The Credibility Nation Show

40 Episodes

By: Mitchell Levy

Conducting business credibility is about doing what’s right for the right audience. It’s about delivering value while helping others. It’s about being seen and heard as the true human that you are. It’s about clarity and clearly defining what you do and how you serve. Learn by listening to experts share their credibility in clear and concise ways. It’s intriguing to hear what others do and how they serve. Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy sprinkles credust on experts in these powerful 6 to 8-minute interviews. Also included in this podcast are powerful, digestible 6 to 8-minute credibility lessons.

Increasing Business Visibility with Kim Smith (CNS 306)
Last Wednesday at 2:00 AM

In this episode, Kim Smith talks about stepping out and showing up with your bold voice to increase business visibility. He is an advocate for women’s voices as a speaking visibility coach, accomplished speaker, blogger, former radio host, and number one best-selling author. She is the inventor of the “hag in the attic” and is also in the Top 12 Spirited Woman Pick List.

Kim is passionate in talking to people in a way that catches their attention, constantly looking for opportunities to share skills with audiences of badass women.  She created the “Her Bold Voice Speaks” p...

Principles of Storytelling and How To Tell Your Stories with Rob Wyse (CNS 305)

This episode features Rob Wyse who talks about how to tell your stories and teaching the principles of storytelling that actually go back to childhood. He is a storyteller and a Senior Communications Consultant. He provides key sources and information in reporting on trending news for digital and traditional platforms in outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, USA Today, Inc., U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek, Time, CNN, CNBC, NPR and many others. If you’re responsible for storytelling at your company and you recognize that your stories are not actually hi...

Increasing Sales Through Lead Generation with Dr. Terri Levine (CNS 304)

In this episode, Dr. Terri Levine, founder of Heartrepreneur LLC, talks about closing more sales and attracting your ideal clients online and offline through lead generation. She is also a keynote speaker, and business and executive coaching expert.

Terri conducts business seminars, coaching, and courses for small business owners. She helps them become more profitable and increase their bottom line. Terri is dedicated to helping her clients create and implement tactics to skyrocket their business. To learn more about Dr. Terri Levine, go to To get in touch with her...

Building Powerful and Profitable Networks with Beth Bridges (CNS 303)

In this episode, talks about building powerful and profitable networks through successful business networking strategies. She is the owner and founder of eBridge Marketing, keynote speaker, trainer, and networking motivator. She is also an Amazon bestselling author.

Beth conducts business networking speaking and coaching for individuals and organizations. She helps them build a powerful and profitable business network. Beth is dedicated to helping her clients leverage their own unique personal psychology and skillsets to be more confident and more successful through networking. To learn more about Beth Bridges, go to

Driving Growth Through Business Model Innovation, Technology and People with RJ Nicolosi (CNS 302)

In this episode, RJ Nicolosi talks about driving growth through business model innovation, technology, and people. He is an entrepreneur, CEO and CEO coach. He works with companies to drive growth through business model innovation, technology and people. 

RJ Nicolosi is the chairman and founder of Catapult Leadership Lab and the chief digital officer of RevLocal. He helps companies to achieve sustainable double-digit growth. If you are a CEO of a high-growth company, and you recognize that all the answers are not found within the confines of your company, it is best to reach out to R...

Leading with Pragmatic Empathy to Increase Productivity with Marcus Aurelius Anderson (CNS 301)

In this episode, Marcus Aurelius Anderson talks about leading with pragmatic empathy to add value to people and increase productivity. He is a best-selling author, professional keynote and TEDx speaker, mindset coach to leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, and host of the number-one New and Noteworthy iTunes podcast, “Conscious Millionaire Epic Achiever.”

Marcus teaches leaders how to make people actually feel that they care about them as they accomplish great exploits in their careers and life. He trains executives and entrepreneurs to uncover their personal outlook on success, both professionally and personally. To learn more about Marcus Aure...

