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By: Caitlin Dianna | Magic Beyond Boundaries

An open-minded exploration of what it means to be a StarSeed, Healer, and Multidimensional being, where we discuss what's really shifting on our planet--and how to navigate it. Whether you're brand new to this realm or an experienced healer, I'm ready to meet you where you are and support you along your path. See on the inside!

2022 Lightworker Forecast: Following Through with Your Mission

Did anyone else get hit seemingly out of nowhere by this urge to destroy and tear down #allthethings during this past week's Taurus Full Moon Eclipse??

No? Just me?

Eclipse seasons often bring forward some intense energies for the human collective, and this last one that hit Nov 18-19, 2021 was no exception.

You may have noticed some deep or intense urges to tear things down and say goodbye, like your tolerance level for waiting and putting up with incongruence just disappeared. It's this energy of casting off all the...

How to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety. It's everywhere.

How many people do you know that DON'T have a diagnosis or self identify as someone struggling with anxiety? Not many, I would guess.

When I got into this work of intuitive coaching and quantum healing, I started seeing more and more people who were going through this and they all had one key thing in common.

Even if their stories were different, even if the way they were expressing it was uniquely their own, what I started to see about what anxiety actually is (and...

Why Your Clients Are In My Inbox

 Have you ever had a less than stellar healing session? If you have, whether as a client or a practitioner, today's chat will be highly relatable content.

Recently I've had an influx of people reaching out to me to fix other practitioner's mistakes.

It's gotten so bad, that I had to bring this up for our conversation today. Because if healers aren't helping, they're hurting. And, my friends, that is not okay with me.

There's another form of bypassing t...

How to Actually Ascend with Caitlin & Aurora

Let's discuss how we as light workers and Starseeds can begin to anchor our Light into our human matrix to truly arrive here and start making magic. Because it's not about "ascension", but rather acceleration. And we can't accelerate if we leave our human body behind.

Today's episode is from a talk Caitlin delivered with Aurora Light at the online Soul Embodiment Summit, which ran from September 20-24, 2021.

Caitlin speaks on the 5 energy bodies and the first 12 dimensions of frequency, and how our body reads...

Accelerate Your Awakening

"Love and Light!" Sound familiar?

There's this really interesting belief in the Starseed, metaphysical, and Healer communities that Love is the highest frequency that we can achieve here on Earth.

Have you tracked that? Or have we just bought it as truth because everyone else is saying it?

One of the ways that I have found Starseeds and Intuitives get themselves stuck is to buy into this idea that they should feel and operate a certain way every single second of every single day in order to be "...

Psychic Attacks in Dreams

September 2021 Energy Update
There is a massive energy coming up in so many of us this month that I just had to find the source of so we can be prepared.

It starts as this crankiness. This edgy frustration that seems personal. But it's not just you. It's not even a reaction to what's happening in the world right now, even though we want to false target to validate how we're feeling.

And then the dreams come.

People are having really strange...

Chakras Explained: What Nobody's Told You

How many chakra balancing meditations and rituals have you done? And how many of them actually made you feel better, clearer, more able to take on your day and move on from what's been holding you back?

Some may have given you temporary relief, but it likely didn't last.

Why? If all we need to do is balance or clear our chakras, why isn't it working when we do the healing meditations, use the crystals, and run Reiki?

Because we can't leave science behind when...

Unlocking Your Mission

Starseeds have been doing things backwards. Everyone wants to know, where am I from, and who am I?

But that's not the right way to go. In fact it will take you longer in most instances.

The fastest way to find home and bring your true source song back into this body is to lighten your field to the point where it is absolutely inevitable that you are going to be washed in your own light code and the information from everything that you are every single moment of every single day.

How Being in Survival Mode Affects Your Intuition

A lot of us when we're trying to do big things, when we want to access more of who we are, our mission, the abundance we want to create, the life purpose we want to live, stronger psychic abilities and operating at our highest potential, we find ourselves fighting an uphill battle and feeling like we're getting no where.

One of the first things we need to look at is our environment and the relationships we're in. Do you feel safe here? Is this a space where you can be nurtured...

Twin Flames: A Channeled Perspective

We're sharing channeled perspectives from the Taygetan Pleiadeans and Blue Avians on the topic of Twin Flames and Soul Mates. Buckle up, they did not hold back!

