By making time to pray, we begin a conversation with our self...

You've Been Lied to About Who You Are and What's Good For You! Here's What You Can Do About It.

Let's get right to the point.

Modern society has left us depressed, anxious, angry and full of doubt. From the air we breathe, to the food we eat, to the shows we watch on TV, every step of the way we are left fat, sick and afraid.

And when those feelings become a regular part of your everyday life, it's easy to think that you're stuck with them forever.

And even worse: some of your negative feelings and low energy are a result of things you've been told are good for you! Or...

4 Reasons You Need Mindfulness in Your Life and How To Start Right Now!

The path to a better life begins with the easiest thing there is.


Feeling calm, happy and peaceful is not impossible for you. You have the ability inside you already. You can feel better and live better right now and always.

If you are dealing with stressful situations and need relief...

If you have negative thoughts that hold you back...

If you want to be better at the things you do...

And if you're sick of your emotions taking over your life...

You need...

How To Develop Awareness and Practice Mindfulness to Stop Being So Emotional and Find Peace Within Yourself

Are you sick and tired of being ruled by your emotions?

Is sadness preventing you from experiencing the joy in life that others seem to have so easily?

Has your anger ruined yet another relationship?

Does anxiety or self-doubt stop you from moving forward to get what you really want?

Ask yourself: Do your emotions need to be a life sentence?

Isn't it about time you took control of these emotions and found your way to a better life?

You may have tried self-help books, or therapy...

Quick Fix! Use This 3-Step Checklist to Feel Better Immediately & Get Through Your Day

Many of our problems are too big to be solved in a day. But sometimes we simply can't afford to waste time being slowed down by what's bothering us.

How about a quick breather and some advice on letting go of physical stress? That way you can keep going for now until you have the time to deal with the bigger picture.

It takes less than 15 minutes and you can feel a little more optimistic and ready to tackle what lies ahead.

Take a break, chill out, and listen now!

You Are Not Meant to Suffer: Listen Now and Take Back Your Peace of Mind & Stop Feeling Tortured

Do you experience emotional pain and suffering these days? Is your life not progressing the way you want?

Does the need to have control over everything leave you feeling anxious or paralyzed?

Does fear of the future leave you feeling negatively about what is to come?

If so, you deserve to hear this conversation.

So much of our suffering and worry occurs in our own mind. Often this leaves us overwhelmed, exhausted, pessimistic and with the feeling that a better life just is not possible. When, in fact, the opposite is...

Could This Easy-to-Miss Way of Thinking Be Destroying Your Peace of Mind and Preventing You From Moving Forward in Life?

How often do you think about what you think?

Could it be that the reason for your low self-esteem, depression, envy, or unfulfilled desire is... you?

Of course, we all want a better life. But sometimes that better life seems too far away especially when we are always focusing on the negative aspects of our life, or when we feel lesser than other people.

What if you could drop those feelings of being second-best? What if you could feel proud of the accomplishments you have made?

Ask yourself: why don't I...

What Does It Mean to Forgive? How To Reduce Your Suffering and Find Peace of Mind

How much of your emotional pain and suffering is your fault?

Even if you have been wronged or hurt, how long will you continue to hold on to that pain?

The first step you can take toward feeling better is the act of forgiveness. Of course it will not be easy, but you can begin to live a better life right now by choosing forgiveness.

But what does this really mean?

In truth, it is our ego and our pride that hold on the pain and suffering we've experienced. We internalize...

Use This 4-Step Process to Overcome Bad Habits & Addictions So You Can Stop Wasting Time & Feeling Guilty and Start Feeling Good About Who You Are

We all have bad habits and addictions. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you do these harmful things? ("Because it feels good" doesn't count!)

The truth is that beginning to understand our addiction is the first step toward overcoming our addiction.

And while you may feel ashamed or guilty because of your bad behaviours, you know deep-down that you're a good person who deserves to be happy.

You deserve to feel proud of who you are.

So what better way to start feeling better about yourself than to...

Use These Simple Techniques to Control Your Anxiety and Improve Your Quality of Life in 2023

Has anxiety made your life worse? Do you feel powerless to stop your constant worrying?

It's time to take back control of your mind!

Quite often, feelings of anxiousness, worry, and depression, or even the inability to focus and be productive, are a result of low self-control.

But this means you have the power to change your situation for the better.

There are very simple, everyday exercises that we can all do to fight back against anxiety. In fact, daily life presents us with many opportunities to practice these and get...

A Guide to Relieving Tension & Stress and Increasing Positive Energy So You Can Follow Your Heart

The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

I could never... I can't... I won't succeed... They wouldn't let me.

Past traumas, past failures, worries about the future, and the approval of our families: All of these prevent us from living the life we deserve. If we let them.

What if, for a moment, those meant nothing?

Allow yourself for a moment to just imagine...

