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Discussions about the pursuit of individual liberty through self-sufficiency, non-aggression, counter-economics, agorism, and non-compliance. The podcast that identifies the pockets of freedom all around you and tells you how to live in them in order to find true liberty.

7 reasons To Go Off Grid Now
Last Friday at 3:00 PM

In this episode, Regina goes over some great reasons to go off grid right now. You Can also check out her (youtube video) of the same name. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")

Crypto Agorism Is In Good Shape

Cryptocurrency is a powerful tool for the agorist. With decentralized money, the agora can thrive outside of the manipulation and inflationary tax of government fiat systems. With the latest Giga dump in the crypto markets, a lot of people are fearful of crypto, but in this episode, Cyrus discusses why he thinks it is a good thing overall for agorism. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics")

The Bitcoin Giga Dump

In this episode, Regina goes over what she believes were the contributing factors for the latest Bitcoin crash. Was it planned? Was it just a normal cycle? Or was it all just status quo for the trading game? In the episode, she also mentioned QFL, the safest method to trade in the crypto space, and below is a link to find where to learn it. The (Quick Fingers Luke) YouTube channel Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) https...

Tax extortion racket reaches new levels

How much more taxes are you willing to pay. At what point do you say "ENOUGH!". We discuss the various ways in which the tyrannical tax system is planning to get more of your money. Some of the measures taken are a direct attack on agorists who have used loopholes in the system to operate in a gray fashion. The US government is accelerating its abuse of the citizens. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways...

How to get ready to live off grid

The number of people considering off grid living now is skyrocketing. People are looking into buying land and becoming self-sufficient outside of this crazy system of control. In this solo episode, Cyrus talks about a few simple tips to help make the transition into off grid living easier. Off grid living for the beginner can be a scary proposition. These tips can help ease the anxiety involved with such a life-changing decision. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF

This is your brain on Socialism

We got a piece of "fan" mail that was just too much fun to read and not share. Not much else to say. You just got to listen. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")

The Weekend Agorist

An interview with Morgan, The Weekend Agorist. In our first 3-way interview, Regina and I talk with Morgan about her rapid transition from a statist to an agorist, how she and her husband have made quick-draw decisions to get out of the city and into an off grid lifestyle, and the authoritarian lock-downs taking place in Ontario, Canada. Morgan is the host of The Weekend Agorist podcast, a very unique short-form podcast where she talks about her thoughts, feelings, and plans as she moves through her agorist journey. (The Weekend Agorist) is a gem of a show...

The Road To Agorism

We talk about what in our lives lead us to Agorism. Regina talks about her use of arbitrage to earn untaxed income just to survive in Commifornia, using her tech skills to earn a living under the radar, and working in the male-dominated world of the Pipeline industry. Cyrus talks about starting his first agorist business at age 11, Getting shut down as a loan shark in the 6th grade, and running a bootleg snack business in junior high. Both living as agorists for years before even knowing what the word meant. Sign up for our FREE Bi-weekly newsletter https://offgridagorist...

Mental Transmutation

Regina discusses mental transmutation or mentalism. The idea that all is mind and mind can affect reality and this ancient science has been weaponized. This weapon is being used on the human race at scale, but you can protect yourself from it. Sign up for our FREE Bi-weekly newsletter Agorist Products FREE PDF "131 Ways to make money using counter-economics" FREE PDF "Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase"

April Fools-Covid fun facts or not

We talk about the many things with the current narrative and government reactions to the virus that just don't make sense. Reason and logic lead you to a point of view that maybe there's more going on than public health concerns by the leaders of the world. The numbers being reported aren't adding up. So much of the information about masks point to non-affectiveness. The massive power grab by the government and the consent of the people to have government dictate the most basic liberties people have. With a little critical thinking, this whole shit show seems like a big...

6 DIY Solar Projects You Can Make For Pennies

When you think about solar, the first thing that comes to mind is expensive equipment. However, there are a TON of DIY solar projects that can be made without photovoltaics. In fact, you can make all of these projects with salvaged materials!

In this episode, we go over 6 ideas (plus a bonus idea) on how to utilize the sun for many applications. 

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How To Steel Yourself From Hyper-inflation

Inflation. Its happening everywhere, across the globe. Its been harder and harder to keep up with the bills, purchase food, and even go out and enjoy a meal and a movie. 

If we go into a hyper-inflationary state, what do we do to protect ourselves and our families?

In this episode, we talk about ways to combat hyper-inflation and steel yourself against rising prices. 

