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말해줘요 (Tell Me)
Last Thursday at 12:43 PM

Tonight's episode is rather a bit different from the previous episodes. Instead of yours truly sharing my stories, tonight I invite you to whisper whatever you're thinking about to me. How does that work? Listen and you'll know ^^ And as usual, good night and sweet dreams :))

연애 戀愛 (Romance)

Tonight let me share with you my fresh ideas about dating and romance. I'm sharing both my present and past thoughts about this so this episode might be a little too personal and vulnerable. But that's fine as long as we all have a good night sleep ^^ Sweet dreams!

만우절 (April Fool's Day)

It's April Fools!!! Don't worry, I'm not going to pull a prank on you. Instead, I'd just try to tell you an interesting story from my childhood. It's up to you whether you'd believe it or not. As always, good night and sweet dreams! :)

친.구.들. (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

This is not related to that famous American TV Show. I just wanted to talk about a few points regarding friendship or relationships in general. Do you think it's hard to make friends as we grow older?

운동을 할까 말까 (to exercise or not)

I can already feel the summer due to this week's hot and humid weather. And these days, the question that keeps popping on my mind is whether or not to exercise in the morning. So let me tell you my thoughts about exercise as you try to sleep. Don't worry I won't ask you to do jumping jacks or what not. Good night and sweet dreams ^^

트로트 이야기 (Story About Korean Trot Music)

Time flies so quickly and white day will be this Sunday. But I don't really mind. I'm not a white day person after all. For this episode, I just wanted to share my fascination with Korean trot music. If you've been following the Korean wave for quite a while now, you've probably come across some trot music already. Anyway, listen to this episode for more about my thoughts about this. Also, sweet dreams! ^^

꿈 이야기 (Story About Dreams)

Happy first week of March! Did you have sufficient time to rest last weekend? If not, make sure to make time to relax this week. For this episode, I wanted to share to you about my thoughts about childhood dreams. Please share yours too :)

게임 습관 (Gaming Habits)

Good evening my beloved listeners!

TV를 보는 것에 대한 의견 (Thoughts about watching TV)

I was thinking of what to share with you tonight and "watching TV" came to mind. So I decided to just share my history with regards to watching TV and my current thoughts about it. Nowadays, I don't really watch any drama alone unless it's for my K-drama podcast. What about you? What do you think about watching TV or watching anything actually? Share your thoughts via Twitter if you do use Twitter :)

꽃다발이나 초콜릿? (A bouquet of flowers or chocolates?)

It's the week of Valentine's Day! Are you worrying about what to give or what to receive? Worry not because you're not alone in this struggle. But also remember that most of us are still single and therefore are just finding a way to love ourselves even more. Not in a conceited way, of course. It's the month of love, so let's just keep on spreading love ^^ 사랑해요 ^^

사랑이 무엇일까요 (What is Love)

What a cheesy title?! Don't mind me. It's February and it's a cheesy month for a lot of people. So just allow me to whisper to you random thoughts about love. Happy month of love! haha

마음의 평안 (Peace of Mind)

It's the final week of January and in today's episode I picked up from where I left off last week. I talked to you about dealing with anxiety and now I wanted to tell you more about peace of mind. It will always be best to find a method that works for you. Anyhow, for tonight, I hope you have a wonderful sleep. See you again next week!

근심 걱정을 대처하기 (Dealing with Anxiety)

We're now on the 3rd week of the year and I just thought it'd be helpful to share some thoughts about anxiety. There are small manageable situations and there are more serious ones. For the manageable situations, let me share how I deal with anxiety. For the difficult ones, please consult professionals. Let's always cheer each other up ^^

잠버릇을 고치기 (Changing one's sleeping habits)

Is changing your sleeping habits something listed on your 2021 new year's resolution list? Yes or no, you'll do just fine. I'm sleeping better these days than how I did several months ago and all I wish is for you to sleep better or at least as much as I do. Happy listening and sweet dreams ^^

새해 결심 (New Year's Resolution)

It's still the first week of the year 2021 (in Gregorian calendar) and I believe it's not yet late to make your new year's resolutions. It's also okay if you don't have plans on having any new year's resolution. We can be planners and/or pantsers. Both are okay. For the mean time, let's still talk about new year's resolutions before we sleep.