All the beliefs you have about why you don't act, or about why you can't have what you need. What if they weren't...

Are You Ready For a Better Life but Not Sure Where to Begin? Listen to This!

We can talk all we want about living a better life, but how many of us are actively working toward it?

And when the idea of "better" seems far away, or too big, we are often afraid to take the first steps.

Let's face it, sometimes day-to-day obligations, future anxieties, and past failures keep us from going after the life we deserve.

Luckily, when it comes to improving our quality of life, feeling happier and more energetic, and having exactly what we want, our mind and body hold the answers for us already. <...

Could This Common Behavior Be the Source of Your Emotional Problems, Low Self-Confidence, and Social Awkwardness?

There is something strange that all humans are programmed to do. And if we don't keep it in check, it will lead to a lot of problems in our lives.

Do you find yourself emotionally influenced by people or events that you have no real connection to? (Politics, sports, social media influencers.)

Do you have a hard time saying what you really think?

Do people seem to find you boring? Or are you often arguing against others?

It could be that you haven't developed your inner voice.

We humans...

How To Use Your Journal to Begin Self-Discovery, Identify & Quit Toxic Habits, and Start Living a Better Life in 2023

Do you keep a daily journal? And if so, is it really helping you live a better life?

Is that time commitment making a difference or has it become a tired habit?

Maybe it's time to refresh your approach.

(And if you don't journal at all, don't worry, there's plenty of advice here to get started.)

Through journaling we are forced to take accountability for ourselves and our choices. But keeping a record of our daily life is only useful if we are brutally honest and detailed.

If you...

Stop Feeling Dissatisfied & Unfulfilled and Defeat Your Toxic Habits With This Easy-to-Understand Thought Process PLUS 3 Simple Tips to Start Today!

Are you feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled?

Could you be doing more with your life?

Do you crave substances or behaviours that are unhealthy?

Do you believe the world is against you?

While we may not be able to turn our life around in one day, we can start in that direction RIGHT NOW. You hold the key.

The thoughts that you repeatedly have, and the way you choose to look at the world are under your control.

Why do we choose to focus on the negative aspects...

How a Simple Morning Routine Can Stop Your Pessimism Immediately and Give You Back Control Over Your Life

Why do you work 8 hours a day (or more) but spend little to no time caring for yourself?

Could it be we are sometimes afraid to be seen as lazy or selfish, when all we want to do is take an hour to relax and be ourselves?

After all, If you don't take care of yourself, and make time to think about the day ahead, who's going to do it for you?

Whose living your life?

Too often, we are forced to take a backseat in our own lives: being told...

How Scheduling Your Life & Managing Your Time Will Help Build the Momentum You Need to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Start Getting Sh*t Done

Do you trust yourself enough to plan your own future?

If you constantly feel overwhelmed in the present, why would your future any different?

There's got to be some small wins you could get today to build toward the future of your dreams. Even if you feel burnt out, ashamed about who you are, or you just know that you could be doing more with your life.

But what are those small wins? Where do we start?

After all, you're in control of yourself, aren't you? If you deserve a better...

3 Thought Patterns That Are Ruining Your Mental Health and How To Stop Them: Intrusive Thoughts, Focussing on the Negative and Emotional Dysregulation

"Man is the only animal that refuses to be what he is," said French writer Albert Camus.

Is it possible that our thoughts and behaviours are leading us away from ourselves and into a state of poor mental health, lack of self love, and spoiling the enjoyment of life we all deserve?

Anxiety, emotional instability and depression can result from our own thinking. In some cases, we choose to think ourselves into these negative states. The good thing about that is: if we can think ourselves into negativity, we can also think ourselves out! You...

Use This 3-step Thought Process to Reduce Your Anxiety Daily (Plus One Easy Exercise)

Whether you suffer from intrusive and obsessive thought patterns, or the inability to feel calm in social situations, anxiety can rob us all of the joy we deserve in life.

One of the missions of this podcast is to discuss openly the pandemic of anxiety and to offer solutions to fight it in your own life.

Those with anxiety can empower themselves by asking "who deserves control of our mental state?" The only answer is YOU. And some days we may need to battle for that control. But the fight is worth it.


You Can Live a Better Life! Change Your Attitude & Take Accountability PLUS Former SWAT Team Member Shares Incredible Life Story

Imagine working 30 years in a career you loved and having it all come crashing down in a matter of minutes. A horrific injury. Permanent brain damage.

Could you rebuild your life?

That's exactly what happened to Vic Pipke, and today Vic believes he is actually better serving people than he was before his injury.

He is more productive, more organized and much happier.

He's making more money, has more control over his time, and he's building a billion-dollar legacy for his family.

In this episode, Vic shares the incredible...

How You Can Use Scheduling to Get Closer and Closer to Your Best Life

How often do you find yourself saying "I don't have time for that," while also feeling like you don't get enough done?

