Twin Paradox Book One

40 Episodes

By: King Everett Medlin

This is the second podcast series from author King Everett Medlin. It's called Twin Paradox and it's based on a SciFi trilogy he wrote four years ago under the pseudonym Purple Hazel. When he set out to write Twin Paradox, King wanted to create a realistic and believable world less than one hundred years in the future.  Rather than devising (or assuming) technologies that would be barely conceivable given known scientific principles, he tried taking current developmental theories and applying them.  It wasn't difficult to find such theories.  In this first installment, you will learn of our current society's eventual collaps...

Season Two ... Chapter Forty-Two: All In

In this, the final episode of Season Two, Young-Min Jo meets for the first time in 24 years, his identical twin Kwang-Min.  Seeing up close the world his brother exists in - wealthy, almost extravagant - Young-Min's jealousy boils over.  Wishes he could somehow be a part of it!  

Be careful what you wish for, as they say, for Kwang-Min most certainly does have a role for his twin brother to fulfill within Min-Pharma Enterprises ... assuming he can check his morals and ethics at the door.  A new drug is making its way out of Afghanistan.  Gover...

Season Two ... Chapter Forty-One: Everyone Just Calls Me Zero

In this episode, Zero and Young-Min Jo finally meet.  They're attracted to one another; no question there.  Zero can't believe her eyes.  Didn't realize he'd once been a Lieutenant.  Simply has to ask him all about the space mission to Kapteyn B and all that he experienced there.  Gives them plenty to talk about as they walk up the driveway to Min-Pharma's world headquarters then down to the parking garage where there's a private elevator.  The elevator requires scanning the palm of one's hand in order...

Season Two ... Chapter Forty: Kindly Asian Fellow

Tonight we continue delving into the sordid past regarding our recently-introduced character Xi Jiu Xiu, aka Zero.  We've learned of her dubious origins, now we're about to find out a whole lot more.  

For she's not to be a victim of her own circumstances for long.  Her rise through the organization after escaping from the evil Tuhao will now be described in graphic detail.  

Season Two ... Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Tuhao

We continue with Young-Min Jo's arrival at Min-Pharma world headquarters in Toronto.  Having avoided confrontation with security guards at the front gate, he is next to encounter his twin brother's head of security Xi Jiu Xiu, aka Zero.  Though forewarned they are identical and that the effects of time dilation will mean Kwang-Min's brother might in all likelihood look much younger and perhaps more appealing than the boss himself, Zero is nevertheless taken by surprise.  Not only that, she's instantly smitten.  For Young-Min it's the same.  

We then...

Season Two ... Chapter Thirty-Eight: Different Strokes

Tonight we continue with Young-Min Jo's dramatic return to Toronto after 24 years in space.  We left off with a white solar-powered van arriving at the gate of Min-Pharma Corporation's worldwide headquarters, security personnel swarming around it.  A tense scene unfolds as the military escorts sent along with the young officer fear a potential confrontation with the beefy giants.  Perhaps a firefight.  

We then flash back to several hours earlier when Ensign Jo was traveling via airship from Frankfurt, enduring all the depredations of an international flight.  Bored out of his mind and unable to sl...

Season Two ... Chapter Thirty-Seven: Spy Movie Intrigue

Tonight we begin Part Eight:  Tycoons and Trailblazers.  We've already learned what happened when Ozzie Guerrero and Shamiso Kachote traveled to their home towns looking for their twin siblings.  They found one to be a retired sports legend.  The other, a world famous pop diva.  But what of Young-Min Jo?  What became of his identical twin?  

A successful businessman is what we know so far.  An extraordinary entrepreneur, he is both founder and current CEO of a corporation called Min-Pharma, which employs thousands the world over.  He's rich beyond belief; that we can assume. ...

Season Two ... Chapter Thirty-Six: Black Girl

Shamiso comes face to face with her identical twin Rudo Kachote after 24 Earth years.  Not exactly identical due to the effects of time dilation; they nevertheless move and act much the same.  Strikingly so, one might say.  Setting aside nuances such as fashion choices and hairstyles, they're otherwise a matched pair.  Could pose as one another quite easily and fool just about anybody.  Given their dire circumstances, regarding missed concert dates and threats of breach of contract, this might be just what the doctor ordered. 