Reducing Risk Through Effective Privacy Programs with Aaron Weller (CNS 300)

In this episode, Aaron Weller talks about reducing risks and unlocking new potentials for your organization through effective privacy programs. He is the co-founder and VP strategist of Sentinel LLC, privacy strategist at eBay, and Virtual CISO and CPO at Blueprint Technologies. He is also a member of the Technical Advisory Group and a faculty member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Aaron conducts privacy program development and consultations for large organizations. He helps them understand, simplify, and implement privacy programs that reduce risks and unlock new potentials for the organization. Aaron is passionate about...

Understanding The Struggles of Companies’ Profitability with Dr. John Oda (CNS 299)

This episode features Dr. John Oda who is a Peak Performance Expert, an Executive Business Coach, and a #1 Sales Trainer. He talks about understanding the struggles of companies’ profitability.

Dr. John Oda has 33 years of experience working in the mental health field providing clinical psychology and 23 years as a business growth expert providing solutions to help companies grow. He is a Master Trainer NLP. If you recognize that there’s something in your business that’s missing or lacking in the area of profitability, you should reach out to Dr. John Oda by visiting his website at http...

Optimizing Your Brain-Body Wellness with Dr. Kathryn Guylay (CNS 298)

In this episode, Dr. Kathryn Guylay talks about optimizing your brain-body wellness fueled with fun. certified epigenetics coach, consultant, speaker, author, podcaster, biohacker, and CEO of Make Everything Fun.

Dr. Kathryn is a heart-centered leader in business and personal development who has worked with some of the largest companies in the world in the areas of strategy and performance. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering individuals and organizations to execute their highest purpose in the context of productivity and fun. If you’re resonating with something physical or mental that stops you from hitting that op...

Thriving Through Adversity with Tom Beal (CNS 297)

In this episode, Tom Beal, an advisor and coach, talks about attaining success by learning to thrive through adversity. He is a crisis strategist who helps unfulfilled successful individuals get back on their feet. He ignites their burning desire to work and be triumphant whilst keeping what gives them joy and fulfillment. He is the publisher of The North Carolina Home Book, and President of Kelly-Media, Inc. (a Jim Kelly – NFL HOF QB company), along with Mike Filsaime from 2006 to 2011, raking in over $20 million in revenue, and the President of Strategic Profits for Rich Schefren for 2.5 years, from 2011 to 2013. If...

Growing Your Business While Generating More Profit with Vicki Suiter (CNS 296)

In this episode, Vicki Suiter talks about growing your business while generating more profit through success strategies. She is the owner of Suiter Business Builders, a board member at North Bay NARI, business consultant and coach,  author, and national speaker.

Vicki conducts business consultation and coaching for contractors and interior designers. She helps them develop strategies for success in order for them to increase their business and generate more income. Vicki is passionate about helping her clients to establish a great business foundation, structure, and systems. To learn more about Vicki Suiter, go to http://aha.p...

Creating a Stronger Workforce with John Ballis (CNS 295)

This episode features John Ballis, an operational excellence management professional, CEO, and founder of Lean Your Way, LLC. He talks about creating a stronger workforce with methodologies that can produce long-term results.

John develops leaders, builds deep technical expertise to implement process improvements and change management yielding ROI results, and specializes in coaching and mentoring to foster team engagement and customer collaboration. He helps clients understand corporate culture, motivates cross-functional teams, and expertly drives workflow processes to advance operational excellence that builds sustainability. To learn more about John Ballis, go to To...

Increasing Project and Risk Management Success with Carl Pritchard (CNS 294)

In this episode, Carl Pritchard talks about increasing project and risk management success through fun and memorable training. He is the fun guy of project and risk management training and the principal and founder of Pritchard Management Associates.