You likely have a problem with time management and scheduling.

Do you devote enough time to actually planning your time?

Do you know where you want to be in one month, one year, 20 years? And do you have any idea how your daily and monthly actions will get you there?

The truth is, it's very easy to begin improving your time management and scheduling habits. With simple tools such...

One Simple Habit You're Probably Not Doing to Increase Your Energy, Reduce Anxiety and Create Free Time

Everyday we waste our time when we don't focus on important tasks, or get slowed down and overwhelmed by anxiety, and choose to do things we know aren't getting us to where we want to be.

Isn't it time to stop all that and live a better life?

Journalling is a great way to take control of your mind and body, defeat anxiety, improve focus, and actually free up time in your week to do more of the good stuff you love to do.

In just a few hours a week you can: <...

You're Not Dreaming BIG ENOUGH or Setting The Right Goals! PLUS Mastering Time Management To Live the Life You Want

Imagine working 30 years in a career you loved and having it all come crashing down in a matter of minutes. A horrific injury. Permanent brain damage.

Could you rebuild your life?

That's exactly what happened to Vic Pipke, and today Vic believes he is actually better serving people than he was before his injury.

He is more productive, more organized and much happier.

He's making more money, has more control over his time, and he's building a billion-dollar legacy for his family.

In this episode Vic teaches you:


How To Start Journaling Today: 5 Tips For Beginners and Writing Prompts for Newbies Like You

In this shorter, audio-only episode, Patrick offers some tips to begin your journaling practice. The five tips covered include:

Find the time every day to do itUse metrics (sleep, eating times, substance use, weight, sex etc.)Be honest and frank with yourself; this is completely privateBecome the storyteller of your own life: what happened and how did you feel?End with a to-do list

Taking Back Control Of Your Body Through Sex work(!?) & Challenging Our Perspectives: More Lessons From a Blind Girl

@theblindcharity is a young woman living and working in Edmonton, Canada. She joined host Patrick Strevens back in July of this year to share her story and discuss what it's like living as a blind and brain-injured woman in an abled world.

At the age of 14, Charity suffered a brain injury which left her with a greatly reduced visual field, among other neurological problems, and yet she lives a fulfilling life: independent, social, and unafraid to advocate for change.

In the second part of their conversation, Charity talks about her time as a self-described sex...

Two Simple Ways to Determine Your Personal Values & One Crazy Way to Find Your Identity You Shouldn't Ignore

In part one of Patrick's conversation with Blind Charity, they touched on the subjects of living your values and defining your identity. But what does that really mean?

In this solo episode, Patrick offers you two ways of thinking about your values that have worked for him:

What about you would never change despite any amount of external influence?

In the the face of struggle and failure, what do you need most from yourself?

Now, his thoughts on identity may seem a little harebrained, but consider this:

If we...

How To Change The World, Build Strong Values & Create a New Identity: Lessons From a Blind Girl

@theblindcharity is a young woman living and working in Edmonton, Canada. She joined host Patrick Strevens back in July of this year to share her story and discuss what it's like living as a blind and brain-injured woman in an abled world.

At the age of 14, Charity suffered a brain injury which left her with a greatly reduced visual field, among other neurological problems, and yet she lives a fulfilling life: independent, social, and unafraid to advocate for change.

What is the difference between performative advocacy, and virtue signalling, versus 'holistic' activism, and living your...

Beginning Our Journey to Peace of Mind: Three Things You Can Do To Start Living a Better Life Today

The first episode of Self Control will give you THREE super simple and affordable actions that you can take today to improve the quality of your life immediately.

Also in this episode: Patrick tells the story of his old podcast, the North Bank Media Podcast, and how his summer of personal development led him to begin this show.

Plus: how do we create meaning for ourselves if we accept the absurd nature of reality? How do I get to know myself better? And what can you expect from this podcast going forward?


How to Better Understand Fiat and Cryptocurrency and Gain Control of Your Financial Situation

Adam O’Brien is the founder and CEO of Bitcoin Well, Canada’s first and only non-custodial Bitcoin company.

They offer Bitcoin exchange and payment options thru their website, a Bitcoin wallet called Well Wallet, as well as physical ATM’s in various establishments across North America, and Bitcoin education through their Bitcoin Academy.

What does it mean for a financial institution to be non-custodial, and why is this important?

How does Bitcoin better represent the value of our time and labour than fiat currency?

Could we one day live in a worl...

Holistic Healing from Grief and Trauma: Steps To End Your Emotional Pain and Suffering

Ashley Mielke is the Founder and CEO of The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre in Edmonton, a counselling service staffed by nearly two dozen therapists and registered psychologists who themselves have all endured grief and loss.

