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40 Episodes

By: Kevin Lowe, Transformational Life Coach

Ever feel like you're on this endless journey, constantly searching to discover exactly what your purpose is in life? Dreaming of that simple, yet profound wish: to just be happy? And, in between those moments of seeking and dreaming, do you ever wish for the freedom to live life the way you always imagined it would be? If you're nodding along, then welcome home friend! Those very questions have crossed my mind as well. I welcome you to "Grit, Grace, & Inspiration." Here, we'll dive deep to uncover what's keeping you from moving forward, work tirelessly to bring clarity to your...

#220: 5 Reasons Why Embracing an Adventure Mindset is Your Ticket to a Life of Fulfillment
Last Thursday at 8:30 AM

Prepare to embark on a life-changing adventure as we unveil the five reasons why embracing an adventure mindset is your ticket to a life of fulfillment.

"Embrace uncertainty and charge forward in life. Don't just wait for life to happen, make life happen."

In this high-octane episode, we dive deep into the adventure mindset, revealing 5 compelling reasons why you can't afford to ignore it in your daily life. Join me on a thrilling journey as we explore how embracing uncertainty, unlocking self-discovery, creating lasting memories, finding your life's purpose, and building unshakable...

#219: Life Lessons from an Irish Lad, a Motorcycle, & A Trip Around the World!
Last Tuesday at 8:30 AM

An exhilarating ride diving deep into the extraordinary life of Chris Donaldson, a man who chose the path less traveled and never looked back! From embarking on a life-changing motorcycle journey to sharing profound wisdom about embracing challenges, Chris's story will inspire you to live life to the fullest, no matter your age!

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"Get off your ass and go out and do it. You can do what you did when you were 21, just a bit slower or with more rest...

#218: 5 Steps to Kick Self-Defeating Habits to the Curb! Your Best Life is Depending On You!

We are kicking those self-defeating habits to the curb! No longer will you be held back or knocked down by self-defeating habits any longer!

"Who beats you up more than anyone else? Who tells you that you're not worthy more than anybody else? You. We all do it. But today that stops!"

Today, Kevin Lowe challenges the negativity and self-defeating habits that hold us back from living our best lives. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing and reflecting on our negative thoughts and self-talk. By challenging negative self-talk and staying present with mindfulness, we can...

#217: From Uber Driver to Millionaire: How Did Vash Tomanec Achieve Financial Freedom in His 20's

From college student and Uber Eats delivery driver to the founder of three seven-figure businesses, discover Vash Tomanec's transformative journey and the mindset shifts that propelled his success.

"Nothing in your life is going to change until you do."

In today's episode, Vash Tomanec delves deep into his personal and professional journey. It's not just a tale of business success, but an inspiring story of determination, vision, and the power of a positive mindset. Discover the steps and strategies he employed, and how you can apply them to achieve your own goals.<...

#216: 1 Simple Mindset Shift for Breaking Down Barriers & Overcoming Life's Challenges

Inspired by Dave Albin and Tony Robbins, today's message was born... Your time here on Earth is too short and too precious to be held back by self-imposed barriers any longer! And today, thanks to these two men, we will be tackling these challenges just like the Firewalk!

"Life is not easy, but we have to live every day with a courage, with a desire, with a need to thrive in life."

In today's episode, Kevin Lowe discusses the concept of the firewalk, inspired by Dave Albin's shared experience inside of Episode 215.


#215: From Addiction to Walking on Fire: A Life Transformed with Tony Robbins

Through divine intervention Dave Albin found Alcoholics Anonymous. And through a late-night infomercial he found Tony Robbins. Both forces would prove to be truly transformational in the story of today's guest.

"We make decisions either based on inspiration or desperation." - Tony Robbins

Get ready for an exhilarating story as Dave Albin shares his powerful journey from addiction and despair to becoming a key member of Tony Robbins' team.

He discusses the impact of Alcoholics Anonymous on his life and how he discovered Tony Robbins' teachings through...

#214: From Small Town Skater to GQ Magazine: Go Backstage with Jesse Ferrell

Self-belief and perseverance are credited for taking an idea and turning it into reality with Jesse Ferrell's clothing line, Upland Clothing Co.

"I had to figure things out on my own and trust in my own instincts."

