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What The Politics is a weekly podcast show dedicated to exploring issues that matter. Hosted by two journalists, each episode will explore topics trending in the political arena. This podcast will offer a bipartisan platform to the listener, supported with information by experts and enlightened by experiences of the average voter. New episodes every Tuesday. Subscribe and join the conversation!

President Biden’s first 100 days

President Biden officially completed his first 100 days in office on April 29. The first 100 days of a presidency are filled with executive orders, new policies, campaign tours, and more. In this week’s episode, we analyze Biden’s first 100 days, what he’s done, and what it could mean for the next four years.

The 2008 financial crisis, who or what’s to blame

The financial crisis of 2008 was one of the hardest things many Americans have had to go through economically. Many are still dealing with those burdens today. We are joined by American journalist and author Bethany McLean to discuss this period in time and what happened.

The Afghan War, analyzing American wars

This year will mark 20 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our country. In this week's podcast, we want to examine America's war legacy and how it came to be.

One for the books...the untold stories of American presidents

Join us this week as we examine what makes a great president. Is it being a good speaker? Is it being a good writer? Or, is it both?

North Carolina Politics: a paradox throughout history

Many, like journalist Rob Christensen, have called it a paradox. How does a state vote for Donald Trump, Thom Tillis and then Roy Cooper? An expert tell us it has been this way for over 50 years.

Civil rights across the years and litigation

On this episode of “What The Politics?!” we speak with Dr. Irving L. Joyner, a professor of law at North Carolina Central University. He is a well-respected lawyer about past and present Civil Rights movements.

Life as a congressional intern

In this week's episode of “What The Politics?!” we explore what it’s like to work as an intern in Washington, D.C.

The economics of COVID-19 down the road

In this week's episode, we speak with an economist who helps us analyze the long-term effects the pandemic continues to have on the economy and how it could pan-out in the future.

A look into the opioid epidemic with NC Attorney General Josh Stein

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein joins the podcast to talk about the opioid epidemic and what is being done to combat the problem in the state.

The future of the GOP and the divisions in the Democratic Party

Presidential Powers, Executive Orders and the Civil War

The John Locke Foundation: Addressing state and federal policy

Join Emily Cervarich and Victoria Holmes for their latest podcast, which includes a conversation with a member of The John Locke Foundation and their discussion on state and federal policy.

Analyzing the First Amendment

In this week's episode of What The Politics?!, we follow and discuss the former president's second impeachment trial. We speak with a law and First Amendment expert about the rights laid out in the First Amendment and what they really break down to.

Special edition: Cyber Security – extremist groups, social media and personal privacy

Cybersecurity expert Bryce Webster-Jacobsen joins the podcast. Webster-Jacobsen is the Director of Intelligence Operations at GroupSense, an information security company based out of Washington D.C.

Cyber Security – extremist groups, social media and personal privacy

Cybersecurity expert Bryce Webster-Jacobsen joins the podcast. Webster-Jacobsen is the Director of Intelligence Operations at GroupSense, an information security company based out of Washington D.C.

The Lincoln Project

On this week’s episode of What The Politics?! we dive into the group known as the Lincoln Project. Many people know them as the “Anti-Trump” group. Or you might have seen their trivial yet infamous ads targeting Republican lawmakers and the former president using humor and strategies learned through working on campaigns. But there is a lot more to it than that.

Conspiracy theories

Area 51, 9/11, Bigfoot, UFO’s, Princess Diana’s mysterious death, and the moon landing. What do all these have in common? They are all popular conspiracy theories that have gained traction over the years. But where do these conspiracy theories come from? And is there any truth behind them?

Putting the D.C. riots into historical context

On this week's episode of What The Politics?!, we speak with Dr. William L Barney, a history professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, to help us put the events of Jan. 6 into context. We explore similar situations in American history and what lead up to them, as well as exploring ideas on how to move forward. We discuss why it’s important to know and understand our history, so we don’t repeat it.

Meeting local leaders - Greenville Mayor P.J. Connelly

In this week’s episode of What The Politics?!, we continue our series of speaking with local leaders and representatives. This week, we speak with Greenville Mayor P.J. Connelly.

Meeting local representatives: NC State Rep. Brian Farkas

Emily and Victoria sit down to talk with Brian Farkas of North Carolina's District 9 to discuss his campaign and issues he wants to address while in office. Also how young energy brings a new enthusiasm to the political field

National Security; transparency and legal issues

In this week’s episode, we venture a little deeper and discuss national security as a whole.

