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By: Lidiya Kesarovska

Welcome to The Free and Fearless Podcast where we talk about having more freedom and income than you know what to do with, creating digital products that people love, and making offers that sell themselves, all while serving your purpose and living your best life. I’m your host, Lidiya, a business mentor and founder of, and I’m here to help you build your dream business and be bold and unapologetic.

The 3 Virtues That Will Always Keep Me Going in Business
Last Friday at 7:17 PM

In this episode, I share the 3 virtues that keep me going in business no matter what (whether the income drops, the economy goes down, or I lose direction), why I've chosen them, how I live them every day, and how you can do the same with whatever your moral principles and values are.
Show Notes
Definition and characteristics of a virtue
Taking gratitude to the next level
How gratitude helps you in business
How I tap into abundance before bed
Why I never lose interest in my work
How lifelong learning leads to...

Evergreen vs Live Launches: What’s The Best Way to Sell Your Online Course

If you’re a course creator or thinking of creating your first digital product, one of the many decisions you’ll have to make and things you’ll have to experiment with is whether you’ll keep the doors to your program open all the time or you’ll go for the open/close cart launch, also known as a live launch. It means that you will welcome students every now and then and will promote the offer actively during that time. Once the doors close, new people won’t be able to join anymore. I think you’ll never know what work...

10 Years of Content Creation: What I’ve Learned, What Has Changed and What Works

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of my journey as a content creator. I don’t wanna say just a blogger as a lot more has happened, such as being a podcast host, published author, and course creator. So in this episode, I wanna share some things I’ve learned about the process of content creation over the years, what has changed about the industry as well as what remains the same, and the main principles that will always apply if you wanna make it as a content creator. If you wanna learn more about all this, together with how to i...

How to Promote Your Self-Published Book to Maximize Revenue

Welcome to another one of a series of episodes on writing and self-publishing your own book. Now we’ll talk about the marketing - how to promote the book once you’ve written it and published it on Amazon. Transcript: Show Notes: - the main elements of your book marketing strategy - ways to spread the word about your book on different platforms - how to promote your book on your blog - how to market your book to your email list - what happens when you publish more books - how to use one book to p...

How to Write a Self-Help Book in 30 Days + 50 Book Topics

In this episode, I’ll talk about outlining, writing, editing and publishing your own self-help book in less than a month. If you wanna hear the story of why I’m back to writing and publishing books and more about the self-publishing industry at a glance, you can check out the previous episode. Here, you’ll find more actionable tips and steps to actually become a published author on Amazon and sell your first book in as little as 30 days. For the article and 50 book topics, go here:
Show Notes: - Why anyone can write a self...

Why I’m Back to Writing Books, Is Self-Publishing Worth It, and How to Become a Published Author

Learn why I'm back to writing and publishing books, what holding my first printed book was like, what self-publishing is all about, and whether it's still worth it in 2023. Show Notes: - Why I stopped selling my books years ago - What made me come back to writing and publishing books - The first steps I took - The story of my first paperback - What the first 2 books I ever wrote are about - What makes non-fiction books easy to write - The author who inspired me to offer paperbacks - What I'm publishing next - Are books profitable...

Using Your Content to Transform Lives

If there’s a topic that’s dear to your heart, if there’s a message you wanna share, if you’re a creative, if there are things you wanna speak up about, it’s one of your missions in life to do just that. Learn what the content that transform lives looks like, how it does the job, how to know if you're meant to create it, and my journey so far:
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How to Scale as a Blogger and Add a New Income Stream to Your Business

This episode is for the bloggers who are looking for something more, for the next stage of their business journey, for more excitement in their work, for a challenge even, for a way to help more people with their content, and - of course - for more profit. BOLD BUSINESS SCHOOL:
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What Happened After I Quit Instagram

Thinking of quitting Instagram and social media in general? Wondering if that's crazy as a business owner, if you'd regret it? Let me help you make the decision by sharing why I decided to quit Instagram a few months ago and what happened since then.
Find the transcript and all links here:
Show Notes: - What happened after I unfollowed everyone last year - The moment I decided to just stop using Instagram - The first changes I experienced once that happened - How my creativity exploded - Where else I grew my reach...

