The Hubcast

17 Episodes

By: My PT Hub

My PT Hub's Head of Support, Ryan Hallett, talks all things Fitness, Personal Training and Business Tips with industry experts and professionals.

Episode 06: How To Get More Leads with David Kyle, Owner of FitPro Lead Generation

In this episode of The Hubcast, Ryan is joined by David Kyle, Owner of DKnine Fitness and owner of FitPro Lead Gen. FitPro Lead Gen help Personal Trainers, Gyms and Studios generate consistent leads into their fitness business with Laser Targeted Facebook Ads, Lead GeneratingWebsites and The FitPro Portal!

Ryan and David dive into the best practices for generating more, and better quality, leads within the fitness industry, as well as the steps personal trainers, coaches and clubs can take to make their website work harder for them when it comes to finding new members and clients.


Episode 05: Digital Advertising 101 with John Lojek, Google

 In this episode of The Hubcast, we’re going to dive into some Digital Advertising best practices with a true expert, John Lojek, Strategic Partnerships Manager from Google. 

John has over 20 years of experience working in technology, strategy and innovation roles in the US, Europe, and Asia.  He currently helps run one of Google’s product partnership programs that work with companies to develop easy-to-use digital advertising tools. John is a long-time champion of helping startups and small businesses succeed. 

At My PT Hub, we’re currently working on some exciting new marketing features to help our t...

Episode 04: Routine, Support Networks & Switching Off with Premier League Footballer, Harrison Reed

In this episode of The Hubcast, Ryan is joined by English Professional Footballer, Harrison Reed, who plays as a midfielder for Premier League club, Fulham. They discuss his lifestyle, routine, and how Harrison maintains both his fitness and mental health, whilst working in such a high pressure and physically demanding job!

Harrison's top tips on:

Building a solid routine (for Harrison, that's eating the same pesto pasta and pancakes before a game!)Utilizing your support networkUnwinding and switching off 

Episode 03: Upping your game on social media + going full-time as an Online Coach & Personal Trainer, with Brandon Mashack!

In this episode of The Hubcast, we're pumped to be joined by long-time My PT Hub Trainer, Brandon Mashack!

After taking his personal training and online coaching business full time after only a year, Brandon, Owner of Get Gains Or Get Gone LLC, shares his advice  for other fit pros looking to take their fitness business to the next level!

You only have to look at Brandon's Instagram to see how passionate he is (@coachbshack) and how strong his social media game is too!  In this Episode of The Hubcast, learn how-to:

Go full-time as...

Episode 02: The Importance of Recovery, with Jason Hussain, Hyperice

Today Ryan is joined by Jason Hussain, Business Development and Sales Manager at Hyperice, the global leader in recovery technology.  In this episode, they discuss the importance of a proper recovery regime when training and how personal trainers and online coaches can better support their clients in this crucial area.

About Hyperice:

Hyperice's aim is to help everybody, everywhere, to move better through their innovative products, from Ice, Thermal, Vibration, Percussion, and more recently, Air Compression through their NormaTec range.

My PT Hub Marketplace Offer:

We've recently teamed up with Hyperice t...

Episode 01: DNA, Nutriton + Driving Long-Term Client Results with Olga Hamilton, Head of Nutrigenetic Science at NGX

It's a new year and a new series of The Hubcast! We're back with Episode One of a brand new series,  and today we're joined by Olga Hamilton, Nutritional Therapist and Head of Nutrigenetic Science at NGX!

This episode explores the role between DNA and Nutrition, and how personal trainers can encourage long-term changes when working with clients and ultimate, long-term results! 

About the speaker, Olga Hamilton:

Registered Nutritional Therapist, FdSc, DipION, PGDip Nutritional Medicine, BA (Hons), mBANT, CNHC Registered

Olga Hamilton is a TEDx speaker and a Registered Nutritional Therapist sp...

Episode 11: James Brown, Co-Founder and Nutrigenomics Director, Muhdo

In Episode 11 of The Hubcast, Ryan is joined by James Brown, the Co-Founder and Nutrigenomics Director, at Muhdo.

This episode explores the world of genetics and how personal trainers can use epigenetic profiling with their clients, with a true expert! James is an ex-professional rugby player representing Harlequins and England schools, who has spent the last 20 years working as a sports and performance nutritionist. 

Muhdo is at the forefront of direct to consumer epigenetic science. Epigenetics allows you to understand and track how your lifestyle and environment affect your genes. 

Using progressive Epigenetic sc...

Episode 10: Creating Online Coaching Communities with Chris & Eric Martinez

Our podcast has hit double figures! And that calls for two very special guests to join us for our tenth episode. Today Ryan chats with Chris & Eric Martinez, aka The Dynamic  Duo! They discuss all things Online Coaching, creating Client Communities Online and future-proofing your fitness business. Topics that are very relevant right now.

About Chris & Eric Martinez:

#1 International Best-Selling Authors and founders of Dynamic Duo Training, an online exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle consulting business.They've worked with thousands of people via online and in-person to help them look better, feel better, perform better, and live a...