Jesse Ferrell, owner of Upland Clothing Co., shares his journey from a small town in Florida to building a successful skateboarding-inspired clothing brand in Jacksonville, FL. Despite lacking guidance and resources, Jesse's self-belief and perseverance have propelled him forward.

He discusses the challenges he faced and the importance of staying focused on his goals. Jesse also...

#213: Reinvent Yourself: The 411 on Self-Reinvention

Often misunderstood and equally under utilized, the power of Self-Reinvention! Let's explore the Who, the What, the Why, and eliminate any misconceptions so that you can make a clear choice for yourself.

"We're not running away from the past. We're blending the past with the future, to create the present that we want."

Reinventing oneself is not about abandoning one's past or running away from who they are. Instead, it is about discovering a new side of who they are and tapping into their full potential. I encourage you to consider reinvention...

#212: From Nashville Melodies to Podcasting Realities: Getting Real with Angie Griffith

How does a smalltown girl move to Nashville in pursuit of fulfilling her Country music dreams to then find herself in the heart of the podcast industry?

"If you stick with something long enough and keep

improving, there's no way you can fail."

In today's episode, Angie Griffith shares her journey from pursuing a career in the music industry to becoming a successful podcast host and entrepreneur. She discusses the challenges she faced in the music business and how this would ultimately lead to her interest in podcasting.


#211: Embracing the Exit: The Unexpected Blessings of Being Fired

No matter if you're fired or choose to quit, every career setback holds a secret key to a new door of opportunity. Your story is not over! In fact, you've just been handed a brand new start!

"When one door closes,

another door will open."

In today's episode, I dive into the hidden opportunities that come when one is let go or decides to step away from a career. Rather than a setback, I see it as a launchpad for a new journey and...

#210: Ditching Corporate: A Dive into Motherhood & Entrepreneurship with Ina Coveney

Embracing that feminine power and leaving her corporate life in the rearview mirror! It was time for Ina Coveney to embrace motherhood and entrepreneurship!

"Don't put your faith in somebody else's hands."

In this episode, Ina Coveney shares her journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. She recounts a pivotal moment when she was mistreated at her corporate job while pregnant. This experience led her to quit and start her own business. Ina talks about the challenges she faced in the early years and how she discovered her true passion: helping online coaches acquire clients...

#209: Like Footprints in the Sand: This Is My Walk with Jesus

Kevin Lowe shares his personal journey with faith, reflecting on how his grandmother's influence led him to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. This profound gift had a lasting impact, especially when he became blind at 17 years old.

"God's plans are always better than our own"

Kevin's relationship with Jesus defines him and his story. He delves into the profound power of this relationship, guiding him through even the darkest moments. He urges listeners to cultivate their own connection with their Creator and underscores faith's role in navigating...

#208: The Butterfly Effect: From Selling Golf Balls to Podcast Guesting with Alex Sanfilippo

Discover the inspiring journey of Alex Sanfilippo as he transitions from a corporate career in aerospace to becoming an entrepreneur in the podcasting industry.

"Podcasting is like having an audience sitting in seats, watching you speak on a stage every single week."

Get ready to uncover the secrets to success as Alex emphasizes the importance of finding your passion, building a community around that passion, and offering simple solutions to common problems.

Learn about PodMatch, a groundbreaking platform that matches podcast guests and hosts for interviews, PLUS...

#207: Empowering Women: Why I Choose to Work with Women as a Transformation Coach

In this deeply personal episode, host, Kevin Lowe opens up about the powerful revelation that unknowingly shaped his decision to work almost exclusively with women as a Transformation Coach.

"Transformation coaching is not about gender. It's about the human experience of connection."

Inside of today's episode, Kevin takes you on a journey to understand what has led him to where he is today, helping to empower women as a Transformation Coach.


Understand how Kevin came to turn pain into purpose.Discover why...

#206: With God As Her CEO: Stefanie Gass Built a 6-Figure Business through Podcasting

Join me in a heartfelt conversation with Stefanie Gass, a Christian business and podcast coach, as we explore her inspiring journey as a multi-six-figure CEO, wife, mom, and boundary boss.

Stefanie's story is one of surrender, faith, and the pursuit of building a business that has God at the center of it all.

"I realized that with God at the center of it all, you really just follow his lead."

Meet Stefanie Gass

Stefanie is a Christian business and podcast coach, whose...

#205: From Dreams to Reality: What does it take for your dreams to come true?