What Is Lifestyle Design (And What It’s Not)

Welcome to the new episode where I talk about what lifestyle design really is, what it takes to be a lifestyle designer and how to live unconventionally.
Find the transcript here:
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The Ideal Blog Traffic Formula

I have a very simple blog traffic formula and it consists of 2 components. Learn what these are and how to leverage both to bring visitors to your site and grow your income.
Show Notes - My simple blog traffic formula - Optimizing a blog post for search engines - SEO tasks for bloggers - What Pinterest can do for your blogging business - How to get traffic from Pinterest to your blog
Mentioned: Free Pinterest eBook: Pinterest Boost [masterclass]: Blog to...

The Joys of Being an Internalizer and How It Can Lead to Healing and Growth

Welcome to the new episode. Learn what internalizers and externalizers are, how to deal with emotional loneliness and break childhood patterns.
Show Notes - The latest book I read and how it quickly changed my life - Why we repeat patterns - What's a healing fantasy - Traits of internalizers - What they crave the most - The internalizer's biggest downfall in relationships - When they finally break the pattern - Traits of externalizers - The level of satisfaction emotional freedom provides
Mentioned: How Caz and Craig Travel (with Kids) and Blog Full-Time Since 2010 [interview]:

Content That Helps vs Content That Sells

Some of you might find it confusing to see the difference between a strategic piece of content that serves, and one that only sells. And I’m here to help you with that today. Tune into the episode to learn about the difference between the content that helps and the content that sells, as well as what to do and what to avoid in terms of content creation.
Show Notes: - What every piece of content must do first - The price we pay for content that's not authentic - How creating the right content feels - How your au...

2022 Annual Income Report: The Ups and Downs in my Business

One annual tradition I can’t leave behind is sharing my income report. It’s about reviewing my year in business, the ups and downs and all the numbers - for every single month. I also dive into blog traffic, podcast downloads, email list growth, the offers I released, and so on. Basically, all the things that matter get quantified and summarized.
Show Notes: - How much I earned in 2022 - Breakdown of each income stream - Why I earned less from blog sponsorships than I did last years - What's up with my ad revenue - Where most of m...

What My Business Taught Me in 2022

Welcome to the final episode of the show for 2022 where I share what my business has taught me this year. These aren’t just business lessons or things I’ve learned from other people or even from experience. It’s specifically what my business was meant to teach me one way or another.
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Show Notes:
Why I took a break from everything
A goal I'm letting go of and why it never felt aligned
How I lost touch with myself and my business
What m...

The Biggest Money Mindset Shift I’ve Made This Year

Today we’re talking about money mindset and I wanna share just 1 shift I made related to that but which can make or break your success in business. It’s about acting as if you’re already earning your dream income regardless of what’s currently going in your bank account. That’s a manifestation principle that applies to any area of life, so the details and examples I’m about to share with you can come in handy and go way beyond financial success.
Show Notes:
The 3 elements that go into this money mindset shift
What's blocking you...

Get Your Paid Offer Out There ASAP. Here’s Why

If there’s one action to take that can change everything in your business right now, it’s to release a paid offer ASAP. And today I wanna talk about why that is.  Show Notes The 2 types of business owners you can see in December How to not get stuck in the 'always preparing to launch' phase Why a $0 launch can be a good thing How to shift your energy when selling your offers Why releasing an offer is not as scary as you think
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Why I Removed 2,200 Email Subscribers from My List (and How to Clean Your Email List)

Welcome back to the show. Today we’ll talk about email marketing. Lately I’m taking more radical action in my business and am sharing more of what goes behind the scenes. So today’s big move is cleaning my email list, and removing half of my subscribers.
Show Notes What are cold subscribers and how they hurt your business Why clean your email list Why people join your list but don’t open emails What I found out when I cleaned my email list How to determine who's a cold subscriber How to send a re-engagement campaign

How to Navigate a Low Income Month in Your Business

So, you’re having a low income month, or a few? Let’s talk about that. Welcome back to the show and thanks for tuning in. I’m your host, Lidiya, and I’ve been seeing lower numbers in my business for quite some time now. So I thought, why not record an episode about it, be real, normalize all this, and share my best tips on how to deal with low revenue and still keep working on your business and loving your life no matter what the numbers are saying.
Show Notes: The energy of a good month in busin...

Why I’m Unfollowing Everyone on Instagram

Welcome to a shorter and spontaneous podcast episode on something I finally decided and started doing the other day - unfollowing everyone on Instagram. Learn exactly why I'm doing it and how this will benefit my life and business, and why you might wanna do the same.
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Your 1-Hour Business Audit (& How to Make More Course Sales)

Today I have something quick and easy to share with you but which can be so eye-opening that it can change the direction of your business in 1 hour. Let’s call it a business audit - a review of the key areas of your business.  Tune in the episode to learn how to audit your business, gain valuable insights, make more course sales and serve your email list better.
Business Audit Questions: Blog Traffic What drives the most traffic to my website? How can I double that? From the things I’m doing and the platforms I’m on, w...