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6 Foundational Gardening Techniques

In this episode, we talk about 6 different ways you can build your garden for this year, and the pros and cons to each style of gardening. 

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Don't Be Trippin' About Authority

We have been groomed at a very young age to fear and obey authority. But the reality is that there are nowhere near enough authoritative figures to police our every single move. 

However, they make examples out of a few of us, so the rest fall in line. 

In this episode, we discuss why you don't need to be trippin' about authority. 

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What I Learned In My First Month of Going Off Grid

Yes, it has been a whole month. And no, it has not been easy! Systems did not work correctly, weather was not behaving, and lots of money flew out of our pockets!

But we are persevering every step of the way, becoming wiser, stronger, and more free. 

In this episode, Regina goes over the most iconic moments in her first month of off grid life. 

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Building A Bug Out Bag - Part 2

In this second part, we talk about the factions of survival and what items to tote with you to address those factions. Some are obvious, others are not so much. 

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Debunking Constitutional Truisms - WTH Does That Mean?

There are a bunch of slogans in the Constitution that really don't mean anything and doesn't regulate the government whatsoever. These truisms are used as a tool by politicians to get people to agree with them even though they don't even know what they are agreeing to. 

In this episode, we debunk constitutional truisms!

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Building A Bug Out Bag - Part 1

In this miniseries, we will go over all the basics that you want to put into your bug out bag, and then some!

We cover the foundational gear you need to survive, along with what type of backpack you should choose for your bug out bag. 

All gear referenced can be found at Maximum Off Grid's Ultimate Bug Out Bag article:

Happy prepping!

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How To Get WiFi Off Grid - Internet In The Boonies

In this episode, we talk about creative ways to get internet in hard to connect areas. 

We are both waiting for Elon Musk to get Starlink going, which will cover the entire world with internet service. Until then, we have other ideas for you. 

One way you can get reliable WiFi is thru a company called Roaming Man. Help support our channel thru purchasing with this link: 

We have more ideas in the episode so give it a listen and check out for...

Tips and Tricks for Purchasing Shipping Containers

In this episode we give you some good advice for purchasing a used shipping container. 

The price is going up drastically on used containers so if you have been planning to pick one up now is the time to do so. 

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Its The White House Season Finale! Get Yer Popcorn

Will Trump instill Martial Law in an effort to keep the White House and invoke a New Republic?

Or will he gracefully step down and it is just business as usual?

In this episode, we discuss the rumors flying about that the insurrection act will be invoked and if it were what would that look like for this country?

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Concepts From Spooner And The Agora

We have a special guest today! Blake Roder, creator of, discusses the concepts of one of our favorite Agorists, Lysander Spooner. We also talk about the Agora and the Constitution. 

So tune in for some interesting discussion and don't forget to visit Blake's YouTube Channel!

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Do It Yourself Solar Hot Water Heater For Pennies

Cyrus is the master at salvaging junk and turning into something cool and valuable!

In this episode, we teach you how to build a DIY solar hot water heater for hardly any money. 

Most of the materials used are salvaged materials you can find in most towns. 

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The Big Uneasy - Our Predictions For 2021

As we launch our 2nd season, Cyrus and I get together for a New Year's chat and cook up some suspicions about what 2021 will be bringing us. 

I will give you some hints: we talk about the vaccine and how it could possibly affect mankind, and we also delve into how the political landscape may change and what that means for us all. 

Warning - your mind could be blown so secure your tinfoil hat!

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The research document mentioned in the episode...

All I Want For Christmas is FREEDOM.

We are on the naughty list this year! In this episode, we talk about FREEDOM, and how current events are taking more and more of it from the masses. We also talk about fundamental human rights and how they are being drastically infringed on by the control machine. 

Warning: we use naughty language in this episode! 

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The Trust: A tool for the Agorist

This is an interview with Kelly Hohnholtz. Kelly has been using trusts for years to insulate himself from the bureaucracy of the state and to protect his assets from litigation. This episode is packed with useful information for the agorist. As agorists, we can use the trust to navigate around the prying eyes of the state. I mention early in the interview that Kelly and I are in a MeWe group together called Applied Agorism. This group talks about all kinds of techniques and strategies to practice agorism. If you would like to join this group and chat with...

Tavern Talk 2 – Bullshitting Over A Couple Of Beers

It's that time again to gather round the fire and have a couple of beers and talk about the craziness that our world has become. Fun!

Some of the topics we go over:

- Ballot fraud and why are we counting votes by hand

- The outrageously massive US national debt 

- 3D printing and how we can take manufacturing back into our own hands

Its a really good one so give it a listen!

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Just Compost It.