Episode 09: Personal training in a post-covid world, with Dr.Colin Robertson

Today Ryan is joined by Dr. Colin Robertson, who has been involved in human performance and sport science for his entire professional career. He’s a very busy man, as a Doctor of Physiology, a High-Performance Coach, and a Gym Owner to name just a few! 

This episode explores personal training in a post-covid world and what trainers and coaches can do to support the changing needs of their clients.  

Dr. Colin Robertson shares his expertise on the effects of coronavirus and the longer-term impact it has on someone  after they've had the virus.


Episode 08: Body Composition in Personal Training with Simon Wilkinson, Tanita

In Episode 8 of The Hubcast, Ryan chats with Simon Wilkinson, Sport & Fitness Lead and Technical Rep for Tanita in the UK, the Worldwide Leader in Health Monitoring.

 Simon has worked in his role at Tanita for just over 3 years, with previous experience working as a strength and conditioning coach within professional sport including rugby, football, athletics, and MMA.

This episode explores body composition and its role in personal training, as well as discussing the idea of getting ‘Covid-fit’ and what fitness professionals can do to adapt their business to meet the changing needs of their clien...

Episode 07: Natalie Kimball, Master Trainer & Life Alignment Coach

Welcome back to The Hubcast! Today we're joined by Master Trainer and Life Alignment Coach, Natalie Kimball.

In this episode, Ryan chats to Natalie all about her business- from transitioning to online coaching and her Growth and Grace program, to how she promotes herself online.

Over the last few months we’ve also been working on a mini-series with Natalie, so head to our IGTV or Facebook to check it out! In the series, Natalie shares her top tips on starting and running an Online Coaching business from considering your target market, positioning through to yo...

Episode 06: Hugh Hanley, Chief Information Officer, My PT Hub

Today we have a very special guest on the podcast, My PT Hub’s very own Chief Information Officer, Hugh Hanley!

With over 20 years of experience, Hugh’s career in the fitness industry includes working as a PT in a studio, a commercial health club all the way up to his role at Virgin Active as Head of Fitness & Personal Training, before joining My PT Hub at the beginning of the year.

Hugh is well and truly an industry expert so it was great to get him in the booth to share his knowledge! This podc...

Episode 05: Lynsey Light, Kreston Reeves Chartered Accountants

It's time for another episode of The Hubcast!

Today Ryan is joined by Lynsey Light, Business Services Manager at Kreston Reeves, Award-winning Chartered Accountants & Financial Advisers. 

When running your own business, getting your finances right is so important. We  wanted to produce a podcast on the topic of business finance for personal trainers and fitness professionals as it’s a topic we get asked about a lot and a topic, understandably, that can be pretty confusing.

In this episode, Ryan asks Lynsey for her advice and top tips when it comes to the fina...

Episode 04: Luke Taylor, Creative Director & Co-Founder, UnitedUs

In the fourth episode of The Hubcast, My PT Hub's Head of Support Ryan Hallett is joined by Luke Taylor, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Award-winning Brand Agency UnitedUs.

UnitedUs believe that great brands do more than look good. They unite your people, define your purpose and unlock your potential. 

Luke and the team have worked with some amazing brands such as LEGO and Google, and their recent work with London Irish, a Rugby Union team here in the UK was named in the Best Strategy of 2020 Design Week Awards.

When starting or r...

Episode 03: Ellie Watling, Owner of Ellie Rose Fitness

In this episode, Ryan chats to Ellie Watling, Owner of Ellie Rose Fitness. 

Ellie is a personal trainer and online fitness coach specializing in women’s fitness and running fitness. 

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Ellie adapted her business to become solely online for the first time! In this podcast, Ellie explains how she did it and what it means for the future of her personal training and fitness business!

When she's not training and supporting her clients, Ellie can be found running marathons and spending time with her family.

Episode 02: Ed Cleary, CEO of Evolution Nutrition

Welcome back to The Hubcast, brought to you by My PT Hub!

In the second episode, My PT Hub's Head of Support, Ryan Hallett, interviews Ed Cleary, CEO of Evolution Nutrition.

Over the next 30 minutes, Ryan and Ed will talk all things Nutrition (naturally!) from how to incorporate nutrition effectively into your fitness business to Ed's nutrition predictions for the future! 

Evolution Nutrition has been the go-to meal planning software for health and fitness pros for nearly a decade. With a database of more than 4,200+ RD created meal plans, covering more than 20 different c...

Episode 01: Joe Mitton, Owner & Founder of MittFit

Welcome to the first EVER episode of The Hubcast, hosted by My PT Hub's Head of Support Ryan Hallett! 

In the first episode, Ryan interviews Joe Mitton, Founder and Owner of MittFit, a UK-based personal training and online fitness company.

MittFit specialises in Group training and runs challenges throughout the year for their clients across the globe, such as the highly successful 28-Day Online Challenge!

Back in March 2020 when the Covid-19 Pandemic sent people into lockdown practically overnight, Joe Mitton quickly adapted his business to make sure MittFit could still serve its clients a...