The Rutabaga

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By: KMIH 88.9 The Bridge

The Rutabaga is a random, unscripted “comedy” show featuring News You Can’t Use, which brings you funny useless news. Check in 10:00 pm Mondays and 11:00 pm Fridays for banter and foolishness. Episodes of The Rutabaga uploaded on Mondays and Fridays. Only on 88.9 The Bridge will you find hosts Nick, Jackson, Fenway, and McLean, who are Loud, Annoying, Fun, and Boring.

Tales From the Smelly Inside of the Ark - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 19
Last Tuesday at 5:41 AM

The Rutabaga look to brighten your spirits after an ugly Seahawks loss with a recap of some of the wacky misadventures from Nick's day job, Mercer Island's famed band program, Fenway's family dinner, furries, spontaneously becoming animals, crocodile sightings, leaving your room, cats versus dogs, applying modern-day morals to historical figures, and much, much more.

Food, Family, and Four Wheels - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 18

The Rutabaga talk Thanksgiving, cars, Fenway's new mic, rating things out of ten, the most dangerous juggling acts, Bingo cards and the show's nature, pills of all sorts, Owen Wilson, the consumerist virus of Black Friday, infighting and taking cheap shots at the dinner table, Airpods, and much, much more.

Capital, Race, Gender, and Other Things Not To Bring Up At Dinner - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 17

The Rutabaga run a 40-minute marathon for you where they break down a fix for every economic issue ever, racism and how to heal racial divides forever, gender roles and sexism in the radio industry and society at large, Thanksgiving plans, counting stats, the art of urination, Leonardo DiCaprio, playing Tetris - as well as some other games - at work, trying to start beef with your bosses and coworkers, and other topics you probably shouldn't bring up at Thanksgiving dinner. This one-shot episode is an instant classic, taking shots at everyone from NPR's Sprince Arbogast to the greatest members...

Nick DMed WHO?? - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 16

Your favorite hosts are all here to discuss civics class misadventures as well as a teacher with his own unique quirks, Nick hitting the DMs of someone he really shouldn't have, a man named Fish, the Fortnite Cinematic Universe and its ever-expanding nature (really? Radiohead?) putting on a voice for the airwaves, gaming during class, things that bring us joy, and much more.

An Accidental Deep Dive Into Bob Rivers - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 15

We accidentally spend a lot of time talking about Bob Rivers. We go on to to talk about trading of illegal substances, Red Robin, what you call it when someone's a furry but they're a bird (I know you've been wondering), Nick and Jackson's shared history in seventh grade, and much, much more

Attractive Anime Women - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 14

In a modern classic, the gang dig up some of the lore behind Fenway's chipped tooth all those episodes ago and how retributions were made while keeping egos intact. Also discussed is calling Nick's mother, attractive anime women, the best superpowers, US military recruiting tactics (happy Veteran's Day!) Latin roots in English, Jackson's tragic backstory, nosebleeds, Chris Pratt, our rivalry with Rice and Shine, fireflies, and much, much more.

Our Best CinemaSins Impression - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 13

The Rutabaga, short Fenway, critique some well-known movies and talk about some other stuff too. Other stuff includes local politics, national politics, American musician Rivers Cuomo, "mid" as a music critique, potential wedding venues, Harry Styles, the nature of the Christian God, and much, much more, all with their own comedic twist.

Dale - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 12

The gang gets back to it with Dale. Listen to find out about Dale. All hail Dale. Also discussed is Aaron Rodgers, twins, intelligence, Fenway's party habits, and much, much more

the historians will dig this file up when they're trying to find a reason for the death of american car culture (Some Hail West Texas) - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 11

The Rutabaga come back in full force with commentary on driving, driving miscues, the nature of unmarked bills, Halloween, Pokemon cards, Ponzi schemes, and what they'd do if they lucked into $87,000 tomorrow. Hilarity and lively debate drench this episode of The Rutabaga, all on 88.9 The Bridge.

This Was Originally Called Craig (What's In A Name?) - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 10

In an episode full of banter and foolishness, Fenway learns the true(ish) nature of the origin of Craig. We also talk about Kafka's Metamorphosis and a couple of possible interpretations, eggs, Homer, new dogs and dog naming conventions, dentistry, baseball history, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, The Beatles and the Paul Is Dead conspiracy, Lil Nas X, common tuning and recording tactics, and much, much more.

