Doc Jacques: Your Addiction Lifeguard

40 Episodes

By: Dr. Jacques de Broekert

Confronting all things addiction from a clinical perspective for the average listener. Demystifying the disease of addiction and the insanity of subtance use as a primary coping mechanism for trauma. Exploring just what makes an addict an addict and what and how to help. Hosted by expert clinicians and those in recovery to get the real story.

You Are Actually Destroying Your Brain By Drinking
Last Monday at 7:00 PM

Finally, proof that drinking damages the brain discovered through an extensive study of grey matter and white matter volume of those who drink alcohol. And it is worse than we thought. 

Observing Without Reacting

Yes it's once again the topic of observe don't absorb. Getting reactive due to taking on others issues is always an issue. 

Change is gonna come. But whose change?

We all need to change, but addicts love to change the world around them as a means to get sober but that may not be the right approach.

The Doc Jacques Institute of Higher Unlearning

Learning a new narrative about yourself requires you to unlearn the existing, false narrative learned through conditioning through trauma as a child. Welcome to the Institute of Higher Unlearning.

Step 10: Instant Change of Your Defects

Step 10 requires constant vigilance to understand your flaws and defects and to make changes to them in real time. 

Why Do I Need 12 Step Meetings?

If you don't know why you should do 12 Step meetings let me give some reasons. They are important to you getting clean and sober. 

THC: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

If you think that using THC is without harmful effects, think again.

Step 9 The Follow-up To Healing Yourself

How to make Step 9 not so challenging and have it seem to difficult to do. Make it about healing rather than shaming. Be fearless and just do it. 

Step 9: A Step Towards Cleansing

Step 9 is one that needs you to be fearless in your approach to your wrong doing and will make the biggest change in your recovery. 

Did You Mislabel Your Trauma?

When you experience trauma sometimes it can mislabeled and dismissed as not an issue when in fact it is most likely the reason for your addiction. 

What Is Rehab?

What exactly is rehab anyway? What can you expect from it and what do they expect from you? 

Step Eight: The Step That Requires You To Find Courage

Confronting your past mistakes and approaching others to confront those mistakes requires both courage and resolve. Be prepared for a difficult task. 

The Prodigal Child

Are you a prodigal son or daughter? Do you know what that even means? Find out on this episode. 

Being Humble: Step Seven

Being  humble means your gonna have to put down the arrogance and pick up some humility.

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Special Guest Paul Mozo

Paul is an old friend and has recently become sober for the first time in many years. He has followed a path the recovery that has taken many turns and you could learn something from his story. 

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Step Five: The Revealing Of Your Garbage

Step Five is the stepping stone to all the other steps in recovery and is vital to being able to be forgiven for your crazy garbage that you have done. 

Need or Want In Recovery: What's The Difference

Is there a difference between needing and wanting recovery? Yes there is and it's a bigger difference than you think.

Surrender Defined

What exactly is surrendering to anything and especially in recovery? I am going to definethe term surrender for you. 

What Exactly Is An Intervention?

If you have ever wondered what an intervention is, this is it? 

Drug Vaccines: The Newest Misguided Addiction Treatment

What has big pharma now devised as the best cutting edge treatment for addiction? Another drug of course.

Did You Grow Up With A Personality Disorderdered Person In Your Life?

If you have someone in your life that is behaving like they have a personality disorder it is more likely than not to be effecting your addiction and impacting your recovery. 

Let It Go: But What Are You Letting Go Of?

I hear clients always saying that they wat to let it go. The problem is they wat to let go of the wrong thing. Let me help you understand what you should actually be letting go of in recovery. 

How To Surrender To Recovery

You surrender to addiction and it seems to have happened easily, so how do you surrender to recovery? 

New Coping Mechanisms: The Key To Recovery

Recovery is not about purpose it's about coping with being uncomfortable. Don't confuse purpose with coping. 

Drug Seeking Behaviors Contribute To Addiction

Drug Seeking Behaviors Contribute To Addiction. A new study finds that this may be contributing to addiction. Really? This is new to the medical community? Are you kidding?

Let's Talk About Recovery With Special Guest Scott

More wisdom about addiction and how to get into recovery and stay there with Scott. 

Special Guest: Scott Joins In Again

Hear more of the words off wisdom from my special guest Scott. He has been in recovery for years and now joins me in the fight against addiction. 

Special Guest: Scott The Recovery/Addiction Specialist

Let's hear from an expert in the field of addiction and recovery. Scott has years of addictio, sobriety, and clinical experience to teach us a few things about addiction. 

The Recovery Treatment System Is Broken

Why is it so expensive to get residential treatment? And who is driving up those costs or is it just a game that is being played by treatment programs or perhaps is there something else that is at play here? 

What Needs To Change For You To Recover From Alcohol Addiction?

Just what do you need to change in order to successfully  recovery from alcohol addiction? 

How Do Men And Women Differ In Approaching Recovery?

There are differences in how men and women approach and experience recovery.

Doc Jacques: Guard Shorts Episode 1

These short episodes are hopefully something that you can hear that will give you something to think about in your daily attempt at recovery. If you don't have time to listen to a full episode of Doc Jacques then listen to these shortened episodes. A short thought for the day about the role of relationships in your recovery. 

Step Seven: Where Higher Power Meets The Road

Turn It Over. How do you turn it over if there is no higher power to turn it over to? There is a higher power for you to turn to. 

Where Does Addiction Come From?

Listen to the wise words of a master of treating addiction, Gabor Mate. 

COVID Burnout

How are you dealing with COVID and the stress of it all? 

Step 6: The Waiting Room Of Recovery

Step 2: Realize You Can Not Do It Alone

Realizing that you are not going to find the answer inside yourself but need some guidance in your recovery is a big step forward towards sobriety.

Step Five In Your Recovery

Let's talk about Step Five. What is Step Five and why is it a challenge to do? 

Pots Legal Now! Great, Let's All Get Stoned.

I am bracing for a tidal wave of addiction issues and clients now that pot is legal. If you think it's going to be no big deal you should think again. 

The Switch In My Head

Do you have trouble with impulsive usage of a drug of choice? Did you know that you have a switch in your head that is either on or off, when you really thought you had a volume control? Learn how that switch affects you?