The ABCs of Purposeful Living

10 Episodes

By: David Thirumur

Avoid sleepwalking through life without purpose or goals. Be free from the unhappiness that comes from a directionless existence. Boost your mental health through and happiness through learning how to live intentionally and purposefully. Don't live by default; lean how to design your life for sustainable success and growth along with us on this Podcast.

ABCPL#11 - K for Kindness (ft. Barbara Vercruysse)

When you encounter someone who is known as a "global kindness advocate," what kind of person do you expect them to be?

Probably not someone who has run their own business, holds a senior position at a global industry-leading company, and who is held in esteem as the #1 mental health thought leader in the world, right?  

But that's exactly who Barbara Vercruysse is.  

And it's all because of kindness.

Kindness has got a bad rep in the corporate world. We tend to associate kindness with "weakness." However, kindness is not "niceness" or...

ABCPL#10 - J for the Journey (ft. Coach Jim Johnson)

Ready for a crazy stat? Around 90% of businesses fail within their first five years! But get this: the 10% that dodge the failure bullet aren't the big spenders or the ones with massive resources. Rather, they are the ones that have a plan for long term success. That's because they understand that success--whether in life or in business--is more of a marathon than a sprint. The real winners aren't the ones chasing quick wins; they're the ones in it for the long haul. They're the ones laying down a solid foundation, playing the strategic game, and staying tough when things...

ABCPL#9 - I for Integrity (ft Andrew Bryant)

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ABCPL BONUS Episode = Reflecting on 2022
01/27/2023 comes the long overdue podcast! When I sat down to record this, I had originally thought of taking some time to reflect on the year gone by and to share some news and and lessons from it, as well as thoughts and goals for 2023. This video ended up being all that, plus a whole lot more--including thoughts on balding, co-dependent coaching relationships, health fads, the pressures of unrealistic ideals, how to have difficult conversations with your loved ones, etc. Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts!

ABCPL#8 - H for Happiness (ft. Mel Leow)

Happiness...what does this word mean? What is it about the concept of happiness that makes us want to devote our whole life to finding it? And, if it is so important, why do so few people feel genuinely happy? Today on the podcast, I interview a good friend of mine--Mel Leow. Join us as we talk through his latest book--Engage--and find out how we can redefine and rediscover happiness for ourselves. You can watch this podcast in video format here: For more information about Mel, you can: - Visit his website here: www.catalystcoach...

ABCPL #7 - G for Growth

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ABCPL BONUS EPISODE - Reflecting on 2020

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ABCPL #06 - F for Facing Fears

Studies have shown that there are two types of regret: action regret and inaction regret. While action regrets are most prevalent in the short term, inaction regrets increase exponentially as the years go on. So much so, that the most common deathbed statement is this: "If I only had." How can we avoid this becoming our final words? How can we face our fears, take calculative risks, and turn challenges into our good? In this exclusive recording of a webinar for students of the Catalyst Apprentice Program in Nigeria, Kenya, and Zimbabwe (Done in April 2019), I discuss just that.

ABCPL #05 - E for Exposing Excuses

Life, at a fundamental level, involves suffering. That's a simple reality of life. However, suffering produces value when properly faced down and grown through. Yet a majority of people build up a life lie for themselves that blames their sufferings on others and makes them a victim of their circumstances. As comforting and as simplifying as that lie may be, accepting it sabotages one's success and brings their lives down into chaos and confusion. Hence, the importance of this episode our world today.

ABCPL #4 - D for Determination

This is probably my most controversial episode yet, and probably won't be everyone's cup of tea. But I don't care. I'm here to speak the truth, not to make you feel good. While lies may comfort, the truth sets you free to actually make a difference in your life. So I'm putting myself out there in this episode to challenge you to step out of mediocrity and into massive growth. We have enough peddlers of the possible. Go and tackle greatness!