Prepare to roll-up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, because today we are putting in the work to make our dreams come true!

"I don't know about you, but my dreams are too important to be left up to chance."

How hard each of us are willing to work to make our dreams come true is a crucial question to ask. Not only does it evaluate the importance and significance of the dream itself, but it equally determines are own level of drive and commitment to work for the things we...

#204: Balancing Entrepreneurship and Dad Life with Adam Schaeuble

Discover the secret to Work-Life Balance through a 3-day work week, making podcasting your priority, and saying NO, a lot!

"Every day that I work has a purpose. And one rule is I have to say no to a very good amount of things."

Adam Schaeuble is a renowned name in the podcasting space. And one might assume that is due to his own successful podcast or own entrepreneurial pursuits, but no.

"Winners are made on the court. Champions are made off the court!"


#203: A Life Without Dreams Is A Life Without Direction

Prepare to explore the profound impact of dreams on our lives. Discover their significance, the consequences of a dreamless existence, practical strategies to identify and achieve dreams, and how they shape our journey towards purpose and fulfillment.

"Remember, dreams are not mere fantasies; they are the compass that steers us towards a meaningful and fulfilling life."

Join your host, Transformation Coach, Kevin Lowe as he explores the profound impact of dreams on our lives.

Discover why dreams matter, the consequences of a life without dreams, the importance of dreaming big...

#202: Australia to New York City: Chasing Dreams & Podcasting with AI

From Dessert Bars in Australia to deciding to make big moves in pursuit of big opportunities in the AI space, Deirdre Tshien takes us inside!

"I started getting Stripe notifications on my phone. I'm like, what is happening? I feel like someone might have hacked something."

Deirdre Tshien, co-founder of CapSho, joins Kevin to discuss her journey in the podcasting industry. They talk about the spark that led her to start her own business, the challenges she faced along the way, and the moment she realized her business was going to work.<...

#201: Dancing in the Rain: How to Enjoy Life Even When Times are Tough

Be reminded of the power of laughter, the importance of finding joy, and the resilience it takes to overcome adversity.

"Life may be tough, but together, we can find the strength to not only survive but to thrive."

In this inspiring episode, Kevin reflects on his interview with his grandmother, Nana, and how her mission to make him smile and have fun, even after losing his eyesight, has shaped his perspective on life.

Kevin shares personal stories and insights, encouraging listeners to embrace laughter, let go of fear and worry, and appreciate the...

#200: This is My Grandmother: And This is Our Story

A testament to the power of Faith, Family, and God's plans I am blessed to get to call my grandmother my best friend!

We are Celebrating Episode 200!

And Nana is in the Studio!

Today, we are celebrating with a woman who has impacted my life in the most profound ways possible. This woman I am blessed to have as my grandmother, and gifted to call Nana.

As we celebrate the 200th episode, I am reminded of the incredible journey I have been on with my...

#199: Living by God's Design: Ahmard Vital's Journey of Faith, Service, and Purpose

Discover the transformative power of faith, service, and purpose as Ahmard Vital shares his inspiring journey of personal growth and development. We will explore the importance of listening to God's voice, serving others, and embracing the challenges that pave the way to a fulfilling life.

"I just remember having a conversation with God and asking him, like, how do you want me to get through this? Because what I'm doing on my own isn't working.”

Ahmard takes us on his remarkable journey, starting from a place of tragedy and setbacks to finding st...

#198: Ask Yourself BIG Questions to Create Your Next Best Chapter in Life

Prepare to light up your future by creating your next best chapter, not just a next chapter in life!

A Next Chapter as a new phase or journey, one that we may not necessarily want nor is ideal for us. Whereas, a Next Best Chapter is all about creating a life that sets our soul on fire and aligns with our true desires.

To do this, we need to dare to ask ourselves the big questions, what we truly want, and the legacy we want to leave behind.

The key is to give...

#197: Reinventing Kate: How a Forensic Psychologist Became a Podcast Icon

Explore the extraordinary journey of Kate Wallinga as she navigates from a career in forensic psychology to making waves in the world of podcasting.

"Through my journey, I realized my purpose was not just in understanding the human mind, but in sharing, exploring, and reflecting on life's experiences through podcasting.”

In this episode...

We dive deep into Kate's life, uncovering the resilience and determination that propelled her from a career in forensic psychology, through severe health challenges, to create an influential podcast. Kate's unique perspective and experiences have shaped a pl...