How dumb were we to think that immortality meant never dying - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 9

The Rutabaga debate the Snail Problem for thirty minutes. That's it. We think through what would happen if you were immortal and had a ton of money and there was an immortal snail that was hunting you down. Our high school's mascot is a snail. We also mention Deadpool, Twilight, the nature of pain, MK Ultra, disclaimers, offending people, kickball, a forgotten Ariana Grande scandal, and other fun stuff.

no one cared who i was until i put on the mask - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 8

The Rutabaga discuss masks and identity, the start of the Halloween season, the largest pumpkin in the country, famous Bills and Billies and Billys, homecoming shenanigans, Nick's cameo as Shrek, and much, much more.

The Goofy Cult Comes Home - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 7

The Rutabaga discuss Nick's closest brush with a college education, homecoming plans that might be better than Mercer Island High's, a new religion, Fenway's drippy new suit, the rules of wearing hoodies, the process of making hot chocolate (are you milk or water?), some of 88.9 The Bridge's other content as well as a step-by-step tutorial on how to knock the station off the air, rigged awards, the hilarity that ensued when the New York Jets listened to an intern with a lot of concern for the comfort of the players overseas, Seattle history, and much, much more

How Not To Leave A Crime Scene - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 6

The Rutabaga talk about crime, crime, and crime. We tell knock-knock jokes, give more unneeded lip service to the Zodiac Killer, and break it up by letting Nick and Fenway talk about miscues in the band program. Also discussed is a North Carolinian who attempted to flee justice with a little bit more than originally bargained for.

Go Insane, Guilt Trip, and Get Edgy - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 5

The Rutabaga update you on the affairs of the Mercer Island band, talk over each other, look down their noses at the British, lie, cheat, steal, read their wedding vows, debate the logistics of having a second birthday, trillion-dollar coins, perjury, the best drummer in The Beatles, suit-fitting, what real emo consists of (guess who), the correct uses of a Ouija board, Human Shrek, and much, much more. Join us as we gaslightgatekeepgirlboss through a long episode on 88.9 The Bridge!

All Of Our Artistic Visions - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 4

We all share our artistic visions. Also discussed is band, our award nomination, making YouTube videos, the Dear Evan Hansen remake, fantasy football, the works of Jay-Z, applying to colleges, and whatever else popped into the stream of consciousness

A Morse Code Message Sent Straight From Your Speakers - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 3

The Rutabaga try to figure out the case of some fictional kidnapped children, talk about the Spielbergian origins of Rick and Morty, put Fenway to sleep multiple times, debate whether or not Adam Sandler is actually funny, and discuss the split of Grimes and Elon Musk

The Meanie Bobeanie - The Rutabaga Final Season, Episode 1

The superior rutabaga members talk about magic, dead fish, children in mirror mazes, and 5th periods eating habits

Crash Course History with Fenway - The Rutabaga Episode 159

The Rutabaga kick off their senior year by giving Fenway a history lesson (Zoom school wasn't easy), screaming about communism, talking through the latest gaps in anti-vaxxer logic, comprehending the realities of an infinite video store selling everything the human race has ever recorded, how not to approach the concept of gender, and much, much more.

Your Children Have To Eat Their Heroes (feat. bonus Fenway lore) - The Rutabaga Episode 158

The Rutabaga share stories from band camp, rabbit-related escapades, vegetarianism, childhood cartoons, public speaker usage, Fenway's backstory, and much, much more.

SKATERBAITING - The Rutabaga Episode 157

The Rutabaga stays shorthanded but rolls out a different shorthanded lineup. We complain about the TikTok algorithm, working conditions under the recent heatwaves and the artwork it could inspire, apocalypse logistics, accidentally appropriating skater culture, Halloween, the importance of education, Quicksilver's running ability as affected by his apparel, mankind's humble origins and the details of original sin, advice for young boys starting puberty, and lots of classy, highbrow comedy and slices of life.

The Story About Collectible Popcorn Tins And Marked-Up Car Windows - The Rutabaga Episode 156

The Rutabaga tell a story about collectible popcorn tins and another, unrelated story about marked-up car windows as well as a third, also unrelated story about going into a friend's house. Nick also cements himself as the antagonist of the show and we try to redeem him (it doesn't really work).

TAKING IT BACK TO 2012 - The Rutabaga Episode 155

In an episode that transcends the boundaries of time, The Rutabaga dunk on One Direction, clown on Android users, talk about the number of states that America has, debate albums vs playlists, discuss the technicalities of Bezos' space flight, think through what movies starring themselves would be like, contemplate taking aux at work, and talk about much, much more

A Chip Off The Ol' Block - The Rutabaga Episode 154

Fenway tells the story of chipping his tooth carrying Nick's possessions in a car too small for the job. We also talk about bedbugs, gatekeeping, boating licenses, Craigslist finds, and much, much more

SERIAL POOPER - The Rutabaga Episode 153

We talk about an ill-fated Walmart run, serial pooping, famous sigma males, and more