We also got channeled perspectives from the Andromedans and Mintakan Orions on desire versus spiritual ego and when our wants can cross the line from creative to harmful.

As always, remember that these beings, like us, have their own points of view that come from their life experience and conditioning, they aren't necessarily the one and only truth. It's possible that their...

Lions Gate Portal + New Moon in Leo 2021

The Lions Gate Portal. It comes around every year on August 8.  So what is it about? 

And this year the New Moon in Leo falls on that date as well, so what does that add to it?

Our resident Astrologer, Colbe from Sloth Soul Astrology and I are sharing what we're seeing in the astrology and in the channelings and forward timeline tracking we've been doing, and guys, it's not what everyone else is saying it is.

Tune into today's Astro Forecast for the 8/8 New Mo...

Sleep Paralysis

Seeing beings at the foot of your bed, "old hag syndrome", or just waking up frozen and unable to move or speak. Sleep paralysis can be a nightmare when it happens, and for some it is a regularly occurring experience that can make getting a good night's sleep extremely challenging.

Today we're talking about the 4 most common reasons sleep paralysis occurs and some ways to address it.

We'll also touch on the Watchers (other names are the Shadow People, Men in Black, or black hat man), who...

How to Contact Your Star Family

Today we're sharing channeled messages from questions that were asked inside the Starseed Accelerator community about the new ET/Inter-Dimensional collectives that have been presenting in the past year and how we can get into contact with the Star Beings and Guides who are here to help us on our individual missions at this time.

To help answer these questions, Caitlin channeled through a Taygetan Pleiadian and Violet an Arachnid to compare the different perspectives. You will hear in the messages how different each collective's perspective is, and yet there were parts of e...

3 Ways to Take Your Healing Business Online

When things shut down in 2020, a lot of people had their livelihoods taken away. And one of the things we've learned as a society since then is, relying on a single stream of income and being able to work with and serve people in-person is not always the secure choice, especially in such a fast moving world.

So, in today's episode we're covering 3 simple ways to take your healing or coaching practice online so you can reach more people, make more money, and build the foundation for the kind of life...

Building a Purpose Driven Business

So many times I hear people say, "I don't know what my mission is, so I don't know if I can start my business yet." And I have to tell you, that is not the right way to look at it. It's just not.

I've watched hundreds of people do this, so many hold themselves back from even beginning because they can't see how to move forward, how to bring that future vision of a better life into the now.

In today&apos...

Hunger Games 2021 with Caitlin & Colbe

Our resident Astrologer, Colbe from Sloth Soul Astrology, joins me once again to dissect the happenings in the sky and how they're affecting us all down here on planet Earthand how that's lining up with the transmissions I've been getting through the Interstellium Alliance.

This astrological update took place on May 16, 2021 inside the Healers Rising Academy. Now that we're fully immersed in what I'm lovingly calling "Hunger Games 2021", the predictions and advice we both share back then seem so relevant for all of...

The Wounded Healer: Unwinding the Mysteries of Your Health

Many of us are experiencing something going on with our bodies that we are not entirely in love with. And it can make it feel like a challenge to show up as all we are meant to be when we're struggling with health issues.

Everything that is not going right in your body is fixable, no matter what you've been told by anyone else. Solving the puzzle of your health starts with getting to the source of where the problem started to begin with, not just addressing symptoms or learning to live with...

Can I Be a Healer and Abundant Too?

So many people think the idea of charging money as a healer is unethical.

Where does this belief come from? What are the effects of this thought form on you, and on the planet? Does it line up with the vision you have for the world you want to live in? And how can we move from a space of lack into one of abundance AND show up in the world authentically helping to make it a better place?

Caitlin and Violet are discussing all of that plus what happens when we start to see...

Spiritual Healer: Craze, Phase or Divine Purpose?

There are so many people stepping forward as healers and spiritual helpers at this time, one could easily see it as a phase or chalk it up to just another pop culture movement.

But is it just a trend? Or is it something more?

And how do you know if being a healer is part of your mission, or if maybe you're just getting swept up in the hype of the latest career craze? Caitlin and Violet start to unpack that in today's Conversation in Consciousness all about the trend to...

Are Rituals Outdated?

