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Cocktails & Capitalism is a podcast that pairs crafted beverages with stories distilled from our capitalist hellscape. This is more than a true corporate crime show — our episodes uplift the activists and organizers who are working to oppose the destructive forces of capitalism and begin creating a better reality..Our crafted cocktails help us tap into the gallows humor necessary for surviving late stage capitalism. Some of these stories can get pretty dark, so get ready and grab a drink! You can even make the custom cocktail or mocktail crafted by our resident bartender, Jesse Torres. (Find the recipes in our ep...

Tori Tsui on Eco-Anxiety & Why It's Not Just You

“For me, dismantling the fossil fuel industry is a form of mental healthcare” – Tori Tsui  This week on Cocktails & Capitalism, I speak with the UK-based climate justice activist, researcher, speaker, and writer Tori Tsui. We discuss the relationship between mental health and the climate crisis, breaking down some of the core concepts that are illuminated in Tori's recent book, It's Not Just You: How to Navigate Eco-Anxiety and the Climate Crisis.

The episode explores common misperceptions about eco-anxiety, the Eurocentric nature of the concept, and why it’s so problematic to call eco-anxiety a mental illness. 

Killers of the Flower Moon with Osage Scholar Jimmy Lee Beason II

Osage scholar Jimmy Lee Beason II offers an Indigenous perspective on Killers of the Flower Moon and the history of the Osage murders that the book and film depict. In this Cocktails & Capitalism interview, we discuss the true history of the Reign of Terror–a horrific string of murders of Osage committed by white settlers pillaging Osage oil wealth. In addition to providing deeper context for the recent Martin Scorsese film, our conversation highlights some of the impact of this dark chapter on the lives of the Osage people.

A member of the Os...

Divestment Victory! with Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Davis

Students at UC Davis just won an historic victory by passing a bill that divests all student funds from apartheid Israel. I spoke with three of the women who were instrumental in making this happen, including the political director, the president, and the social media coordinator for the UC Davis chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). We discussed the magic moment when the bill passed, the work that went into this success, and how they are helping to empower students at other universities to achieve similar victories.

Already, students at many other UCs have followed...

The Globalization of Palestine Action with Max Geller

Jewish organizer and activist Max Geller joins me to talk about the birth of new Palestine Action chapters around the world in response to the intensified genocide that has been raging for 4 straight months.

As discussed in last year's episode featuring Jodie Jones, Palestine Action is a UK-based network of activists that has permanently shut down 2 arms factories and caused millions in damages to Israel’s arms dealers. The main target of this network is Elbit Systems, which Max describes as the “most evil company in the entire world." 

Calls to Action:

Economics for Emancipation with Francisco Pérez

In this episode, I speak with Francisco Pérez about Economics for Emancipation, a free online and in-person course on "capitalism, solidarity, and how we get free.” Francisco is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Utah and senior economist at the Center for Economic Democracy. He’s the former director of the Center for Popular Economics, a nonprofit collective of political economists whose programs and publications demystify the economy and put useful economic tools in the hands of people fighting for social and economic justice. 

Follow at  Francisco Pérez (@Platanomics) on Instagram and Twitter<...

From Bethlehem to St. Louis with Palestinian Organizer Sara Bannoura

This week, I speak with Sara Bannoura, a Palestinian organizer, artist, and journalist who has been fighting for a ceasefire from her home in St. Louis, Missouri. The daughter of a Christian pastor, Sara was born in Bethlehem, Palestine. We talk about the childhood experiences that exposed the violent and dehumanizing reality of Israel’s occupation, including some of Sara’s early encounters with IOF soldiers.

As an organizer, Sara works with the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee (STLPSC), a group that was instrumental in pushing the city to pass a resolution calling for a ce...

Palestinian Journalist Hebh Jamal on the Politics of Condemnation

I had the honor of speaking with the brilliant Palestinian journalist and activist, Hebh Jamal. We talked about the heartbreaking reality of this ongoing genocide, “the politics of condemnation,” and Israel’s targeting of the brightest Palestinian minds, including the beloved poet and professor Refaat Alareer.

Hebh got involved in activism as a teen around the issues of school segregation and education inequality in the New York education system. She helped to organize a large student walkout in response to Trump’s racist Muslim travel ban. 

Currently based in Germany, Hebh has writt...

Glorious Anger with Merhan Keller

In this Cocktails & Capitalism conversation, I speak with Egyptian activist, entrepreneur, model, and feminist Merhan Keller. We connected between her recent trips to volunteer with the Egyptian Red Crescent where she has helped provide emergency supplies to displaced Palestinians fleeing Israel’s genocidal bombardment.

Merhan explains how her work as a model led to her vital involvement in the Egyptian #MeToo movement. We also discuss her personal connection to the Palestinian struggle and the tragic loss of her uncle in Egypt to an Israeli airstrike on a school during th...

Supporting Palestinian Liberation with Jewish Comedian Michael Schirtzer

We’re joined by Jewish comedian, activist, and cohost of the Palestine Pod, Michael Schirtzer, who explains why and how he became so deeply committed to the cause of Palestinian justice and liberation. 

Speaking just days after congress approved a resolution equating anti-Zionism with antisemitism, we discuss how the term “antisemitism” has been used to shut down valid criticisms of Israel.


—The Palestine Pod

—Speech by Palestinian lawyer Lara Elborno at the Stop The War Coalition rally in London on 12.2.24


Jamie Peck: Tear Gas and Tactics at the Block Cop City Action

This week, I speak with organizer, writer, and podcaster Jamie Peck about the mass action that shut down the construction of Cop City last week. We talk about the ridiculous and extreme police response to this nonviolent direct action and the creative tactics employed by protestors to keep each other safe.

We also discuss:

-how a Georgia State Police officer endangered protestors and risked starting a fire by throwing a tear gas canister into the forest

-why the movement chose to engage in this form of nonviolent...