Season Two ... Chapter Thirty-Five: Club Girl

Shamiso learns of her sister's recent past, as told by the woman's business manager Neville Bevits.  Not the stories told in the media, naturally, but the actual events he'd witnessed firsthand. 

More or less anyway.  After all, the pop star hadn't told him everything she'd done (and with whom).  The truth about Rudo Love's nocturnal adventures were far more salacious; potentially more scandalous than even he could have imagined.  If members of the press only knew, they'd have had a field day - assum...

Season Two ... Chapter Thirty-Four: Army of Dolls

Continuing with Part Seven:  Divas and Drugs, Shamiso's adventure progresses to the penthouse suite inside the beautiful Langham Hotel in London.  That's where, as everyone in the music world knows, her twin sister lives.  Shamiso's first encounter was with a rather nervous hotel doorman who fully believed she was Rudo.  No telling what she'll find when the door to the penthouse suite is flung open.  Will it be her long lost sibling?  Or yet another weirdo?

Season Two ... Chapter Thirty-Three: Miss Love

 Tonight we begin Part Seven:  Divas and Drugs.  We now get to see what happens when Shamiso Kachote makes her way to England looking for her twin sister Rudo.  

She won't be hard to find.  Everyone following the entertainment world knows that Rudo Love lives in the penthouse suite of a swank London hotel.  Articles and news stories abound - even interviews conducted there with the famous pop star.  

Contacting her however - specifically getting in to see her - might be the biggest challenge. 

Season Two ... Chapter Thirty-Four: Army of Dolls

Continuing with Part Seven:  Divas and Drugs, Shamiso's adventure progresses to the penthouse suite inside the beautiful Langham Hotel in London.  That's where, as everyone in the music world knows, her twin sister lives.  Shamiso's first encounter was with a rather nervous hotel doorman who fully believed she was Rudo.  No telling what she'll find when the door to the penthouse suite is flung open.  

Will it be her long lost sibling?  Or yet another weirdo? 

Season Two ... Chapter Thirty-Two: Fast As I Used to Be

In this next chapter, Ozzie accompanies his twin brother 'Praxido' out to Katy Boys Farm.  There they get to witness a megaball tournament hosted by the orphanage where "Ranger" Guerrero anticipates being the guest celebrity for the day.  

Only that's not exactly what the retired sports legend has planned for the pair.  He actually wants to see firsthand whether his brother Oswaldo can carry off an effective impersonation of the world famous sports legend and convince starry-eyed fans it's really him. 

Season Two ... Chapter Thirty-One: Been Away a While

Oswaldo "Ozzie" Guerrero greets his identical twin brother at the man's spacious home, forty-six kilometers west of Houston Texas, only to find out the truth regarding their dear mother ... now languishing out back in a remote version of a modern era nursing home.  He must finally confront the harsh reality regarding his origins as a human being.   

Yet the encounter has a similar profound effect on his superstar sports legend identical sibling Praxedis "Ranger" Guerrero.  The man can't help noticing how strong and virile Ozzie looks after 24 years in spac...

Season Two ... Chapter Thirty: Glad to be Back

 In this next chapter we learn even more regarding the events leading up to Ozzie's arrival at his brother's house in Katy, Texas ... following Praxido's discovery of a mysterious Email sent by, of all places, SPACE PROGRAMME. 

Season Two ... Chapter Twenty-Nine: Recompense

In this next chapter we learn of Ozzie's arrival at his brother's house in Katy, Texas ... after twenty four years they are to be reunited.  But not until we learn a little about his twin brother Praxido's amazing past, not to mention a little surprise he has in store for his space-pioneer sibling. 

Season Two ... Chapter Twenty-Eight: Being in his Shoes

Tonight we begin Part 6 of the Twin Paradox trilogy.  It's called Legends and Impostors.  In this first chapter we learn of Ozzie Guerrero's journey from Darmstadt (via Frankfurt, Germany) to Houston, Texas.  There he hopes to connect with his twin brother Praxido.  Repeatedly mistaken for his famous sibling, he gets to see what it's like being a recognized celebrity.