2020년 안녕 (Farewell to 2020)

This is uploaded a day late. It was very noisy last Thursday (New Year's Eve) so I'm uploading this on the first day of 2021. There's no real theme in this episode. I was just speaking incoherently about saying goodbye to 2020. I'd prepare better in the upcoming episodes. For now, happy new year! 새해복 많이 받으세요 ^^

메리 크리스마스! (Merry Christmas!)

This is not the usual Thursday night episode. I just wanted to greet and thank all of you for your continuous support and love. This episode is in English. Regular programming will resume next Thursday!

오늘 목요일인지 감빡 잊어버렸네요 (I completely forgot that today is Thursday)

I've been extremely busy last week and while this week is a bit more relaxed than the previous week, I was extra busy tonight. I got so caught up with other things that I almost forgot that it's Thursday and it's time to release a new episode for 별자리. Everything I said in this episode is unplanned and while writing this show notes, I can't really remember anything I've said. I'm quite tired tonight. Anyhow, let's all have a wonderful night and you'll hear from me again next week.

마케팅에 관련단어는요? (What about marketing-related words?)

I've been watching the super popular K-drama "Start-Up" for quite a week now. So on tonight's episode, I just decided to share a few business vocabulary words from a book that's sitting on my table. It's not really related to start-up, itself, but I've turned the page into the chapter on marketing, so I'm reading marketing words to you tonight.

이 단어가 아시나요? (Do you know this word?)

I didn't really know what to record today so I just decided to read a few words from a booklet that I have. The booklet is called Perfect TOPIK 어휘 & 문법. I just read a number of vocabulary words - all starting with ㄱ and wanted to ask you whether or not you know these words. If you're still awake to the end of the recording, let me know how many of these words do you actually know.

롤모델 찾기 (In search of a role model)

Good evening! My voice has been quite hoarse in the past week so I'm trying to save my voice as much as I can and because I want to keep doing this :) In this episode, I read an essay I wrote over a year ago. It's about finding or seeking a role model. I was actually surprised with my initial answer when I wrote this. It's not the usual answer that would come from me. Listen and find out what I'm talking about.

사회에서 필요한 인재는 어떤 사람입니까? (What kind of people does the society need?)

Good evening, my fellow star/constellation watchers! For the next four weeks, I have decided to read the essays I've written last year. I read the essay as is, therefore you'll be hearing the "written language" instead of the usual "spoken language" which you all probably already know of. As usual, if you want to reach out to me or want to send feedbacks, feel free to send a tweet to me @RomeJuanatas

태풍이 오고 갔네 (The typhoon has come and gone)

Another typhoon hit my country this week, but tonight it's not so bad anymore so I got to record this episode. In this episode, as promised, I read the names and the capitals of the countries that are in Africa and Oceania. This ends the part where I read country names. I am still not sure what I'll be recording next week, but I'll plan better and work on the episodes better.

아메리카! (America!)

I have no idea what to put as title because I've already used "I've been there" and "I wanna go there", so this is just America! I read both the country names and capital cities for North and South America. Next week would be Oceania and Africa. It feels good that I'm able to revisit geography by doing this and of course, I realized how I couldn't remember any of this anymore. Did you also memorize country names and capital cities when you were in high school? Try it again! But this time in Korean! Sleep well :) For feedback...

가보고 싶어요 (I wanna go there)

Okay! Since I have already started reading/reciting names of countries from last week (I did Asian countries last week), today I decided to continue with European countries. I also added their capital cities. I just realized how I no longer know a lot of names and capital cities of these countries. And it was even more difficult to recognize the countries as their name pronunciations could sometimes be different in Korean. It's fun doing this and I'd do another continent next week (probably!) Hope you all have a wonderful week! Let me know your thoughts - Let me...

가봤어요!!! (I've been there!)

I enjoy travelling. I haven't been to a lot of countries, and we can't travel right now. Oh I'm just day dreaming while recording this. I didn't prepare any or topic and just wanted to talk in front of my mic for this episode. The better half of this episode is just me reading the Korean names of Asian countries. I might have given some side comment while reading them, but they're not so bad they'd startle you. Should I also read country names next week? What do you want to hear? Let me know: https://forms.gle/C5...

추워! 엄청 추워! (It's cold! It's freezing cold!)

