RadioFace Stories

24 Episodes

By: Darla Thiara / Kezia Bahlmann

Introducing RadioFace Stories the podcast. Our stories are of a comedic nature, involving true crime, hauntings, and other dark spooky tales from our home in the Pacific Northwest. We will probably make you laugh along the way.

For Rebecca
Last Saturday at 2:10 AM

In this weeks episode we share the bizarre Alien encounters of Corina Saebels, and the gruesome murder of Rebecca Cade

Halloween Special

This week we dive into some spooky Halloween facts and a few true unnerving stories from around the world. We take you down a the haunted road of Hycoft Manor.

We're Back, But With Uneven Eyes

We are stoked to be back with season 2 of RadioFace Stories! This week we discuss the disturbing murder of Kimberly Proctor, and go over the unsolved murder of 7 year old Roddy Moore.

Darla's Got Ghosts

This week we have a bonus episode that was pre recorded but not yet released. Our guest takes us over to Fukuoka, Japan to uncover the gory details of the infamous Inunaki Village and tunnel. This spot is considered one of the three greatest haunted places in Japan. There are dozens of stories about hauntings, murders, and mutilations taking place near the tunnel and village. We follow the gruesome murder of Kouichi Umeyama and find out the history of this haunted spot where all electronics and people die. Also, Darla has ghosts.

Laundry, Dinner, Bed, Work

In this weeks episode we talk about the disappearance of Trina Hunt who has been missing from Port Moody since January 2021. The investigation is still on going. We also tell you about a serial killer: "The Boozing Barber" Gilbert Paul Jordan.

Tell Me Who Sent You And I'll Call You a F@#ing Ambulance!

In this weeks episode we cover two survivor stories. We tell you about the incredible Ashley Cullingbull and the badass Susan Walters.

Flying Saucer Insurance

This week we’re excited to have another special guest/friend/fan share an interesting extraterrestrial tale with us. Jen introduces us to the quirky world of Granger Ormand Taylor. This story kicks off the podcasts very first spooky alien story.

Your Pillow is a Croc

In this weeks episode we revisit the prisons and take a deeper dive into life in solitary confinement. We also tell you about the puzzling events leading up to the disappearance of Emma Fillipoff.

Salty Morsel of Delight

In this weeks episode we tell you about the tragic murder of Dawn Shaw, the criminal Andy Bruce and the death of Mary Steinhauser.

Mobile Podcast #1 : Victoria

This week we headed out on the road to BC's very haunted capital city, Victoria. We stayed at the James Bay Inn to see what (if any) paranormal activity would happen, as Emily Carr passed away there many years prior. Stuff definitely happened and stuff got real! We also visited Fan Tan Alley and the Ross Bay cemetery for our previous stories.

Willy Wonka and the Drug Factory

In this weeks episode we tell you the bizarre story of Art Williams : The Wizard of Ladysmith, and talk about sleep paralysis.

I'm Standing by my Colon

In this weeks episode we talk about the Sasquatch and the sightings on Vancouver Island, and tell you the story of Tommy Ross Jr ; murder and failed justice.

The Outback Tickler

This week we switch things up a bit and bring on our first guest/friend/fan to tell US a story. Whitney takes us on a horrific plunge into the life of Bruce Blackman and the gruesome Blackman familicide. This story is not for the feint of heart.

Pagers, Fuck Ya!!

In this weeks episode we tell you about the unsolved murder of Wanda Watson and the mysterious disappearance of Michael Dunahee.

Rock, Paper, Celebrity

This week we celebrate our 10th episode by having a few too many drinks and telling you about the legendary 'One- Armed Tomo', and the hauntings of Ross Bay Cemetery.

Nap in the Middle

In this weeks episode we tell you about Canadas youngest serial killer, Cody Legebokoff and the haunted Forbidden Plateau.

Foolscap and the Duo-Tangs

In this week's episode we uncover the story of the Ring twins murder, and dip into the life of BC's notorious serial killer, Clifford Robert Olson, the "Beast of BC".

Va Va Vanilla

In this weeks episode we uncover the mystery behind the 'Feet of Georgia Straight' and the perplexing story of Cindy James.

Best of 3

In this weeks episode we uncover the mysterious disappearance of Lynn Hillier at Horne Lake, and the prison riot and escape that caused the shut down of Oakalla Prison.

Late Night Lunches

In this weeks episode we dive into the execution of Leo Mantha and the gay purge, as well as the morbid history of Deadman's Island.

Late Night Lunges

This week we uncover the sad story of the 'Babes In The Woods', and the lake cryptid serpent living in Cameron Lake.

Second Hand Son of a Sea Cow

This weeks episode covers Nanaimos devastating mine explosion of 1887, and the complicated murder of Charles Kincaid.

Lazy Susan

This weeks stories both take place in Victoria, BC, and cover the hauntings of the Empress Hotel and a murder in Fan Tan Alley.

Hanging By Neck

Introducing RadioFace Stories the podcast. This week we will tell you about the haunting of the Beban House, and the story of Kanaka Pete, the axe murderer of Newcastle Island.