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And Go For Him
Last Thursday at 5:00 AM

Brandon Trott And Go For Him Isaiah 6:1-13

Going For God(It Was Never About People)
Last Wednesday at 5:00 AM

Brandon Trott Going For God(It Was Never About People) Isaiah 6:8-13

Raised To Reign

Brandon Trott Raised to Reign Romans 5:17

Every Idle Word

Brandon Trott Wednesday Night Service 3/24/21 Hebrews 4:12-13

All One, By The One: Paul's Final Contrast And Closing Argument

Pastor Brandon Trott Gal 6:11-18 Sunday Morning 3/28/21

All One, By The One: Don't Stop Investing In The Body Of Christ

Pastor Brandon Trott Gal 6:1-10 Sunday Morning 3/21/21

All One, By The One: The Fruits Of A Dynamic Relationship With The Holy Spirit

Pastor Brandon Trott Gal 5:16-26 Sunday Morning 3/7/21

Peace Bro Jeff Lee 3-14-21

Guess speaker Jeff Lee From First New Testament Church in Baton Rouge talks about having peace in difficult situations in this world and how Jesus is the one who brings us peace

Having The Mind Of Christ Bro Daniel Pina 2-28-21

Pastor Daniel teaches about having the mind of Christ and that he wants to transform us into him

All One, By The One: Don't Get It Twisted

[Gal. 5:7-15] This text moves through three different issues, 1) the Galatians being hindered in obeying the truth 2) Paul dispelling a claim that he still preaches the need of circumcision, and 3) the notion that those who claim to stand in the gospel of grace can behave in fleshly ways towards others. All of this serves to show that a false gospel always spreads confusion into every aspect of Christian life.

All One; By The One: Standing In The Liberty Of The Gospel Brandon Trott 2-7-21

Gal. 5:1-6 As Paul concludes his Scriptural arguments for New Covenant believer’s freedom from the law of Moses, he erupts with a command for the Galatians to refuse to be bound by the law. To wrap up this section, he gives a preview of his argument for how believers live holy lives apart from the law - by faith working through love.

All One; By The One (Rejecting The Contradiction) Brandon Trott 1-30-21

Paul now turns to the contrasting narrative of Hagar and Sarah, Ishmael and Isaac to illustrate how those under the law are in bondage and those under grace are free. He further points to the conflict between these half brothers to point out that those who live under the law are naturally antagonistic towards those who are free in Christ because they despise their freedom and status. Therefore as Abraham had to cast out Hagar and Ishmael to end the conflict in his home, true believers must cast out legalizers who would cause division in the church and put believers...

All One; By The One The Appeal Of A Heartbroken Father Brandon Trott 1-24-21

[Gal. 4:12-20] The Appeal of a Heartbroken Father: Paul passionately but loving addresses the believers in the region of Galatia. He lets them know how hurt, rejected and confused they have caused him to be. He does this, not for self pity, but to show them how their compromise has even affected their relationship with him. This text prompted Pastor Brandon to repent for not addressing his disappointments with the church. It made him realize he had failed to lead the body as he should have; and he confessed that not doing so caused him to have undue offenses with...

Thy Word 2021 Daniel Pina 1-20-21

Psalms 119:105 There have been a lot of information going on right now and a lot division in this world but we as Christians need to be sober minded and keep our eyes Jesus to get us through these tough days

The Work Of The Body Of Jesus Christ Brand Trott 12-30-20

The plan of God for this world is the church to be a witness to the world and how it needs to work together to share Jesus 

The Birth Of Christ 12/20/20 Brandon Trott

Pastor Brandon talks about the true meaning of Christmas 

Will You Have A Story To Tell Ross Kibodeaux 12-27-20

Brother Ross Kibodeaux fill in for Pastor Brandon while out of town 

Steps Of A Righteous Man Jeff Lee 1-17-21

Psalm 37:24-25, John 11 If we are saved our feet are ordered by God to walk by him, because we are saved he tells us where to go and he allows stuff to happen to test us and to give him glory but in the trial he will stand by us because we are call righteous by Jesus and he will get the glory

All One; By The One: Salves To The Elements Instand Of Heirs Bro Brandon 1-3-21

Gal. 4:8-11) The Apostle Paul makes the interesting point that gentile believers removing their faith from Christ alone to their observance of the law as their means of justification is a return to the same bondage they were in while they were idolators. He does this in a way that doesn’t denigrate the law, but rather shows that this is a misuse of the law.