What does it mean to practice ritual without being plugged into grids as a multidimensional being who loves magic, the world, manifesting and creating?

If we are truly sovereign beings, does the practice of ritual or celebration of pagan holidays even make sense?

Joined by two of our team members, Samantha Ross and Tiffany Patterson, Caitlin dissects what grids are (and what they're not), how to tell if we're plugged in or not, and how they've each navigated ritual practice as they've each grown as healers over...

Feeling Disconnected? You're Not Alone

If you’ve been feeling like you’re in a pressure cooker, stuck in a fog, depressed and isolated or just apathetic and disconnected, you’re not the only one.

It’s like the things that were giving us those purposeful highs, the pieces that were giving people the ability to feel like they were part of a movement or something bigger, it's like all of those realities are crumbling right now and leaving us really raw and feeling isolated.

Have you noticed this in others? Are you experiencing this too?


When You're Triggered AF

We have a saying around here that goes, "Your Akashics are showing and it ain't cute" when someone is triggered and spiraling.

What's a trigger anyways? We all get irritated some times, and there are certainly subjects that get under our skin more than others. 

What does it really mean though when something manages to get that rise out of us and it seems like we want to take a stand?

In today's episode we are taking a look at what a trigger really is a...

Do We Need to Be Afraid of ET's?!

The media portrayals of aliens attempting to take over humanity, the stories we've heard from the metaphysical or religious circles we've been part of, or even our own abduction experiences have all contributed to a widespread fear of extra-terrestrials and interdimensional beings.

What I've found in my work as a channeler and an inter-galactic bridge to more than 80 (and counting) different collectives is that many of our preconceived notions and the stigmas that are common in humanity around beings from other dimensions and planets are based on false realities and actually holding our personal and collective evolution...

Is it a Sign From Your Spirit Guides?

Feathers, pennies, faces in fire and trees, clouds that look like UFOs... are these signs or something else?

We've all seen the websites and charts that list the meaning of specific repeating numbers, feathers of a particular color, and animals crossing our path.

Could they be right? Are these signs from our guardian angels or ET beings in the sky? Or could they be coincidence?

We're diving into how to discern when we're actually receiving signs and what to do with them to get the full message.

You can watch the...

5 Reasons You Aren't Healing

You're doing everything right: meditating, using affirmations, practicing gratitude, doing the love & light thing, and you've been to a kajillion energy healers and yet life is still the sh*ts?!

Or perhaps you get mild improvements and then everything landslides? You think you've nipped that karma in the bud for good and then it shows back up with a vengeance. It's like you're stuck on a hamster wheel you just can't shake.

Why does this happen? If everything is just energy, why is it so hard to heal?

After working with over 3,000...

Full Moon Energy Update with Colbe from Sloth Soul Astrology

I was hanging out with our favorite astrologer, Colbe from Sloth Soul Astrology, again live inside the Starseed Accelerator Facebook group to chat about how the energy of Thursday's full moon is carrying us through mid-Feb.

Why are so many people feeling like the pressure is on? What's with the spiritual identity crisis? And how about that love and light, overly optimistic (read: spiritual bypassing) thing happening in so many of the Starseed & Healing communities?

One of the biggest keys in this energy update is about authenticity and integrity being asked of us...

Ascension Symptoms... Or Something Else?

Do you get unexplained random or chronic headaches, ear ringing, head pressure, body pain, or a myriad of other symptoms, and when you've asked in a starseed or healer group were met with "that's an ascension symptom"?

Did that answer feel right to you? If not, there's probably a reason for that.

Some of the symptoms we experience are in fact because we are stepping into being able to access a wider range of information and frequencies. But not all are.

And so today we are debunking the concept so you can figure...

How Do I Find Out My Starseed Origin?

Have you ever wondered where you might be from and how that shapes your identity now?

Maybe you've heard that your Starseed lineage can be identified by the way you look, or your blood type, in your astrological chart, or some other way.

The way our past lives occur is way more complex than that.

So today we're looking at how to start seeing the bigger picture of who you are, where you've been, and what your mission is, without getting sucked into the identity trap.

We'll also talk about Starseed...

The Drivers & Starseed Walk-Ins

We are now crossing the halfway mark of the 7-year process of hyper-acceleration that started back in 2016-17.

