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Thrive Thru is a mental health and self help platform, delivering engaging content with influence, impact and insight.Thrive Thru is an initiative aimed at transforming the media landscape of mental health with creative content and engaging insights.

Why music is amazing for your mental health? (Music/Mind Series)

Catherine Hunter and Matt Bryan discuss how music can play a crucial role in looking about your mental wellbeing.

In this episode, Thrive Thru explores:

- Introduction to this mini-series
- The benefits music brings to your life
- The different roles listening, playing and writing has in your mental health
- What is music nostalgia?
- How music can be your therapy
- Being expressive and doing it for YOU

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Helping the underprivileged youth - with Nik - the man behind Higher Self

Matt Bryan meets founder of Higher Self Nik to discuss the problems facing the underprivileged youth of today.

In this episode, Thrive Thru explores:

- How different backgrounds put teens more at risk
- Higher Self's demographic - the 'troubled' youth of Glasgow
- Understanding someone's story and how to help
- Mental health in troubled backgrounds
- Higher Self projects
- Classes of youth and how they're viewed
- Making kids believe they're enough - and can thrive!<...

The pressures of body image on mental health

Rebecca Garrett joins Catherine Hunter and Matt Bryan to discuss the relationship between body image and mental health.

In this episode, Thrive Thru explores:

- How body image affects mental health
- What is 'healthy body image'?
- Healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with body image issues
- The open discussion of eating disorders
- The media's role in affecting body habits and aspirations
- It's YOUR journey - do what's healthy for YOU!

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New lockdown another blow to mental health as pandemic worsens

Catherine Hunter and Matt Bryan discuss the latest lockdown and impact it's already having on mental health.

In this episode, Thrive Thru explores:

- The latest strain on wellness as Covid crisis worsens
- The deflating impact of lockdown on mental health
- Why this lockdown is harder to bear
- Schools closing
- 'The worst January blues ever'
- Covid stress and anxiety
- We can still stay focussed on our 2021 goals
- Ways to look after yourself and each other during lockdown

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Dealing with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder); Covid anxiety; and school pandemic safety

Catherine Hunter and Matt Bryan discuss SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and extra strains of beating the 'winter blues' during a pandemic.

In this episode, Thrive Thru explores:

- What is SAD and how to cope with it?
- Understanding Vitamin D deficiency and how it affects mood in winter
- Scotland's suicide statistics
- Has Covid created a new anxiety in young people?
- The impact schools staying open has on pupils and safety

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Looking after young people's mental health (Empower teens growth mindset) - with Coach Talia

Matt Bryan meets Jay Shetty Certification School graduate Coach Talia who discusses mental health in young people.

In this episode, Thrive Thru explores:

- Coaching young people
- Recognising problems in the youth
- Growing up with challenges and self discovery
- Tackling negative conditioning and social pressures
- Difference of school plans during Covid
- Is blended learning providing better balance for children's mental health?
- New childhood anxiety from Covid
- Social Emotional Learning
- Vulnerabilities make you a strong person
- Using your...

Exercise and mental health: Celebrate all wins! - with Louise Volpe

Catherine Hunter discusses the benefits of exercise on our mental health with health and wellness coach Louise Volpe.

In this episode, Thrive Thru explores:
- What benefits exercise brings to our mind.
- The benefits of the 'exercise community'.
- How to celebrate all wins.
- Why it's important as a mum to be active and healthy.

Why we need Mindfulness Days at work to look after our mental health

Catherine Hunter and Matt Bryan discuss why we need Mindfulness Days in the workplace.
In this episode, the team discuss:
- What are Mindfulness Days?
- Ways to practice mindfulness
- Approaching your work with a mental health issue
- What changes could be made to the mental health at work process?
- What would a day for your mental health look like?
- Self care; Self love; Self kindness
- Some free resources to get started

Reprogramming your life and Attacking depression - with Rickey Getwood Jr

Life coach from the Jay Shetty Certification School Rickey Getwood Jr discusses transforming your mind to reprogram your life.
Rickey opens up on:
- Attempting suicide
- Attacking depression by going all in
- How perfection is an illusion
- Working hard on good habits
- Consistency
- Building resilience
- Battles with fitness and achieving goals

Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs - with Shafaq Tirmizi & Kusum Basavaraju

Thrive Thru contributors gather to talk about life coaching and mental health.
Recent graduates of the Jay Shetty Certification School, Shafaq Tirmizi and Kusum Basavaraju open up on their journeys which led them to helping others thrive.

In this episode, the panel discuss:

- Self limiting beliefs
- Awareness and structure
- Introverts and Extroverts
- Authenticity and self discovery
- Being secure with insecurities
- Depression
- Normalising help for mental health

Giving mental health a voice

Thrive Thru Podcast - Episode 1: Giving mental health a voice

Founders of Thrive Thru Catherine Hunter and Matt Bryan sit down to discuss mental health after the recent launch of the platform.


In this introductory episode, the team discuss:

- Mental health in the media
- Is it underrepresented?
- Impact Influence Insight
- Self improvement
- Giving a voice; Making a difference
- The role of policy
- Mindfulness days in the workplace