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By: Franz Sidney

A podcast dedicated to sharing actionable steps we can take to improve our well being and mental health, so we can create the life we want!

Build up your teen ager with these tools

Is your teen's behaviour baffling you? Have "experts" thrown medication at the problem as the only solution? Before you reach for the prescription pad, hit play on this episode.

We're joined by veteran counsellor and hypnotherapist Rick Cardwell for a deep dive into the wild world of adolescence. We'll explore what's truly "normal" teenage behaviour (hint: it involves a lot of change and confusion) and when to seek professional help. Often, a listening ear and a deeper understanding are the real prescriptions for long-term success.

We'll also follow the inspiring story of a client whose "...

Moon Magic: Owning Your Power with the Lunar Cycle (Even Without One!)

Feeling like you're on an emotional rollercoaster with your productivity taking a nosedive? You're not alone! This episode explores the fascinating world of the moon cycle and its influence on women's temperament, mood, attitude, mindset, energy, and capacity to act. We'll be joined by expert Heidi Maddy, who sheds light on how aligning with the moon phases can unlock a whole new level of success and fulfilment – even if you don't have a menstrual cycle yourself!

Learn how to harness the power of the new moon, tap into the focused energy of the waxing crescent, and navigate th...

Craving Control: Break Free From Food Addiction

Struggling with uncontrollable cravings and emotional eating? You're not alone. This episode dives deep into the science behind food addiction, exploring the link between physiology, psychology, and those persistent cravings.  Join Confidence Coach and Emotional Eating Specialist Maria Lipuma as she unveils the surprising reasons why we turn to food for comfort, and more importantly, how to break free from this cycle.  Learn how to manage stress, regulate your emotions, and develop healthier habits to create a lasting change in your relationship with food.  Discover how to reclaim control and finally conquer your cravings – for good!

Any quest...

Self-Sabotage Slayer: Break Free and Own Your Success

Feeling stuck?  Successful on paper, yet battling a lack of motivation and a nagging sense of "what if"?  You're not alone.  This episode tackles the often-hidden phenomenon of self-sabotage, the sneaky ways we block our own happiness and growth.  Join us as expert Helen Marie exposes the subtle behaviours that hold us back and reveals the surprising lack of motivation lurking behind them.

We'll discuss a real-life example – a mid-40s, single male in finance who, despite his success, found himself procrastinating on a career-boosting certification and struggling with anger in uncontrollable situations.  

Learn how to iden...

Taming the Overwhelm for Single Parent Bosses

"I Can Do It All!" (But Maybe Not Today): Taming the Overwhelm for Single Parent Bosses

Feeling Overwhelmed as a Single Parent Entrepreneur? You're Not Alone!

Remember those early days with your tiny baby? Now imagine juggling that with a full-time business - as a single parent! Kirsten Smith, a business coach and single mom veteran, knows exactly how complex (and crazy) that can be.

The truth is, millions of single parents are out there hustling to make ends meet, often without a support system.  This episode is designed for YOU.


Healing After Divorce: Free & Simple Tools to Get You Back on Your Feet

Divorce can feel like a storm cloud hovering over your entire family. Security, comfort, and loyalty can feel swept away, leaving you wondering how to pick up the pieces.

But you're not alone!

This episode is your lifeline, packed with practical tools to navigate the rough seas of separation and divorce.  We'll be joined by Krystallee Lalsin, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Relationship & Family Therapist, who will guide you through:


The Family Fallout: Understanding the impact of divorce on everyone involved. Talking to Your Kids: Effective communication strategies to minimise their trauma. Self-Care Sa...

Rebuild your self esteem and eliminate toxic thoughts with these tools

Are you looking for answers and daily tools to help you with your feelings of being lost, lacking purpose, feeling you are not enough and even self sabotaging your own success? This interview will give you all that and much more. 

Join us as Madgalena Lyle takes us to a journey into the emotions that block our success and inner harmony. Using channeling, RTT, and advanced conversational hypnosis, Magdalena unveils the reasons why we simply cannot move on and live the life we really want, and the fact that they are inside ourselves.

Using tools t...

Decoded: The Dating Scammer Unveiled - How to Find Love, Not Lies

Worried about online dating scams? This episode pulls back the curtain on the world of dating scammers, revealing their tactics, motivations, and red flags you can't miss.

Dating expert Renata Gomide reveals:

The surprising profile of scammers: Discover why even intelligent, successful individuals fall victim to their sophisticated manipulation. Their long game: Learn how scammers strategically build relationships over months, exploiting vulnerabilities with calculated "tragedies." Beyond the catfish: We explore the use of AI and deepfakes, making it harder than ever to discern genuine connections online. Unmasking the truth: Gain practical tools to identify inconsistencies, navigate...

Love in the Digital Age: How to Find Real Connections, and detect Scammers on the way

Ready for Love in the age of apps? This podcast interview dives deep with Renata Gomide, a hypnotherapist with a past work experience at 

We'll navigate the exciting (and sometimes tricky) world of online dating!

Behind the Scenes: Dating has gone digital! Learn how dating platforms work and what happens to your data. Love or Scam? We'll unveil red flags to watch out for and strategies to avoid online scammers. The Right Mindset: Dating online requires a healthy dose of realism. Learn how to approach online dating with confidence and a critical eye. Finding "T...

From Cancer Survivor to Health Anxiety Coach: Breaking Free from the Cycle of Fear

Struggling with constant worry about your health? You're not alone. Join health anxiety coach Amy Caldwell, a breast cancer survivor who understands the dark side of fearing the worst. In this episode, Amy shares her personal journey and reveals powerful tools, including acceptance therapy and NLP, to help you break free from the cycle of health anxiety and reclaim your life. Learn how to manage your thoughts, improve the mind-body connection, and reclaim your power.

Amy dives into the dangers of constantly searching online for health information and equips you with healthier coping mechanisms. You might find...