Lately I've been channeling even more details on the Walk-in system and how it was created to shift the culture, consciousness, and paradigm here on Earth at this time without going into the God complex and worship grid that has historically enslaved the human mind.

I mentioned the Drivers (who are just now starting to wake up to who they really are) in the last episode of the podcast in my talk with Colbe from Sloth Soul...

2021 Predictions with Colbe Barrett of Sloth Soul Astrology

After such a tumultuous 2020 year, what is in the stars for 2021?  Today I sat down for a fascinating discussion with my friend Colbe from Sloth Soul Astrology to swap notes on what we're seeing coming up in the year ahead, both from an Astrological and a channeled viewpoint.

I always love talking to Colbe, he's so genuine and down to earth but a total Starseed too.

If you want to watch the video version of our chat, you can find that on my Youtube channel!

And you can find Colbe on Facebook...

Transcending the Trauma of 2020

Today we're diving into the concept of our individual matrix and how it's impacted by the global storylines over the course of 2020. And how we can unplug from the repetitive programming we're being exposed to.

Because the "craziness" of 2020 is not going to magically end at the stroke of midnight on December 31. Now is the time for those of us who are awakened to be showing up as the beacons we came here to be to help those just beginning to wake up to find their way.

And we can't do that well if we...

What's Coming on December 21, 2020

December 21 is a hot topic in the metaphysical and StarSeed communities right now. There is such a wide range of information being shared about what's going to take place on that date. Everything from humanity ascending to a new 5D Earth to the potential for open alien contact and disclosure.

With all the questions coming up, I chose to go into channeling with the Interstellium Alliance to get their perspective on what the trajectory is for humanity, and what's coming up with the December 21 solstice for us.

In this episode I share the full channeling...

I Was Out of My Element

Learning a new energy healing modality has Caitlin and Violet back in the role of student this week! See how they dealt with self confidence issues surfacing and practice sessions that went awry.

This episode is for anyone who is or has been a student of a new or evolving healing practice.

Self Care for Energy Healers

The topic of self care has been coming up a lot over this year in 2020 especially, but I think this is a topic that we need to be looking at all the time.

Especially for those of us that are here  serving others and are holding space for people sometimes in their most heavy moments, we really need to be looking at what is self care for me, and what actually works moment-to-moment to make sure I'm feeling my best and can continue to be of service?

Today we're talking about 4 reasons why...

Navigating Controversy Part 2

In this episode we are continuing the topic of navigating controversy as a light worker. Caitlin shares real, tangible ways we can have the tough conversations with the people in our lives--without it going in the direction of a polarizing fight. Following these principles we can start to open up to authentic, heart-based interactions that create real shifts for others, whether they identify as spiritual or not.

As a bonus, Caitlin breaks down the first 12 dimensional lenses in the human body, as well as the exact steps she teaches all her students and uses herself to clear...

Navigating Controversy Part 1

How many of us are truly thriving in the world right now? Probably not many, if our news and social media feeds are any indication.

Are all the movements and protests right now making a positive difference? Or, are they just further entrenching us into the trauma responses and Akashic cycles we've been experiencing throughout human history?

In Part 1 of this discussion, Caitlin talks about her experience with racism and how as StarSeeds and Healers, we have to start looking at things differently than we may have ever considered if we're going to move as...

Your Life Purpose into 2021 with Bashar and Yeshua

What is your life purpose? Why doesn't Earth feel like home? And what's coming up for humanity into 2021? Will there be open contact? What about the affect of media on our children and how do we support them (and ourselves) in such a dualistic society?

This episode was taken from a Facebook live Caitlin did answering questions back at the beginning of June 2020 in her free group, the Starseed Accelerator. In it she shares her channeled guidance and predictions from two well-known Beings: Bashar and Yeshua.

The StarSeed Identity

What does it mean to be a StarSeed? And what is your purpose as a StarSeed here on Earth at this point in time? 

Discovering you might be an Arcturian, Sirian, Pleiadian, Angelic, Orion, or some other kind of galactic being can be temporarily freeing, but then what? What do you do with that? There's really not a lot of great info out there on how to navigate this new awareness that's not highly distorted. 

In this episode, which was snagged from a Facebook live Caitlin did back at the end of May 2020...