Daniel Impact On A Pagan Culture

Daniel 1 Daniel was a young man taken away from his family into a land he didn’t know, the only thing he knew were his three friends that was taken with him, but even in a strange land Daniel held on to his faith and because of it he influence everyone around him. We as believers need to be a light in this dark word and influence the people in a pagan culture

All one by the one: Graduation to sonship. Brandon Trott 12-6-20

Gal 4:1-7 Our study this week focuses on a analogy that Paul uses to describe the law as a temporary institution, which utilized material resources (sacrifices, temples, calendars) to keep and train God’s covenant people as they waited for the Messiah. Those who were willing to be trained and matured by these tools received Jesus the Messiah and graduated to sonship. Jesus was born under the law to purchase us from our slavery and to give us all the rights of an heir of God. To this new status and privilege the Spirit bears witness.

Impacting A Pagan Culture Pastor Daniel 12-2-20

Daniel 1:18-21 Pastor Daniel Teaches the church that no matter our age that we need to be a light and do what God says in a pagan world

All One, By The One: All Sons, All One

Gal 3:23-29 Pastor Brandon walks us through the historically and culturally based illustrations that Paul uses to describe the past function of the law, that of a Guardian/Schoolmaster. According to this analogy, the law both kept (from going astray) and imprisoned (under a sin-debt) God’s chosen people Israel until Christ could come to justify them/us. But now that Christ has come, God’s people enjoy the status of Sonship and the Guardian is no longer needed. Because of this new status all ethnic/economic/social barriers are broken down and all who believe in Jesus are united in t...

What Is In Your Hand Asher Webber 11-22-20

Exodus 4:2-6 In this sermon Pastor Webber teaches us that we serve a supernatural God and that he wants to use us for his glory, but if we run from the call of God he will make a way for his will to be done, might even use something you say can’t be used

All One; By The One: The Law vs The Promise

Gal 3:15-22 Pastor Brandon teaches us about how God’s original covenant relationship with Abraham could not be superseded or changed by the covenant made through Moses; the one with Abraham had terms and conditions of blessings based on faith in promises, while the one with Moses had terms and conditions based on fulfillment of righteous standards. The law given by Moses (as opposed to the covenant made directly with Abraham without a meditator) was intended to keep Israel accountable to God until the Messiah Jesus could come to bring a better covenant. .

Being Wish Against The Schemes of the Devil Pastor Brandon Trott 11-11-20

1 Sam 11:1-2 In this service pastor Brandon teaches the body of Christ that the Devil will try to take you over with schemes and trick you to make you fall but if we call on Jesus and ask him to help us so we can resist the devil and he will flee but only by Jesus and the prayers of others believers

All One; By The One: A Crash Course In The Curse

Pastor Brandon teaches us about how the curse of the law is upon every person who tries to base their relationship with God upon their performance of keeping and doing the works of the law, how that curse is fair and just, and how we become righteous and blessed by our faith. This ultimately leads us to the blessing of being reunited with God by receiving His Spirit as a benefit of Jesus obedience on our behalf. .