Carl was labeled best of the best by The Project Management Institute. He is the author of seven texts in project management, co-producer of a 9-CD audio set, pioneer and visionary in risk management and e-learning. Carl is recognized as a dynamic, entertaining, and fun keynote presenter, speaker, and trainer. He is passionate about bringing fun to project...

Identifying and Addressing Behavioral Patterns with Karen Brown (CNS 293)

In this episode, Karen Brown talks about identifying and addressing behavioral patterns that impede greater success through leadership progression coaching. He is the CEO of Velocity Leadership Consulting, a certified professional executive performance coach, professional speaker, and author.

Karen’s company, Velocity Leadership Consulting, elevates growth-oriented executives to their peak performance with rapid, sustainable results. The scientifically proven Velocity Power Pathways™ approach uses ground-breaking neuroscience techniques to help executives become more effective and impactful leaders, opening unconscious blocks in order to create new and lasting neural pathways to success. To learn more about Karen Brown, go to h...

Maximizing Your Potential with Eric Kaufmann (CNS 292)

This episode features Eric Kaufmann who talks about committing your team to results by maximizing your unrealized potential in the C-Suite. He is an Executive Guide, Speaker, Author, and Thought Leader at McLean and Harvard Institute of Coaching.

Eric is passionate about guiding execs and their teams to move past their comfort zone and bring more wisdom, love, and courage to their business. His specialties are leadership and executive development, coaching, keynote speaking, exec team facilitation, strategic visioning, and execution. If you’re the CEO with the C-suite, but your team isn’t there and it can’...

Embracing Your Inner Misfit with David Lukas (CNS 291)

In this episode, Dave Lukas talks about embracing your inner misfit with continuous learning in order to thrive and succeed in entrepreneurship and in life. He is an entrepreneur, author, investor, and the current vice president and CSO of Grasp Technologies, Inc. He is the founder and host of “Misfit Entrepreneur,” a weekly podcast giving insights from top entrepreneurs all over the world about their non-traditional methods for achieving success, which Dave uniquely calls their “Inner Misfit,” or the Misfit side. His other specialties are in business leadership, client relations, strategic planning, and project management. If you’re an existing e...

Discovering Your Life's Core Purpose with Jeffrey Pelletier (CNS 290)

This episode features Jeffrey Pelletier, the Chief Effectiveness Officer of Becoming Great Enterprises, LLC. He talks about navigating through “life’s transitions” by discovering your life’s core purpose.  

Jeffrey Pelletier carries over 35 years of Human Resource and bottom-line management experience. He is committed to leadership development, career development coaching, and training. An innovator in fostering people and organizations to fulfill their potential, he helps individuals in organizations navigate through “life’s transitions” by discovering their life’s core purpose. If you're in a life transition which we all are you're gonna want to reach out to Jeffrey Pelleti...

Getting Extraordinary Results with Dr. Doug Firebaugh (CNS 289)

In this episode, Dr. Doug Firebaugh talks about understanding the struggles of entrepreneurs and overcoming them to achieve extraordinary results. He is the Chief Executive Officer at WealthFuel Home Business Training. He is also a coach, speaker, author, radio talk show host, and thought leader. He has coached and trained forty-nine #1 earners to date. He consulted with dozens of Presidents and CEOs of Direct Sales Companies. If you recognize that you’re struggling on getting results as an entrepreneur, you should reach out to Dr. Doug Firebaugh by visiting his website at or

Upscaling Your Business with Culture and Strategic Thinking with John Spence (CNS 288)

In this episode, John Spence talks about upscaling your business by organizing your company culture through strategic thinking. He is the managing partner at John Spence LLC, strategic partner at Advisory Works, senior instructor at the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU), an instructor at Entrepreneurs’ Organization and SIFMA, business advisor, executive coach, trainer, speaker, and author. 

John conducts coaching and strategic business planning for senior executives. He helps them to develop their strategic thinking skills and to organize their company cultures. John is passionate about helping his clients to create powerful and effective strategies and...