They believe in a holistic approach to healing, and offer talk therapy, the Grief Recovery Method, and body-based approaches such as (the miraculous) Eye Movement and Desensitization therapy (EMDR). Ashley and her team are in the process of opening their second location while offering in-person and online services, Alberta-wide, to all demographics.

Ashley’s journey to owning and operating th...

Use These Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness

Jehan Sattaur is a Mindfulness Teacher, Truth-Teller, Subconscious Self-Sabotage Coach, and host of the Boundless Authenticity podcast. He is currently living and working in Barbados.

Much of Jehan's work focuses on removing the disempowering thoughts and beliefs from the subconscious mind via counselling, talk therapy, coaching, meditation, mindfulness and breathwork instruction.

How can we take back control of our subconscious mind and begin to consciously improve our day-to-day lives?

How do seemingly harmless everyday things like television, pop music, and coffee reduce our quality of life by harming us subconsciously?


How to Incorporate Past Trauma and Go Forward to Find Your Purpose

Britnee Contessa is the founder and operator of Femme Powered, a counselling service for people of all ages and genders, but with a focus on girls and young women. She offers one-on-one counselling, and a form of talk therapy, although she is not currently a ‘practicing psychologist.’

How did the devastating tragedies of Britnee’s life empower her to find meaning within and go forth to offer her authentic self to the world?

Why do young women and girls need counselling like this, and where does the parent-child relationship always fall short?

How has gr...

The Best Way to Define Success and Become Your Authentic Self

Mike and Becky Newhook are the founders and operators of Vertical Roots Canada, an urban farm in Edmonton, AB, that produces on average 1000 heads of lettuce per week. The lettuce is grown hydroponically in vertical racks inside a specifically-zoned building on Edmonton’s south side. They sell their produce to much acclaim at local farmers’ markets as well as offering delivery and subscription services.

How did Mike and Becky, having never farmed before, come to operate a sizeable farm, pumping out leafy greens regularly?

What did a $60,000 loss on a similar operation in the Philippines teac...

Behind the Scenes of a Digital Marketing Agency: What Can We Learn From Selling Ourselves and Teaching Others

Leanne Kenny is the founder of Curve Marketing, a digital marketing agency with numerous clients across North America and beyond. She works hard to inform her clients and audience about different approaches to both traditional and digital marketing. She also offers educational courses and one-on-one coaching.

In a time where everyone and their dog offers some form of digital marketing, how does Leanne stay ahead of the curve?

How did she tune out the noise and niche down to find exactly what she can offer the world?

When is the right time to...

What Is Inner Work and How Can You Use It to Raise Your Vibration & Stop Spiralling Out of Control

Clayton Cuteri is host and producer of the Traveling To Consciousness podcast. Originally based in Pittsburgh, PA, he has a background in computer programming, but has since quit his job to pursue podcasting full time and journey around the world.

Travelling to Consciousness features Clayton’s raw, uncut conversations on psychedelics, meditation, spirituality, mindset & perception, and how we as humans are limited by our consciousness when interfacing with the material world—and yet there is still an entire universe within our consciousness.

Why the hell would you quit your job to start a podcast (in this...

Easy Ways to Hack Your Mindset, Solve Your Problems and Build a Thriving Business

Brandon Carbol is President and CEO of Weatherskin Coatings. Based in Calgary, AB, Weatherskin is a relatively small company with a HUGE product line. They provide a suite of superior and eco-friendly coatings, membranes and epoxies, among other products, that are highly demanded by today’s construction and trade industries.

With a background in print and design, as well as carpentry, Brandon possesses years of hands-on experience in construction and design-build work. In 2016 he co-founded Weatherskin with his business partner Marwan Hilal. Having made it through the dreaded “first five years” that many ventures do not, Brandon and hi...

Luxury Fashion Brand Manager Shares Secrets to Getting Your Dream Job

Jill Hintz is the Chief Operating Officer of Luxe du Jour, Canada’s leading pre-loved luxury handbag consignment boutique. A one-stop shop for buying, selling, consigning, renting and servicing designer handbags produced by the top fashion brands in the world.

Jill joined LDJ in January 2021 as it transitioned from a “lifestyle business” to a "growth business" that currently boasts millions of dollars in revenue, offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Malaysia, and an Instagram following of over 60,000.

What kind of person would 'buy in' to such a crazy vision and want to help bring it into being...

High School Dropout Builds a Multi-Million Dollar Company! How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Make Money

Tammy Phan is the founder and CEO of Luxe du Jour, Canada’s leading pre-loved luxury handbag consignment boutique. A one-stop shop for buying, selling, consigning, renting and servicing designer handbags produced by the top fashion brands in the world. Tammy started LDJ as a “lifestyle business” in 2016, working from her basement, and has since scaled up to millions of dollars in revenue with offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Malaysia.

How did Tammy achieve such success as a high-school dropout, born to Vietnamese parents who immigrated to Canada during the Vietnam War?

Tammy also shares her ma...