#196: How to Know When It's Time to Make a Change? PLUS Blossom & ARISE is Announced!

Being able to recognize when it's time to make a change in one's life is the first step towards a more fulfilling life moving forward.

Inside of today's episode, We're focusing on the importance of self-awareness, reflection, and overcoming fear in order to take action and make positive shifts.

If looking for tips, tactics, and mindset shifts then look no further! Your future is counting on you! And your life's next best chapter is counting on you! It's time you know when to turn the page on this chapter of life!


#195: God, Grit, & Grace: Navigating Life’s Unexpected Turns with Clay Boatright

Discover one man's journey of love, loss, and divine navigation as he makes his way through God’s often confusing and chaotic plans for our lives.

Looking at Life's Challenges Through Humor & Faith

In this inspiring episode, Clay Boatright, author of God's Plans, Our Circus, joins the podcast to share his heartfelt story of faith, resilience, and finding purpose in the face of life's greatest challenges.

Clay's belief in God's plan for everyone takes center stage as he recounts his wife Carole's battle with cancer and their st...

#194: Weathering Life's Storms: Finding Strength & Purpose Despite the Pounding Waves & Roaring Thunder

Life is full of storms, but just like a thunderstorm in the summer, they too shall pass. Tune in to learn how to flip the script and turn bad situations into good ones. Remember, you are not alone in this storm!

"We may not be able to control the storms in life, but we can control how we react to them!"

Just as sure as there are afternoon thunderstorms in the middle of summer in Florida, the same is true for the storms of life. Some are worse than others, but they all...

#193: Sailing Through Life: Overcoming Cancer and Finding Serenity on the Sea with Lorie Tesny

Lorie Tesny's story is one of resilience and determination. Despite facing cancer twice, she decided to take control of her life and pursue her dreams of living on a sailboat!

"Life wasn’t going to wait for me and I needed to take the helm and take back control"

Lorie Tesny's encounter with adversity has driven her to live a more purposeful life, focusing on what truly matters. Her resilient mindset has played a key role in staying positive throughout challenges.

As a certified mindfulness teacher, sailor, tw...

#192: The Reasons & Seasons of Friends: Best Friends, Old Friends, & Family Friends

In today's enlightening episode, Kevin Lowe brings into focus the multi-faceted spectrum of friendships, comparing the reasons & seasons of friendships to that of your most beloved patchwork quilt.

"Good friends are like stars, you don't have to always see them to know they are there."

Prepare to embark on a heartfelt exploration of friendships, their shapes, sizes, and the reasons they form.

This episode uncovers the beauty of friendships, be they fleeting or lasting, and emphasizes the value each friend adds to our lives.

Kevin discusses the profound transition from school-age...

#191: Rewriting the Stories We Tell Ourselves through Radical Self Acceptance with Vin Infante

Just when Vin Infante's life seemed to be turning around, an unexpected twist changed everything. This emotional journey of self-discovery and transformation will leave you on the edge of your seat, wondering what happens next!

An Authentic Journey of Self-Discovery

Therapist, mentor, and master coach, Vin Infante takes us on an incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation.

From being bullied as a teenager and struggling with his mental health, to becoming an entrepreneur and living his dream life, Vin shares his powerful story of overcoming adversity and rediscovering his true self.


#190: Take Life by The Horns: It's Time You OWN Your Future!

Learn the strategies and mindset shifts that will help you take this life by the horns and ride it for everything it’s worth! It's time you Own Your Future!


This life is yours to ride, so why not ride it like you own it! Inside of today's solo podcast episode your host, Kevin Lowe, will be walking you through the strategies and mindset shifts needed in order for you to take hold of the reigns of life! This is your reminder, your wake-up call...

#189: How Friendship, Fitness, & Purpose Fuel The Fit Mess Podcast with Jeremy Grater & Zach Tucker

Discover the inspiring journey of two friends who have not only transformed their own lives, but are now helping to transform the lives of others!


I introduce you to Jeremy Grater and Zach Tucker. Friends turned co-hosts who had their paths crossed through separate quests for personal transformation.

One found solace and strength in the rhythm of running, while the other embraced the freedom and growth that came with cycling.

And fueled by their own transformations, they made the...