Also, you'll want to listen in at the end of this evening's podcast for an interview with special guest A.D. Randall, author of the fantasy novel Deat...

Season Two ... Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Happiest of Endings

 Tonight we continue with Book Two of the Twin Paradox trilogy:  Part Five, Celebrities and Pariahs.  In this next installment, our three intrepid space twins, Ozzie, Shamiso, and Young-Min Jo finally get to learn the full story of what happened with their identical siblings Praxido, Rudo, and Kwang-Min Jo. 

Meanwhile, Steinhart takes the fall for Santa Maria's failure to link up with Nautilus, leading to his discharge from Space Programme. 

Season Two ... Chapter Twenty-Six: Walking the Plank

 Tonight we continue with Book Two of the Twin Paradox trilogy:  Part Five, Celebrities and Pariahs.  Our focus will once again be on the trial of Captain Steinhart Stehter.  In the aftermath of Luigi Cadorna's fiery testimony, Steinhart realizes the writing is on the wall.  The best he can hope for is that Space Programme will allow him to retire as captain; maintain his rank but vanish from the public eye, fading into obscurity.  But even that is now a forlorn hope.  Complicating matters is that his defense team will be calling upon both Young-Min Jo and Ozzie G...

Season Two ... Chapter Twenty-Five: Star Witness

Tonight we continue with Book Two of the Twin Paradox trilogy:  Part Five, Celebrities and Pariahs.  Our focus will once again be on the trial of Captain Steinhart Stehter.  His failure to execute a linkup with Nautilus during Santa Maria's journey back to Earth has led to yet another official inquiry by Space Programme.  It's not a show trial; even if the media is making it out to be one.  To be sure, many admirals sitting in judgment of Captain Stehter wouldn't bat an eye at occasional 'mischief' going on among the c...

Season Two ... Chapter Twenty-Four: Stay Tuned

 Tonight we begin Book Two of the Twin Paradox trilogy, starting with Part Five, Celebrities and Pariahs.  We now get to find out what happens when the three space twins, Ozzie, Shamiso, and Young-Min Jo attempt to reunite with their identical siblings after, what is for them, twenty-four Earth years.  It's not the same for the three space twins of course.  Their bodies are that of twenty-four year olds.  Not so for their counterparts Praxido, Rudo, and Kwang-Min Jo.  All three are in their mid-thirties.  Praxido "Ranger" Guerrero is a retired sports legend.  Rudo Kachote (aka Rudo...

Recap of Book One plus Preview of Twin Paradox Season Two

 Tonight we're going to recap Book One of the Twin Paradox trilogy, followed by a preview of SEASON TWO for this podcast series.  The remaining two books:  Twin Paradox Book Two and Twin Paradox Book Three are available for sale right now on Amazon.  You can download them today or just listen to author King Everett Medlin read them to you over the next forty weeks.  Season Two will start in April, 2021!

Chapter Twenty-three: Dropping a Dime

Tonight we continue with Part Four, Heroes and Scapegoats.  Our attention now turns to the desperate captain and crew of the Nautilus.  For thirty months they've been plodding along through space, searching for the next matter pod so they might reactivate their ADM drive and shoot back to planet Earth.  This, they eventually accomplish.  However it's not without controversy. 

The prickly little Colony Commander Luigi Cadorna is back to his old tricks; this time advising the captain to ignore the presence of a second pod floating in space nearby.  Were they only to have s...

Chapter Twenty-Two: Star Babes

Tonight we continue with Part Four, Heroes and Scapegoats.  Ensign Gary Orem is called upon; as well as others considered capable of resolving the issue with the missing matter pod.  Gary programs the message pods which will alert the Nautilus; should her crew and captain ever find them, with news as to what has actually happened.  

Meanwhile, B.J. brings in a team of star recruits in order to aid her in determining what might have happened to the missing device, as well as their chances of linking up with Nautilus in the year 2107...

Chapter Twenty-One: Missing Link

Tonight we continue with Part Four, Heroes and Scapegoats.  The decision to transfer Young-Min Jo to the Matter Pod section pays dividends almost immediately.  Within months of reporting to duty he detects one of the devices is mysteriously out of place.  Were this to go unnoticed, Captain Stehter and the rest of the crew would have had no idea why Nautilus was not awaiting their arrival at the rendezvous point in September 2106. 