The Unreleased Works Of Nick Neyhart See The Light Of Day - The Rutabaga Episode 152

Nick lets us take a peek at the bars in his notes app and his previously unreleased works are made public for the first time. Maybe DONDA didn't drop but at least we have Nick's work. Also discussed is baseball, washing dishes, Wii Sports Resort, The Sixth Sense starring Bruce Willis, and much, much more

Jackson Gets High With His Family - The Rutabaga Episode 151

Jackson talks about being high with his family and calls homosexuality "pog", Nick tries to become a drummer, Fenway's ex lost the NBA finals, and we accuse Neil Young of being a gamer as well as revealing Dream's MBTI type. We also talk about the Olympics and President Carter's boycott of the Moscow Games, Zombieland (2009), Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon, working at jobs, proper bird care, dog IQ tests, and much, much more

all lowercase classy smart comedy - the rutabaga episode 150

we try our hand at smart comedy (warning: not for stupid people). our attempt at being smart doesn't go so well. it's not very smart. we discuss the origin of man, rick and morty, tarot reading, the rules of holy water and anti-vampire measures you can take, greek tragedy and mythos, the nature of language, what truly defines a karen, entry-level gender theory, the state of nebraska, and much, much more.

The Rutabaga Have A Mid-Episode Crisis Approximately 44% Through The Episode - The Rutabaga Episode 149

The Rutabaga talk about environmentalism, a trip to the beach, Nick's new gig washing dishes, earthquake measurements, the rise in gas prices, the lack of laws in Montana, when it's appropriate to have a midlife crisis, washing out the ocean, and much, much more

GENRE SWITCH - The Rutabaga Episode 148

We start off by telling funny stories about work and end up talking about true crime. Also, we talk about the beach, baseball, Magic Erasers, boat-related shenanigans, and much more.

Nick Will Soon Cooka The Meatball - The Rutabaga Episode 147

Nick takes an inside joke to the public airwaves while the rest of the gang discuss dentistry, what truly makes Seattle famous, Italy, pleasant dreams, accidentally robbing Starbucks, Pixar's Cars, future goals, Agent Cody Banks, and much, much more.

John Rutabaga Built Our Studio And Is Buried Under Home Plate - The Rutabaga Episode 146

The Rutabaga wax rhapsodic about all the ghosts of prospectors and robber-barons of days long ago, tell the story of a bad Ferris Bueller wannabe, criticize Fenway for his tardiness, theorize about what lies beneath home plate at various ballparks, discuss proper boat-securing techniques, and much, much more.

Ranking All Your Favorite Monkeys - The Rutabaga Episode 145

The Rutabaga bounce their collective singular brain cell about the Cleanfeed session for one of their longer episodes in which they discuss a tier list of famous monkeys, grammar and spelling, who is truly the dumbest Rutabaga member, foolishness at the beach, the effects of melatonin, Flo Rida, alcoholism, where Portugal is, the origins of In N Out, and much, much more

YO HO HO - The Rutabaga Episode 144

The Rutabaga beat the heat by talking about piracy, dung thievery, government cover-ups, US history, The Sandlot film franchise (yep, there's more than just one!), Eminem, and much, much more

Seeking En[Light]enment - The Rutabaga Episode 143

The gang talk about job searching, severe heat, funny wedding experiences, sugar-free gum, the 2012 Facebook IPO, beach days, and reaching a higher spiritual plane in this large chain business.

Mid Britain - The Rutabaga Episode 142

We talk baseball (to Nick's dismay), Father's Day shenanigans, the Queen of England, the emperor of the United States of America, ordering sushi, and much, much more

DRUG-FUELED ATTACK SQUIRREL?? - The Rutabaga Episode 141

We talk about a drug fueled attack squirrel, the success of Kanye, Karl Marx, and Logan Paul as well as the common thread that connects those three names, Fenway's complaints with the way his classes are taught, and Van Halen.

God, Gargoyles, and The Goonies - The Rutabaga Episode 140

The Rutabaga discuss the limits of all types of superpowers, squid anatomy, Instagram weirdness, The Goonies, Alvin & The Chipmunks, sleep paralysis, and much, much more

All Dogs Go To Heaven, But God Has Other Plans For Crickets - The Rutabaga Episode 139

The Rutabaga try to remember Sunday school lessons long forgotten and talk about lobster diving, funeral etiquette, going to school after hours, confidence and the Belgian Fire Drill, the dietary habits of whales, and much, much more

In The Jungles of 'Nam - The Rutabaga Episode 138

The Rutabaga talk about Vietnam (both the country and the war), clout chasing, body swapping and its portrayal across different forms of media, and much, much more.