Leveling Up Your Career Through A Customized Coaching Program with Chad Cooper (CNS 287)

This episode features Chad Cooper who talks about mastering the next level of your life by undergoing a customized coaching program. He is a published and peer-reviewed author, a motivational speaker, and a high-performance coach. He helps individuals who want to shatter the status quo and begin to live the life they were born to live. As a professional life coach, he provides a proven system that empowers people to achieve their next level of success. To learn more about Chad Cooper, go to To get in touch with him, visit  

Making Sales Fun and Easy with Charlene DeCesare (CNS 286)

In this episode, Charlene DeCesare talks about making sales fun and easy by creating meaningful connections. She is the CEO and founder of a unique sales advisory firm and fire walk sales. She is also a sales advisor, speaker, author, and a fractional VP of Sales.

Charlene is also the creator of the Firewalk Sales System and she’s also a Principal Advisor & Outsourced VP of Sales with Sidehill Consulting Group, powered by Sales Xceleration. She assesses and solves all of the sales issues that prevent organizations from consistently achieving growth goals. As a Professional Member of...

Ameliorating Reputational and Financial Risks Through Outplacement Programs with Mauri Schwartz (CNS 285)

In this episode, Mauri Schwartz talks about ameliorating reputational and financial risks through outplacement programs during layoffs. She is a professional speaker, dynamic executive branding manager, results-based job searching coaching expert, and President and CEO of Career Insiders. She has a rare combination among career consultants – highly technical experience with an MBA education.

Mauri’s strategies enabled laid-off workers to get reemployed quickly, making for an easier transition for them and their organization as she works with clients to create outplacement programs. She’s a professional “people person” who knows exactly how to help her clients to be succ...

Living Intentionally and Leading Confidently with Tameika Isaac Devine (CNS 284)

In this episode, Tameika Isaac Devine, founder of The Possibilities Institute, talks about living intentionally and leading confidently without guilt. She is an attorney, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, author, consultant, mentor, masterful communicator, and leading expert in work-life integration for busy professionals. 

Tameika specializes in providing personal and professional development for people who are called to a life of change. She consistently teaches, mentors, and trains women on facilitating change in their lives and community as well as empowering and inspiring people from different sectors and various audiences. If you want to learn more about structuring your p...

Uncovering, Expressing, and Building Your Personal Branding with William Arruda (CNS 283)

In this episode, William Arruda talks about harnessing the power of personal branding to retain your best talent. He is an author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and personal branding pioneer. He has inspired millions of professionals to deliver greater value to their companies. He has also helped company leaders create a better workplace for their people through his talks and workshops on personal, corporate, and social branding in addition to career advancement, social media, LinkedIn, and employee motivation. To learn more about William Arruda, go to To get in touch with him, visit

Thriving by Living Out Your True Calling with James Woeber (CNS 282)

This episode features James Woeber who talks about thriving personally and professionally by living out your true calling. He is a bestselling author, international trainer, speaker, consultant and co-founder and CEO of the Art of Heartful Living Institute.

James helps thought leaders and entrepreneurs align their gifts and brilliance with their true calling so that they can thrive personally and professionally. Through leadership, communication and human potential training programs, he assists clients to discover and live their true calling. To learn more about James Woeber, go to To get in touch with...

Discovering Obstacles That Block Your Way with Andrea Feinberg (CNS 281)

In this episode, Andrea Feinberg, the President of Coaching Insight LLC, talks about the process of discovering the obstacles that get in the way. She has more than 25 years of experience helping clients articulate, achieve and exceed their goals. She is also published or contributed to 6 books including “Time Junkie: 101 Tips for Biz Owners to Get More Time NOW”, “The Essential Coaching Book” and “Productivity”, published by If you recognize that you’re working your butt off but not getting to where you need to go, you should reach out to Andrea Feinberg by visiting her website at https://bos...