It has even more dire implications for the overall success of their mission however; especially in regard to their counterparts likely...

Chapter Twenty: Garden Geeks

Tonight we continue with Part Four, Heroes and Scapegoats.  Young-Min Jo has finally had enough of working - better put, baby-sitting - over at the hydroponic garden center.  His new colleagues among the Return Team, whom he now outranks, have proven to be unreliable to say the least.  Stoned most of the time, they've become far more than that:  drug dealers.  It's time to make a change, for the sake of his career if not the safety of the the ship. 

Chapter Nineteen: Shah-zee

Tonight we continue with Part Four, Heroes and Scapegoats.  A ray of hope comes in the form of a charming relationship developing between Ozzie Guerrero and Shamiso Kachote.  They have become the subject of ship-wide gossip - everyone's all abuzz.  It's not difficult to be in the loop, to be fair, in that the two space twins have lived out their entire young adulthood onboard.  There's little in the way of juicy details that hasn't been passed around among crew members bored with their daily lives and looking for something interesting to talk about.  <...

Chapter Eighteen: The Virch

Tonight we continue with Part Four, Heroes and Scapegoats.  The Santa Maria is now entering year three of its journey back to Earth.  The crew are getting restless.  Perhaps it's due to the strain of having come out of stasis only to be faced with the daunting task of building up the colony on Kapteyn B; along with all the unpleasantness dealing with the bombastic colony commander Luigi Cadorna.  

Captain Stehter tends to think they're just itching to get home!  He's correct.  They are.  Worse; they're terribly bored, and that's...

Chapter Seventeen: Schmutzfink

Tonight we continue with Part Four, Heroes and Scapegoats.  The Santa Maria is now hurtling toward Earth; a journey which in normal circumstances would take just over fourteen years.  The crew fully believe it won't take nearly that long because word from Space Programme is that the new re-supply ship Nautilus will be intercepting them in only four years; delivering them to their homes and families by the year 2107.  

Nevertheless that's still a healthy chunk of time.  It will leave folks like B.J. and Captain Steinhart - for that matter, the majority...

Chapter Sixteen: Year Fifteen

 Tonight we begin Part Four:  Heroes and Scapegoats.  We've already heard how the Santa Maria is preparing for its return to Earth.  However there's an important first step before they can begin their journey home.  In orbit around Kapteyn B is a message pod which they must retrieve.  Within lies their orders, as well as some exciting news from Space Programme.

A massive supply ship called the Nautilus is now racing toward them.  Equipped with "Alcubierre Warp Drive" technology it is capable of traveling at ten times the speed of...

Chapter Fifteen: To the Surprise of Everyone

B.J., with Captain Stehter's permission, endeavors to go to work on the prickly colony commander Luigi Cadorna.  She has one objective in mind, and it's soon to be discovered that the lonely fellow has no intention of passing up the golden opportunity to make her his mistress.  Can she keep him distracted long enough for the colonists and crew to finish the colony?  For that matter, can she manage to keep up with the man in bed?  He is Italian, after all.

Despite the reaction from crew and colonists alike, the majority...

Chapter Fourteen: Somewhere Anywhere Nowhere

We continue with Part 3:  Journey and Conquest.  Luigi Cadorna, Commander of the Earth Colony on Kapteyn B, has become a real nuisance and not only that, dangerous.  Captains Stehter and Berwick are at their wits end coming up with a solution to the problem.  On his best days Cadorna is a petty tyrant, rebuking and redressing subordinates over the mildest of infractions.  On his worst, he abuses them with foul language, calling them horrible names and reducing some of them to tears.  Berwick and Stehter figure it won't be long before colonists...

Chapter Thirteen: All Ears

Kelvin and his trusted protege' Ozzie Guerrero have succeeded in leading their colleagues down to the beaches of the Great Kapteyn Sea where they've gathered samples of soil and sea water.  Now a determination can be made as to whether the vast ocean possesses the necessary components for Humans to eventually farm it.  All indications are that the results will be positive.  Only problem is that one particular individual has proven to be unstable.  Whether caused by a malfunction within the reanimation process or other factors remains to be seen.  Nonetheless a brand new...