#188: Embrace Your Awesomeness to Start Living a Happier, Healthier, & More Fulfilled Life

You are more than enough, just as you are. You are unique, not despite your differences, but because of them. You are incredible, not because you emulate someone else's idea of perfection, but because you are unapologetically you!

Your 'different' is the one thing that, if you embrace, can truly set you free!

I dare you to be different! I dare you to be you! I dare you to love every bit of who you are! And I dare you to let it shine!

You my friend...

#187: Artistic Expression Unleashed: Inside the Life of Tattoo Artist Sean Foy

Tattoo Artist Sean Foy is one of the industry's realest personalities. It's Sean's electric personality paired with a colorful past and a pure gift for artistic design that can't help but demand your attention!

“I've handed people paintings and drawings before, and there was not a reaction that was as fulfilling as it was when you would do a really nice tattoo on someone because it's on them, they're wearing it.”

Spewing with pure talent and passion, Sean continues to lead the pack on tattoo design innovation and originality.

Sean Foy is currently base...

#186: Beyond the Spotlight: The Unspoken Cost of Being Inspirational

We often hear stories about people who have triumphed over adversity. And we call them 'Inspirational'. But what we don't see is the price that person pays to be labeled as an 'Inspiration'.

What Is the Cost?

For Kevin Lowe, the host of the podcast, that cost was his eyesight. For Ryan Rae Harbuck whose story was featured in Episode 185, her freedom to walk. She was left paralyzed as a teenager.


Don't ever give up on this life! Even when your world...

#185: More Than a Chair: Ryan Rae Harbuck – Paralympic Swimmer, Mother, Author & Survivor

Step into the remarkable world of Ryan Rae Harbuck, a woman whose tale of resilience and empowerment offers an invaluable insight into navigating life's adversities and transforming them into triumphs!


A paralyzing car accident in her teens left Ryan with a new life to build. Rarely looking back, she became a swim coach and a high school teacher, she traveled to India for experimental stem cell treatment, she fought hard to make the Paralympic swim team, she even became a mom. With so many stories to tell and lessons...

#184: Where You Are Is Not Where You Have to Stay: Embracing Change for a Happier, Healthier YOU

Discover how to overcome feeling trapped in your current situation, face your fears, and take action to create a fulfilling life moving forward!

Breaking Free

Overcoming the Feeling of Being Trapped and Creating the Life You Deserve

Get ready as we setoff to explore the feelings of being trapped in a challenging situation, whether it's a toxic relationship, dead-end job, or unhealthy living environment. Kevin is here to share insightful tips on how to recognize when it's time for a change, or time for you to face your fears, and...

#183: Starting Over After Domestic Abuse: Kat Polsinelli's Inspiring Journey from Survivor to Entrepreneur & Advocate

Discover the incredible story of Kat Polsinelli, a survivor of domestic abuse who has emerged from the shadows to be a powerful voice for the voiceless!

Rebuilding Life After Domestic Abuse

Join host, Kevin Lowe as he unveils the remarkable story of Kat Polsinelli. a survivor of eight years of domestic abuse, who transformed her life to become a successful entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker, and devoted mother, all while being a beacon of light and hope for countless others.


1. Kat Polsinelli's story...

#182: Start Living with Blind Faith and See How Far You Can Soar!

Discover the transformative power of living with blind faith and how it can unlock your true potential, guiding you on a journey of personal growth and success.

In this thought-provoking episode, we dive deep into the concept of living with blind faith, revealing how trusting yourself and your dreams, despite the uncertain path ahead, can lead to unparalleled personal growth and life-changing achievements. Get ready to be inspired by real-life examples, gain practical tips on adopting a blind faith mindset, and unleash your inner courage to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and success.


#181: 78 Floors to Freedom on 9/11: Michael Hingson, His Guide Dog Roselle, & Their Unforgettable Escape

the heartwarming story of Michael Hingson and his guide dog, Roselle, who together saved dozens of lives during the 9/11 attacks, plus discover how Michael's incredible life journey led to his inspiring accomplishments despite being blind since birth.

In this captivating episode, we explore the extraordinary bond between Michael Hingson and his guide dog, Roselle, who together navigated the treacherous descent from the 78th floor of Tower One during the 9/11 attacks. Through Michael's compelling account in his book, Thunder Dog, we not only experience the harrowing events of that day but also learn about the remarkable life and...