What’s Currently Going On Behind The Scenes of My Business

Today on the show, I talk about all the changes I’m making and the things happening behind the scenes of my business. I love sharing that and I know it can be so valuable because it gives you an idea of what you might be doing some time from now, it can help you see what aspect of your business you might be neglecting and change your strategy, or just motivate you to set new goals or finally take care of something that hasn’t been going well such as email marketing or your product suite or your content mark...

Social Media is Draining Me. Here’s What I’m Focusing on Instead

Are you feeling drained by social media? Do you feel like you’re posting because you have to? Do you avoid opening the app and then feel guilty knowing you need consistency to build your audience and engage with people? Does it bother you how much others are posting, how they always seem to have so much to say and everyone loves their content? Well, you’re not alone. In today’s episode, I share what I’m doing about it so I don’t rely on algorithms, short-form video and lack of authenticity.
Show Notes: What's changed about Instagram ...

The Beliefs & Affirmations That Helped Me Overcome ANY Fear of Surgery

Hey and welcome back to the show. Hope you’re well and are ready to hear some powerful affirmations, why I chose exactly these, how I turned them into my core beliefs right before my surgery and what the final result was. You’ll leave equipped with ideas on how to come up with your own affirmations for any goal you want to achieve, challenge you wanna overcome or any change you’re manifesting. And how to make the most of those because they are much more than just sentences written somewhere that you repeat to yourself daily.

How I Prepare for My Preventative Mastectomy: Manifestation & Mindset Hacks

Learn how I prepared for my preventative double mastectomy, structured my whole year around it so I can live my best life, removed any fear and anxiety around it and felt calm and grateful even at the operating table. I'm sharing the mindset hacks and manifestation practices that helped me reach that mental state so you can do the same.
Show Notes What's a mastectomy and how it works Why I'm having it and why now Choosing to believe empowering thoughts and reprogramming your subconscious mind How I used the power of gratitude to remove negative emotions around the...

How to CRUSH Your Next Launch

Welcome back to the show. Today we talk about launching and how to make your next launch better and easier.
Show Notes
A quick trick for creating social media copy
Having a launch theme
Why have a daily launch plan
A simple way to improve every next launch
How to make your audience part of your launch
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4 Paid Offers You Can Create TODAY

Tune in below to hear about 4 paid offers you can create, release and start earning from in one day or one weekend:
Show Notes:
Living life on your own terms and the challenges that come with it
Why creating a new offer doesn't need to be that complicated
What's an audit
What my Blog Audit offer looks like and how I've structured it
Why I have a no-refund policy only for that product
An idea that can turn into a high-ticket offer
How to set boundaries and make sure you attract the...

How to Take a Business Sabbatical without Stressing

Thinking of taking a business sabbatical? Here's how to take time off from your business without going crazy, while enjoying life and actually having a business to come back to. 
Show Notes
Is it a good idea to take a sabbatical in your first year of business? The surprising benefits of being away from your business How not to feel guilty about taking time off The details about my 3-week sabbatical How to batch content A simple content strategy to help you stay on track while away How to clear your schedule if you don't want anything work-related Ho...

Why Your Course Business Needs an Email List

Let's talk about email marketing and why you need an email list. I’ll share examples that relate to an online course business but, of course, I highly recommend this for every online business model.
Show Notes:
What's permission marketing The real ROI of email marketing Sales funnels simplified Awesome things you can do with an email marketing tool Here's how reliable email actually is How to get started with email marketing as a course creator How often to send newsletters
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From an Underpaid Service Provider to a Course Creator

Today is a special episode. I’ll share my story but in a slightly different way than I’ve told it before. You’ll hear about everything from where I started, to what my first side hustle was, to the 3 business models I’ve tried, what the one I ultimately chose is and why.
Show Notes
How things looked like back in 2014 My first taste of the self-employment life Starting a new chapter The challenges of being a service provider The hard thing I had to admit to myself What changed by 2019 The joys of being a full-time blogger ...