Chapter Twelve: Reach the Beach

Tonight we continue with Part 3:  Journey and Conquest.  By the grace of God they've finally done it!  The brave crew and captain of the Santa Maria have reached their goal:  an exoplanet called Kapteyn B which is ripe for colonization.  

Or is it?  Up to now they've been relying upon grainy photographs and vague scientific theories regarding what they're going to find there.  Will it be a veritable Garden of Eden, teaming with life?  Will it be a frozen wasteland?  We're about to find out. 


Chapter Eleven: Year Ten

 Tonight we continue with Part 3:  Journey and Conquest.  We're now approaching year ten of the Santa Maria's voyage to Kapteyn B, an exoplanet believed to possess the potential for feeding the population of Earth.  It's a daily grind for the crew of the ship, despite the effects of time dilation meaning they are aging at only half the rate of folks back home.  Boredom has become a problem.  Crew members resort to casual sex as a means of dealing with the monotony; and that's not all, as we're about to find out. <...

Chapter Ten: Year Five

Tonight we begin Part 3:  Journey and Conquest.  A lot has been covered in the first nine chapters but we now know the true function of the soon-to-be obsolete Santa Maria galactic exploration vessel.  During its voyage to Kapteyn B it will be laying a path for something much bigger to follow:  a ship many times its size which will be constructed over the course of the next fourteen years, able to travel at ten times the speed of light, making the journey in just under thirteen months.  The role of the crew - especially...

Chapter Nine: Non Mais Allô Quoi

Tonight we continue with Part Two, Pioneers and Explorers.  At this point we've met all three of our space twins:  Ozzie, Shamiso, and Young-Min Jo.  We've also learned how Kelvin (with a little help from his new friends Helga and Steffen - not to mention an outstanding effort from his old pal B.J.) has made just the right connection in order to get himself selected to the crew.  That is, if he can get clean and pass the drug test.  Not to mention getting himself back into shape ... and passing the entrance exam.<...

Chapter Eight: Katerfrüstück

Tonight we continue with Part 2:  Pioneers and Explorers.  So far we've been introduced to our first two space twins, Oswaldo (Ozzie) Guerrero and Shamiso Kachote.  Now it's time to meet our third space twin ... and learn of a salacious scheme to get Kelvin selected to the crew for the upcoming space mission to Kapteyn B.  

We start off by traveling from Houston all the way to Canada, where we visit an orphanage for young males ages two to thirteen.  It's a rough existence for the boys living there but among the many...

Chapter Seven: Three Adorable Pairs

Tonight we continue with Part 2:  Pioneers and Explorers.  We've already met some of our main characters and tonight we're going to meet some more; namely two of the space twins eventually selected for the mission. 

So far we got to meet Kelvin, the handsome Virginian who's good with the ladies.  Günther, the soft-spoken German whose father is a government official.  Also B.J., the lovely math whiz from Colorado whose brains and good looks are only matched by the gal's limitless sex drive.  And finally Robin, the flamboyant transgender from e...

Chapter Six: The Twin Paradox

In this episode we begin Part 2:  Pioneers and Explorers.  Here we get to meet some of the main characters in the story.   The setting is a corporate dormitory in the year 2086 and four young stoners - all of them scientists working for an aerospace firm in southeastern Canada -  are watching the news program World Week.  It's a Sunday night and they're taking a break from their projects; something they do each Sunday, along with getting high smoking THC resin from a glass bong.

First there's  Kelvin, the once-ambitious Virginian who's...

Chapter Five: Operation Goldilocks

Journalist Cory Redman concludes her controversial expose' from year 2076 with her depiction of the race to send a manned mission into deep space; the goal being to seek out long term possibilities for galactic colonization.

She turns her attention to the GU’s diabolical and rather ambitious 30-year long space flight program which began in the 2040's.  In 2049, the GU Food and Agricultural Ministry calculated that food production had to increase by a minimum of seventy percent by the year 2100.  Yet there isn't a definitive way to accommodate this rise in need – not on planet Eart...