The Prayer Of Faith Brandon Trott 11-4-20

James 5:13-18 In this service pastor Brandon teachers the church how as believers if we believe by faith that God will answer our prayer by standing on his promises, trusting in the Lord, with a conviction of the spirit that your claiming biblical promises, and submitting to his perfect will your prayer has power and by that God will answer because you believed

All One; By The One: "Rebuking, Reasoning, Reassuring" Brandon Trott 11/1/20

Gal. 3:1-9 Pastor Brandon shows how the Apostle Paul rebukes the Churches of Galatia for allowing the circumcision faction to bewitch them into believing another gospel, he reasons with them about God's work in their lives before they came under the law, and reassured that they have been justified by faith and therefore have truly become a part of the Covenant Community God established through Abraham.

The Covenant Of Grace Daniel Pina 10-28-20

Hebrew 8:6 Pastor Daniel teaches us about God’s covenant of Grace and how it was always the way the Lord wanted it from the Old Testament to the New Testament

All One; By The One: Death And Life Brandon Trott 10-25-20

Gal 2:19-21 Pastor Brandon takes us to the end of chapter Two in Galatians, where Paul tells the testimony of how he died to the law through the law - that by the law’s perfect moral standard, he realized he was a sinner and died to any hope of achieving righteousness on his own. But he was united to Christ by faith and was raised to live on the merits of Christ’s righteousness. As a result Paul refused to live as though the cross was not affective and therefore without meaning. https://www.newb...

All One; By The One: The Gospel is above all authority of men Brandon Trott 10-18-20

Gal 2:11-18 Pastor Brandon continue his teachings of Galatians going into depth about why Paul disagreed with Peter and how we don’t live by law but by faith in Christ and that alone is the way we are saved

The Peace Of God Grace Larson Brumley 10-17-20

Phil 4:6-9 Sister Grace Larson Brumley teaches the ladies of the church that the devil will try to place fear in your heart but you have to trust the Lord to remove the fear and when you do that you will have the peace of God

The Redemptive Heart Of God Brandon Trott 10-14-20

Hosea 1:2-10, 2:23 Pastor Brandon teaches the church how we as believers can relate to God as a loving father who disciplines, punishes, and judges sin but he is also a merciful God and he is always longing to redeem the believer

Our Identity In Christ 10-7-20 Daniel Pina

Phil 3:4-10 Pastor Daniel tonight talks about our identity that we have in Christ and we have this identity by his sacrifice on the Cross

All One; By The One: Paul Defends The Content Of His Gospel: From Jesus And Not Man Part 1 Sunday 10-4-20 Brandon Trott

Gal 1:11-24, 2:1-10 Pastor Brandon brings a close to chapter 1 and enters into chapter 2 of Galatians. In this passage, Paul brings out autobiographical events to show that Jesus gave Paul the revelation of the Gospel and how anointed men of God confirmed the truth in his gospel.

Astonishing Guilt, Astonishing Judgment, Astonishing Mercy. Brandon Trott 9-30-20

Acts 13:38-52 Pastor Brandon talks about how we as believers have promises in the gospel Of Salvation and blessing but at the same time there is gospel threats, that there is only one way to heaven and there is no other way also that the wages of sin is death but we must remember that even with the threats there is God’s mercy for us

Great Victories In Unlikely Places 9-27-20 Ross Kibodeaux

1st Samuel 17:13-22, 17:26-37 Guess Speaker Ross Kibodeaux speaks to the church about how God will use people that others might not think are qualified to do the job, and when God calls a individual he might not put them in the position that he called them to, but he will allow you to go through trials and tribulations to face brokenness so God can get the glory and we will rely and trust him so we can walk in all his promises to have victory in unlikely places.

Society Supported Or Scorched By Our Speech 9-23-20 Brandon Trott

Pro 11:11 Pastor Brandon brings us to the word to talk about how we as believers have power to uplift a society or bring it down with our words

Serve The Lord Only And He Will Deliver You Adam Denoon 9-20-20

1st Samuel 8:4-9 Guess speaker Adam Denoon from Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, talks about how we as believers need to serve God through the covenant to get his blessing of the covenant such as healing, victory, and salvation but if we start to put other things in front of the covenant like Israel did we will lose the blessings of the covenant