Kocktails & Konversations Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Yusuf A. Muhammad & Tim Hargro

An open podcast forum about the vicissitudes of life....

Gratitude and Thanks

The Close Out of 2023 - Gratitude and Thanks

Accountability For Your Life

Taking Accountability For Your Life

Gate Keeping

Those who have positions of power, what is their responsibility? Should they look back to open the door for others of their kind? Do they need to just look out for themselves and the company? Is it necessary to have a gate keeper in life?

Chillin' In The Studio

Chillin' In The Studio

Settling or a Reduction In Standards

Settling or a Reduction In Standards in a relationship, which one are you doing?

Marriage And The After Life (Navigating After A Loss)

Living with life after you've been married.

Weak Ass Men...

Special Guest:Terrence Hargro is in the studio this week and the subject of Weak Men and the effects of them became the topic. Warning this is not one of our regular conversations. Children should not be in the room when listening.

Friends - A Term Used Too Lightly

The people we choose to call "friends". Are they really that or are they a fake person filling a void you created?

Hit Record - Why We Do What We Do

A conversation of the sexes on why we do what we do? Why are you entertaining a person when you're in a relationship? What is the reason you still seeking attention from others when you have a mate?

Truth, Lies, and Deception

In a relationship when is it good to lie? Should you put on for the relationship or always "keep it real"?