Women in Our Town

9 Episodes

By: Poorva Miller

What keeps you up at night? Do you fear for your family’s health and safety during a global pandemic? Do you wonder how we will survive the third industrial revolution? Do you want to live authentically but are unsure of what that means? Do you want to pursue a passion but are afraid to take the leap? Do you think about how women can win? These are some of the questions that keep host Poorva Miller up at night. The Women in Our Town podcast explores many of life’s burning questions and topics that contribute to culture in a th...

"Being in the room doesn't change the walls" with Jasmine Sharma

What does it mean to be complicit in your own oppression? What does racial assimilation or performing "whiteness," look like? What does it mean to be an artist of color in our world today. Poorva explores these themes and more with actor, writer and activist Jasmine Sharma. Jasmine's play Radial Gradient has been performed all over the country and was a Top 20 Finalist at the 21st Century Voices New Play Festival, American Stage. You can learn more about Jasmine here .

Creative Activism for Social Entrepreneurship, with Naomi Porter

Rule breakers, gender fluid, tech natives and social entrepreneurs are all words we can use to describe Gen Z. In this episode Poorva talks with Naomi Porter, a 16 year old serial entrepreneur and Girl Scout who is passionate about helping young girls reach their full potential through creativity and social change. A founder of two businesses, Spice it Up and Bright Futures and co-host of the Today is Her Story podcast, Naomi is breaking with tradition and carving a bright future for herself while inspiring many young women to do the same. 

Does language speak? With Catherine Eaton

In this episode, Poorva talks to writer, actor and filmmaker Catherine Eaton about her directorial debut, The Sounding. An exquisite meditation on the meaning and subjectivity of language and its importance in how we relate to each other, the film has been on the festival circuit and is now available for streaming. Poorva and Catherine talk about the themes and metaphors explored in the film, its feminist undertones and what it means to live a truly authentic life. 

It's not just their problem, it's ours too — learning who we are from pandemics, with Kari Nixon

In this episode Poorva talks to Kari Nixon, a medical humanist, author and assistant professor at Whitworth University about how pandemics shape us and our culture. They talk about the cognitive dissonance in accepting the threat of the pandemics and how we cling to the very idea that diseases originate and play out somewhere else. They also examine how Covid-9 will inform our culture and future in the coming decades.

Don't be you, be perfect, with Elizabeth Su

In this episode Poorva talks about perfectionism in the workplace with writer and self-care guru Elizabeth Su. They explore the many ways in which women and BIPOC women in particular conform, repress and pretzel themselves to fit into spaces that weren't designed for them. They examine racial trauma, inherited trauma and the culture of assimilation and overworking that is upheld as the standard in corporate culture. They also talk about the trauma and burnout that occurs from years of not being able to be your authentic self. 

Life in lockdown for those at risk, with Lene Andersen

This final episode of the year encapsulates everything 2020 has been about. Poorva talks to writer and disability advocate Lene Andersen about the fear and anxiety of being someone who is high risk in the pandemic. They discuss the many ways in which our collective actions can not only be the difference between life or death for someone but also how that behavior impacts the day-to-day mental and physical wellbeing of those around us. They also talk about how to have a very merry Christmas when everything familiar and traditional feels so far away. 

Power, privilege and #MeToo in the corporate world, with Cecilia Lyra

In this episode, Poorva talks to literary agent Cecilia Lyra about her new book The Faithfuls and navigating the tricky conversations around power, privilege and #MeToo. In a world where the language of money, power, whiteness and maleness are the barometers of privilege and success, how can women come together and win at a game whose rules were written long ago?

Level up in a global pandemic, with Katie Ferriter

In this debut episode Poorva talks tech with Katie Ferriter, Head of Technology Research and Innovation at the Bank of Montreal, about emerging technologies like quantum and AI. They examine technological disruption, especially in the light of the global pandemic, while exploring some of the ways we can future proof our jobs and level up our skills. They also dig deeper, probing at how women are disproportionately impacted by technological change.

WIOT Episode Zero

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