Inspirational & Motivational Stories of Grit, Grace, & Inspiration

10 Episodes

By: Kevin Lowe, Inspirational Speaker & Transformational Coach

At the heart of this podcast is the mission of connecting deeply, overcoming life’s challenges, and empowering you to realize your own potential for greatness. Each episode is a masterclass in resilience, heart, and the power of the human spirit. Hosted by Kevin Lowe, whose transformative journey began with an event that reshaped his entire way of experiencing life, this podcast will let you see the world, and more importantly, the people in it, in a way that sight alone could never allow. Pressing PLAY on this podcast will get you: 🌟The inspirational stories of real-life superheroes, those who have...

#298: Break Through Limiting Beliefs & Become Unstoppable with Rahz 'The Motivator' Slaughter
Yesterday at 7:00 AM

Have you ever been told you weren't good enough, strong enough, or capable of achieving your dreams? If so, today's episode is for you. Join us as we dive into the incredible story of Rahz "the Motivator" Slaughter, a man who defied all odds with the help of one awesome grandmother!

Who Is This For?

If you've ever faced doubts or discouragement, whether from others or within yourself, this episode sheds light on overcoming these challenges. It's perfect for anyone looking for motivation and tools to turn doubts into stepping stones towards their goals.


#297: From Tiny Actions to Major Wins: The Sexy Side of Daily Habits
Last Thursday at 7:00 AM

Are you ready to discover the small daily actions that can transform your life? How can focusing on the little things bring you closer to your biggest dreams?

Who is This For?

If you’re someone striving to achieve big dreams but feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of your goals, this episode is for you. It’s designed to help you understand how the small, deliberate steps you take every day can lead to significant transformations, bringing you closer to the life you desire.

What's It All About?

In this episode, we d...

#296: Unlock Your Full Potential: Motivational & Transformational Insights on Trauma, Self-Discovery, & Holistic Self-Improvement with Alan Lazaros

Do you often feel like you're meant for more, that you're not living up to your true potential? If so, let's change that right now! You are made for greatness. And you owe it to yourself and to the rest of the world to be sure that greatness is shining through each and everyday!

In today's episode, Alan Lazaros shares his journey from struggling with self-worth and feeling lost to achieving extraordinary success. His story and insights are perfect for anyone looking to overcome personal challenges, improve their self-perception, and unlock their full potential.


#295: Radically BOOST Your Mental Health, Mindfulness, & Personal Development with the Summer Journaling Challenge!

What if one simple activity could profoundly impact your mental health, help you enjoy every day to the fullest, and propel you towards your personal growth goals?

Welcome to the Summer Journaling Challenge – a fun, personalized journey to capture and cherish every summer moment.

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the fast pace of life, missing out on the joy of everyday moments? This episode introduces a creative, stress-free journaling challenge tailored to fit your unique style, helping you savor and remember each day this summer while boosting your mental well-being.

What's This AL...

#294: Reclaim Your Power: Serena’s Inspiring Transformation from Trauma & Infidelity to Empowerment & Resilience

What if your deepest trauma could be transformed into your greatest strength? Meet Serena Mastin, a woman who emerged from unimaginable adversity to become a beacon of resilience. Her story is one you won’t want to miss.

Who Is This For?

Many of us face overwhelming challenges that seem impossible to overcome. This episode explores how Serena turned her darkest moments into a source of unstoppable strength, providing insight and inspiration for anyone seeking to transform their own life.

What's It All About?

In this riveting episode, Serena Mastin shares he...

#293: Transform Your Summer: The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Success, Achieving Your Goals, & Enjoying Family Fun this Summer

Imagine combining the fun and excitement of Summer with purposeful actions that set you up for success in the second half of the year! If this sounds amazing, then you’re in the right place! Summer Fun is in Session!

Who Is This For?

This episode is designed for those who want to make the most of their summer by aligning their seasonal activities with their long-term goals. Whether you're looking to make a career change, improve your health, or simply become a better version of yourself, this episode provides actionable steps to ensure your su...

#292: Empower Yourself with Takiya La'Shaune's Rise from Tragedy & Trauma to "The Inspirational Beauty Boss"

What do you need to hear today? Are you looking for inspiration from someone who transformed pain into purpose, not just once, but multiple times? If so, you just found your haven! Prepare to dive into the incredible journey of a woman who rose from homelessness to hosting healing retreats and learn the true power of walking in her faith.

Who Is This For?

Many of us face seemingly insurmountable challenges that leave us feeling lost and overwhelmed. This episode shares the empowering story of Takiya La'Shaune, the Inspirational Beauty Boss, who overcame tremendous adversity...

#291: Combine Prayer with Meditation: Exploring the Concept and Dispelling Myths for a Deeper Spiritual Practice

Do you ever feel like your prayers go unheard, and you just wish God would talk back? Imagine if you could actually hear His guidance and wisdom in a way you have probably never even considered...

It doesn't matter who you are, we all have times when we feel so far away from God. And yes, I'm even talking about those who are Christians. This episode explores how integrating meditation with prayer can transform your prayer life, leading to an even deeper relationship with God.

In this episode, your host, Kevin Lowe dives into the...

#290: Transform Your Struggles into Success: Learn from Erik Allen’s Radical Journey from Broken Home to Faith-Driven Entrepreneur

Have you ever felt trapped by your past, wondering if real change is possible? Erik Allen’s journey from a broken home and addiction to a life filled with faith, love, and purpose proves that yes, transformation is within your reach! Don't give up yet... It's just about to get good!

Who Is This For?

Many of us face challenges that seem insurmountable, from addiction to broken family dynamics. This episode dives into how one person overcame these hurdles to achieve a life of fulfillment and purpose, offering hope and practical insights for anyone looking to...

#289: The Science of Happiness: 5 Surprising Science-Backed Practices to Inspire a Happier You

Did you know that simply waking up and declaring you want to be happy can actually make you unhappy? Discover why this counterintuitive truth is key to unlocking genuine happiness.

Many of us chase happiness like it's an elusive prize, only to find it slipping further away. This episode unpacks why our approach to happiness might be all wrong and offers a new perspective that could change everything!

In this eye-opening episode, host Kevin Lowe dives into the science and philosophy of happiness, sharing insights from Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. Kevin explores the powerful SPIRE framework—sp...