99th Episode

28 Episodes

By: Sean and Paul

Sean and Paul discuss the movies, comics, music, and toys that we love, and how we behave, as a fan, towards the things we like. Cool stuff, life lessons, and other random topics is the bill of goods for this show.

28th: Ten X-Men

Paul and Sean can always talk about X-Men, so they choose ten of their favorites to discuss. Which X-men and X-Women will make the cut? Also, a quick diversion to talk about Cobra Kai and The Toys That Made Us.

27th: Interrogation!

Paul and Sean interrogate each other with important questions about comics, music, movies, video games and more. Who will crack under the pressure? Find out!

26th: Better Consumption

Sean catches up on his progress with Game of Thrones. We talk about streaming services and shows in general, and our wishlist of features. Also, we touch on social media and distraction. Finally, a riff on the difference between acting and performing.

GoT Mandalorian?

Sean is Finally watching Game of Thrones. Paul is finally watching Mandalorian. We catch up on our TV adventures.

24th: Watchmen and Sequels

Sean watches the Watchmen. The TV show that is. And... it didn't quite live up to the name. So, we discus sequels, and what we want out of them, and how the Watchmen TV show didn't quite work as a sequel.

23rd: 2021 Goals

We have several goals we want to achieve in 2021. What do we want to watch, read, and collect? We share our nerdy proposed accomplishments for 2021.

22nd: Best Of 2020

2020 wasn't the best of years for most of us, but we decide to look back at some of the things we enjoyed most from the year. It is our 2020 wrap up, with the best of the year!

21st: Christmas Cheer

Christmas comes this time each year! Paul and Sean reminisce about some of the greatest hits from Christmas as a child, and then transition to the traditions and things we love about Christmas now.

20th: Smorgasbord of Smorgasbords

Paul read a bunch of comics. Sean got a bunch of action figures. We both have watched a lot of TV. We talk a little bit about a lot of things.

19th: God Loves, Man Kills, We Discuss

Our most stressful conversation ever! We discuss God Loves, Man Kills, the stand alone graphic novel that is still as meaningful and relevant today as it was when it was printed 38 years ago

18th: Enigma of Amigara Fault

We read the metaphoriest of Junji Ito's stories, and discuss how we read meaning into an author's work, understanding a writer's intention, and how that informs our understanding of the stories we read. Also: Bruce Lee movies!

17th: Thanksgiving Top 10!

We are very thankful for family and friends, health, our jobs, and all those very good things we have in our lives. We are also thankful for many things more in the wheelhouse of this show, so we indulge and discuss ten things we are thankful for, ranging from comics to music to sports, and more.

16th: The Doll's House, Sandman Vol. 2

Sean and Paul discuss The Doll's House, the second volume of Sandman!

15th: Cyberpunk. Neuromancer. And Hip-Hop?

Sean has been on a Cyberpunk kick, and that has most recently included reading Neuromancer by William Gibson. Paul is a fan of underground Hip-Hop, and provides three albums to check out as an intro to the genre.

14th: Top Ten

We talk about Top Ten items! What does that mean? Tune in and see! Also, our top ten comic runs!

13th: Castles. Wars. Mutants

Paul read the first big volume of Berzerk! Sean read Hickman's X-Men! Now it is time for us to discuss.

12th: Collection Pruning & Audiobook Listening

Do you ever find your shelves overflowing with books? We do, so we discuss some of our strategies to prune the collection of the fruit that may not be as ripe as it used to be. (The fruit is a metaphor for comic books) Also, we recount our adventures in listening to Audiobooks. Does it work for you? When, and when not? We discuss the types of audiobooks that work for us and the types that don't.

11th: Sandman - Preludes & Nocturnes

Sean has some loose ends to follow up on, particularly Age of Apocalypse, Mind MGMT, and Fear Agent. For the meat of this episode we discuss the first Sandman volume, Preludes & Nocturnes, and why it is so great.

10th: Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Welcome to the physically middle aged, mentally adolescent podcast! We relive our virtual glory and dig into the remaster of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 & 2. We are having a ton of fun.

9th: Tackling The To-Read List

We have a lot of books in our pile to read, so we discuss what is upcoming for the both of us. What have we read recently, and what are we going to read next? We discuss.

8th: Mind MGMT

Mind MGMT by Matt Kindt is an exceptional comic in many ways. We discuss those many ways in this episode. We take a pit stop at the Mignolaverse on the way, with some Hellboy and BPRD discussion.

7th: Junji Ito is Terrifying

Paul read Uzumaki, and Sean read Tomie, both by Japanese comics creator Junji Ito. It is horror in the strange, disturbing sense of the genre, so we rave abotu his work. Before that, however, Sean talks about his Target adventure to find the new Cobra Island G.I. Joe Classified figures. It is an "old men being sad about toys" story, but with a happy ending. Also, Paul shares his love of the Technodrome with his son.

6th: Bad Buttons, Juggling Joes, and Drifting Dragons

We discuss Bad Idea's Button, G.I. Joe Classified and the fear of missing out, and the Drifting Dragons manga. Plus, we pack a whole lot more into the nooks and crannies of this episode. Tastes like it's got butter inside.

5th: ComicCon@Home! Home-Made MangaCon!

Sean attends ComicCon@Home! Paul builds his own Manga con! It has been a week of building appreciation for this hobby for the both of us. Also, Sean read Berserk. Paul played Resident Evil.

4th: Cyclops = Leonardo = Mario = Bret Hart

Paul is deep in Wandering Island and Kingyo Used Books, and Sean continues the Age of Apocalypse. This leads to a discussion about Cyclops, the quintessential X-Man who may seem boring on the surface, but has depths that we reveal in our discussion.

3rd: Morals and Deathnopocalypse

Those Star Wars legends are punishment enough for Sean. Plus, Paul missed Turtles, The Musical Adventure, and maybe that's ok.

2nd: Another Hour With Sean And Paul

Sean and Paul return for an hour (plus!) of discussion. In this episode, we have lessons and morals, and some good talk about the nerdy stuff in our life.

1st: An Hour With Sean and Paul

Time for something entirely different! Sean and Paul get together to talk about action figures, comics, movies, music, and whatever else comes to mind. Tune in for the conversation!