Okay! It's not freezing cold. We don't really experience that level of cold in the Philippines. I just really like the cold weather. It's been raining a lot in the past few days and here's just me mumbling stuff before I also go to sleep. What story should I be talking about in the next few weeks? Let me know what you think using this google form link - https://forms.gle/C5Vej6EMRF9kDKbj6 

나의 TOPIK 한국어 시험 업데이트 (Personal Update About the Test of Proficiency in Korean)

The 72nd (?) TOPIK is not happening in the Philippines this October. So here's just a few of the things I have in mind. Some updates and some random noise lol. I am trying my best to make this ASMR be more relaxing to listen to while also keeping sure that I am not straying too far from my goals of using Korean to help you and help myself :D Also, if you would like to reach me out or send feedbacks about this podcast, please feel free to key in your comments in the following link - https://forms...

YouTube ASMR 끝, 앞으로의 계획 (Saying goodbye to doing ASMR on YouTube and plans for the future)

Everything's in the title. Anyway, in my main podcast this week, I'll be releasing an interview with a Korean friend and our discussion is mainly focused on language learning. You might want to check it out, too! It will be available on my YouTube channel from 11AM HKT - https://www.youtube.com/c/romejuanatas/ . Also, if you would like to reach me out or send feedbacks about this podcast, please feel free to key in your comments in the following link - https://forms.gle/C5Vej6EMRF9kDKbj6 

내가 4개의 언어를 하게 된 계기와 공부 방법 (How I learned four languages and some study tips) #4 Korean

This is the fourth of four episodes. I will be sharing about the four languages that I know, how I learned them, and some study tips. This is for the Korean language which is the latest addition to my language stack and has by far helped me a lot as a person.

Happy listening and see you again next week!  As usual, this is also available on my YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/romejuanatas/

내가 4개의 언어를 하게 된 계기와 공부 방법 (How I learned four languages and some study tips) #3 English

This is the third of four episodes. I will be sharing about the four languages that I know, how I learned them, and some study tips. This is for the English language which I consider as a really fun language to learn/study. 

Happy listening and see you again next week!  As usual, this is also available on my YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/romejuanatas/

내가 4개의 언어를 하게 된 계기와 공부 방법 (How I learned four languages and some study tips) #2 Filipino

This is the second of four episodes. I will be sharing about the four languages that I know, how I learned them, and some study tips. This is for the Filipino language which I consider as my favorite language. Happy listening and see you again next week! As usual, this is also available on my YouTube channel.

내가 4개의 언어를 하게 된 계기와 공부 방법 (How I learned four languages and some study tips) #1 Pangasinan

This is one of four episodes. I will be sharing about the four languages that I know, how I learned them, and some study tips. This is for the Pangasinan language which I consider as my mother tongue. Happy listening and see you again next week! As usual, this is also available on my YouTube channel.

술을 안 마시는 이유 (Why I don't drink alcohol)

Hello! Thanks for continuously listening to this Korean ASMR podcast by a non-native ^^
In this episode, I share about why I don't drink alcohol. Whether or not you drink alcohol, just give this a listen. Nobody's judging anyone here.
Happy listening and see you again next week!

한드를 보고 한국어를 공부하려면 (Studying Korean Through Korean Drama)

As promised from the previous episode, I'd share a bit regarding studying Korean through Kdrama.
I have another Korean drama recommendation towards the end

As usual, this episode will also be available in video format in my YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVjXZRwNs9ievTWu7r-hLPg
Let me know your thoughts by reaching out to me on YouTube. Thanks!!!

제가 가장 좋아하는 한드 (My favorite Korean drama/s)

I don't really watch a lot of Korean drama, but I thought I'd share two among the very few that I have watched.

This Korean ASMR episode is also available in video format in my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVjXZRwNs9ievTWu7r-hLPg

끝말잇기 (Word chain game)

I decided I'd play this game alone and impromptu for this episode. I didn't realize this game could really be difficult when I'm playing against myself. lol
You've probably heard of 끝말잇기 before. If you want to play this with me in the future, just write a comment on any of my Korean ASMR videos on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liXNyCs2AwE&list=PLYttiM7kn7ZdPW6eqbBv5dcCNPMtxjyiM

See you next week!

제가 가장 좋아하는 한국 음식 (My favorite Korean food)

This episode is also available in video format on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbaRRVEQ6yk
I will be adding Korean and English subtitles in the video to help learners like me.
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바닷가에서 (By the seashore)

Video version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8HdOEkw494
구독과 좋아요 부탁드립니당

비가 올때 (When it rains)

Video version is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liXNyCs2AwE
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