Whistleblowers; legalities and nuances

In this episode of What The Politics?!, we dive into the legalities and nuances surrounding whistleblowing. Whistleblowing can happen on various levels, from a part-time employee making a complaint to HR, to a government insider coming forward about corruption and fraud. So why is whistleblowing important, or is it? Why do whistleblowers go through all that trouble just to come forward?

COVID vaccine tests, bioethics and public policy

The COVID-19 vaccine is one of the most anticipated medical treatments in recent years. With a vaccine candidate inching closer to approval, questions are forming beyond the vaccine's effectiveness. Join us on this episode of What The Politics?! as we discuss the moral dilemmas surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, ethical issues in public policy, and how the US determines the first candidates.

Leadership during a pandemic

The challenges of the pandemic have been overwhelming - from losing loved ones, jobs, and struggling with isolation. How do leaders respond to the call of this challenge? This week Victoria and Emily sit down with Dr. Mandy Cohen, the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). How do leaders respond to the call of this challenge? What are the conversations that go on behind the scenes, beyond the weekly press conferences from the state? These are just some of the questions we ask Dr. Cohen, who leads the state's COVID-19 taskforce.

What The Politics?! Ep. 10: Church and state ... how separate are they?

Is church and state really separate in our political atmosphere? We wanted to know what role religion plays for both candidates and voters.

What The Politics?! Ep. 9: Social media and the recent election

Over the past few elections, social media has become more and more prevalent. And there’s no doubt it held a large role in this year's presidential election.

Building relationships across the aisle

Last week was one of the most divisive Presidential Elections of our lifetime. And it still isn’t totally over. As we move forward, and as a new political party may soon take hold of the White House, the question is...how do we bridge those gaps across the political aisle now? Victoria and Emily are joined by CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Major Garrett to discuss. New episodes every Tuesday. Join the conversation!

Political Interests Groups, Lobbyists

Victoria and Emily are joined by Dr. Peter Francia, a professor of political science and director of the Center for Survey Research at East Carolina University. Dr. Francia tells us the role political interest groups and lobbyists have in our democracy, and how they influence election outcomes.

Questions about voting, the process, and more

We asked you, the listener, to write to us here at What The Politics?! with your questions, concerns, and comments about voting and the voting process this year. And we brought on a specialist to help answer those questions. Victoria and Emily are joined this episode by Trey Cash, Director for Greene County’s Board of Elections.

Political Advertising: A Serious Business

Political advertising is a serious business. But, the methods and content aren't always so serious. Between questionable ethics and the rise of technological tools, political advertisements are blurring the line between fair accusations to misleading attacks. Victoria and Emily are joined by Dr. Mary Brinson, a Political Scientist and Communications professor from the University of San Diego, to discuss the nature of political advertisements in modern-day elections.

Civic Participation and Influence

In today's political stage, civic participation is more important than ever. Attending protests, voting, participating in petitions, paying taxes, and more. So what is pushing people into civic engagement? Is it positive affirmations of candidates and their policies? Or is it an injustice and a want for a change? Victoria and Emily chat with Asher D. Hildebrand, Associate Professor of the Practice in the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. Before joining the Sanford faculty, Hildebrand served for nearly 15 years in Congress and on political campaigns. Including working as the Director of Policy and Research for President Barack...

Covering Politics in DC

Tensions between media and government leaders appear to be at an all-time high. With a divisive congress and two major political parties growing towards the opposite ends of the political spectrum, many political reporters are having to address new challenges surrounding facts and unbias writing. Victoria and Emily sit down with Raquel Martin, a DC Bureau political reporter, and talk about covering the Capitol in the time of fake news and social media.

The Impact of Presidential Debates

The Presidential debates are underway, with more than 100 million expected viewers expected to watch the first debate. Voters will tune in from all over the country, but do debates actually sway and inform voters about candidates, or are voters minds already made up? Victoria and Emily sit down with Dr. Peter Francia, a political science professor at ECU, and talk about the history of debates in America and its impacts on voters.


Victoria and Emily are kicking off the first episode with Dr. Jonathan Morris, a professor of political science at East Carolina University. Today’s topic is about civil discussion, looking back on how America became polarized, what role citizens have in political discourse, and what steps we can take as a country to become more united.

An Introduction to What The Politics?!

What is "What The Politics" all about? A quick look at what voters (especially younger ones) need to know about the political system. This podcast will help those learn about politics in a civil and engaging way.