Lifelong Leadership with Robert Pizzini (CNS 280)

In this episode, Robert Pizzini talks about gaining superior executive-level competency and confidence in lifelong leadership. He’s an unconventional mentor to many, a leadership coach, and a high-energy speaker who helps to develop and advance leaders at all levels in a most genuine manner.

Robert is passionate about refreshing and energizing leaders for the rest of their professional lives. He helps business owners, executives, top management, and public figures such as political leaders, adapt and evolve, in a way that’s credible, meaningful, and long-lasting. If you can admit to yourself and say you don’t have...

Aligning Your Business KPIs Through Stratagem Management with Tracey Richardson (CNS 279)

In this episode, Tracey Richardson talks about aligning your business KPIs through stratagem management. She is a Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky veteran and the co-owner, president and founder of Teaching Lean, Inc.

Tracey Richardson is the author of The Toyota Engagement Equation. A passionate mensch in her profession, she commits herself to leadership development and executive coaching. If you’re part of an organization that’s losing profitability because you’re continually fighting the symptoms and not the core problems, it is best to reach out to Tracey Richardson via or https://www.linked...

Reducing Variable Costs with Machinery Technical Training with Michael Holloway (CNS 278)

In this episode, Michael Holloway talks about reducing variable costs with machinery technical training. He is an author and the president of 5th Order Industry LLC, which provides MLE, MLT, MLA, LLA, OMA, and CLS certification preparation classes around the world.

Michael D. Holloway possesses over 30 years of aggregated experience in the industry. A scholar in his own right, he obtained the US Patent for “Bearing Cleaning Composition and Method of Use” in 2007. If you’re looking for competent technical training, consider reaching out to Michael Holloway by visiting or https://www.linked...

Simplified Messaging for Greater Impact with Ryan Foland (CNS 277)

In this episode, Ryan Foland talks about simplifying your message through the 3-1-3 Method® to create a greater impact. He helps executives, leaders, and salespeople simplify their written and spoken messages so they can communicate their brand in a way that people actually understand.

Ryan helps his clients narrow down their core message from a long and hard-to-digest description into three sentences, then down to one sentence, and finally into just three words. Through this 3-1-3® Method, he helps executives, leaders, and salespersons avoid the familiar situation of talking themselves out of a sale, a...

Building High-Performance Sales Teams with Ray Makela (CNS 276)

This episode features Ray Makela who talks about building high-performance sales teams through effective sales training programs. He is a business development executive, entrepreneur, and technology leader with over 25 years of management consulting and sales experience.

Ray is the managing director and CEO at Sales Readiness Group. He is responsible for managing profitable growth and client success. Ray is dedicated to helping mid-to-large-sized companies build effective sales teams and equip them with the knowledge and tools to be successful in their sales performance. To learn more about Ray, go to To get...

The Value of Collaborative Conversations with Ken Homer (CNS 275)

In this episode, Ken Homer, founder of Collaborative Conversations and developer of The World Cafe dialogue process, talks about engaging in collaborative conversations to get the work done. He is a seasoned organizational development practitioner, coach, communication facilitator, and process artist.

Ken helps management teams, organizers, and decision-makers develop a high level of conversational competence so their team can have more effective collaborations. He coaches them on how to listen and communicate in such a way that everyone in the conversation can contribute and bring out the best in each other. To learn more about Ken...

Talent Development and Retention with Tim Hagen (CNS 274)

In this episode, Tim Hagen talks about increasing the trust level in your organization for talent development and retention. He is a keynote speaker, trainer, and President of Progress Coaching where he is the premier workplace coaching expert teaching organizations and leaders how to coach to drive and retain top talent.

Tim is the leader in coaching and training reinforcement where he helps companies decrease traditional training costs and build engaging work cultures. If your employees are lacking leadership and engagement, consider reaching out to Tim Hagen by visiting his websites and https...

