Talkin' Niners Podcast

25 Episodes

By: Kobe Ransom

Kobe and Sam cover all things San Francisco 49ers, from team news, game previews and reviews, and much more. Part of the Blue Wire Hustle Network

It's a Trey Day

Kobe and Sam give their reactions and analysis to the 49ers selecting Trey Lance, as their new face of the franchise. Social Media Handles:

We're In the Endgame Now

Kobe and Sam give their thoughts on the pre-draft press conference, answer some mailbag questions, and predict who they think the 49ers will draft at pick 3. Social Media Handles: YouTube Channel:

New 49ers and Lance's Pro Day

Kobe and Sam discuss the 49ers most recent signings along with their thoughts on Trey Lance's second pro day. Show host socials: YouTube Channel:

Justin Fields' Second Pro Day

Kobe and Sam give their reactions to the buzz that came from Justin Fields' second pro day, could he get picked at 2, and more.

Draft Talk: Offensive Prospects

Kobe and Sam are joined by Jordan Elliott (@spalsh_cousin) and Brad Graham (GrahamTSFN) to discuss draft prospects they'd like to see in the red and gold on offense

Pressers and Pro Days

Kobe and Sam give discuss the 49ers press conference on Monday, as well as Mac Jones and Justin Fields' pro days on Tuesday.

49ers Traded To Pick 3!

Kobe and Sam react to the 49ers blockbuster trade with the Miami Dolphins for the 3rd pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Moves On Moves

Kobe and Sam give their reactions and analysis on all of the 49ers moves so far this offseason.

Moves On Moves

Kobe and Sam give their reactions and analysis on all of the 49ers moves so far this offseason.

Watt Did You Say, "Bridge" QB in SF?

Kobe and Sam give their thoughts on J.J. Watt to Arizona, the 49ers making calls about Teddy Bridgewater, and Colin Cowherd ranking Jimmy Garoppolo as a tier 2 QB.


Kobe and Sam are joined by Nick Newman (@NinerNick_22) to talk a little about the Wilson situation in Seattle, as well as their blueprints for the 49ers offseason.

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Mailbag Time

Kobe and Sam give some quick thoughts on Wentz to Indy, then take to Twitter to answer your questions.

The Way Back

Kobe and Sam give their thoughts on the Super Bowl, what it means for the 49ers this offseason, and discuss if Sam Darnold is even a good option for the 49ers at QB.

Back To The Drawing Board

Kobe and Sam react to the Rams trade for Matthew Stafford, as well as give their thoughts on what they think the 49ers will realistically do at the QB position, now that Stafford is not available.

Stafford To San Francisco?

Kobe Ransom and NinerWireSam take to the mics to discuss the Stafford to SF rumors and what he can provide for the 49ers. That along with the news of Deshaun Watson's trade request from the Texans, and more.

Saleh to New York, New DC in SF

Kobe Ransom is joined by Hugh Tomasello and Luke Keck from the Blow The Whistle Podcast as they discuss the Saleh hire in New York, Demeco Ryans as a defensive coordinator, as well as why the 49ers should take the risk and trade up, for a new QB.

Fractured Relationships

Kobe Ransom is joined by @zain49ers from the No Huddle Podcast with 49ers Webzone to discuss the QB situations and some key decisions made in the past that his this franchise in it's current state entering this offseason.

2020 Season Finale

Kobe, @JavierVeg_, and @splash_cousin (Jordan) discuss what they want to see from the 49ers Week 17 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks, discuss their takeaways from this season, and what they expect to happen at QB next season, along with much more.

Nice (6-9) | Talkin' Niners x Sprint Right Option

Kobe is joined by the duo from the Sprint Right Option, Jason Aponte and Andrew Pasquini to discuss the biggest takeaways from the 49ers win over the Cardinals, Robert Saleh's potential departure, Jimmy Garoppolo, and plenty more...

Chosen Rosen

Kobe discusses the 49ers loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the Rosen signing, and gives a little insight to the Cardinals game. Also, big plans for next week, with lots of 49ers content creators you are probably familiar with. Stay tuned.

5. The Arizona 49ers vs The Football Team

@BayKobe, @splash_cousin, and @NinerWireSam discuss the 49ers matchup against the Washington Football Team.

4. Odds Against Us

Kobe gives his insight as to how he expects the 49ers game against the #1 seed New Orleans Saints to go.

3. What's On Your Mind

Kobe takes to Twitter to answer some 49ers questions that have been on some peoples mind. Hear his thoughts and opinions in this episode of Talkin' Niners.

2. The Show Goes On

The matchup everyone has been waiting for: The 49ers D Team vs The Green Bay Packers. Kobe gives his thoughts on the 49ers getting unluckier than unlucky and losing the rest of their starting WRs and starting LT on an injury depleted roster, one day before the game.

1. Bad To Worse

Kobe gives his thoughts on all the recent 49ers news following the 49ers loss to the division rival Seattle Seahawks, and gives his thoughts on Jimmy Garoppolo's future with the 49ers.