In this episode we dive into the pile and talk all about composting!

Nuff said. 

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How to Solve Disputes WITHOUT the Government

In this sue-happy western world we live in, it seems like everyone wants the government court system resolve all their issues. But the courts are extremely ineffecient, expensive, and time consuming, let alone likely to give unfair judgments to those with the most expensive lawyers. 

Its hard to envision a world where we would have a choice to where we could have justice served. Its hard because we are so used to the state having a monopoly over our justice system. But it is possible and could happen!

In this episode, we talk about...

Let's Develop Pioneer Skills!

Looking for a new hobby? Want to hone in on your survival skills? Looking to develop your skills for a post SHTF world? 

If so, we suggest taking some time to build up your pioneer skills!

Pioneer skills are learning how to make and do things using old timer methods. This could be anything from hunting and fishing to skinning, tanning, building, preserving, etc. 

There are so many skills to learn!

In this episode, we talk about all the different kinds of pioneer skills you can learn!


Disobey and walk away

Obedience is not a virtue. In this episode, we discuss the idea of "Disobey and walk away". We prefer disobedience to obedience because disobedience requires thought and constant evaluation of one's own morals and ethics. You cant be free and be obedient to another. Being responsible for your own life is a prerequisite for being free. Being responsible for one's own decisions sometimes requires disobedience. You will really like this episode.

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How To Make Biochar And Its Many Awesome Uses

Charcoal. Its not just for cooking. 

When you make biochar - a more advanced type of charcoal - you have created a product that has a plethora of uses. 

Not only can you cook with it, you can also apply it to many household, healthcare, and personal care uses. 

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How Government Destroys Capitalism

From corporate giants using the government to their advantage by squeezing out competition, to small business owners being red taped out of existence, in this episode we go over real examples from big to small of how government totally impedes, if not destroys, capitalism. 

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How To Salvage Building Materials And Save Money Doing It

If you haven't noticed, building materials from the local hardware stores have skyrocketed to unbelievable levels! We have seen double, if not triple the price for lumber, steel, hardware, etc. 

Now is the time to take advantage of salvaging materials for your next building project! 

In this episode, we give you tips and advice on when and where to salvage materials without getting in trouble and what to look for. 

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So What Is Agenda 2030, Anyways? Its Tin Foil Hat Tuesday!

Agenda 2030. You may or may not have heard of it. Basically, its a world blueprint about how every man, woman, and child should live on this planet in the name of sustainability. 

It is a global agenda brought on by the United Nations and 100s of countries have agreed to comply, including USA. 

In this episode, we take a deep dive into what Agenda 2030 really is and the sinister undertones and overtones it encapsulates. 

Read the official documents here: <...

How To Convert A Shed Into A Cabin

Alternative housing is gaining a whole lot of popularity as housing prices and building materials soar. 

As big houses are becoming more out, tiny homes and cabins are in. But these are also very expensive to purchase and build!

What to do? Convert a shed into a cabin, of course!

In this episode we talk about all the different ways you can acquire a shed for cheap and essential building tips to not overlook on converting your shed into a tiny home. 

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How To Secure Your Off Grid Property!

When it comes to your land, you want it to be secure from trespassers. There are the typical methods such as fencing and cameras, but there are way more things you can do than just buy a couple of dogs and hope for the best. 

Basically, fences keep the honest people out. So how do you step up your game? 

In this episode, we go over some interesting ideas to securing your property!

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Playing Hooky on Voting Day and why NOT to Feel Guilty About It!

In this special current events episode, we get down to the details about the voting process and why it is ok NOT to feel guilty if you didn't vote this year. 

It is my first year of opting out of the voting system and I am having some guilties about it. Cyrus talks me through why I don't need to feel guilty and points out some valid reasons about how flawed our democratic system really is. 

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How To Practice Everyday Agorism

Agorism may be a new concept to you, or you may be interested in actually practicing the Agora but are unsure how to incorporate it into your everyday life. This is what we are addressing in this episode!

We talk about the various ways you can support Agorism and incorporate it easily into your daily lives, from small to big actions. 

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Off Grid Pillar 7 - Waste Systems. What To Do With Your Dookie!

When going off grid, you will get to the point where you need to do something with your waste. 

There are all sorts of wastes to deal with. Recyclables such as plastics, aluminum and paper, food wastes, grey water from your showers and sinks, to black water from your toilet. 

Getting good waste systems in place are tantamount to the completion of your off grid lifestyle. 

In this episode, we go over what to do with your shit. Literally! Lots of different ideas in this one, so have a listen!<...