Thriving in The Workplace Through Understanding Diversity with Michael Lee (CNS 273)

This episode features Michael Lee who talks about surviving and thriving in the workplace through understanding diversity. He is the president of EthnoConnect, a company that provides seminars, training, consulting, and coaching on how to sell more products and services to the multicultural market in America. He is a marketing guru who is the leading expert in selling to people from diverse cultures. Michael is dedicated to helping executives and men of all levels survive and thrive in this new world of diversity in the workplace. To learn more about Michael, go to To get...

Removing Negative Mental Blocks with Jim Britt (CNS 272)

In this episode, Jim Britt talks about achieving personal, financial or personal success by removing negative mental blocks. He is an author, coach, keynote speaker, trainer, and CEO of Jim Britt, International, Inc.

He is passionate about leveraging his skills and experiences to be an expert in peak performance, entrepreneurship, and personal empowerment to produce stellar results. He also works with small business entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to remove the blocks that stop their success in any area of their life. If you are, or you know somebody who has a negative mental block, you should...

Achieving Wealth and Happiness by Leveraging Passion and Legacy with Alicia Castillo Holley (CNS 271)

In this episode, Alicia Castillo Holley, the CEO and founder of Wealthing Institute, talks about achieving wealth and happiness by leveraging passion and legacy. She is a strategist at the intersection of science, technology, capital, and humanity. She is also a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, scientist, academic, and angel investor. Alicia is dedicated to working with individuals who are creating wealth but are not very happy with the process and are seeking an alternative to profit-only business models. To learn more about Alicia, go to To get in touch with her, visit

Accelerating Your Growth by Increasing Qualified Conversations with Mario Martinez (CNS 270)

In this episode, Mario Martinez talks about accelerating your growth by increasing qualified conversations. He is the CEO, founder, Modern Sales Evangelist, keynote speaker, and host of the Modern Selling Podcast.

As a speaker & Digital Sales Evangelist, Mario is passionate about sales. He has spent 84 consecutive quarters in sales & leadership helping to grow revenues for small to large fortune 100 sales teams. He began the Digital Sales Transformation movement in which he aims to change the rules of modern buyers. He believes that sales and marketing professionals must align their understanding to the needs of the buyers...

Growing Your Business Through Collaborative Economics with Shontina Gladney (CNS 269)

In this episode, Shontina Gladney talks about growing your business by connecting with people who have common goals and missions with collaborative economics. She is the President of SG Global Network, founder of My City My Biz Small and Home-Based Events, expansion developer at Intele Travel and radio host at Pinnacle Motivations International Media.

Shontina conducts business coaching for entrepreneurs. She helps to equip them with the right vehicles and tools in order to master the art of collaborative economics. Shontina is committed to helping her clients form mutually beneficial relationships in order to grow their...

Increasing Your Revenue by Optimizing Your Sales Process with Michael Griego (CNS 268)

In this episode, Michael Griego talks about increasing revenue and hitting sales targets by optimizing your sales process. Michael is the president and founder of MXL Partners, a provider of high-impact sales process consulting, sales messaging, sales management, and sales organization effectiveness training. He is also a world-class sales expert, trainer, speaker, and author.

Michael has conducted sales management consulting for companies around the world and has led sales training for thousands of salespeople in companies ranging from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 firms. He is dedicated to helping high-growth companies hit revenues they cannot afford...

Increasing Your TeleSales by Building New Skill Sets with Lynn Hidy (CNS 267)

This episode features Lynn Hidy, founder of UpYourTeleSales LLC. She talks about increasing your telesales by building new skill sets through training and coaching.

Lynn helps inside salespeople and managers increase their telesales and advance their careers by building new skill sets through training and behavioral reinforcement coaching. When working with inside salespeople, their joint efforts typically produce a 19% increase in telesales in six months, without counting improvements like reducing stress and meeting personal goals. Lynn helps them find ways to move from good to fantastic! To learn more about Lynn, go to