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By: Scott Radford

This podcast is for anyone wanting more…More time & energy. More fulfilment and success. More of the high-performing, purposeful, all-out version of life they know they could and should be living.The method is simple… to give you the proven strategies to live, feel & function at your best, by sharing personal strategies to optimising success on a daily basis, and intimately exploring the lives & minds of the world’s leading Sports Stars, CEOs, Special Forces Operatives & Performance Experts.How did they achieve and maintain excellence in their field, and what scientifically proven strategies can you adopt to achieve true success and ha...

How To Perform When Seconds From Death with Red Bull Air Race Legend Paul Bonhomme

Imagine Formula 1, but doing 370 km/h through a racetrack 25 meters off the ground...

That's the Red Bull Air Race, where 14 of the world's best pilots from 11 nations race, and where today's guest Paul Bonhomme became the most successful Red Bull Air Race Pilot in history, winning 3 World Championships along the way.

And the lucky part for us? He's not just an incredibly insightful high-performer who can articulate his lessons and learnings in one of the most dangerous and high-paced sports in history. He's one of the most humble guys you'll meet too.


Laugh Your Way to Success: The Power of Humour in Becoming Your Best

This episode is for everyone trying not to take themselves so seriously through this journey, regardless of the situation, but still wanting to show up as their potent best.

Join us as we reveal why humour is not just a source of laughter but a vital tool for enhancing your performance, productivity, and overall well-being.

In this episode, you'll discover:

The Science Behind Humours Influence on Performance: Explore the fascinating research that uncovers the physiological and cognitive benefits of humour. Discover how laughter and humour...

E036: Racing Driver & Weed Kingpin To Life Imprisonment: The Power of Perspective with Randy Lanier

In 1986 Randy Lanier was crowned the Indy 500 rookie of the year with his 10th place finish in one of the most watched sporting events of the year, whilst similationsly running one of the largest drug trafficking operations in US history.

Randy went from being in the pinnacle of motor racing, funding his own team through his drugs operation, to a fugitive on the run, who eventually got caught and sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole.

After 27 years in maximum security prisons, Randy was eventually released and is now...

High-Pressure World Cup Finals to Startup Success with Former England Rugby Star George Kruis

Former England & Lions Rugby star and fellow OPUS member George Kruis joins us this week to discuss his incredible career and the journey into building his own company post-retirement.

George is being modest when he says he played rugby for 14 years, won some good trophies and got to travel the world…

He was part of one of the most successful Club stints in Rugby with Saracens, winning 4 Premiership titles and 3 European Cups. 

He was also part of the 2017 Lions Tour and internal to Englands suc...

E034: Comedian's Lessons On Building Resilience Through Humour with Katie Love

Katie Love is a comedian, writer, writing coach, and producer in Los Angeles. Katie's remarkable life journey, detailed in her memoir, "Two Tickets to Paradise: From Cult to Comedy," encompasses heartbreaking early experiences, indoctrination into the Jehovah's Witness community, and the courage to break free and rebuild her life as a comedian and writer.

From Katie's early days, where responsibility and humour became her coping strategy and laid the foundation for her journey into comedy. For all the truth seekers and misfits out there, prepare to explore the power of resilience and healing as...

How To Sustain The Energy For Your Goals (Even When You Want to Give Up!)

This solo episode explores the concept that we actively generate, not passively possess energy. I'll uncover the impact of energy on our success, well-being, and overall experience of life and discuss the four dimensions of energy: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. 

I share the 3 areas of generating & sustaining the energy state required to show up with consistency, even when you can't be arsed, and the strategies for optimising energy, including identifying peak performance times, prioritising nutrition for brain health, establishing recharging routines, and managing energy-draining aspects. 

Join us as we uncover the profound connection between en...

E033: How I Harnessed My Story To Build The Successful $200 Million Supplement Company YOUR SUPER with Michael Kuech

Michael is half of the powerhouse team behind Your Super, one of the biggest superfood brands in the U.S. and Europe. In just over 8 years, Your Super transformed from zero to a whopping $200 million in revenue.

But this wasn't an ordinary business venture. Michael's cancer diagnosis at age 24 inspired him and partner Kristel, to consider the power of food as medicine. After his recovery, he started experimenting with superfood mixes to boost his immunity and, with the help of his partner and now wife, Kristel de Groot, they created Your Super.  

E32: Hit Musician & Songwriter Kevin Griffin On How To Remain Relevant In An Ever-Changing Industry

Kevin Griffin is an award-winning songwriter, producer, and performer whose songs have sold in excess of eighty million copies and been streamed over a billion times. 

He is best known as the singer and founding member of the platinum-selling rock band, Better Than Ezra. He has written numerous #1’s and had songs performed by artists such as Taylor Swift, Train, Sugarland, James Blunt, and many more. He is a co-founder and partner in Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival located in Franklin, Tennessee.

Kevin’s new book "The Greatest Song" is an in...

E31: Change: How to Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity with Curtis Bateman

Change is a constant in life, and a lot of the most successful people out there seem to be masters at turning every change into opportunity. It’s one of the most important skills you can have. 

That's why we're thrilled to have Curtis Bateman, a renowned change expert and co-author of the new book “Change: How to Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity" on the show today. 

Curtis joined FranklinCovey as a senior change consultant and with years of experience helping individuals and organizations navigate change, Curtis knows what it takes to embrace the un...

Finding Your Way Back: 4 Habits to Bring Out the Best in Yourself When Feeling Lost

 In this episode, you will discover proven strategies and habits that will help you bring out the best in yourself when feeling directionless. You will learn how to set achievable goals, overcome fear, leverage your influence, and build momentum towards your vision of success. 

These 4 pillars allow you to focus on the most needle-moving aspects of where you are in your journey right now, and help you rediscover the energy, focus and consistency required to build the future you know you should be living.   

Don't miss out on this powerful game plan to create the life...