Why I Created Bold Business School for You

In this episode, I want to share with you why I created Bold Business School - my business program for course creators, what’s inside and how it can transform your life and business.
Show Notes
How my new program is different than anything else I've created The WHY behind BBS How I'll help you take bolder actions in business The main principles I followed when creating Bold Business School How it lets you do business your way How BBS sets you up for success What you'll learn and achieve inside Will BBS work for you?

Business & Manifestation: How to Manifest Your Dream Business

Tune into this week's podcast episode to learn how to manifest your dream business. I want you to have the business you deeply desire, and to keep it this way. So part of this is knowing what you truly want, keeping your vision alive, believing 100% that’s happening already, even if that might seem crazy to those around you because your current reality is so far from this outcome. To manifest something, is - in simplest form - to turn an idea into reality. To use our thoughts, the power of our subconscious mind, our beliefs, AND aligned actions, to cre...

You’re Meant for More in Business

Welcome back to the show and thanks for tuning in today. This is Lidiya and you’re listening to the Free and Fearless Podcast, where I teach you all about business, mindset, manifestation and so much more. Today I have one message to share with you, one reminder that I so want you to keep in mind at any moment of the day and to take action from that place.
Show Notes:
The reality in which you run your dream business An exercise for you The cause of not dreaming big enough How to stop giving your power aw...

Why Your Offer Isn’t Selling & What to Do About It

Often one little tweak is all we need to start making sales in business. Here are 14 reasons why your offer isn't selling and what to do about it:
Show Notes:
How to make sure everyone knows about your offer What happens when your messaging is off Product vs offer Targeting a bigger vs a smaller audience Why and how to sell MORE How adding urgency to your offer helps your buyers When your pricing doesn't make sense What is offer alignment Why having a pre-launch period matters What a good launch plan involves How to add exclusivity to...

How Constant Gratitude Transformed My Life & Biz + My Gratitude Practices

Welcome back to the show. I’m really pumped to tell you how gratitude changed my life and my business. You’ll hear about my exact practices, how gratitude became not just a thing I do consciously anymore but a constant mental state. I’ll share examples on how you can apply it to your life and business and I’m also about to get really personal today.
Show Notes:
My daily gratitude practices Using scripting to claim your desires A simple ritual that helped me overcome anxiety around money How to bring pleasure and flow in your business...

How to Stop Looking for The Perfect Niche and Get Down to Business

Looking for the perfect niche? Overwhelmed with all the information? Procrastinating on starting your business because of it? This episode might help.
You'll learn: One of the questions I get asked the most about business Why you aren't actually stuck The one uncomfortable thing most aspiring entrepreneurs stay away from What advise I give to bloggers who want to pick the right niche How important is passion when choosing a niche How to make your first sales as a course creator Niches with high or low competition, which one is better How a small niche makes your marketing simpler <...

What Your Failed Launch Really Means

Welcome back to the show, this is episode 40, I’m Lidiya, your host and business mentor, and the topic today is launching. Not just any kind of launch but the one that only leaves behind disappointment and feeling like a failure.
Tune in to learn:
The worst thing you can do after a failed launch
Why you actually did a great job
What to do immediately after closing the doors to your program
Ways to simplify your launch process
Keep this in mind if you made zero sales in your last launch
What li...

How I Structure My Life for Maximum Freedom

Welcome back to the show, this is episode 39 and today I want to talk about another one of my favorite topics and something I got really good at over the years - structuring my life for maximum freedom.
Show Notes:
A day in my life + how everything is created with freedom in mind
How your freedom will trigger others and what that means
Freedom and family
What do you do when things don’t seem to be working out?
The real definition of time freedom
Freedom and relationships
Freedom and traumas

10 Signs You’re Ready to Create an Online Course

Welcome to episode 38 of the show where we’ll talk about taking the decision to enter the online course industry. If you’re wondering whether creating a course is the right next step, this one’s for you.
Show Notes:
How to productize your service
The 1 thing you need to create a unique online course
How becoming a course creator can simplify your business
The role of intuition in business
The driving factor for my decision to start creating courses
A risk-free way to enter the online course business
What taking courses has to...

My Best Tips for Online Course Creators

Today I’ll share some of my best tips for online course creators. Whether you are just starting out and about to create your first program, have been around for a while but aren’t seeing the results you want with your products, or want to enhance your existing offers and go in business full-time, this episode is for you.
The advice I’m about to give you comes from experience, from all I’ve seen in the online course industry in the past few years and all I’ve learned from my mentors. You’ll hear tips on course creat...