Self Control

10 Episodes

By: Patrick Strevens

The podcast that will inspire YOU to take control of your mind, and go forward, to build the life you want to live.

How Can You Focus Better? 3 Steps That Took Me Forever to Learn, but Just 15 Minutes to Share With You!
Yesterday at 1:00 PM

I want to let you know that YES, there are natural ways to increase focus and concentration.

The fact that you are reading this means you have already started. So let's keep going!

If you are aware that you struggle to stay focussed...

Or if anxiety is getting worse because you can't achieve your goals...

Now is the time to bring mindfulness into your life. These improvements won't come over night, but it's time to start the process of repetition.

Through watching our self and our thoughts over and...

This is the BREAKTHROUGH That Finally Helped Me Quit My BAD HABITS: Master This and You Will Too!
Last Wednesday at 1:00 PM

For years, I was in the grip of both a pornography and marijuana addiction. Many, many days of my youth wasted.

Toxic habits like these lower our energy, put us in a bad mood, ruin our self-confidence, and WORST OF ALL, they blind us to who we truly are! They rob us of our potential.

Looking back on how I quit these 10 and 15-year-long addictions, I have developed a clear process that I want to share with you. You can apply this process to nearly any toxic habit or vice.

And you have...

Need Help Focussing? Use This Natural Remedy for Anxiety and Watch Your Productivity Improve

There are too many ways to be distracted these days.

So why add to that by distracting yourself?

If you find that you're not getting enough done, not staying on task, and struggling to concentrate, you may be asking yourself "how can I focus better?"

Then the anxiety starts to creep in...

Not getting enough done, falling behind, doubting yourself.

This has been a major problem for me, but through mindfulness I have begun to find ways to both manage my anxiety and improve my focus and attention.


Are You Ready to STOP Those Same Old Bad Habits but Need Help With a Plan of Action? These 3 Steps Saved My Life!

I have spent years trying to understand why I fell into toxic habits like pornography, marijuana, and overeating.

I tried and failed to quit those habits more times than I can count.

Today, I consider myself free and clear of both porn and weed. Now I am working on healthy eating. (I've lost 30lbs, but the battle continues!)

It wasn't until I regularly did these 3 things that I began to understand why I self-sabotaged with harmful behaviours. Then and only then, was I able to quit.

In this episode, I will...

You Have Literal SUPER POWERS! But Are You Using Them For Good or Evil? Here is the Formula for REAL SELF CONTROL!

We humans are gifted with many great powers.

In this episode I will remind you of two of them: the ability to see the past, present and future, and the ability to talk to our self.

But as the late Uncle Ben said, "with great power comes great responsibility."

Are you worried about your future? Guilty about your past?

Do you talk to yourself like an enemy or a friend?

Do you see and express the life you want? The life you could build?

Or do you...

Can Mindfulness Help You Quit an Unhealthy Habit? Yes, and You Can Start RIGHT NOW With These 3 Steps

Is there a so-called "bad habit" in your life that you're trying to quit?

How's that going?

Have you considered that maybe it has something to teach you before it leaves your life?

My biggest and longest addictions took years to break, but over that time I learned so much about myself.

So hopefully, using what I learned, you can get past those unhealthy habits much quicker and still get the benefits of living an authentic life.

Today's episode is a little longer but I think you'll find it...

How To Empower Yourself RIGHT NOW: The Tools You Need to Be Productive & End Unhealthy Habits Are With You Already!

Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell you a miracle cure or a product that will change your life.

I'm no different.

However- I believe the cure and the product exist within you already. I'm just encouraging you to look and listen hard enough to find them.

So, if you're working on improving some unhealthy habits...

If you have mental health issues, and you're feeling:

-Guilt and shame about your past

-Fear or hopelessness about the future

-Like becoming someone else, someone different


This is the Mindset Shift ANYONE Can Make If Guilt, Shame and Fear are Holding You Back

In our last few episodes we've been talking about Binary Entrapment.

What the hell does that mean and how can it help you?

It is THE fundamental understanding I needed to quit my addictions and improve my mental health.

This is something you CAN control if you're looking to stop feeling guilty, be less distracted and quit self-abuse and end self-sabotage.

So in the interests of communicating it to you as easily as possible...

Here is a 10 minute recap I did on my phone. Consider it my personal voicemail...

Are You Still Being Childish: Running From Your Past, Crying About the Present, and Day-Dreaming About the Future? Let's Grow Up Together & Get Real Results!

This is part 2 of the previous episode. Start there if you haven't already.

Frankly, I lived in a very childish way for a long time. Now that I've begun to really grow up, I'm reflecting on how I grew out of my addictions and limiting beliefs.

It is childish, and small, and immature to sit there and hate the present moment.

It is stupid to wish things were different.

It doesn't do me any good to let the scars from my past push me into distraction and fear. Push me away...

Are You Planning to Change Tomorrow, Next Month or Next Year? Congratulations, You're Distracting Yourself From Real Progress

All of us, myself included, have said "I need to change!"

And then we say tomorrow, or next time, or next month.

But I have discovered that that very mindset--that way of thinking-- is TOXIC!

So whether it comes to quitting bad habits, or working on slowing down an addiction, we have all made the mistake of distracting ourself with the future.

Substance abuse, behavioural addictions like gambling and sex, and unproductive habits like procrastination and lack of self care...

All of these are a response to painful, misunderstood...