Living An Ultra Life

40 Episodes

By: Mike Horner

Living An Ultra Life: How running can help you overcome obstacles. Ten years ago, chaos erupted in multiple areas of my life, creating a “perfect storm” strong enough to kill most of my hopes and dreams. Running helped me begin to dream again.

Terrie Wurzbacher From Tipping Point to Turning Point: 74-year-old, Ultra Runner Shares Her Secrets!
Last Tuesday at 12:00 PM

Four feet, eleven inches tall, seventy-four-year-old ultra runner shares her secrets! Don't miss it!

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Big Audacious Goals? Remember the R in SMART Training!

Find out what R is and why you need it if you want to accomplish big, audacious goals!

Tales from the Trail

Mike shares some tales from the Big Horn Trails he is excited to be running again soon!

Drankful Hydration Vest - You Need One!

Ryan Prinzing shares his story of why he created Drankful hydration wear.

Benefits, features, and how it all came to be

Run Your First 50K with Meghan Gould!

Meghan Gould has a goal to help 10,000 women run their first 50K in the next 5 years. Why not join her?

Making Journey Runs Look Easy: Bob Hearn

Bob Hearn shares his tips and tricks for making journey runs look easy.

Assess, Analyze and Work On that Attitude! SMART TRAINING!

Mike continues with his SMART Training, focusing on the A this week for assess, analyze and attitude!

Thanks for listening!

Sharing Stories from the Back of the Pack with Golden Hour Podcast Host, Justin Andreas!

Golden Hour Podcast Host, Justin Andreas, shares his Golden Hour Stories and tips!

From Mother to Sons, Lara Kondor Passes On Her Joy of Running

Get tips from runner-mom, Lara, as she shares how running became part of her adult autistic son's joy!

Determined! Tyler Drapeau shares his focus!

Listen and learn as Mike chats with up-and-coming ultra-runner Tyler Drapeau!

The Little Engine that Could! Marianne Cowan 70 Years Young

Find out what you can survive and continue to thrive through in this ultra life!

SMART Training: Movement and Motivation

Listen as Mike shares his SMART training techniques he plans to use to move 100 miles through a 24 hour race!

Getting Better With Age! Bill Hart-Running Strong in His 70's

Learn how to keep running ultra's well into your 70's!

Bill Hart shares his tips.

Catrina Ralston: Triathlete and Kind Soul

Pick up some tips for your next triathlon!

SMART Training for that Sub-24 hour 100 miler!

Follow Mike for the next few months as he outlines his SMART training!

Cynthia Robbs: Convert from Street Runner to Trail Runner

Join Mike as he interviews this mother to 8 who has recently discovered the joys of ultra running!

Running Back To Life: Denise Freeman Shares Her Story

Denise shares her story and her pacing/crewing tips!

Frank Leone: A Cerebral Approach to Ultra Running

Frank Leone, NASA mechanical engineer, describes his ultra running journey.

The most joyful, sparkplug of an ultra runner you will ever meet!

Wendy Murray, sparkplug of an ultra runner shares her journey and her tips to making ultra-running your next adventure!

Mindset Endurance - The Making of an Ultra-man!

Mike interviews Steve Keller, husband, father of two, veterinarian, and ultra coach!

Get Steve's tips here!

Here's an article on Steve!

Reach Steve on IG @stevekeller.mecoaching

US Navy Submariner, Nuclear Engineer and Father of 5 Runs Ultras!

Listen and learn as Thomas DiStefano, nuclear engineer and father of five, describes his entrance to the ultra running adventure!

James Huller and Mike Horner Switching It Up!

James interviews Mike in this episode of Living an Ultra Life.

Embrace Slowing Down In This Hurry Up World!

Embrace a lifestyle of slowing down in this hurry up world.

Changes that make a different in your running and your life!

Finding Balance When Your Partner Doesn't Run!

Mike describes ways he balances time on the trail and his time at home.

Be Inspired to Run Ultras for Decades: John Price

John Price has been running ultras for decades.

Catch his tips on completing multi-day races and transcontinental races!

2023 Swammie Shuffle #1 Female-Sally Hernandez

She set a new record with her finish time in this year's Swammie Shuffle.

Listen as Sally describes her running style in this week's podcast!

Out of the Dark, Into the Light

Mike's beach buddy, Sergio Diaz, describes his running career.

Awareness N Action

No Stopping for Any Reason

Former Marine Single mom of four children - two of whom are special-needs young adults Overcomer of vision issues that caused violent vomiting episodes in every long run for five years2023 Badwater Cup Runner

Amy Adams shares her story! Be encouraged! Keep going!

Swammie Shuffle Recap

Mike shares his insights on the 200-mile Swammie Shuffle.

Non-runner married to crazy ultra-runner

Gini shares what it is like to be a non-runner married to an ultra runner.

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Mike's Forever Girlfriend's Thoughts On Swammie's Shuffle 200

Gini shares her thoughts on Mike's current adventure.

Swammie's Shuffle Ramble

Join us as Mike rambles about preparing for his upcoming 200 mile race!

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Running As You Near 60 Requires Mental Flexibility

Listen as Mike describes the changes he is making in his runs as he realizes he is nearing 60!

Incredible Athlete, Incredible Goals-Jason Woods

Learn how Jason recovers from adversity and focuses on greatness.

Andrea Beasley: Ultra Mom/Ultra Runner

Listen to Andrea share her experiences as an ultra runner!

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Joey Lichter: Ultra-Runner/Ultra-triathlete

Joey Lichter shares his experience with ultra running.

Putting Together the Ultra Running Puzzle

Mike shares tips he has learned over the years as he has tried to put this ultra running puzzle together.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Swammie's Shuffle 200

Mike shares the purpose behind Swammie's Shuffle 200 and his plans for a successful race.

Just Keep Moving! Don't Stop! Annette Horner

Mike interviews his mom for our HAPPY NEW YEAR'S episode!

Hampton Road's Happiest Runner

Mary Anchetta: Runner, Encourager!

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